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Chapter 46 – Let me set the rules.

“What? Tell us from now on to bow our head in front of Yang Zhan? To conduct the monarch’s rituals? What kind of rules are these?”

More than ten elders startled upon hearing so.

There were all elders and were even Yang Zhan’s uncles. Some were even ancestors or higher. Normally, they were all mighty and hid themselves to cultivate. According to the court’s rules, they all had become the officials and had to be respectful towards Yang Zhan and bow towards him. Even the right to decide who to kill would lie in Yang Zhan’s hands. How could they stand that?

“Rules? These are the rules set by me. If anyone disagrees, I’d immediately abolish his ability!” Yang Qi said coldly. “This would mean great benefits to the family. If it’s like before, we divide into several parties and everyone competes for the position. Sooner or later, the family would be destroyed.”

He had known then that his attitude must be tough when facing against this outdated bunch of people.

Otherwise, he couldn’t easily get his work done.

If these people didn’t agree, killing would be quite impossible. However, at the same time, he couldn’t let them slip today’s secret. Otherwise, if this information, according to Yang Xu’s words, was leaked to a few large clans, he himself couldn’t avoid facing the huge wanted hunt, while there were a number of murders on him due to the death of the disciples from Autumn Spring Gate.

Once the news was out, it might even affect his father.

Let alone the fact that the Shadow Poison Gate was a huge threat as well.

If he could not win over this group of people, they might become the worms from within, even become the seed for a threat.

At this moment, he displayed his absolute power that surpassed all members of Yang family. During this series of talks, Yang Zhan was seen nodding continuously. “Qing Luo! Did you see this? Your son has finally become powerful and grown up. Perhaps, as compared to you from Demon clan, it isn’t much, yet his potential is endless. He hasn’t reached twenty years old, yet he could defeat any person at Qi Zong level. He could definitely find you in the future.”

“Yang Qi, you’ve completely become a demon. You’re the evil descendant of a demon.” Yang Shi swore angrily. “If you have the guts, then you may as well kill everyone in Yang family, otherwise none would listen to you demon. You just wait and see, as long as our Yang family members are still breathing, we’ll seek for people to exorcise the demon within you.”

He couldn’t swallow this anger.

“If it is like that, then I’ll help you complete it!”

Yang Qi looked with a realization that Yang Shi’s hatred was in the blood. Even if he could forgive that man, he would definitely do something bad. With determination, he strongly drew qi in.

Crack crack!

Yang Shi’s voice stopped. Each noise of explosion was heard in his ears, which was, in fact, the sound of all the meridians bursting inside his body. The pool of qi in the pubic region was boiling up nonstop. Eventually, in his body, the frozen qi exploded and several layers of thick ice condensed on his body. His whole body was frozen into a corpse inside the thick layer of ice and had died completely.

“Yang Shi has died? He has been killed completely!”

“Yang Qi made reflected his qi on him causing himself to freeze into a snowman.”

“So sinister… Currently, there isn’t a person who can control him.”

“How should we do? If we go against him, perhaps we might be killed too. The elders could not do anything against his cultivation right now.” A lot of people were discussing in silence as they whispered to each other’s ears.

Suddenly, a junior of Yang family walked forward and bowed to Yang Zhan, “Housemaster, I agree to follow the new house rules.”

This little junior was also a talented and handsome junior. His qigong cultivation had also reached the 5th tier. He was a little more than twenty years old and his name was Yang Yang.

“Good good good.” Yang Qi saw the very first person who came to surrender, so he couldn’t stop nodding, “Yang Yang, you really have the goodwill to rejuvenate our Yang family. It is such a good intention. Your current qigong level is 5th tier, almost reaching the Violent Qi level. It’s good. I’ll help you improve your cultivation. From now on, we’ll rejuvenate and make this family proud.”

While he was talking, Yang Qi opened his breath and hit on top of Yang Yang’s head. Right away, Yang Yang’s body shivered as if there was a fire burning on his skin. Inside his body, a large amount of body fat and impurities were removed completely by Yang Qi. His whole body, blood, flesh, and meridians became as if it was reinforced with steel, terrifyingly firm.

At the same time, a part of Yang Qi’s qi was directly injected into the boy’s pool of qi at the pubic region, which caused his amount of qi to spike up by about another twenty to thirty years of cultivation in a blink.

Waiting until Yang Qi’s hand left his head, Yang Yang jumped up and down for a while. His finger pointed out and a sword qi condensed at the tip of his finger. As he swung it in their air, the ground was divided into a pretty deep chasm.

“Hahaha, I’ve been promoted to the 6th tier, Qi Consolidation!” Yang Yang was extremely joyful. “It has saved me so many years of tough cultivation.”

Everyone who had seen this scene all looked at Yang Qi as if they saw a demon.

Directly using his qi to help others, this action could be deemed as suicidal, yet for Yang Qi, he just did it so casually like that. Moreover, his face didn’t turn red, his heart didn’t beat fast and it was as simple as spitting saliva.

“I agree to follow the new house rules.”

“I also agree to serve.”

At once, there were a large number of talented young men kneeling down and bowing to Yang Zhan, expressing their respect via the monarch’s rituals to swear loyalty to the housemaster Yang Zhan.

This was the real benefit.

Previously, Yang Qi was so threatening that they couldn’t stand it and were especially angry. However, as of the moment, having seen the improvement, they immediately surrendered to obey the rules to be injected with qi for boosting their cultivation.

In this world, it all came down to benefits, which was the cultivation of qigong that lasted a lifetime. All the glories and powerful positions could be achieved through the cultivation of qigong. People could kill for the sake of money or betray everything too. Because of cultivation of qigong, they could give up everything.


One by one, Yang Qi slowly injected qi for the remaining talented young men.

There were some young men at the 4th tier of “Qi Refinery” realm and were so slow to breakthrough to the fifth tier of “Violent Qi” realm. However, once they had received qi from Yang Qi, everyone could make one significantly important step to breakthrough and started their violent qi and expelled qi outside at a safe distance, so as to not hurt people.

Everyone was also shaken.

A few of Yang Qi’s uncles couldn’t stand it as well that they eventually knelt and started to bow.

Yet, Yang Qi didn’t do anything for them. He just wanted to nurture a number of young men, those around his age. For the old elders, each of them was so sly and sleek, it wasn’t worth it to waste the qi to enhance them.

One hand held a carrot, the other a stick; only then could he draw out a large number of people.

Currently, there was only the group of elders who were too slow to take actions.

Both groups looked at each other.

Awakened Lion Yang, “Greatest Lord Yan” all had such ugly expressions on their face, so it seemed killing them would be better than telling them to submit to Yang Zhan.

“Alright, the high warriors from the elder group, perhaps you don’t need to bow but just carry out the rituals would be fine.” Yang Zhan said as he didn’t want to make this whole incident a fuss and too rigid.

As a result, after these words, the air was less tensed and Yang Zhougong nodded and started to carry out the ritual with Yang Zhan, “I agree to obey the new rules of Yang family.”

As he was talking, he glanced towards Yang Shi who had been frozen to death. Yang Shi’s qigong was in fact about the same level as his would be; however, he just died so wastefully like this, killed by Yang Qi like a chicken. He couldn’t help but sympathize towards his comrade.

Once he started, a small number of elders also started to follow the rules.

Yang Qi felt a sense of pride surge in his heart. This was the sense of conquest brought by power any other thing couldn’t bring: wealth, social position, or any other kind of force would not be important as power. In this world, the one who wielded power was the invincible, and it was the last reassurance.

Finally, there were only Awakened Lion Yang and Greatest Lord Yan who didn’t yield. Both people of Qi Zong level had their own level of dignity, thus they weren’t even willing to salute to Yang Zhan.

Even more so, they were actually the owners of the whole family, so how could they stand the humiliation of suddenly having to obey the housemaster? They were so highly noble, yet now had to fall under the control of the housemaster.

“How? Awakened Lion Yang, Greatest Lord Yan, don’t you want to respect the rules that could rejuvenate the whole family? Don’t want to be the role models for everyone?” Yang Qi said with an icy tone.

Previously, he still called the Awakened Lion Yang as the “old ancestors”, yet currently, he couldn’t care much because he believed it was for naught. There could only be firm suppression to beat these people.

In order to protect his father’s power, Yang Qi would even kill people.

“You…” The Awaken Lion Yang was almost painfully choked by Yang Qi’s words, yet he couldn’t fight back. He clearly saw a cold murderous intent in Yang Qi's eyes.

“This man is so terrible. Even as of currently, he was only at the 8th tier of qigong and yet he could sweep the whole Qi Zong. So imagine if he will be promoted to the 9th tier of Qi Zong, he might even be able to suppress the strong warrior of Fate Stealing Realm?” Eventually, under the vicious eyes of Yang Qi, the Awakened Lion Yang carried out his rituals with Yang Zhan.

“I am the Awakened Lion Yang, here to respectfully greet the housemaster.”

This was the first time he bowed his head.

“Greatest Lord Yan, how about you?” Yang Qi’s voice started getting more and more casual. Yet, everyone could see that the moment when Greatest Lord Yan disagreed, he would probably immediately take her down with a thunderous move.

His mighty manner had been established with every single action.

“This old woman also respects the rules.” The Greatest Lord Yan reluctantly carried out the rituals. She was in fact extremely scared of Yang Qi. Just a while ago, she was caught by him and rendered defenseless, so she realized that she couldn’t escape under Yang Qi's hands.

“That’s good.” Yang Qi clapped and a smile broke out on his face. The previously chilling atmosphere had changed, “Isn’t this better? The previously bad rituals of the family have been brightened up. From now on, our Yang family will be reborn and sweep away the depressing air to establish the power of the housemaster. Only by centralizing power could we achieve other big things. Then, Awakened Lion Yang, Greatest Lord Yan, please don’t feel unconvinced in your heart. Only when I achieve the cultivation level of Qi Zong would you be able to know how powerful I could be. If I guide you with some instructions, perhaps you may have some hope of reaching the Fate Stealing Realm in your cultivation.”

Just one sentence immediately got people out of their dreams.

The facial expression of Greatest Lord Yan and Awakened Lion Yang slowly loosened up. A thousand words and other kinds of dignity couldn’t compare to the miracle of the Fate Stealing Realm. Additionally, they were too old and would reach their end soon. At most, they could only live for another twenty or thirty years before they dried up their blood and died.

If only they could “steal fate with heaven”, they would agree to everything, even if it involved bowing ten thousand times or calling someone else as a father. Dignity, in front of life and power, was truly too tiny.

Yang Zhan was extremely delighted as he saw all the movements from Yang Qi. Being his father, what made him feel happy more than everything was that his child had some interest in him and his family.

“Lord Father, this year’s autumn hunt would proceed again, it’s time for you to give orders.”

Yang Qi’s words reminded Yang Zhan.

“Good! Good! The Yang family’s autumn hunt immediately begins.” Yang Zhan raised his arm. The power of the housemaster had been firmly established.

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