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Chapter 235 - Fight for the Saber

"En, this is the lamp oil, also the place I reside in, and the source that supports my life."

Xin Huo gazed at it and said sadly, "My lamp oil is nearly depleted, it seems like I need to find an inheritor as soon as possible and let him support me already."

Zhong Yue was stupefied. Looking at the copper lamp, he murmured, "So this is what a galaxy truly looks like? I feel like there are hundreds of millions of suns in here…"

Xin Huo was proud and complacent, "They are Star Souls, the souls of the stars. The great Sui Sovereign harvested the soul of a dying galaxy and made it into the lamp oil. Out of boredom, I've counted it before, there are 310 billion suns and a trillion or more stars."

Zhong Yue gathered his thoughts. He was again stupefied as he looked at the lamp oil once more; magnificent, truly magnificent!

Although the lamp oil was not a genuine galaxy, but only the souls of the stars in a dying galaxy, that was still too terrifyingly appalling, no?

However, how boring would it be for Xin Huo to actually count the numbers of stars and suns only to pass the time?

Zhong Yue was feeling sad for the little flame; he had lived for too long, been alone for too long; even though he had nurtured generation after generation of inheritors, witnessed the development of the history, he had also sent away countless inheritors he had once nurtured, and witnessed their deaths with his own eyes.

The joys and sorrows, the vicissitudes of life he has been through were unimaginable. Perhaps, the deaths of every inheritor would weigh on him greatly? That's why he had counted the numbers of stars and suns in the lamp oil, so he could cast off the boredom and loneliness inside.

Zhong Yue could imagine it, the scene of the little flame who would count the numbers of stars and suns every time after the death of an inheritor...

After a few moments, Zhong Yue could not help but to say, "Xin Huo, I feel that your lamp is thousands of times more valuable than the Divine Wing Saber…."

"Thousands times? It's way more than that! It's only because of this lamp that I lived from the Fire Order Palace until now. But don't you think about it, this lamp is made from the Star Souls, it's useless to you."

Suddenly, Xin Huo's face changed, he was alerted and said, "Not good, there is a mysterious force pulling on the Divine Wing Saber!"


The ice layer quaked violently, Zhong Yue was shocked and he quickly looked over; he saw the ice layers around the Divine Wing Saber start crumbling into dust!

While the Divine Wing Saber was also quivering rapidly, it was like an appallingly strong force was pulling on the saint weapon!

Krong, krong!

The saint weapon continued to quiver as the ice layers were broken away. Zhong Yue could not maintain his stability and was nearly tossed away while the ice layers continued to crumble. All of a sudden, a huge black hole appeared behind the Divine Wing Saber, swirling and spinning rapidly!

The hole was dark and eerie, a mysterious force had broken through the dimensional space; Zhong Yue could hear sounds of worship coming from the other side of the black hole. It sounded like there were livings worshipping the Divine Wing Saber from the other end!

"This is bad, it's the Kun Peng Race of the Wood Celestial Star, worshipping the Divine Wing Saber. They are trying to pull the Divine Wing Saber through the black hole to the Wood Celestial Star!"

Xin Huo was agitated; the little flame brightened up again and shouted, "These brats, they are trying take the food out from the tiger's mouth, snatching the treasure away from our hands! Quick, quick! Take out the beast god inner core and use the beast god essence to wield my lamp, and put the Divine Wing Saber in it! Quickly take this saber, I still need to sleep!"

Zhong Yue quickly lifted up the copper lamp, pointing the opening of the lamp at the Divine Wing Saber while the beast god inner core flew out from his psyche ocean. Meanwhile, the chanting from the other end of the black hole were getting louder and stronger, causing the black hole to expand. Zhong Yue could even see images at the middle of the hole from the planet on the other side!

The planet was filled with water, a vast sea covering the whole planet; the raging waves were tall and huge, each and every one of them was at least hundreds of thousand miles long and tens of thousand feet tall, straight and magnificent like precipices.

In the sky was a raging tempest and thunderbolts; hurricanes swept across the sky, compressing the air into a nefarious dark black. The thunderbolts were thick and sturdy, striking all over the place — it was exactly the scene of an apocalypse. 

This was the Wood Celestial Star!

Zhong Yue was stunned by the view that came into his eyes. In the midst of the tempestuous hurricane and the raging sea stood countless huge and tall titans. There were golden Peng birds with wingspans of thousands of miles bathing in the sky full of thunderbolts and tempests — they were the mainstays of the Kun Peng Race, cultivators at the grade of magnates!

They were praying, linking themselves to the Divine Wing Saber in an attempt to rouse the Divine Wing Saber and summon it back to the Wood Celestial Star through the dimensions!

Vaguely, Zhong Yue could even see a mightier figure standing in the crowd, a godly spirit who was standing in the midst of the vast sea while the sea-level only reached to its waist — an unearthly titanic figure whose size alone could infuse fear and terror into the living!

The Kun Peng Race ancestor's goodly spirit!

Zhong Yue's heart skipped a beat, he immediately realized the identity of the mighty figure. The Eastern Sea rebellion of the sea race was instigated because the Kun Peng Race of the Wood Celestial Star has roused this ancient godly spirit, and had gotten in touch with the sea race in the Eastern Sea through the dimensions!

The sea race then built a teleportation portal, connected it to the Wood Celestial Star and allowed the Kun Peng Race experts to come to the Eastern Sea to reclaim the Divine Wing Saber.

And now, the godly spirit has decided to step in and hosted a prayer ritual to summon the Divine Wing Saber back to the Wood Celestial Star!

As of now, part of the power in the Divine Wing Saber had awakened and slowly but steadily, the huge saber was moving towards the black hole.

If Zhong Yue could see the Kun Peng Race experts on the Wood Celestial Star, then the Kun Peng Race experts could surely see him too; their eyes were filled with bafflement, not knowing why such a tiny and petty living being would be on the other side of the black hole.

However, regardless of the thoughts in their minds, they did not stop their prayers and were still calling for the Divine Wing Saber; their chants grew louder and louder, cracking the ice layers for a thousand miles around!

The death of this Kun Peng Race expert doesn't matter at all, the godly spirit of the Kun Peng Race just wants to extricate the Divine Wing Saber from the seals of the dragon race so that their saint weapon can be summoned back to them!

In a split second, Zhong Yue had figured everything out. At the same time, he surged all of his arcane energy into the beast god inner core. The core was stimulated and instantly a surge of overpowering beast god essence blasted out, turning into a blood dragon in the shape of the Xiang Dragon!

The raging essence was then infused into the copper lamp while Xin Huo controlled them and stirred the Star Souls in the copper lamp faster and faster.

An appallingly strong pulling force came from the copper lamp, the Divine Wing Saber was caught by the pulling force and stopped moving towards the black hole, and instead was drawn to the copper lamp.

The space in front of the copper lamp was contorted, diminishing the Divine Wing Saber's blade tip as it slowly entered the copper lamp!

Meanwhile, the saber hilt of the Divine Wing Saber was already in the black hole. The two forces were pulling and contending for the saint weapon. One was the power of worship, and the other the power of the copper lamp!

Zhong Yue's heart was beating heavily, it felt like his heart would thump out from his mouth at any time while he stared closely at the saber.

His cultivation base was still too weak, he could not contend with the Kun Peng Race experts' power of worship at all, nor could he be stronger than the beast god inner core. At this point in time, his arcane energy was too trifling to be of any great use. All he could do was to keep on stimulating the beast god inner core so as to contend with the Kun Peng Race's prayer ritual for the Divine Wing Saber!

The pulling force from the lamp oil and the worshipping ritual were contending with one another, one side was pulling the Divine Wing Saber into the lamp while the other was pulling the Divine Wing Saber into the Wood Celestial Star. The competition between the two forces had torn the ice layers into crumbled pieces and shaken the sky!

Even the Red Mother Colonial Anemone Poison Array left behind by the dead Kun Peng Race expert was destroyed and crushed. One after another, the Red Mother Colonial Anemones were shaken to death. Zhong Yue, who held the copper lamp high in the sky before him, was left unharmed by the impact forces, but the scenery still shocked him greatly!

If it wasn't for the copper lamp, the fallout alone alone would have pulverized me already!

One had to know that Zhong Yue had been cultivating with the aid of the beast god inner core. He had been extracting the beast god essence from the inner core to increase his prowess and cultivation base, and also to purify his bloodline. He had been using it for such a long time and the beast god inner core had never once became smaller. But in just such a short while wrestling in power, the beast god inner core had shrunken down!

If I can't get the Divine Wing Saber, then not only will I not get anything, but I'll also suffer a great loss!

Zhong Yue grit his teeth, he stimulated the beast god inner core like a mad man and sent all of the beast god essence into the copper lamp, causing the galaxy in the lamp to spin faster and create a stronger pulling force, slowly sucking the Divine Wing Saber into the lamp!

On the other hand, Zhong Yue could also see the Kun Peng Race experts on the other side of the black hole morphing back into their true forms of the Kun fishes, spurting out mouthfuls of their blood and offering their blood essences to the Divine Wing Saber. Cearly, they were also going all out!

Meanwhile, the awakened Kun Peng Race ancestor's spirit also lunged out with all of its arcane energy to summon the Divine Wing Saber back to it.

Both sides were giving everything they had in competing for the saint weapon!

The Divine Wing Saber was the saint weapon of the Kun Peng Race, surely they had to claim it back. Zhong Yue had wasted a chance to chose other treasures and the innumerable essence of the beast god inner core, he wouldn't give up so easily either!

The situation had plunged into a stalemate, slowly, nearly the whole tip of the saber was sucked into the copper lamp while the other half of the saber was in the black hole, appearing on the Wood Celestial Star.

Right at this moment, the ancestor spirit of the Kun Peng Race suddenly moved! It reached out to the saber hilt in the sky of the Wood Celestial Star and yanked the Divine Wing Saber towards it!

The copper lamp shuddered, and along with the Divine Wing Saber, the two were nearly dragged into the black hole!

Zhong Yue was shocked, he quickly clutched on to the copper lamp and pulled it back; but his efforts were in vain. How could his strength contend with a god?

And so, both the copper lamp and him were slowly pulled towards the black hole.

The black hole was a tunnel that broke through the dimensional space by the power of the worship, it was very unstable and living things could never pass through it. Otherwise, the Kun Peng Race experts would have long shuttled through the tunnel to the Eastern Sea already.

Because of the instability of the tunnel, it was filled with the incredible compressive and shearing forces of the dimensional space, which could easily crush a magnate cultivator. The Kun Peng race experts could only worship the Divine Wing Saber, and summon it over through the tunnel.

Only saint weapons like the Divine Wing Saber could withstand the power of the dimensional space.

If Zhong Yue was pulled into the black hole, he would die instantly!

"Xin Huo!" Zhong Yue shouted out loud.

While in the copper lamp, the little flame was getting dimmer, Xin Huo's weak and faint voice came, "So sleepy, I think I'm going to sleep already…."

"Don't sleep now please!"

Cold sweat rushed out of Zhong Yue's forehead, the Golden Crow wings flared out behind him and fluttered violently, but it could not stop him from getting dragged closer to the black hole.

While Xin Huo had gone dead silent as he fell asleep.

Cold sweat dripped down like streams of water from Zhong Yue, he shouted in anger, "Xin Huo, can you please be more reliable! What should I do now!?"

Clenching on the copper lamp with the tip of the Divine Wing Saber already sucked in, he was also getting dragged toward the black hole, and the beast god inner core had already shrunken by more than half!

Zhong Yue grit his teeth. Abruptly, he slammed the lamp cover closed.


A crisp and clear sound could be heard as the lamp cover closed, and broke the Divine Wing Saber in half.

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