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Chapter 430 - Kun Lun Realm

"I really can't catch a break!"

Zhong Yue looked back and his brows furrowed heavily after seeing the two Peng birds still chasing after him. In terms of speed, he was, in fact, only slightly slower than Peng Jinyi and Peng Qianqiu. But in terms of cultivation base, he was far below the cultivation level of the two magnates. All of these disadvantages were brought to light during the clash before the imperial court's emergence.

In the West Barren imperial court, the godly auras that filled the place suppressed their arcane energies so that they couldn't fly in the sky. During that time, the unknown force contained in the horn also manipulated their minds. With his mortal body and the Golden Peng Sword, in addition to the other seven treasures, Zhong Yue was able to fight against them and inflict a considerable amount of damage to them.

However, if it weren't for the suppressive effects of the godly auras, he wouldn't be able to fight against any one of the two Kun Peng magnates.

Of course, at this point in time, Xia Zhongguang and Xia Zhongjin were no longer part of the picture. If only their mortal bodies were in their perfect state, Zhong Yue would surely stay as far as he could away from them. But that wasn't the case now, the two Martial Heavenly Masters' limbs were severed, and they were left with only less than 30 percent of their usual strength.

After all, he was still just a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner. It wasn't possible for him to fight squarely with a True Spirit magnate.

By now, Jin'er should have arrived at the snowy mountain already I suppose? Zhong Yue thought as he was flying.

Meanwhile, in the mountainous location, many magnates arrived one after another, landing around Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang. They were Feng Wuji, Mister Kun Da, Clan Master Xia, the high priests from the Shan Shen Celestial Race, the Bi Fang Celestial Race, the Gui Shen Celestial Race, and the Shen Ya Celestial Race to name a few. All of them were the Imminent Deity magnates!

The sudden appearance of the West Barren imperial court and Celestial Emperor Bi Xie had shocked the world. The godly rays pierced through the sky, and the divine auras filled the surrounding air. It felt they had been brought back to a time 50,000 years ago!

By now, the imperial court had already disappeared, and the Imminent Deity magnates' brows were furrowed as they scanned at the surroundings.

Clan Master Xia saw Xia Zhongguang and Xia Zhongjin lying helplessly on the ground with their clothes torn and their limbs severed. Their blood soaked the ground, and even their hair was gone — they were in the sorriest state that a Martial Heavenly Master could ever be in.

Clan Master Xia's frowned deepened. Just as he was going to keep his two subordinates in his Yuan Shen secret realms so that their appearance would not further embarrass the Zhong Li Celestial Race; Mister Kun Da then said, "Why don't the two little brothers of the Zhong Li Celestial Race tell us what just happened?"

Clan Master Xia then stopped, and his tone was placid as he said, "Mister Kun Da asked something. Answer his question."

Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang clearly saw Clan Master Xia's gloomy face, and immediately, they quickly recounted everything that had happened; starting from the sudden emergence of the West Barren imperial court, to the sounding of the horn that started a massacre, and finally with Bi Xie going into the imperial court with the horn.

"Celestial Emperor Bi Xie is going to be resurrected?"

The celestial leaders' face changed drastically, and Mister Kun Da then said solemnly, "My grand ancestor left a message about this: If anything like this ever takes place, I am to awaken him at the first second!"

"The Xia Clan was also given the same order!" Clan Master Xia also said solemnly.

Feng Wuji also mumbled, "So was the Xiao Mang Celestial Race."

The celestial leaders exchanged their looks, and the atmosphere suddenly turned incredibly tense. Awakening the grand ancestor's spirit was not a small matter, the Xiao Mang Celestial Race was still alright as the Xiao Mang grand ancestor was not too strong of a god during the time. But the Kun Peng and Zhong Li Celestial Races' grand ancestors were lord-tier gods. Their status was only a level below Celestial Emperor Bi Xie's!

Awakening the spirit of the Deity Overlords was a huge decision to make!

Other than these three races, there were still the grand ancestors of the Bai Zhe Clan, the dragon race, and the demon race that had escaped death 50,000 years ago. The other races back then didn't have that same fortune.

Feng Wuji then said decisively, "If that's the case, then we shall execute the orders left for us. We will awaken our grand ancestors before making further plans!"

The crowds then dispersed, returning to their respective factions. Mister Kun Da used the totem pillar to contact the Kun Peng grand ancestor on the Celestial Wood Star. Moments later, a blurry figure appeared on the other end of the teleportation portal, and a giant fish swam out from it. The Kun Peng grand ancestor's spirit who forged the Divine Wing Saber had arrived in the West Barre.

The fish flicked its body and turned into a Golden Peng celestial being. He then said placidly, "Is Xiao Mang awakened?"

A three-headed Pan Ao then strode out to the roof of the supreme temple and turned into a three-headed celestial being, saying, "Xiao Mang greets Lord Kun."

"Spare me the formalities."

Lord Kun's godly spirit then said, "Although the dragon race and I are rivals, this is a matter for which we must temporarily set aside our differences. We need to let the dragon race know about this. You will notify Lord Bai, and I will personally deal with those five tiny skyworms."

Xiao Mang's godly spirit nodded and immediately, he sent his psyche out to the North Barren, and his voice sounded out in the sky above the Frozen Ancient Capital, "Lord Bai, Lord Bai! Celestial Emperor Bi Xie is trying to resurrect. May Lord Bai come over and meet us here!"

The Frozen Ancient Capital turned dead silent in just seconds. A few moments later, Bai Zhenguang rose into the sky, and he shouted, "Senior, our grand ancestor fought with his life to exterminate the mother insect god. His spirit has perished, and he has died in honor."

"Lord Bai's spirit has perished?"

The three-headed celestial being, Xiao Mang grand ancestor retrieved his psyche and frowned.

Lord Kun conducted his sound right into the Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea. Lord Dragon's godly spirit was aroused, and he quickly awakened the other four grand ancestors of the four dragon clans. He then ordered the dragon disciples, "Celestial Emperor Bi Xie is resurrecting, this is the time that will decide the fate of the whole Ancestral Star. From now on, all of you shall worship us every single second without fail!"

The five godly dragon spirits then soared into the sky and disappeared into the clouds.

Inside of the Heavenly Lord Palace of the South Barren, a godly spirit stood on two fire dragons and rushed toward the West Barren — Lord Xia and his two godly fire dragon spirits.

Lord Xia's godly spirit arrived at the West Barren, and he said solemnly, "I've notified Lord Demon, but he is a coward, there is no guarantee he will come."

Just as he finished his sentence, a wave of demonic clouds billowed over before descending to the ground. A thousand-armed demon god spirit walked out as the demonic clouds were sucked into his body. He laughed out loud and said, "The resurrection of our dear Celestial Emperor Bi Xie, this is not a small matter. It relates to the survival of everyone on the Ancestral Star. How could you think that I won't come?"

The spirit of nine Deity Overlords had gathered together, their godly auras shattered the clouds into pieces, and even a hole was created in the Pure Yang lightning zone above them. The whole of the Ancestral Star was trembling in fear, including the cultivators that were feeling uneasy.

"He must be stopped. We were all his subordinates and were loyal and devoted to him. We crowned him our emperor and executed his commands without fail, and yet, what were we rewarded with? If we were any weaker back then, we wouldn't even be standing here today at all.

"When he was dying, he did not touch us and had hidden his people away from us. He was afraid of our vengeance while he hid in his tomb. No one can do anything to him. No one can make him pay for what he's done. However, if he is resurrected, we will have a chance to kill him once and for all."

The other godly spirits nodded in agreement, and Lord Kun raised his head and looked at the sky. He said, "He had slaughtered tens of thousands of gods. It is time for him to pay for what he's done."

The Xiao Mang grand ancestor frowned and said, "The six-saint spirit he nurtured will give him the greatest Saint Spirit Body. If he is resurrected, he will be much stronger than before. However, if the six-saint spirit falls into our hands, we can also become much."

The Ao Clan dragon ancestor then said solemnly, "Let's not tarry anymore and hunt for him now!"


Lord Demon then suddenly said, "Celestial Emperor Bi Xian, is he dead or alive? If he is still alive…"

"Absurd! Even the Heavenly Monarch would not be able to live for 50,000 years!"

The godly spirits then moved and said, "Lord Demon, you are such a wimp! This time around, we will kill him and grant him the death he should've had 50,000 years ago! We will enter the imperial tomb and exterminate Celestial Emperor Bi Xie for good!"

Lord Demon hesitated for a second before he followed the other godly spirits and left. These Deity Overlord spirits were receiving the worship of their people every single second. Their powers returned with every passing moment, and they launched various skills down at the mountains!


The mountains were reduced to dust to reveal the imperial court that was hidden beneath. The nine Deity Overlord spirits forcibly broke through the imperial tomb entrance and disappeared into it.

Meanwhile, Feng Wuji, Clan Master Xia, and the others waited outside. Days passed, and their grand ancestors were still nowhere to be seen. As time continued to elapse, their anxiety and worry continued to mount.

Meanwhile, Zhong Yue have flown to the snowy mountains at the far end of the West Barren. Living on the snowy mountain was the Shen Jiu Celestial Race. They had bold heads, and their favorite food was carrion. Thus, it came as no surprise to find out that this celestial race was never liked by others.

At the summit of the snowy mountain, Qiu Jin'er covered herself in a white fur coat, and the sun's light that shone on her accentuated her jade-like complexion. Nearby, there were two Shen Jiu Qi Practitioners watching her from the sides.

"When is this little girl going to die?"

One of the Shen Jiu Qi Practitioner mumbled, "It's been days she's been here. I'm still waiting for her to freeze to death so I can eat her."

"Why don't we just kill her and then leave her in the snow under the sun. She should be ready to eat within days." The other Shen Jiu Qi Practitioner laughingly suggested.

The first Shen Jiu lowered his head and said, "I don't think we can beat her. It's better just to let nature kill her."

Qiu Jin'er was also helpless against the two sneaky Shen Jiu Qi Practitioners. She took out a few packs of snacks and said, "Senior martial brothers, if you are hungry, I have some food that you can eat."


The two Shen Jiu Qi Practitioners raised their heads proudly and said, "We don't accept charity. We search for our own on the ground!"

Qiu Jin'er sighed helplessly, she then looked around and saw a golden ray of light flashing over. Her heart thumped with joy, and she stood up immediately. She then said, "My senior martial brother is here already. Quick, hide! My senior martial brother prefers to talk with his fists. He might just talk the two of you to death!"

Behind the golden ray, there were two golden rays there were quickly gaining on it from behind.

Qiu Jin'er then quickly took out the incense stick and burned it. The smoke from the incense stick rose high into the sky and formed a large cloud.

A strong gale then blew on the snowy mountain, but the plume of smoke from the incense stick was not affected at all as it vaguely formed a door in the sky.

Behind the door, there were the green mountains and clear rivers. Qiu Jin'er could also see the many grandiose palaces and buildings behind the door - it was like a world that only existed in the fairy tales.

A 10,000 feet tall stone tablet faced the door, and it had two words written on it.

Kun Lun.

The world behind the door was Kun Lun!

This incense stick was the one given to her by Chi Xue before she left. She had brought Ying Nu with her back to Kun Lun but also asked one thing of Zhong Yue in return, and that was for Zhong Yue to one day visit them in Kun Lun.

"Jin'er, go in!"

Zhong Yue rushed toward her as he shouted. Qiu Jin'er then immediately flew into the door. A powerful gust of wind blasted in from behind, and Zhong Yue stepped into the door right at her heels. He surged his psyche out and sucked the incense stick over, his claws then grabbed onto Qiu Jin'er, and he flew out again at high speed.

The two Kun Peng magnates chased him from behind, and they also entered Kun Lun just a split-second right before the door closed.

The door disappeared, and only two Shen Jiu Qi Practitioners were left on the snowy mountain.

"Jiu Randeng, where did they go?" One of the two Shen Jiu Qi Practitioners asked.

"I … don't know."

The other Shen Jiu Qi Practitioner, Jiu Randeng looked around and then gazed at the place where the door disappeared. He lamented in regret, "We've just wasted days of time, this little girl did not die, and now we don't even have a fresh corpse … *sigh* we should just go back to Ling Jiu Palace!"

Shen Jiu 神鹫 - Godly Condor.

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