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Chapter 276        Duel (2)

At the sound of the gunshot, the people around screamed and Mirta felt hopeless. B*stard, even if you don't care about yourself, at least care about the rest! If you're dead, the entire Alliance would be gone!

Mirta panicked, turned around and ran backward. She saw that the people around were stunned. Zhou Qingfeng was holding the revolver and he remained still. She had this thought in her mind, Maybe he's still alive, maybe it wasn't a fatal wound, maybe….

"Call the doctor, hurry up!" Mirta rushed to Zhou Qingfeng and touched his body, "How do you feel? Where did you get hit?"

Zhou Qingfeng stood and kept his cool in front of everyone. When he heard Mirta, he laughed, "The bullet went straight through the brain, trust me, a doctor won't help!"

A headshot?

Mirta looked at Zhou Qingfeng's head and quickly turned around. At that instant, Carlos, who was hit in the brain, fell to the ground. She couldn't believe it, "You killed Carlos?"

"He's too bad, way too slow, and ugly too. He's no match for me!" Zhou Qingfeng slowly put his Colt Python back into the holster and complained about the weak enemy.

The moment the rock was in the air, the Cubans held their breath. When the rock touched the ground and there was the sound of a gunshot, everyone looked at Zhou Qingfeng. They were expecting this young Chinese in front of them to die; they were expecting blood from either his head, chest, or any other parts.

However, they searched for blood on Zhou Qingfeng's body for around five seconds but they could not find it.

"Where did he get hit?"

"Head is fine, chest is fine, could it be his back?"

"The bullets came from the front, how could it be at the back?"

It was only when Mirta came out that people turned to look at Carlos. Everyone was surprised and they screamed.

"The Lone Wolf is dead!"

"Right in the middle of his head, what a nice shot!"

"It went through the entire head, he couldn't be more dead."

Everyone around was shocked by the scene. The top-rated killer in the Caribbean who was expected to win was killed easily by Zhou Qingfeng. People looked at his hand, he has not even pulled out his gun and was killed by Mr. Hugo on the other side.

"He's so bad. I'd bet on him but fortunately, no one brought it up."

"I know right, I was shocked when I saw him. Now, I'm so disappointed!"

"He must be a fake. I thought he'd be good as he was so famous. Now we know that he's totally useless."

The dead Carlos could not stand up and fight for himself as he was already a dead body. If only if his spirit could speak, he probably would say, Shameless, filthy a**hole. It's not fair at all. You used some superpower!

Carlos was dead, General Santos immediately stood up and shouted for Carlos, "Shameless, filthy a**hole, you're cheating. You pulled out the gun before the rock touched the ground!"

Shhh….., the people around were unhappy with what he said. Everyone there saw what had actually happened. The people at the back who were blocked even stood on chairs and stools to see the duel. They would know if Zhou Qingfeng had cheated.

Meanwhile, more than a thousand people had gathered in the audience. Those who missed the duel were very worried and wondered what was going on.

"What's going on? Duel….., who are the participants?"

"Mr. Victor Hugo from the Polarlys Legion challenged General Santos from the Liberation Front. But General Santos is old, so his man, 'Lone Wolf', replaced him."

"I mean, this is so unbelievable. Victor Hugo is truly the incarnation of courageous and fearless. Mrs. Mirta tried to stop him but he rejected."

"Mr. Hugo was in huge danger, the 'Lone Wolf', Carlos, was famous for his speed and accuracy."

"The Lone Wolf, Carlos? You mean the first-rate killer in the entire Caribbean, the Lone Wolf, Carlos? That Mr. Hugo is so dead!"

"No, you're wrong, totally wrong! Mr. Hugo won. It was just a piece of cake for him. The bullet went straight through Carlos' brain. I mean, Carlos is just bad, he didn't even manage to pull out his gun before he died."

"Wow….., I didn't know Carlos was this bad!"

Some of them even climbed to the top of the building and explained to the people who could not see the duel. The people who were listening thought it was a shame that they did not manage to see the duel.

Meanwhile, General Santos was still complaining about the duel. He was shouting angrily, "This is not even a duel between two men, it's not fair. It's a humiliation to me, the family of Santos, and the entire Liberation Front."

"Enough, stop this nonsense!" Mirta was relieved when she saw that Zhou Qingfeng was fine. She just wanted to stop the nonsense. She commanded the guards, "Separate them. General Santos, you can leave if you want, We'll see each other in the battlefield."

A few guards stood up and stopped between Zhou Qingfeng and Santos. The general was still shouting and complaining to request for another fair and real duel.

While everyone thought it was the end of the duel, Santos could not do anything but accept the fact that he lost. However, Zhou Qingfeng suddenly called out, "I can't accept the fact that he's doubting me. Do you want to re-do it? I'll take it. Coward Santos, don't go!"

Santos was surprised; the Cubans were stunned. Mirta was completely astonished. That b*stard wants to do it again!

You're crazy. Are you addicted to duel?

It's a duel. You won this time but that doesn't mean you could win the second time.

You're freaking mad!

Zhou Qingfeng grabbed a stool and stood on it. He shouted with his great voice, "Santos, you're a coward. I killed your son, and you're leaving me alone?"

"If you don't kill me today, you'll never get a second chance for the rest of your life. Because your incompetence and timid nature would be spread throughout entire Cuba."

Santos was not just mad anymore, he could not even speak for himself! The best gunner he had was dead. What he wanted was to just leave the place. Little did he know, Zhou Qingfeng was not planning to let him go.

General Santos had to get revenge for his son. If he did not stand up for him today, he will be looked down upon for the rest of his life. Looking at the Cubans, he knew that he could not run away from this.

No…., no way! I must be rational.

The old Santos had been through a lot. He was aware that the most rational way to get revenge was by returning to Nassau, commanding the battle and defeating the Polarlys Legion.

I can stand this! This humiliation is nothing!

Santos insisted to leave. Again, Zhou Qingfeng called out, "Hey coward Santos, you can send two men at the same time to duel with me!"

Santos, who was thinking straight, could not take it anymore. He immediately turned around and shouted, "You think you could deal with two of my men at the same time? Kid, you're too arrogant. Today is going to be your day to die!"

Chapter 277        Duel (3)

Messengers should neither be beheaded nor hung. Both sides obeyed the rules. Before this, the San Diego Military Alliance lost a defence point from the Liberation Front. Right now, the San Diego Military Alliance was considered weaker compared to the Liberation Front. Mirta did not dare to provoke Santos.

However, Zhou Qingfeng had nothing to worry about. If killing Santos would solve the problem, Santos was already dead. He could have killed the Santos and his son at the same time.

Meanwhile, Katrina was already back at the Abaco Island whereas Enclave was planning to get the Brotherhood of Steel coming into Cuba. What Zhou Qingfeng was trying to do right now was to stop the commander of the Bahamas. At the same time, he could not kill him.

Meanwhile at the military base of Guantanamo, people had gathered for the duel. The people who could not see the duel had no idea what was going on. When they heard the exclamations again, they quickly asked about the situation.

"What's the matter….., isn't the duel over?"

"I thought the Lone Wolf, Carlos, is dead. Is there another duel?"

"How does Mr. Victor Hugo look like? Is he really a Chinese?"

As there were too many people, the people at the outer circle could only guess what happened as they waited for news from the people who were able to see.

"Wow, this is great. There's another duel."

"God! It has been so long. Today is such an amazing day!"

"Mr. Hugo suggested two versus one. He's continuing with General Santos. Two men will duel with him at the same time."

"How is it possible for him to win? He kills one, another will kill him for sure."

The scene was like that in a supermarket; everyone was talking about Zhou Qingfeng and they were really excited. During the duel with Carlos, there were only around two hundred people. Now, there were more than a thousand people. Zhou Qingfeng was like a superstar!

In the middle of the crowd, Mirta stopped in front of Zhou Qingfeng and shouted, "Victor Hugo, stop messing around. What were you thinking? How did you come up with the idea of fighting two of them at the same time? Do you really think you're superman?"

The entire scene was happy and even Zhou Qingfeng himself was affected by the lively atmosphere he created. However, this time he was not going to talk much. He pushed Mirta away and said unhappily, "This is a battle between men, go away woman."

Wow! Everyone was surprised. People immediately started to discuss, "He doesn't even care about what Mrs. Mirta said. Man, she's like the top woman in Cuba. The world-famous Miss Cuba, the Queen that rules almost half the entire Cuba."

Most of the men thought, "We'd really like to get closer to the beautiful Mrs. Mirta. How good it would be if she would speak to us. Imagine the feeling of pushing her away. Oh, how great!"

Mirta did not expect Zhou Qingfeng to push her away. It has been many years since a man treated her like Zhou Qingfeng did. Zhou Qingfeng was rude, wild, and did not give a shit. She was outraged by Zhou Qingfeng's attitude and shouted, "Victor Hugo, this is your last warning. This is my place and stop challenging my authority."

"I'll apologize to you after if I survive. But right now, I'm one fearless man standing in front of you. I'm afraid that I'll need to ignore your kind warning." Zhou Qingfeng could not stop it already, he acted gentleman-ly to show his apology to Mirta. In fact, he was actually saying, I'm still gonna do it. What are you gonna do?!

The people around were hyped by Zhou Qingfeng's words. They clapped their hands, whistled, and screamed. Everyone thought Zhou Qingfeng was the coolest guy ever!

Zhou Qingfeng turned to Santos and shouted, "General Santos, don't hide, don't escape, don't let me down. Get two of your men out and let's have a duel!"

Meanwhile, Santos could not be more mad. He turned to two of his guards and said, "Two of you, kill him. He must die today!"

Both of the chosen guards were scared. The people around them were excited but they were terrified. Even the Lone Wolf, Carlos could not beat Zhou Qingfeng, it would be worse for them.

However, it will be two versus one. Two of them shooting at the same time could possibly kill this Chinese man in front of them. Otherwise, it would not make any sense.

Two of the guards slowly walked out. They stared at each other and walked to different directions like their minds were in sync. Even though the people around were not happy because it would not be fair for Zhou Qingfeng. They were very far away from each other, forming an equilateral triangle with Zhou Qingfeng. Clearly, it would be impossible for Zhou Qingfeng to win.

The previous, random judge walked out happily. He was really excited that he could participate in the duel as a judge. He could probably brag about it for the rest of his life.

"No, I'm gonna change judges." Zhou Qingfeng waved his hand and looked in the direction of Mirta, who was mad at him, "Hey…., pretty lady, you'll be the judge."

Everyone was excited and started to whistle when Zhou Qingfeng said that to Mirta. It was so rare to see someone who actually dares to tease Mirta. She was the woman who held the highest position in Cuba; she was a serious, hot-tempered, and fierce woman. Mirta had this hijab that distanced her from everyone else. People could not even speak properly in front of her.

"Me?" Mirta waved a hand and rejected, "Don't get me involved with this ridiculous game of killing yourself."

Aww! Everyone thought that it was a shame. Zhou Qingfeng raised his hands and clapped out loud, "Come on, let's put our hands together. Clearly, she's a little shy. Why don't we give her some encouragement and a round of applause? Do you want her to be the judge?"

The Cubans around watching the duel were soldiers and guards under Mirta. All of them stared at Mirta for a few moments then people started putting their hands together. Soon, everyone was clapping and staring at Mirta while shouting, "Mirta! Mirta! Mirta1"

The enthusiasm of the people created a huge commotion, even the air was stirred by the sound waves. Mirta never thought that the people would do this to her. The point is, she could not reject.

"Hey…., pretty lady. Hurry up. Everyone is waiting for you." As the people cheered and shouted, Zhou Qingfeng looked extremely confident and charming as he laughed. He was irresistible.

Even the cool Mirta was influenced by his laugh. She hesitated for a few moments and walked out of the crowd. She glared at Zhou Qingfeng then picked up a little rock and said, "Good luck, don't die."

Again, a rock was thrown in the air. The noise died down and the people, once again, held their breaths while looking at Zhou Qingfeng.

As the rock floated in the air before it touched the ground, one of the Santos' guards pulled out the revolver, ……. Everyone's hearts skipped a beat, Zhou Qingfeng's hand moved at that instant.

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