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——Thus ends Part 4 of Chapter 2. Part 5 continues below—-

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The bird’s cry reverberated far away.

“They left…”

Katou muttered.

The bird disappeared over the horizon, and Katou returned to the wing of the bridge. He remained silent and displayed a stern expression. Those on the bridge also did the same. The leaders were also confused, and could only say that something unbelievable happened.

But Katou was different, he desperately tried to come up with a decision concerning the current situation. Perhaps it was his sense of duty as the head chief of staff, but this is his flexibility and his high ability to adapt. He might be an exception in the rigid-thinking leaders of the Self-Defense Force.

Amongst the chatter on the bridge, Katou didn’t show too much shock.

“Did you come to understand anything?”

Kaburagi, wearing the same gray life vest and helmet as the other marine force members, at some point came next to the others.

Kaburagi was one of the few people who could understand Katou, who had a knack for seemingly alien to others. Katou also has trust in him.

Eh, said Kaburagi cheerfully. At hearing his voice, the bridge settled down all at once. With everyone calm and their attention gathered, Katou cleared his throat once.

“Due to the event in the ward room with that girl, we have lost track of our present position. For about 22 hours, we’ve moved forward down a strayed path in the midst of a deep fog. All this time, our radio waves have been silent. Because we lost our ability to communicate, we took emergency measures to take a route for what we thought was the closest island with an American base, Guam.”

To make sure none of his ideas sounded too strange, he took a moment to take a breath and gather his thoughts.

“However, after we left that mist there was that bird. Riding it was a girl with an unknown nationality…But this is not so very important. That’s because this is a problem from now, and is not a fundamental issue.”

He was not making an allusion to something that was solved. You can ask about the current status of the communication devices and radars from the operators of the “Ibuki” in detail.

“Even now that we’re in clear weather after leaving the fog, we’re not getting and intercepting any signals, right?”


“It’s not broken?”

“We’ve checked 3 times already, but there are no problems with the machinery, sir.”

“And even the GPS, we’re not getting any response from any satellites and can’t connect to any…right?”

The operator confirmed this with his silence. Katou affirmed it.

“This…there’s no way on Earth this can happen.”

That was the strongest feeling these people here had. There was nothing blocking the signal, but letting that aside, even private radio signals and the communication satellites all being down is definitely impossible.

The impossible is happening. Since one can’t even imagine this, they had no clue as to what was the cause. Unnatural signals had vanished. It was as if the world itself had disappeared. Some found Katou’s words hard to take, and so around them started subdued conversations. But Katou didn’t care about that and continued.

“Are you aware of quantum mechanic’s ‘multidimensional (or many-worlds) interpretation’?”

“No…What’s that supposed to be?”

Kaburagi replied that he was a little surprised to hear these words he wasn’t used to hearing. Katou put his arm out and lifted his forefinger, and in a teacher’s accent started to explain.

“Taking quantum mechanic’s ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ thought experiment, there is a field of extreme logic that would suggest the world is not one, that is the hypothesis.”

“The world?”

“Yes, the world. The world we live in would have many parallel worlds in existence, and that parallel worlds would not mix, so we wouldn’t be able to perceive it, and there wouldn’t be a way to know about it.”

The ears that listened and took in Katou’s calm speaking voice found a strange power of persuasion in it.

“However, if through some way, something from another world was brought into ours, then what?”

After talking thus far, Katou fixed his glasses with his middle finger.

“That girl came to our world as an ‘observer’ and, through some ‘knotted point’ she was able to blend the worlds, and through this pulled us into a different world…how about that as a theory?…However, exactly why did it have to be us?”

“Lieutenant Colonel Katou, I can’t understand whatever the kind of story you’re telling.”

One of the leaders interrupted him with such a jeer. Katou didn’t care and continued his talk. However, it was a little quicker, since he wanted to get to the conclusion.

“In other words, if my hypothesis is correct, then…the world did not disappear,”

And, he looked around at the leaders that was lined up in a row, and declared:

“It’s the opposite. In other words, right now, this fleet has gone astray into a ‘parallel world’!”


The Imperial Capital of the Mariisua Southern Sea United Kingdom is the “Sei Road”. (Translator Note: perhaps West? Road)

This town is a city for ocean commerce. It was full of liveliness for a castle town. You should hear the bells of the church around evening time.

Everything was dyed crimson as it was the tone color of the light god, who would chase out the evil spirits at the witching hour (not midnight).

In between the two high and low capes, on the low cape there is a lighthouse which reveals the tall Imperial Castle.

For a long time, the Imperial Castle has repeatedly been under reconstruction. According to the only remaining records, it had been expanded in reconstruction 6 times to reach its current form. People looked at the magnificent, white Imperial Castle. Without passing through the continental highway, you can’t enter. The white marble castle walls had an early Kyoubo architectural style. It had 5 minarets pointing into the sky, and the rich pearl and jade pattern is very impressive in its splendor.

Rarona’s unit garrison was at the opposite shore at the foot of the lighthouse to the Imperial Castle.

At the tip of the cape is a rough course with no servicing. ‘Tail’ the Giant Bird turned to the lodging house past the “bird housing”. Along her route, many colleagues yelled out to Rarona, who changed her expression and ran, but she didn’t pay attention to any of them.

She rushed into the, seemingly-sturdy 2-story stone building, thrusting away the young guard on duty, and rushed into the unit leader’s room. The inside of the modest office had an affluent, dark green-haired young woman sitting there.

The country of the “Mariia people”, who were an oceanic people, or the “Mariisua Southern Sea United Kingdom.” To see she was connected with this nation’s troops, you could just look at her outfit covering her white skin. She had on the sleeveless shirt the ocean culture demanded for ventilation, wearing the uniform of the military.

Her name is Karuda. She is a noble, as her surname will attest. However, she’s never spoken about her surname in front of her subordinates. This is because the Mariisua culture didn’t think that surnames were that important.

As it is called the Southern Sea United Kingdom, it holds many different cultures, people, and functions as a federation. Not finding family names important is a result of this consideration.

Now, in cases where people didn’t have last names, like Rarona, when it is necessary for them to name themselves, then they would use their mother’s name.

In Mariisua, the maternal cultures are usually deeply rooted, so those with an origin without intimacy, such as Rarona’s mountain people, try to imitate these kind of cultures.

“What is it, Practice Officer Rarona?”

On the side of the out-of-breath Rarona who had suddenly barged in, Karuda calmly asked this question. It was a rather cold tone for a question.

What Practice Officer means is that this country’s war units have classes in its ranks.

From the bottom it goes: practice officer living, practice officer, officer, unit commanding officer, unit leader…and so on.

In other words, Rarona, who is in the 2nd rank from the bottom, is in a rank for the inexperienced.

Mariisua South Sea United Kingdom’s military has a military district that is separated into 3 big parts.

The Imperial Capital Defense Corps, the Domestic Forces, and the Island Patrol Forces make up the 3 camps.

The Imperial Capital Defense Corps takes this name as it is a unit formed to protect Sei road.

These contained the knights who protects the queen personally. They are the smallest of the 3 military divisions, but their priorities are higher than the other divisions.

The Flying Light Armor Unit that Rarona and Karuda belonged to, was a part of the Imperial Capital Defense Corps.

The unit that used the Argentavis was made for specializing in reconnaissance and as runners, so they get treated as a second-rate fighting force compared to the knight group.

So, they’re always scored as “Night blind (TL note: This is a pun as it literally means bird-eye)” and “(bird) Poop Droppers”[1] by the ground troops.

In spite of this, the unit that uses the Argentavis has an unparalleled high status. The reason the girls are looked down upon is not just that their unit is non-combative. Because officer units exists is also, by itself, another reason.

There’s a large difference between the officer units and the knight unit. This may seem clear, but if half of it wasn’t made up of nobles, then Mariisua wouldn’t name it the Knight Unit. This is not a discussion only for this nation, no matter where it is, a difference in standards appear, and this was the custom of the higher ups in the ranks.

In a feudal society, status was absolute. So, Rarona now doesn’t just fear her class, but the nobles as well. She sleeps in bed with one knee standing ready.

“Forgive me for the abrupt rudeness! But there’s something I must report immediately.”

Karuda removed the monocle on her right eye. Rarona had heard of a rumor that she injured her eye during practice, to the point of bleeding. Karuda’s movements were all very refined.

She’s definitely a noble, Rarona thought.

Over her black military uniform, Karuda had a summer overcoat on, with an emblem of a unicorn, almost as if she was a student of the Church of the Moon. No matter how much you know it is an overcoat for the summer days, Rarona just kept feeling it was a mourning dress. Maybe the rumors that she had lost her lover were true.

While waiting for the unit leader’s response, Rarona thought about these things and realized the unit leader’s squinty pair of eyes. Karuda had a glint in her eyes that showed of a noble amethyst.

“Fine. Briefly.”

Rarona took the momentum, lifted her face, and quickly talked on and on about what happened that afternoon. About the big affair concerning whatever appeared in the Mermaid Sea. About how their nationality was unknown and they looked like castles with how huge they were, and how they were 5 iron boats. Karuda, who never let down her calm noble expression, upon hearing this report, started to faintly sweat.

“I can’t believe it, is it the Filborg Empire?”

The Mariisua nobles did not let that insolent name of the enemy nation, the “Inheritance Empire” pass their lips.

Karuda now uttered the name of the most problematic country. She understood well that the occupation of Purominia was of no concern of hers.

“No, as far as I could tell, I don’t think it is.”

Rarona answered with a slightly off enunciation.

“It’s like it’s a ship from a whole different world,”

Rarona thought such an absurd thing. She almost laughed at the ridiculous thought, but held it in when she thought of how she’s in front of a noble. As this happened, Karuda took a big breath. For a moment, it seemed she may have caught on to Rarona nearly laughing, but it doesn’t seem like she did.

“…From above, no matter how little information, we’ve got to inform the castle.”

Karuda stood up from her chair, went to the window, and looked at the sun at dusk.

“Unit Leader Karuda?”

“Hey rookie, what do you think of this current world?”

On Karuda’s beautiful face appeared an agony. A grave expression that showed deeply. It was a form she couldn’t show to a subordinate. Somehow, the state of affairs was odd. Rarona felt this as well.

“That ship made of iron, the foreigners from an unknown nation…though it sounds ridiculous, Her Majesty would likely hear us out.”

Karuda stroked the lance in the corner of the room.

“It looks like we can still put this in the last circular for today.”

Rarona would understand what this meant, but it would take a bit of time.

What Karuda revealed was a national secret unknown to the public. Rarona felt a shock as though a demon had grasped hold of his heart. She gulped, and it made the sound of a dry throat taking a big gulp. Her superior continued.

“We have declared war with the Filborg Empire. They have given us an offer to surrender that we cannot accept. Tomorrow, we prepare for war.”

Rarona’s body stiffened up as she looked into those shrewd eyes.

“…Are you scared? This time, this nation will become a battlefield.”

She said it as if testing her subordinate.


But, Rarona shook her head, which is what the firm Karuda focused upon.

“I am prepared to fight! I am also a soldier for Mariisua! I won’t let the damages of war from 10 years ago happen again! I am ready to beat down the empire’s forces!”

Karuda squinted her eyes.

“…You, you’re from the mountains along the border, aren’t you?”


“I see…”

Karuda had a sort of satisfaction seeing her subordinate’s vigorous expression.

Ten years ago, the mountain ridge near the border was found to hold resources, so the neighboring country started a fight over it, making a border dispute. That time, a lot of villages got involved and got burned down.

That was also why Rarona lost her family and home. Karuda, who could sense this, hanged her head a little. And in a small voice Rarona couldn’t hear, she murmured.

“Won’t let it happen again, eh…”

Karuda thought she was a little jealous of the genuineness of the red haired girl in front of her. A fire that has cooled-down, I don’t have anymore. That’s reminiscent. But, she shook off these idle thoughts and ordered Rarona.

“Practice Officer, first thing in the morning, go give this report at the castle. You are my underling, so you will come with me.”

Rarona’s eyes were spinning in confusion at the surprising orders.

“Eh? Uh, b-but, I’m a commoner, I can’t so easily get an attendance at the castle…”

“It’s a time of crisis. If you stay by my side and don’t separate from me, I also won’t mind. I might have to tell your story to toe the mark, who knows.”

Karuda said this, and looked at the window. The sun at dusk was sinking below the other side of the horizon. There were frightening things on the other side of that horizon. In spite of this, the scene was very beautiful.

[1] Yes it’s correct. Not a mistake.
It’s a Japanese Pun (Joke) but as translating Japanese Puns (Joke) is no easy task. That’s the end result.

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