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now onto the next chapter… she has a lot of very long and complicated monologue, i got a big headache just figuring out what the heck she is talking about.

translating this stuff made me hungry, good thing i got a popcorn beside me.

Here comes the loli-jew.

51 Popcorn on sale!

It’s over….

Somehow, I survived the “noble party” for the first time in my life.

No, it wasn’t so bad. I had a chance to meet Adelaide for the first time and I enjoyed having fun with the people close to my age. Somehow, I feel like I’m only talking with my uncle and a little girl these days…..

Indeed, there were some people who were full of ulterior motives, but it can not be helped because it is a nobleman, is it.

Because everyone is desperate to develop their own territory even a little, it is natural to think that I want to get a connection with those who can use it.

I am annoyed by the noise of the late-night jinryu tribe bike, but I am not annoyed at all even if I wake up with the sound of an ambulance and a fire engine. It’s the result of everyone desperately trying to fulfill their duty.

Besides, I also advertised various things that I plan to sell to the Royal Capital in the near future, and I asked the Lord of the territory between our territory and Royal Capital in various ways.

… I wonder if there was an effect, when I taught Sabine, my “killer move!”  Attack of the puppy eyes!

Yes, truly terrifying, the “pretty, please!” eyes. I still have things I don’t want to lose.

But there was something weird about the Earl and Alexis, they look gloomy, when I said Thank you before going home. Because I went to an unscheduled party, which is my fault to begin with, I wonder if I did something wrong. Now, I have something to make up for it…..

Two days before the party, I bought a pack of explosive species of corn in the mail order. Of course, dried. (TN: she really said it.)

I also bought a pot. It is made of aluminum.

No, since these are popcorn, it doesn’t matter how durable or heat conductive it is in details.

There is no need for it to be stainless steel or titanium, multilayered structure or enamel.

However, it’s a good idea for it to be a light and cheap that it is fun to shake by a child. If you burn it up and open a hole, you can just simply replace it.

By the way, in the past, when you go at a shoe store, they will say “Expensive shoes are much better”.

They told me that it will last several times longer than the cheap ones, ” but I think that it is better to buy 10 pairs for 3,000 yen to wear for one year rather than buying one pair for 30,000 yen to wear for three years”. (TN: that’s how she said it.)

You can match it according to your clothes, and even if you get stuck in the mud or get it scratched, only one tenth will be ruined, and the rest will still be fine. (TN: makes sense.)

No, Of course, good stuff is good, I know that. I only buy good products made in Japan like personal computers and gadgets, and I also know that good shoes are very different from cheap ones.

In a luxury hotel, the receptionist will judge the guests by looking at their shoes.

…But, I do not want to go to the hotel that change their attitudes just because the customer is wearing a good or bad shoes, absolutely!.

We should be grateful for the customers who came to us, even though they are not wealthy!

…Does a shoe have anything to do with pots?

I talked too much. (TN: yep you did, that was way too much.)

And then, paper bags, because grease-resistant bags for food sales and bags for potato chips was sold in various stores, around 4 yen per unit, so I purchased it. 2 cassette stoves, fuel and other accessories are ready.

It seems that the food cart had been completed, they just made some final adjustment, and it is ready to roll.

And today, the day after the party, it is finally the trial sales in the square.

When I arrived at the orphanage, the food cart was ready, the equipment and materials that I carried yesterday were already on board. Immediately, three people other than me starts pushing the cart.

Loyuk is really a genius, after all the child made the cart from scrap materials, but he doesn’t have strength.

While carefully and slowly, one person pulls, and the other two pushes, until they arrive at the square.

Today, is the first day, the sellers are Manon-Chan and Philippe both 14-years old who were older among orphans. Loyuk who was responsible for the design and production of the stall, is the one who will assembe the cart to make it into stall.

Because it is easy to intimidate, if it is only a small child. There are adults, and some bad bad people.

That’s why, on the first day I will also be watching behind the stalls.

Ingredients like salt and vegetable oil were brought from the territory using teleportation.

I brought pots and paper bags from Japan, but this time I wanted to make them as local product of my territory.

By the way, if I somehow lose my ability, the locally produced pot is somewhat heavy and difficult to use, but it can be bought ordinarily in the kingdom and I have to be able to prepare paper bags for sale or make something for substitute.

I prepared hundreds of plastic containers in preparation for a sudden case in which I couldn’t come for a while due to an accident or sickness, though I thought about collecting and reusing by paying money, but it might be a bad idea.

Actually, plastic containers are thrown away as garbage, polluting the environment, so in order to prevent the future archaeologists fall down at the excavation site, we made a notice to bring containers for a discount.

However, some of the common people carry shampoo containers, but many commoners and nobles don’t.

When I looked it up, everyone was decorating empty containers side-by-side on the shelves, and reusing them with soapy water or something.

In addition, it had been resold at a considerably high price. (TN: damn that’s gotta hurt.)

Further more, the bag of ramen, and cans are also…….

Well, if you didn’t throw it away, including other packaging materials, you have to consider something so that it will not eventually become garbage.

So, in the case of popcorn, it is not possible to put such a big price on the container for the commodity to sell for 2 to 3 small silver coins, and if it is such a cheap repurchase price, everyone will never bring it.

It is decided to use a convenient container that is light and does not leak water. If you do it wrong, there is even a possibility that someone will be buying the container instead of popcorn.

In this way, if the supply from Japan is stopped, all the materials and cooking utensils are available at the site, but there is no container to put popcorn and it falls into a stupid situation that it is impossible to sell.

Would you let the customers bring their own containers such as pots and bowls from home?

No, no matter how much troublesome things are needed, the sales will decline sharply. Rush the development of a paper in the territory?  Well ….

When I was walking while thinking, I had arrived at the square before I knew it. (TN: seriously that’s a lot of thinking.)

Loyuk and his team began to look for a suitable place, quickly expanding the counter and arranging the equipment. Well somehow..

it looks good…

And, It seem to have two signboards. How far did I hoped for….

I was thinking about what it is written, so I take a closer look….

⌈What, what is this~~!⌋ (Mitsuha)

It’s a good one.

⌈Viscount Yamano Territory Special Product Explosive Corn for 3 small silver coin⌋. (TN: shall i make it to pop corn or keep explosive corn for chuuni effect?)

⌈Yes, well, it’s just…..⌋ (Mitsuha)

The problem is the other one.

There is no character, just a simple design monochromatic picture.

A design of a girl standing on a silhouette resembling a light armored car, and fluttering the hem of a skirt.

⌈Th-This is……⌋ (Mitsuha)

「It’s a sign of a shop. Everyone thought so that even those who can not read the text at first glance to understand that it is the shop of the Princess Shrine Maiden of Thunder.」(Loyuk)

Damnt it, Loyuk.

U a~a厖 Because they made it with great effort, I can not say change it….

It can’t be helped. I’ll hide behind the stalls.

…But, I wonder, the design of this picture. I wonder who made it.

Anyway, let’s start!  We practiced how to make popcorn yesterday.

⌈Now, the 3rd Shop of the General store Mitsuha , it’s opening!」 (Mitsuha)

Sales were strong.

It’s selling well.

No, they are a bit scared.

The biggest hurdle for new products is whether they can be picked up and tested. No matter how good the product is, if you can’t see it or you can’t try it, it can’t be sold.

How do you get interested? How will you get your hands on it and try it out? That’s the biggest challenge.

If you just give it a try, the good ones will sell. Bad things don’t sell well, but it’s because of the maker’s fault.

At the Doujinshi conventions etc. they often say, “you can read it first, so please take a look” or something like that. Anyway, you can’t understand what it is if you didn’t see it first hand.

Even if you stand on the ring, even if you lose, that is, even if you can not buy it, you give up. (TN: HELP (土俵にさえ立てれば、たとえ敗北、つまり、買って貰えなくても、諦めはつく。)(Dohyō ni sae tatereba, tatoe haiboku, tsumari, katte moraenakute mo, akirame wa tsuku.)

So, even for the customers who leave without buying, naturally you say, “thank you!”.

I’m happy that I just got my hands on some of it and looking at it on a piece of paper.

Because If can’t get my hands on it, I will regret if it was sold out without trying it.

That’s why I tried supermarket tasting sale most of the time. So I usually try Super sample sale.

I’m not that greedy. Sometimes I buy, what I like.

That’s why, I wonder if I can try popcorn though.

Initially, there are not many stalls selling the same thing other than skewers. On the contrary, there is a new food that no one has ever seen.

Even just that is quite advantageous, it is understood by the people who can read the letters and can understand the characters,  ⌈”Yamano Valley Territory”, = the princess shrine maiden of thunder, = Yamano cuisine⌋.

And, “It is a branch of shrine maiden’s general store”, was the answer to those who have looked at the signboard’s design.

It will sell, it has been decided. Call it unfair and, whatever you want to call it!.

…I’m sorry to all the other stalls who are seriously doing their best, I really am …….

In addition, the blast sound of the pop corn has become good for attracting customers.

Even if you hide how to make it, it’s pointless because it will be found out sooner or later. It is made in front of the audience.

Many people will try it at home, as raw materials are all understood and it seems easy to make.

…Using ordinary corn.

⌈Fuhahaha, and then fall in despair!!!」 (Mitsuha)(TN: Dr. Evil laugh)

The characteristics of ⌈Yamano Territory Explosive Corn」, will not be revealed!

……sold out.

It sold well.

Even after the next shift came, the first three children could not return and kept making using the second cassette stove which was a reserve at the time of the breakdown.

It was nice to have a spare pot ready ….

Did we got the target of one gold coin for sale, you ask?

I sold until the last ingredients that I had prepared and ran out, so it’s natural.

The older Philippe, who had been shaking the pot all day, says “I can’t force it to a small child,” was in the verge of tears having both arms swollen until he ran out of ingredients.

that’s why, I told you not push yourself too much.

Next chapter… probably next week I’m still on a job hunt soo good luck to me..

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