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Chapter 5.3

“Translator: Goma/Editor: TheNix”

「It would be sleeping in a glass box in a tower that rises to the heavens」


I was dumbfounded by this weird performance .

「How is it? 」

What do you mean, how is it? 

「…… . Don’t tell me that was the hint」

「Yep, I was trying to act like a legendary wise man that gives an important hint in a story」

I see, she must be the old man who lives in the mountains, huh . I feel that the old man she’s talking about appeared in an RPG in my dad’s retro game collection . I remember pointing that out at the TV screen when I was young, 「How does this old man survive in the mountains just in front of the last boss’s castle alone huh?」 .

Nevertheless, I was grateful .

「Thank you, Nanana」

When I expressed my gratitude, Nanana smiled and said, 「Break a leg」

Section 3


The members of the Adventure Club decided to split into groups and search within the 62-stories high-rise building . I paired up with president Yuiga . Currently, we two were walking on the 17th floor and talking about the challenge that Nanana had given me .

「Haha, as I had thought」

「From the way you say it, does that mean that you knew what Nanana would give me that kind of challenge? 」

「Yep . Our senior, Ms . Konjō also did this quite often . Actually, Ms . Konjō also did the same plan all the time . Every time she did so, she had to face various challenges」

It seemed that the plan of 『Making Nanana feels sorry for us in order to figure out where the ((Ruins)) are』was a plan he had simply copied from her . I felt like my admiration for his intelligence was wasted .

「But why can’t Nanana just tell us where the ((Ruins)) lie? 」

She herself had said 「One is truly happy when one shares that with others」 . On top of that, she did not seem to be against others using her inheritance .

「Last time, Nanana had said that 『There is no value in a treasure that was obtained without any effort or solving any kind of riddle』」

 「That does not mean that she wants to make others go through lots of struggles」

「I agree, but Nanana has … I don’t know how to explain it . Something like her own unique way of thinking,  or set of rules . I shall phrase it as, 『Nanana rules』」

    Ah, I could kind of understand .

    When talking with Nanana, I felt something like that occasionally .

「It was like that last time too . Concerning searching for the Nanana Collection, Nanana is really consistent in holding the middle ground」

「Middle ground? 」

「Yes . She does not tell anyone where the ((Ruins)) are or how to solve the riddles that are there either . However, she does provide the necessary information . I had mentioned this before, but if one brings a Nanana Collection which one had found, she would tell you about the Nanana Collection . That is part of it」

    We took up the challenge of finding the ((Ruins)) since we want the Nanana Collection . I see, Nanana herself would then play the specific role of the guide who would tell information about the Nanana Collection .

「I see . That is why even if I am looking for the murderer who killed Nanana, she still maintains neutrality to me as well」

「Yes and it was the same with our senior, Ms . Konjō」

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「The Nanana rule that cannot be changed, huh」

    That means that she would not change her own rules even if it is for her own sake, huh . I see, Nanana is quite cool .

「That being said, most of the ((Ruins)) that the Adventure Club had found was thanks to the hints that our senior, Ms . Konjō, had received from Nanana」

    Nanana herself said that「I would not tell you where the Nanana Collection is」 . However, it seemed that she had been giving tons of hints in the form of challenges . I did not know whether she was strict or lenient . Well, that also made her seem cute .

「On top of that, Nanana gets quite lonely on her own most of the time . So perhaps she wants someone to tend to her」

    I could not reply to what he had said .

    Since Nanana is having fun, I have no choice, huh . Besides, I had quite a lot of fun in the challenge she gave me a few days ago .

「Thanks to Nanana’s hint we have finally pinpointed a place where we might find the ((Ruins)) .  Let’s get that Nanana Collection no matter what president Yuiga」

    When I said so, president Yuiga nodded strongly, saying 「Yep」

「The Adventure Club only had proper achievements during the time that Ms . Konjō was the president . That is why we must somehow attain some sort of achievement and show the power of the new Adventure Club」

    It seemed that president Yuiga was quite pumped up for this .

    Then, I tried asking something that I was suddenly curious about .

「Um, how much older is the first president, Ms . Konjō? 」

    The question was about the previous resident of room 202: my mysterious senior, Ms . Konjō .

「She is two years older than me . She was a third-year student when I came to this island」

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「What kind of person was she like? 」

「She was a cheerful person . She had guts and took up the initiative to act . She was like an older sister figure for us」

「I see」

「She is also quite smart . It was more than once that we had been saved by her quick wit」

    It seemed that she was quite an amazing person .

    While we talked, we investigated the place . 10 minutes had passed . A single email arrived to both president Yuiga’s and my phone at the same time .

    The person who had sent it was D’arc . It said, 『Tensai has found the entrance to the ((Ruins))』 .

    In order to hurry to the 34th floor, we rode on one of eight elevators in the center of the building .

    There was a large space that looked like a squarish glass tube in the middle of this high-rise building . It was specifically for elevators, and it was constructed so that one could see the outside scenery of the building’s open area . That being said, one could only see inside the building until the eighth-floor shopping area .   Beyond this on the business floors where companies had their offices . There one could only see the view of mechanical parts where the elevator passed through .

    When we arrived after stepping outside the elevator Ms . Ibara was already there .

    There were two white doors where D’arc and Tensai were standing in front of .

「Why do you think it is here? These doors seem quite normal at first glance .  」

    President Yuiga asked them . Tensai smirked .

「From the structure of the building, beyond the door should be the open area in the middle of the building」

「Is there a possibility that the doors are just for maintenance work? 」

「On other floors, those kinds of doors had a plate that said 『For maintenance works』 . On top of that, the doors on other floors did not come in pairs like this one . Most importantly, those doors all had locks that needed a card key and a PIN code . However, this door only needs a PIN code」

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    She was right . It was not logical for this door to be much bigger than other doors, but only have a PIN code lock .

    Ms . Ibara refuted Tensai .

「Nevertheless, when I was coming here using the elevator it did not seem that there could be a room in the building’s empty area」

    What Ms . Ibara was saying was also true . If there was a room in the open area of the building, it would be noticeable since it would be sticking out . When I came to the 34th floor in the elevator, I didn’t notice such a thing though .

    In order to confirm this, we all went into an elevator that had stopped and looked into the open void beyond the transparent glass in the middle of the building .

    However, there was only a void filled with machinery from top to bottom .

    This confirmed that something was wrong with the doors

「……There is nothing beyond the door」

    The doors that Tensai had found only had a mechanical wall where there should be a room .

    We confirmed this and returned back to the place in front of the two doors .

「It seems that this is correct . Credit to you, Tensai」

    President Yuiga smiled in front of the two doors .

    President, you should not praise her so much . This fool will become cocky…… . . ah, there you go . She started saying how she is great while thrusting her chest out . Don’t applaud her D’arc .

    Although the famous detective was elated at herself, she added .

「Be that as it may, regrettably, we do not know the PIN code」

It was weird . Although she tried to boast about herself, she also told these failures . So she was quite honest .

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