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Chapter 466 - How Would You Like to be Killed?

Zhong Yue's heart thumped in shock; the whole Peach Garden was in the middle of the five finger mountains, and from what the mother tree said, it seemed like the owner of the five finger mountains was not dead yet.

Although the mother tree didn't explicitly say anything about the identity of the evil existence, Zhong Yue could glean something from her words!

What kind of existence could live for more than a hundred thousand years?

Not even the Heavenly Monarch could live for that long. Before the emergence of the Six Paths Reincarnation, the Heavenly Monarchs only had an average lifespan of 20,000 years. It was only after the emergence of the Six Paths of Reincarnation that cultivation of the Bloodline Wheel was able to synchronize the mortal body and Yuan Shen's lifespan together and bring the Heavenly Monarchs' lifespan up to a 100,000 years.

And that evil existence has lived for longer than 100,000 years? What does it mean?

The innate gods! Only the innate gods can live for so long!

Zhong Yue realized that the five finger mountains were formed by that evil existence's hand, a feat that reminded him of Creator Bo Xun who transformed his head into a mountain - These were the abilities of the innate gods!

That evil existence is an innate god! But why did the innate god want to destroy the Fuxi? What sort of hatred does he have against the Fuxi Celestial Race?

"There's nothing you can do, young man," the mother tree said. "Just go back to where you come from…."

Zhong Yue bowed and thanked the mother tree. Although it didn't directly say anything to him, he still learned a great deal from her.

"If senior can't talk about that evil existence, then can you talk about the five finger mountains? What are they here for?"

The mother tree was silent, its branches could be seen waving in the air and totem patterns were shot into the void. It seemed like the divine tree was testing if the movements of the five finger mountains would respond. A few moments later, it answered, "No."

Zhong Yue frowned, he then gave a blind shot, "The Saint Monarch's atman?"

"The Reincarnation Monarch has outlived his time, and his soul has entered the Void World." The divine tree swayed and said, "No need to try anymore, these are beyond you. Knowing too much will only add unnecessary burden to you. Your power as it is right now is still insignificant to have any bearing in the grand scheme of things."


Zhong Yue then laughed in admission. After all, he wouldn't even be considered a firefly in the face of paragons like that evil existence or the Reincarnation Monarch - this was an undeniable fact.

However, even the tiniest existence could one day change the world. One day, he would become strong enough...!

If the heart conceded to be weak, not even the most talented cultivator could rise up.

If one didn't have a will that strove for the highest peak, how could  they have any kind of future?

"Why did the Saint Monarch's soul enter the Void World, can't he reincarnate through the Six Paths Reincarnation?" Zhong Yue didn't give up as he still asked questions.

"He has cultivated himself into the Six Paths, why is there a need to enter the Six Paths Reincarnation again? Every soul has a limit to it, even reincarnating won't allow one to escape the limit, and the Saint Monarch isn't immune to this law as well. Their only place is the Void World, where the concept of time is nonexistent. So, in essence, that is the only place where spirits can live eternally," the mother tree said.

Zhong Yue was enlightened, no wonder he saw so many Fuxi ancestor spirits in it. They were there in the Void World to protect their spirits.

"Then why are there still so many god's spirits that didn't enter the Void World?"

Zhong Yue asked, "I've seen many spirits of the Deity Overlords that aren't in the Void World."

The mother tree then answered placidly, "Simply because they weren't strong enough to qualify in entering the Void World. One had to be strong enough, an unfathomable number of times stronger than you at the very least! Without enough power, they can only linger in the mortal world and wait until their time arrives when they disperse into thin air."

Suddenly, Zhong Yue thought of something he had nearly forgotten and whined in his heart, Oh no! If not even the lord-leveled gods can enter the Void World, doesn't that mean the demon god Shi Tuo is at the least a Deity Emperor? I've given Senior Martial Brother Feng Xiaozhong the Demon God Contracted Puppet for him to capture the demon god Shi Tuo. But if Shi Tuo is the spirit of an emperor-leveled demon god, maybe even Lord Demon's tomb seals won't be strong enough to suppress him! Senior Martial Brother Feng Xiaozhong alone surely won't be Shi Tuo's match, he might even be captured by Shi Tuo now already…

The Demon God Contracted Puppet was still left with one wish when he handed it over to Feng Xiaozhong in their deal. Feng Xiaozhong intended to use the puppet to summon Shi Tuo, and with the help of the seals in Lord Demon's tomb, he planned to capture the demon god for his research. But now… their roles might have reversed….

"Senior, your peaches…" Zhong Yue asked despondently.

"You want them?" the mother tree said, "I can give them to you but only two of the three. When the Returning Ruin is destroyed, the existence suppressed in here will seize the chance and leave from the seals of the five finger mountains, I might be able to leave with him as well or I might die with this shattered piece of imperial court. These three Peaches of Immortality are useless to me. And to be frank, I can give them all to you. But I need to use one to keep that existence alive since he's promised to bring me out as well."

Zhong Yue was able to glean some more information from her words. There was an existence under the five finger mountains that was subsisting on the mother tree's Peaches of Immortality to stay alive up until this point!

"Is that existence still alive now?" Zhong Yue was puzzled, and he mumbled, "Didn't she just say that even the Reincarnation Saint Monarch's lifespan was only 100,000 years? Even with the Peaches of Immortality, it isn't impossible for it to live that long, is it?"

"He is not the Reincarnation Monarch, he is an in-…," the mother tree then suddenly stopped. Its leaves rustled in the breeze, and the branches curled on a peach, tucking it into Zhong Yue's hands while saying, "I don't know if I can survive the destruction of the Returning Ruins, but if I can't, plant the seeds of these two peaches. They might be able to grow into new Immortality Peach Trees so that the flowers of Peaches of Immortality can still bloom in the future."

Zhong Yue was overjoyed, these two Peaches of Immortality came from the Immortality Peaches Mother Tree itself, surely, their medicinal efficacies would be extremely strong!

Another branch curled on the second peach and tucked it into Zhong Yue's hands.

Zhong Yue bowed and thanked it again while the mother tree said placidly, "Young man, we might just be able to meet again in the future…. if fate so desires. But for now, you should leave."

Zhong Yue carefully kept the two Peaches of Immortality and asked, "If we meet again, how should I address you, senior?"

The divine leaves swayed rapidly and the image of a benevolent-looking granny appeared in front of the divine tree. Her hair pins were made of the curled leaves and branches, the clothes she wore were verdant green, and her wrinkled face had an incredibly warm smile across it. "Remember my face, you can call me the Ancient Mother of the Imperial Woods."

Zhong Yue thanked her again and walked down from the altar.

His aura rose at a great speed and he thought, The seventh revolution is nearing completion!

One step at a time, it wasn't long before Zhong Yue took the last step and the altar disappeared immediately. The withering Peach Garden then came back in his sights.


Zhong Yue was stunned as he appeared to be in between two powerful arts, both of them engulfing his body in their radiance!


The two battling experts were shocked as they saw their skills hitting an unknown figure. Peng Jinyi was in shock as he exclaimed, "Who came out in the middle of nowhere? Is he dead? Hmm, it seems like an Inner Core junior…"

On the other end of the battlefield was a demon True Spirit magnate. The two magnates were engaging in a battle, and the center of the battlefield was precisely the place from where Zhong Yue stepped out.

This was Chi Xue's original position, but she was now nowhere to be seen.

Zhong Yue was wounded by the skills, and he was angered, he flared his eyes at the two magnates and said gloomily, "How dare the two of you ambush me! Are the two of you looking to die!?"

The demon magnate then laughed out loud, his voice rumbled like thunder as he said, "A pitiful junior of the Inner Core level, how dare you shout at me! Do you know who I am? My name can scare the shit out of you - I am the great Su Wuji of the the Sudo Demon Race!"

Peng Jinyi's eyes flashed as he looked at Zhong Yue and said while smiling, "So it's you, little brat of the Zhong Shan Clan. It seems like even the heaven want you dead to send you right to death's door! I still thought that you'd die in the Returning Ruins, but who knew you actually survived. But you are still too weak, you've even regressed to the Inner Core level. I suppose it doesn't feel that good, does it? But don't worry, your suffering will end soon enough...!"

Zhong Yue's aura burst though the Heavenly Dharma level, and as he bowed down, the images of thousands of gods appeared around the battlefield with a huge【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】covering the whole place. Instantly, the demon True Spirit magnate was blast away!

The magnate spurted out a mouth of blood as his blood boiled in mortification. But before he could regain his balance, the loud thrum of drum struck him again, pushing him further back and barring his arcane energy from forming skills.

"How dare you strike me off-guard!" Zhong Yue struck the Kui Long Divine Drum and its soundwaves continued to attack the demon magnate, breaking his bones and striking him into the trunk of a withered Immortality Peach Tree. It was only after his back was up against the tree trunk was he able to finally regain his balance.

The demon magnate's face was still in shock, vomited blood out from his mouth, and his aura waned incredibly weak.


Zhong Yue bowed again, and his aura stagnated the air.

The demon magnate exploded out and billowed away in the form of a wave of black smokes. He evaded the strike and gave out a shrill cry, "No, it's not me! You stepped into it yourself out of nowhere…"

The black smoke flew to the back of a young demon before turning back into the demon magnate again while vomiting blood unceasingly.

"Who is this?" the young demon asked.

Su Domi asked as he stared at the sudden intruder. His heart thumped, and his face turned solemn as he thought, Why didn't I see him before this?

As of now, there were many experts around. Some were already battling while some were standing in their battle stance, compressing their aura while waiting for a flaw to emerge on the opponent's stance.

Opposite Su Domi was the Kua Fu expert Kua Fuding. The two of them were facing one another and suddenly, Zhong Yue just came out of nowhere.

Kua Fuding was shocked, and he thought, Where did this brat come from? How did his prowess increase so much in just a short while?

Zhong Yue kept the Kui Long Divine Drum, and he turned at Peng Jinyi, he asked placidly, "Senior Jinyi, what were you saying again? Oh yes, you were talking about me suffering and that you want to eat me. Sorry to say that I didn't actually suffer anything at all and that you won't be able to eat me as well. Say, how would you like to be killed? I'll be sure to grant you your request if I can."

Peng Jinyi's face changed drastically, Zhong Yue had just fought with his opponent and even though Zhong Yue attack while the demon magnate was off-guard, it was still a fact that the demon magnate was no match to Zhong Yue. With such strength, Zhong Yue was definitely strong enough to fight with him, and if not stronger!

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