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Chapter 353 - The Carried Sword


A clear and crisp sound could be heard as a corpulent insect crawled out from Ye Tianming's neck. It was chubby and the little feelers on the top of its head added a slight air of cuteness to it.

Its eyes were on the end of the antennae, giving it freedom to look around as the feelers changed direction and thus gave it a clear vision of its surroundings. Suddenly, one of the eyes moved over in front of a wasp and looked at it curiously.

And out of their expectations, that particular eye opened wide and swallowed the ten feet long wasp away, chewing it up like candy!

The mistress of the wasps quickly recalled her other wasps back to her. This was when the chubby insect sprang into action. Its eyes danced in the air, opening wide and moving around the space!

Its two antennae could extend to a long distance, nearly ten miles long, and in a trice, most of the wasps were eaten away. One single wasp managed survived by distancing itself twenty miles from the chubby insect!

The ladies looking at the images in the mirror were all shocked, Tian Mo Concubine was even merrier in her heart and she praised, "An insect that can even kill a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner, it is definitely a royal insect in the insect race! Such a treasure, I must capture it!"

Ji Xiang Concubine then said frigidly, "Didn't you see what it has done? Even Ye Tianming's soul weapon have been broken into pieces by it, do you still really want to catch it?"

Tian Mo Concubine was enlightened. She looked at the corpses and the fragmented soul weapon on the floor that were most probably the work of this chubby insect. Without the soul weapon, Ye Tianming's prowess was greatly impaired and even with his Heavenly Dharma level skills, he wasn't able to fight off the chubby insect.

Ye Tianming was one of the giants in the Yasha Saint Clan. His prowess was strong and even though incomparable to the magnates, he was definitely way stronger than Zhong Yue and the ladies.

If even such an expert was killed by that chubby insect, what about them?

Furthermore, this chubby insect had fought a death battle with Ye Tianming and yet, there wasn't a single impression left on its body. It was clear that this chubby insect's defense was unearthly strong and if all of them went against it, they might not even be able to fill its stomach!

"Let the wasp turn back, I want to look at the surroundings," Zhong Yue suddenly said. "If Ye Tianming encountered the insect race here, then there must be some treasures present around!"

The court lady heard him and commanded the wasp to turn back, and looking at the surroundings from afar.

The view of the wasp appeared in the mirror, showing the topography around it. There were two mountains and the Yashas had encountered that chubby insect in between the two mountains, were killed by the chubby insect, and it then crawled into Ye Tianming's corpse.

Right now, it was devouring Ye Tianming's corpse. On the top of this chubby insect, a huge mouth bigger than the ones on its antennae emerged. It gnawed on Ye Tianming's neck like a rabbit eating carrots.

"It looks just like a pink rabbit!"

Tian Mo Concubine's eyes brightened up and she grew even more fond of the chubby insect, she rubbed her hands and said, "So cute, I want to hug it in my arms so much…"

The other ladies all turned speechless. This chubby insect had two long and big feelers that looked a lot like a rabbit's ears. However, this insect itself was nowhere close to the definition of cute. Rather, it was incredibly terrifying!

Ye Tianming had cast his Avatar and even if his mortal body was a thousand feet tall, this chubby insect itself was already five hundred feet tall. If it was regarded as a rabbit, then it would be a huge one!

However, Tian Mo Concubine was proficient in the arts of Gu insects. She had a different aesthetic feelings from others about this chubby insect's appearance.

The wasp flew over the two mountains, and a lake appeared in the mirror, a lake that was pitch black in color!

This demon lake was over a million square feet in size, the thick and heavy demonic Qi vapored out from the surface of the lake and formed little patches of dark clouds in the sky like plum blossoms.

Zhong Yue and the ladies sucked in a breath of cold air. The only Demonic Spirit Water they had came across was that little pool and yet, there was now a lake filled with Demonic Spirit Water!

Saint Concubine's eyes brightened up, she was stunned at the lake of Demonic Spirit Water.

"We're rich…" Ji Xiang Concubine mumbled.

"Kill that chubby insect!"

Tian Mo Concubine threw the chubby insect to the back of her mind and she waved her little fist in the air. "Snatch over the demon lake!"

"We're no match for that bug." Saint Concubine shook her head and said, "This chubby insect must be guarding over the demon lake, it's best if we detour away from it. Else, we might end up just like Ye Tianming."

Suddenly, Zhong Yue said, "Are there anymore Gu insects? Take them out and let it eat, attract its attention and I'll take care of the rest."

The demon ladies had many Gu insects. Some stored them in jade bottles, some in little pouches, and some even have the whole nests with them. These Gu insects were trained from the insect race and the ladies controlled them. Countless Gu insects flew into the sky. From a distance, they looked like a patch of gloomy clouds, swarming over to the rabbit-like chubby insect.

As of now, the chubby insect have finished decouring Ye Tianming and was working on the other Yasha Qi Practitioners. It sensed the coming Gu insects and its antennae straightened up, glaring at the approaching Gu insects.

Countless Gu insects flew down and bit over at the chubby insect, but none of them could leave a single impression on the chubby insect. Even more, their teeth were broken away when they bit down on it!

The chubby insect was angered and it chittered furiously. The feelers lashed in the air, slicing the Gu insects into halves and eating them away!

Uncountable numbers of dead insects covered the ground. Every single death of a Gu insect was a loss that ached at the ladies' hearts.

Hundreds and hundreds of Gu insects pounced down on the huge bug, but none of them were able to hurt it even a little. This caused the ladies' countenances to change drastically. Ji Xiang Concubine mumbled, "Is its body made of godly gold..."

Before she finished her words, an auric feather slipped into the midst of the swarming Gu insects and suddenly, —HUU— it pierced into the chubby insect's head, splitting its head in half!

The ladies were stunned at the sudden change. However, the Golden Feathery Peng Sword could only pierce halfway into the chubby insect's head, and was stopped from penetrating further!

"How hard!"

Zhong Yue's face changed drastically. The Golden Feathery Peng Sword was a feather from the Kun Peng Celestial Race's saint weapon, the Divine Wing Saber. It was so sharp that it could slash through everything, not a single soul weapon could contend with it, and yet, this huge bug had stopped it!

The chubby insect was chittering in pain, its antennae stopped butchering the Gu insects and curled around the Golden Feathery Peng Sword, and trying to pull it out.


Suddenly, a deafeningly loud boom rang out in the ears of the ladies. The ground beneath them blasted open and before they could even react, Zhong Yue had already flashed out like a lightning bolt.

The impact wave was so strong that even the demon ladies were pushed away. Ji Xiang Concubine, Tian Mo Concubine, and Saint Concubine's cultivation bases were stronger and they were the first to regain their balance.

Looking up, Zhong Yue have already raced forward like a flash of lightning toward the chubby insect. Each step taken would push him tens of miles further. With such great speed the immense friction sparked the lightnings out of thin air and also tremendous winds that he withstood with sheer strength!

His muscles bulged out and he became bigger as he ran. After nine steps, he was already a three hundred sixty foot tall giant!

The court lady with the mirror quickly looked into it and saw Zhong Yue appearing before the chubby insect, he grabbed onto the sword hilt and with a loud groan, he drove the sword into the chubby insect!


A loud, sharp sound cracked the sky and the chubby insect's head was sliced open. The golden sword pierced into its neck and reached its internal organs.

The chubby insect let out moans of pain continually, its antennae let go of the Golden Feathery Peng Sword and lashed over at Zhong Yue.

Zhong Yue turned and held up the sword.

The Golden Feathery Peng Sword was enlarged from a thousand feet to over three thousand feet long. The giant sword was lifted by the three hundred sixty foot tall Zhong Yue above his shoulders.

His muscles bulged and strained heavily, his strength came from his legs to his waist, then his back and finally to his arms.

The two antennae were approaching the back of his head, the eyes opened wide and were biting at his skull.

This chubby insect could even bite off a Heavenly Dharma soul weapon like a biscuit, let alone his head!

Right as this moment, Zhong Yue dashed forward. The extended giant sword pierced deeper into the chubby insect's body while the Golden Feathery Peng Sword shot out to ten thousand feet long.


In a trice, Zhong Yue have rushed out ten thousand feet away and pulled the giant sword out.


A loud sound shook the surroundings as the chubby insect's huge body was sliced into half down the middle and fell onto the ground, rocking the earth beneath it.

Zhong Yue shrank back, his mortal body and the Golden Feathery Peng Sword fell back to their usual sizes. When he returned to his normal size, the feathery sword flashed like lightning, disappearing into the light wheels behind his head.

A series of sounds could be heard as the ladies flitted across the sky to his side. They landed and saw the dead bug lashing its two feelers on the ground, rocking the ground while creating trenches in the earth.

The ladies were shocked and looked over at Zhong Yue, but the golden sword was nowhere to be found.

"I've heard that the human Zhong Shan Clan member has a sword just like that…" Ji Xiang Concubine's beautiful countenance was now pallid like white paper as she spoke in a low voice.

"QUIET!" Tian Mo Concubine's countenance also changed drastically and she chided.

Ji Xiang Concubine kept silent and looked over at Saint Concubine as if seeking her help. However, the latter didn't react to her, and remained the same as if she knew about it already, and the other court ladies didn't dare to say anything. Zhong Yue's face was as usual and he strode forward while saying smilingly, "Don't worry, I am still the Mister Mo Luo you know. Hm? This insect is odd…"

Despite the chubby insect being sliced into half, there wasn't a single drop of blood. Its body was shrinking down to just three feet long, with half of it shining with blinding godly rays.

It was a hand-sized fragmented bone piece. There were many abstruse and obscure totem patterns engraved on it, with the godly gold surrounding it like golden waters.

"So much godly gold in it, no wonder it's so hard!"

Zhong Yue was shocked and suddenly, Xin Huo said, "This fragmented bone piece, could it be from the innate demon god? Brat Yue, this a good thing, it is even better than the godly golds!"

Bo Xun's fragmented bone?, Zhong Yue thought, and he surged his psyche out, picking up the godly gold and the fragmented bone piece and depositing them in his Yuan Shen secret realms.

"This is a precious baby, what a pity that it died." Tian Mo Concubine looked at the chubby insect's remnants and whined. All of a sudden, she exerted herself and flew away at great speed, chuckling, "However, the demon lake is better than this chubby insect!"

Chapter 354 - Thirty Miles Away

The ladies rushed over to the back of the mountain, and before they even reached the demon lake, they had already cast out their Yuan Shen secret realms and were sucking the Demonic Spirit Water into their Yuan Shen secret realms.

Saint Concubine, Tian Mo Concubine, and Ji Xiang Concubine were rich mistresses, they even had dimensional-type soul weapons. These soul weapons were made from cultivators' secret realms, Qi Practitioners of different cultivation levels had different sized secret realms. But even the magnates' Yuan Shen secret realms were only two hundred and fifty thousand square feet.

An Inner Core Qi Practitioner's Wan Xiang Secret Realm was about six thousand square meters, and a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner's Wan Xiang Secret Realm would be nearly two hundred and fifty thousand thousand square feet. Rising into the grade of magnates and above, the Wan Xiang Secret Realm would not expand, it would only become firmer and more stable.

It was only the gods who had vast and endless Yuan Shen secret realms.

However, those magnates that were half a step away from the level of gods were also incredible. Kui Zheng of the Kui Long Celestial Race, was an Immortal Body expert with an incredible secret realm. It had a sun and moon, mountains and rivers, as if it was a real world.

It was truly a regretful incident that Kui Zheng have destroyed his Yuan Shen secret realm and Zhong Yue couldn't claim it for his own.

The dimensional-type soul weapons in the hands of the three demon concubines were a round bracelet, a capped vase, and a jade bottle; they were all created from magnates' secret realms in addition to various valuable materials; concocted, forged or cast into soul weapons.

However, even these soul weapons weren't too big in size. A magnate usually referred to True Spirit Qi Practitioners and above, and their Yuan Shen secret realms were only two hundred and fifty thousand thousand square feet, clearly too small to contain the whole demon lake.

The ladies stood beside the lake, the pitch black Demonic Spirit Water billowed like black dragons into their own Yuan Shen secret realms and the soul weapons.

Zhong Yue was also there, sucking the lake waters into his Yuan Shen secret realms.

This demon lake was over one million square feet in size and close to seventy feet deep; the lake waters were sucked away at a great speed and the water level was evidently lowering quickly.

Nearly two hours later, the court ladies stopped as their Yuan Shen secret realms were fully filled. After another few dozen minutes, the three demon concubines filled their Yuan Shen secret realms and the soul weapons. At this point in time, the lake was already down to half of its former size.

But light wheels were still revolving behind Zhong Yue, he was still sucking in the Demonic Spirit Waters like a madman, pulling them into his Yuan Shen secret realms.

The ladies were all shocked, and one of the court ladies asked, "Mister, how big are your Yuan Shen secret realms?"

"Sixty thousand square feet."

Zhong Yue looked at his Yuan Shen secret realm and said, "The smallest one."

The ladies were stunned. The smallest secret realm was the Dao Yi Realm, and if it was sixty thousand square feet in size, then wouldn't the biggest Wan Xiang Secret Realm be over two hundred thousand square feet in size? That was even larger than most of the magnates!

His Wan Xiang Secret Realm alone was nearly as big as the demon lake!¹

Such secret realms, probably not even the True Spirit magnates could have done this, as their biggest secret realms were only about the same size! Could an Inner Core Qi Practitioner really have cultivated to such a state?"

The ladies were shocked, but little did they know that Zhong Yue's Yuan Shen secret realms were already bigger than others right from the start, as his cultivation foundation was firmer and stronger than the others.

But what really expanded the secret realms to such an extent only happened after he had absorbed the energy of the lotus saint herb. The abundance of medicinal efficacy from the saint herb had pushed his Yuan Shen secret realms one after another over the normal boundaries, expanding them more than a hundred times until they became terrifyingly huge!

The bigger the Yuan Shen secret realms, the more arcane energy, the stronger the Yuan Shen, and the more abundant the life force and life energy in the secret realms was. This was also why he succeeded in cultivating the Immortal Body.

The lotus saint herb had enhanced his Yuan Shen over the limit of the Inner Core level. It was two hundred and eighty feet tall before. After both the celestial and demon arcane energy had coalesced, his Yuan Shen was now already three hundred and sixty feet tall. In terms of Yuan Shen, he was already at the level of a Heavenly Dharma Qi Practitioner!

His Wan Xiang Secret Realm alone was able to contain the rest of the demon lake!

The ladies watched vacantly as he sucked away all of the Demonic Spirit Water into his Yuan Shen secret realms. Zhong Yue then cast out his arcane energy and dug three feet further into the bottom of the demon lake, even collecting the mud and soil into his secret realms, leaving the ladies speechless.

"Mister is so penny-pinching, just like the magnate of the Yan Luo Demon Clan…"

The Demonic Spirit Waters were of great use to the ladies. With this liquid, it would be incredibly easy for them to break through the barriers between the cultivation levels. They would face little to no problems before going into the grade of magnates!. The court ladies and three demon concubines were young and talented girls of the demon race, and with the help of these Demonic Spirit Waters, they would be able to cultivate to the level of True Spirit!

This was the fortune they had acquired from the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm, the essence of an innate demon god who stood at the level of a Creator was something one could never hope for!

Zhong Yue checked the Demonic Spirit Waters and hills of soils he had in his secret realms. He was filled with happiness and said, "These Demonic Spirit Waters are just enough to let me cultivate to the grade of magnate."

The ladies turned speechless again. With such an abundance of Demonic Spirit Waters in his possession, he said that they were just enough for him to cultivate to a magnate, just how terrifying was he?

Indeed worthy as a man who is listed on the Godlike Board.

Rays flashed across her eyes and Tian Mo Concubine thought, I wonder how high can he climb on the Godlike Board now?

Zhong Yue and the ladies continued exploring the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm. It was vast and huge, and the treasures in here were many. This secret realm was worth the innate demon god's name, this was really a land of treasures.

But as they walked deeper into the secret realm, the dangers had also increased greatly. The further they went, they more they would encounter with more and stronger members of the insect race, and some traces of the Heavenly Dharma insects could also be seen in their surroundings.

The ladies gathered their Gu insects together and commanded them to walk in front, scouting the surroundings and if dangers emerged, they would turn and leave. If the encountered insects were weak, they would kill them off.

Tian Mo Concubine had also seized this chance to take in a few mutated insects. These royal insects would be refined, trained, and shaped into Gu insects under her command.

The royals among the insect race were rarely seen and even the Eighth Barren demon race only had a handful of demons that could raise the royal insects.

Zhong Yue and the ladies then found even more godly gold and Demonic Spirit Waters, and even found some of the strong and powerful dead insects, perfect for forging materials.

Just a single thought and even living things like the insect race were created, so this is the almighty ability of a Creator.

Zhong Yue praised in his heart, These insects were created by the Creator with the sole purpose of worshipping him, this is probably why his scattered spirit has lasted for so long.

Zhong Yue have refrained from fighting during this period of time, he had spent most of the time cultivating the【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】to absorb the Demonic Spirit Water and improve his demon cultivation base.

As such, his demon cultivation base was improving at a skyrocketing rate, and the nine demon gods of the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】were also getting stronger, coming into their true forms. With the strength of the nine demon gods helping him, his cultivation base had increased at an even faster rate!

The【Great Sun Heavenly Demon Art】was also greatly enhanced, and the celestial-demon arcane energy of his【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】was also reaching a balanced state.

But if I take a step further, I need to cultivate my inner core to be compatible with the art, cultivating it into a Celestial Demon Tai Chi Inner Core.

Lights flashed across his eyes as he mulled, With this inner core, my【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】will see a great improvement and reach a new state. However, the problem now appears to be the weak demon path in this【Celestial Demon Tai Chi Art】, it can't compete against the celestial path.

The Inner Core was the end product of one's cultivation technique and arcane energy, only by cultivating a demon cultivation technique that could compete against the【Sui Sovereign Flame Order Palace Visualization Art】could he succeed in forming the Celestial Demon Tai Chi Inner Core.

Where did Demon Saint find all his cultivation techniques and skills, and where did he gain the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】from?

Zhong Yue frowned. All this time spent in the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm, he had acquired many treasures and items, but he have not come across the heritage of this demon Creator, not even a single hint...

Demon Saint's cultivation base and prowess is not too strong when he entered and yet, he has acquired the demon Creator's heritage and attained the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】, could it really be that he has a special connection to the Creator's scattered spirit?

All of a sudden, a vigorous earthquake ravaged the land as an appalling aura of the demon god rose from the star that had fallen to the ground. It felt like as if a demon god had descended down to this world of mortals, unleashing his immense aura and forcing the living to the ground. Even the magnates in the Heavenly Demon Secret Realm were terrified!

"Demon Saint has warred with the magnates!"

Zhong Yue was piqued with interest and pointed his index finger at his forehead. His divine third eye opened and he quickly gazed through the layers of demon fire godly flames to the places far away from him.

At the same time, the ladies also looked over, but their vision was blocked by the burning flames.

Suddenly, Saint Concubine showed her three faces, and her six eyes came together into one as the Asura Divine Eye. She looked over at the source of the demon god's aura, but a few moments later, she disarmed her Asura Divine Eye and shook her head, "I can't see that far."

Zhong Yue's eyes were bright like torches, the battlefield was turning clearer in his eyes. In the air, there was a Demon God Blood Charm burning in flames; and the heavenly demon totem patterns on the charm lunged out like black Jiao Dragons, surging into the body of a tall and brawny man!

As more Jiao Dragons surged into his body, his aura had turned stronger and more terrifying. It felt like he had the aura of a demon god, all the while he was leisurely battling with an aged demon cultivator.


Behind the young man, there were five light wheels and also nine demon gods standing high and tall. These nine demon gods were in his light wheels and unexpectedly, even the nine demon gods have five light wheels behind each of them!

So this is what the true【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】is like!

Zhong Yue's heart thumped heavily, the nine demon gods were the manifestation of the Qi Practitioners' negative thoughts. Zhong Yue had come across the【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】of the saint clans and yet, none of them spoke about opening the demon gods' secret realms. But now, he had a clear look at the true【Heavenly Saint Godly Radiating Art】that had opened the secret realms of the demon gods who worshipped the cultivator!

Demon Saint! This young man can only be Demon Saint! He must have used this Demon God Blood Charm to temporarily restore his power back to when he was still a demon god!

The magnate who was battling with Demon Saint was from the Yama Saint Clan. As a magnate, his prowess was appallingly strong, and was even one of the strongest existences among the Eighth Barren demon race. However, in the face of Demon Saint, he was as weak as a little child fighting against an adult.

His death is unchangeable.

Just as Zhong Yue have thought about it, the Yama Saint Clan's magnate was crushed into mashed meat by Demon Saint. His crushed body was then stored away inside a dark black earthen jar and sealed away.

Demon Saint threw the earthen jar behind him and Demon Queen hugged it in her arms. At the same time, the substantial energy in his body started to disperse, the effects from the Demon God Blood Charm were coming to an end.

Just as Zhong Yue was going to dispel his divine third eye, Demon Saint turned his head and gazed over in his direction. When the Demon God Blood Charm's effect was still on him, it seemed he had sensed Zhong Yue's attention.

"Stop!" Zhong Yue said and he drew in a deep, long breath. The ladies stopped and looked at him in confusion.

In a deep and solemn voice, their Mister Mo Luo said, "Demon Saint is coming for me. Remove yourselves thirty miles away from here."

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