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Chapter 401 - Incredibly Nefarious and Evil

Bai Canghai immediately turned into his original form, the Bai Zhe Celestial Beast and ran towards the Northern Sea with Bai Zhenbei and Zhong Yue on his back.

"Teacher, are you still alive?" asked Bai Canghai worryingly.

"Shut up! If they catch up with us, we will all die," shouted Bai Zhenbei.

Bai Zhenbei tried to keep himself awake, and he said again, "If it's one on one, I could kill them all, but now, we are in a very dire situation. Soon, they will recover from their injuries, and Sha Qishan is about to regain his conscious back. Thank god the Northern Sea is not far away, as long as we get into the North Barren…."

Then, Bai Zhenbei fainted.

Upon seeing this, Bai Canghai shouted angrily, "What are the dragons doing? How could they still let Sha Qishan slipped past their guards and entered the Eastern Sea so easily after everything! Junior Martial Brother Zhong, how much longer do you need?"

Zhong Yue, however, did not react at all as he was still not done with reforming his inner core. The Celestial Demon Tai Chi Inner Core was hovering above the Tai Chi Art, and innumerable totem patterns were flowing around it; clearly, he had reached a crucial stage of the process.

Bai Canghai was overcome with anxiousness, but all he could do was fly toward the north with all his might, Teacher said that we will be safe in the North Barren, but I don't think so. Sha Qishan is an unreasonable man - he knew that he is wanted by the dragon race, and yet, he still dared to enter the Eastern Sea. This Zhong Li Celestial Race even more presumptuous, with the two Martial Heavenly Masters, Sha Qishan might even follow us right into the North Barren. Speaking of which, are the dragons all idiots? How is that they couldn't even stall Sha Qishan at all?

While he was furious and anxious at the same time, Sha Qishan had awoken from his swoon. He opened his eyes and shook his head vigorously. He raised his head and saw the two Martial Heavenly Masters sitting above the ocean, suppressing their Yuan Shen with all their might.

This Old Brat Bai is really incredible. He gave all three of us a heavy blow despite being in such a situation. How amazing, Sha Qishan is still muddle-headed, his aura is still weak.

Meanwhile, the two Martial Heavenly Masters had managed to bring their injuries under control and stabilized their Yuan Shen. But as a price, both spurted out another mouthful of blood.

All of a sudden, Sha Qishan's dreadful face changed drastically, and he shouted, "The dragon race is alerted, the dragon elders are on their way here. We must go now!"

Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang blasted through the sound barrier, and their faces were dark and gloomy as they said coldly, "Wretched worms. If it weren't for the Bai Zhen Clan member, then we wouldn't be in such a scruffy state nor would we have to avoid the dragons. Bai Zhe Clan, they have really found out our Zhong Li Celestial Race's weakness and developed a way against us!"

The three of them were all severely wounded and in shock.

The Bai Zhe Clan is really amazing; it was indeed worthy of being a race that single-handedly dominated a whole barren on its own! Fifty thousand years of time had allowed them to develop into a major faction of this world. Thankfully, the Bai Zhe Clan had low fertility, or otherwise, they wouldn't resign themselves to being the fair and righteous hermit race they are now….

Not long after the three magnates left, the surface of the sea split open, and a few Chi Clan elders walked up from the deep sea, they then looked around and were puzzled.

One of them said solemnly, "Zhang Qianli, whose blood is this?"

A giant octopus then surfaced from the deep sea and its eight legs sucked on the blood to identify its owners. Suddenly, its face drastically changed as it shouted in shock, "Sha Qishan! This is Sha Qishan's blood! He was here moments before us, there is also the blood of the Zhong Li Celestial Race ... two, both wounded, most probably two Martial Heavenly Masters. Other than that, there is also the Bai Zhe Clan's blood, not to mention the blood of over a thousand sharks and the blood of the Whale Emperor."

"Sha Qishan!"

The dragon elders' faces faltered drastically; they all turned gloomy and frosty, "How dare he steps into the Eastern Sea again, this is a slight toward the dragon race! However, this scumbag is with the Zhong Li Celestial Race's Martial Heavenly Masters. This is getting knotty…."

"We are no match against two Martial Heavenly Masters and Sha Qishan, only the clan master with the divine weapon can take him down!"

The dragon elders had a brief discussion, and they then headed back to the Chi Clan dragon city, reporting back to the clan master and immediately, the Chi Clan's Clan Master brought the divine weapon and dispatched many experts in pursuit of Sha Qishan. But it was all too late, because by then, Sha Qishan, Xia Zhongjin, and Xia Zhongguang had long since escaped far away.

"Finally, we've reached land…."

Bai Canghai leaped out from the Northern Sea, and an ice field appeared in his vision. There was no rain, only snow, trees, flowers, and mountains. Everything was white in color, and only certain places had patches of verdant green grass, but those were a rare sight.

This was the North Barren, a land where the ice and snows would never melt.

Just as Bai Canghai carried Zhong Yue and Bai Zhenbei into the North Barren, an aura abruptly rammed into his senses, and he quickly looked back him. Behind him, the ice floor he was stepping on suddenly cracked as a colossal white shark burst the ice layer open and made a beautiful arc across the sky before landing in the middle of the icy mountains, crushing some of the glaciers away.

All of a sudden, the great white shark disappeared, and Sha Qishan walked out of the icy mountains. His face was even paler than the snow, and he then said with a maniacal laughter, "Little child, is the Old Man Bai in a swoon? Are you the only one left? What good luck you have here. Child, let's play a game, here are the rules: You run, I chase; I catch up, you die. So, run, run you little rascal…."

Bai Canghai's heart then turned completely cold, How is this dragon race even surviving until now? How can they not even stall him for a single second…?

Behind him, the two Martial Heavenly Masters then alighted down from the sky, Xia Zhongjin then said frigidly, "This is the territory of the Bai Zhe Clan, it's best we lay low to prevent from alerting them. We should kill them right away and leave immediately!"

Xia Zhongjin stood on Bai Canghai's path, and his immense aura filled the sky.

Bai Canghai could feel himself flying into an impregnable wall, and he then fell right onto the ground.

Xia Zhongjin sneered coldly and strode forward. He had a broad smile on his face as he said, "Zhong Shan boy, do you remember the humiliations you gave me in the Fiery Capital? Every time you just had to go against me, even forcing me to apologize to you in the front of the public. When you did all those, have you ever thought of this day?"

Bai Canghai's forehead started to bleed as he flew into the wall while Zhong Yue and Bai Zhenbei were still on his back. Bai Zhenbei was now in a swoon while Zhong Yue was still reforming his inner core; he was unresponsive to everything that was happening in the outside world.

Xia Zhongjin killing intent seeped through the air as he strode toward them cautiously. He was not afraid of Zhong Yue's sudden attacks; instead, he feared that Bai Zhenbei was only faking being unconscious as a ploy to set up another strike.

He was terrified by Bai Zhenbei; this Bai Zhe Clan elder had broken away his Impermeable Body in a way he had hitherto never thought was possible. He couldn't help but have a lingering fear in his heart!

Suddenly, Sha Qishan smiled and said, "Senior martial brothers of the Xia Clan, this is a great deed I have done for your Zhong Li Celestial Race. It's not too late to say that I deserve some form of reward, is it?"

Xia Zhongjin stopped and turned toward Sha Qishan, "Senior Martial Brother Sha, you mean?"

"The Divine Wing Saber!"

Sha Qishan was full of smiles as he replied, "This Divine Wing Saber is the treasure of the Kun Peng Celestial Race, it's purely a trash in the hands of Xia Clan, and when the Kun Peng Celestial Race returns to the Ancestral Star, you would have to return it to them anyway. So, why don't you just reward it to me now?"

Xia Zhongjin and Xia Zhongguang exchanged a look before nodding, "You may have the Divine Wing Saber, but the Zhong Shan Clan boy is ours. Our brother is interested in his [Celestial Demon As One]."

Sha Qishan was startled, and he asked in puzzlement, "This brat just nearly cut the Fiery Capital in half. You're not thinking of killing even after that?"

"Our orders are to bring his head back."

Xia Zhongjin said placidly, "I have some means that can decapitate him and bring only his head back while preserving his life. When he is brought back to the South Barren, the Xia Clan has our ways to make him talk."

A chill was sent down Sha Qishan's spine as he snickered and said, "The Xia Clan is really amazing. Sha is impressed, Sha is really impressed."

Xia Zhongjin was suddenly feeling good, he laughed and said, "This brat has humiliated me countless times. Now, I can finally make him pay for what he's done to me!"

"Have you all finished chatting?"

An indolent voice suddenly interrupted their conversation, and Bai Canghai quickly looked over to realize in surprise that it was Zhong Yue. He had stood up and stretched his body, looking at Xia Zhongjin, Xia Zhongguang, and Sha Qishan with an inexplicable expression on his face. In this world of cold and ice, his voice sounded proud, conceited, and arrogant.

"Three tiny petty bugs, you lot are nothing in the face of Xin … En, how dare you lots boasts of yourselves in the face of Master Yue, presumptuous brats."

In Bai Canghai's dumbfounded eyes, Zhong Yue's voice was deep and seemed to reflect a life full of vicissitudes; it was as if an ancient figure were speaking, "Ants that disturb my peace, He-he, little do you know that a great existence like me, En, Master Yue, has cultivated the Celestial Demon Inner Core!"

Bai Canghai's brain stopped thinking, and even the other three magnates were bewildered.

Before them, 'Master Yue' had both his hands on the hips as he laughed out loud. The deep and ancient voice suddenly turned into uncontrollable laughter, "I am finally out! Hahahaha, the smart and handsome … En, Master Yue, can finally move some arms and legs!"

Has Senior Martial Brother Zhong turned crazy?

Bai Canghai was bewildered, he thought, Maybe it's also a good thing for him to be like this, at least we can stall for time. I've already contacted the clan elders to come and save us.

Xia Zhongjin suddenly smiled, then he burst out in a laughter that eventually had him gasping for breath. He pointed his fingers at Zhong Yue and said laughingly, "Pretend, continue your show. This is so funny! Do you think you can turn into a god by just acting like one…."

Zhong Yue took out the Golden Peng Sword from the Yuan Shen secret realms and walked toward Xia Zhongjin in a smile while Xia Zhongjin stopped laughing. His face turned colder than the icy field they were standing in, and he said coldly, "No matter what you do, I will bring your head back with me today."

He opened his hands and slowly reached out for Zhong Yue.

All of a sudden, a rain of golden sword rays emerged in this land of ice, imbuing the ice field with an aureate hue!

The rain came quickly before subsiding just as suddenly.

Xia Zhongjin was stunned on the ground, his blood essence suddenly billowed vigorously, and the sounds of cracking resounded from within his body. Blood burst out from the pores on his skin, and his Yuan Shen was dragged out from his mortal body!

His Impermeable Body was once again, broken away!

Xia Zhongjin's heart thumped in fear, and he retracted with a ghostly speed while coughing out blood from his mouth. Just right as he flew back, Xia Zhongguang, who was behind Zhong Yue, thrust his hair-like swords at Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue turned, and he waved the sword, sending it clashing with the countless hairs and parrying them away with exquisite swordsmanship.

The sword rays rained down like a horizontal waterfall, blocking off Xia Zhongguang's attacks while the Golden Peng Sword suddenly enlarged and cut through the hairs to reach Xia Zhongguang's face.

Xia Zhongguang was shocked, and he tried to dash backward, but before he could do so, the golden sword shrunk back into its usual size and mercilessly thrust into his body.


A mouth of blood was spurted out like the fountain waters as Xia Zhongguang's Impermeable Body was also broken away!

"Who … are you!?"

Sha Qishan's face drastically changed as if he had seen a ghost. He watched as Zhong Yue walked toward him and shouted in fear, "You are not the Zhong Shan Clan boy, who are you?"

"You guess!" Zhong Yue's warm, bright smile suddenly appeared incredibly nefarious in Sha Qishan's eyes.

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