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Chapter 297 - Girl Mastermind

On her wheelchair, Qiu Jin'er dashed away with uncanny speed. Almost at the same time, a total of a few hundred Qi Practitioners arrived at the same village whose totem pillar Qiu Jin'er destroyed. As they were about to ask for information from the village elders, the entire village was turned into a sword jungle!

The swords rampaged everywhere, slicing and dicing everything in their paths. They buried the entire village and the Qi Practitioners under the debris!

And when the Sword Qi disappeared, so did the village and half of the Qi Practitioners. Those who were lucky enough to escape death did not pull it off unharmed, they were all injured heavily.

"Tsk tsk… Women are dangerous when they snap," praised the demon ladies with a laugh on their faces.

The pretty eyes of Tian Mofei rolled around, and she said softly, "Innate Wood Spirit Body Qiu Jin'er… Swords Gate has quite some talented disciples it seems. At first, there was this Innate Sun Spirit Body Zhong Yue, and now this Innate Wood Spirit Body Qiu Jin'er… She was outshone by Zhong Yue, which caused the celestial races to overlook her talents but she has shown her fangs this time when Zhong Yue was crippled."

Meanwhile, the pursuers' faces turned dark and one by one they helped those who managed to survive Qiu Jin'er's trap and sent them back to the Fiery Capital for treatment.

"With Zhong Yue being a burden now, she will not be able to run far away."

The Qi Practitioners continued with their pursuit. Not long later, they arrived at the spot where Qiu Jin'er summoned her vine men. There were no more Xiao Mang Celestial Race's Qi Practitioners because all of them were killed in the oasis, but the pursuers did not fret as they too had their own tracking experts. These experts immediately looked around and examined the traces, and they all came to one conclusion: Qiu Jin'er's had split into over ten paths that went in different directions!

"Such a cunning lady…." exclaimed the pursuers as they had an extreme headache because of the difficulties caused by Qiu Jin'er.

Her scent that had initially been directing them in one direction had suddenly splintered off to over ten paths. How were they supposed to find her now? The scent paths were virtually indistinguishable from one another?

However, only one of them was real, but if they went after all of them, it would be extremely time-consuming!

"Follow me. We will have to request help from the Xiao Mang Celestial Race!"

A Martial Master from the Xia Family shouted, "The other senior martial brothers, we shall all split up here, and we will follow all of these traces. She must not have gone far by now and when you find her, immediately give us a signal!"

Everyone nodded and proceeded to split up. They each picked their own directions and with the large number of pursuers, every path ended up with at least 30 Qi Practitioners.

Other than that, in each group, there would be an Inner Core Qi Practitioner. Although their overall power was strong enough to handle Qiu Jin'er, the Inner Core Qi Practitioner was still worried that Qiu Jin'er might get away from them. Thus, they decided that they would send out the signal before engaging.

"Lady Mofei, this Innate Wood Spirit Body is not to be underestimated," advised a demon lady.

Tian Mofei then said, "All of this, however, has nothing to do with us. We're just here to watch, let's go."

The demon ladies then said, "Stupid and idiotic celestial races, no wonder they are being seen as another form of spirit herbs by us, failing even to capture a human girl. If it were us...hehehe…."

Tian Mofei shook her head and said, "We're here to watch, don't provoke them."

With that said, the demon ladies around her could only suppress their thoughts and refrain from interfering.

At the same time, all of the pursuers ended up with nothing as not even one of them managed to locate Qiu Jin'er. Not long later, the help from Xiao Mang Celestial Race arrived, and the Martial Master from the Xia Family gathered everyone together and asked for the Xiao Mang Celestial Race's Qi Practitioner to lead the way as they pursued Qiu Jin'er.

However, the face of the Xiao Mang Celestial Race's Qi Practitioner darkened, and he said as he stopped suddenly, "The Zhong Yue's scent has been split into fourteen."

The Xia Family's Martial Master immediately asked, "So which is real and which is fake?"

"We can't tell..." lamented the Xiao Mang Qi Practitioner.

Left with no o

ther options, the pursuers split into fourteen groups and went down each of the fourteen directions. Not long later, they came across some articles of clothing that were soaked in Zhong Yue's blood at the end of the trail, hanging on a tree branch and flapping with the wind.

They didn't feel particularly frustrated as they only thirteen of the fourteen scent trails had the torn clothing. This could only mean the remaining one was the direction that Qiu Jin'er went down. But shortly after following that particular path to its end, they felt the patience begin to boil over. Qiu Jin'er had pulled the same trick all over again, splitting her scent into fourteen directions!

Obviously, Qiu Jin'er tore the clothes on Zhong Yue and hung them on her vine men before sending them away in each direction again.

The furious Martial Master from Xia Family then said to a girl beside him, "Xia Jingyan, go to the next village and use the totem pillars to contact Mister Changkong, request for his help!"

The girl was shocked, "Mister Changkong? Zhu Changkong from the Zhurong Family?"

"That's right! He is searching for Zhong Yue on the north side, and as a Heavenly Dharma level Qi Practitioner, it will take at most a day before he arrives! Senior martial brothers, we shall continue our pursuit. There is only so much clothing she can tear off before she has nothing left to use!"

Beside Tian Mofei, a demon lady rolled her eyes as she looked at the scene and said, "Disappointing, failing to capture even a little human girl. They are getting played like fools. I can't believe we were all chased out of the continent by them all those years ago!"

"It was the Celestial Emperor Bi Xie that chased us away, not these fools."

Another demon lady said with a smirk, "Lady Mofei, let us go and capture this Innate Wood Spirit Body and show these celestial races the demons' capabilities!"

Tian Mofei, who was extremely wary of Zhong Yue, agreed to the demon lady's suggestion considering that Zhong Yue was now severely injured. She was fearful of him but not Qiu Jin'er, which made her accept the demon lady's idea.

The demon ladies then snuck away before they flew into the air and Tian Mofei asked, "Does any of you have a way of tracking someone?"

A demon lady in white clothes then took out a sachet and said, "I have the Wind Fire Ant, an insect race cultivated by Madame that she gifted me. These ants can manipulate wind and fire, granting them incredible speed. After I nurture them to a certain extent, they can act as eyes in the sky for me."

She opened up the sachet, and a red mist flew out from it. It turned into fiery red clouds and in the clouds were thumb-sized ants shrouded in demon fire. These ants then rapidly grew to three feet long before flying away.

These Wind Fire Ants were a type of insect race, and these insect races were war machines created by the demons. They specially engineered to fight against the celestial races for the demon race. But after having slowly acquired their own intelligence, they rebelled and created massive troubles for the demons. This resulted in their numbers significantly dwindling after being culled by the demons. However, there were still some insect races that were under the demons' control. Just not as much as before and they cultivated these insects into bewitched insects, which would wipe off their intelligence completely.

The swarm of Wind Fire Ants swarmed every direction. Moments later, the white clothes demon lady said happily, "I've found her! This little girl actually managed to escape as far as 2000 meters away, I have the ants following her now so let us go catch her quickly!"

"Two thousand miles?"

The other demon ladies mocked and said, "These idiotic celestial races chased after her for so long, and when they were so close to her, they managed to let her pull away into the distance again. They are eating her dust, really useless."

The ladies then dashed forward quickly while the demon lady in white led the way. They summoned one Wind Fire Ant after another back to the sachet as she passed by them.

Qiu Jin'er, on the other hand, kept on tearing off Zhong Yue's blood-soaked clothes and attaching them to her vine men to make decoys. She was trying her best to stall the celestial races.

Soon, Zhong Yue's had been almost entirely stripped of the clothing that she was able to tear. She then out her spare clothes, cut Zhong Yue's wrist and soaked her extra clothes in his blood before repeating the procedure.

This is a good way, but I can't keep using this or senior martial brother Zhong will die from blood loss. What am I supposed to do….

Qiu Jin'er was greatly troubled as with those heavy injuries, Zhong Yue would die if he continued to lose blood at this rate.

The skies turned dark as well, and not long after, the moon rose. The surrounding environment became dark, making it easy for one to lose their sense of direction.

In the dark, I can fly away with senior martial brother Zhong without worrying that I will be spotted.

Just when she thought of this, she heard someone laughing, and her face immediately changed. When she looked around, she saw around ten demon ladies landing on the trees in front of her. Their clothes swayed with the gentle breeze.

Qiu Jin'er's face changed again as she looked at the lady at the front of the pack, "Tian Mofei…."

Her heart tightened as she could sense that these demon ladies each possessed incredible strength. There were even a few of them whose strength was no weaker than hers. She felt hopeless; with this new obstacle, she had no chance of winning at all.

"So this is Zhong Yue?"

The demon ladies looked at the unconscious Zhong Yue sitting in the wheelchair, found him to be almost naked, but nothing could be seen as he was covered in the Lingyu Paste.

"Muscular!" praised a demon lady as she said, "If we captured and presented him to Madame, she will definitely be pleased!"

Another demon lady added, "Sun Innate Spirit Body, and reverse-opening of the five wheels. He has the potential of becoming a god in the future. He would make an incredibly high-quality spirit herb! I am very curious about his taste now!"

"This Innate Wood Spirit Body is not bad as well. The young master will be happy if we present her to him as well!"

Qiu Jin'er inhaled deeply, and she suddenly shouted, causing the trees to grow thicker and taller rapidly. They flew into the air before slamming into the demon ladies and sending them flying away!

Boom boom——-

The trees filled with Wood Sword Qi each had exquisite totem carvings etched on their surfaces, and they flew back towards Qiu Jin'er, floating in the air like totem pillars. They protected Qiu Jin'er and Zhong Yue in the middle.

The girl then reached out her hand towards the ground, and a huge vine emerged from the ground. The vine lifted Zhong Yue and herself high into the skies under a leaf, while totem pillars flew out from her secret realms.

After that, Qiu Jin'er said coldly, "You would have to go through me if you want to hurt my senior martial brother!"

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