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Chapter 164 - Inside The Body Of The Godly Spirit

The godly spirit of Swords Gate?

Zhong Yue was slightly shocked by the words of the headmaster. One of the two strongest spirits possessed by the Swords Gate was the sword spirit nurtured by the mountain of Swords Gate, engendered by human worship towards the Swords Gate!

The other one was the soul of the first headmaster of Swords Gate!

And it was because of the protection of these two spirits that the Swords Gate was able to maintain its hegemony in the Wilderness for such a long time.

Previously, the lord of Sulphur Island and Jinxiu Island had brought their respective spirits from their islands and tried to break the seal in the Beast God Ridge. Those spirits were already considered very high level spirits.

But the two spirits of Swords Gate were on the level of Gods!

These two godly spirits possessed immense power that could bring about wanton destruction upon activation! Other than that, these two spirits were also the last line of defense for the Swords Gate and the Great Wilderness. The fact that humanity had been able to maintain its position within the Great Wilderness for such a long time is mainly attributed to the existence of these two spirits.

However, the other races also possessed such godly spirits of their own, making humanity unable to have any advantage over them, resulting in a tenuous stalemate among the various races.

Previously when Zhong Yue and 'Shui Qingyan' had both gotten first place of the disciples of the outer hall, the spirits provided by the Swords Gate for them to consummate with were these two types of spirits. And 'Shui Qingyan' had obtained the godly spirit!

Tian Myriad Mother died in the hands of the first headmaster and in a twist of fate, she ended with the first headmaster's godly spirit. Could it be that she wants to investigate the secrets hidden in the Swords Gate's godly spirit?

Initially, he thought, 'Shui Qingyan' simply picked a spirit but now, it seemed like the girl's motives were not that simple!

The old man took him the to the centre of the palace and in the palace, a majestic and divine aura could be felt everywhere. Zhong Yue looked up and he saw a bright light orb on the altar that was incredibly huge!

In the orb, a majestic figure could be seen faintly. It was a spirit and it remained here for a long time under the worshipping of humanity in the Great Wilderness.

Whenever the humans paid obeisance to it, the power of their faith would distill into an ethereal power that bound his soul to the orb, preventing it from dispersing forever. However, if humanity were to ever stop worshipping it, it would soon fade away to nothingness.

This godly spirit too, had opened the divine third eye and stood there with sword in arms. He stood in the orb and the lights were emitted by the godly spirit as if they were Sword Qi.

"I will take you into the body of the godly spirit and show you how to reverse open the five secret realms."

As he finished talking, the old man prayed at the Swords Gate's godly spirit and the body of the godly spirit suddenly trembled. Then, a sound could be heard and a light wheel appeared and floated behind the godly spirit.

Weng weng weng——

Five light wheels emerged, each bigger than one another, hooking with each other and they aligned behind the back of the godly spirit!

Zhong Yue also immediately realized that the most colorful and attractive light wheel was not the first one that appeared behind the back of the godly spirit. The first wheel that appeared behind its back was a very simple light wheel. It appeared to be very heavy and it was also the smallest among the five wheels but Zhong Yue felt that this wheel was the strongest of all!

"Let's go!"

The old man started advancing and he walked into the middle of the five light wheels.

Zhong Yue quickly followed behind him. The outermost light wheel was a few ten feet large and upon entering it, Zhong Yue saw various attractive lights floating around him. The lights also seemingly crystallized into tangible form, giving him a feeling that he could actually touch them.

As he entered this Wu Xing Wheel, it felt as if he needed to walk a few ten miles before he was able to enter the second light wheel - the Wan Xiang Wheel.

Together with the old man, the pair walked two to three hundred miles and they stopped in front of the Swords Gate's godly spirit. Zhong Yue looked closely and he saw light rays being emitted by the body of this godly spirit. The five wheels were a scene formed by the light rays emitted by the godly spirit!

And the sources of these light rays were the five secret realms hidden within the body of the godly spirit!

The Wu Xing Wheels, Wan Xiang Wheels, Shen Cai Wheels, Yin Yang Wheels and the Dao Yi Wheels were thus the projection of the godly spirit's strength!

Zhong Yue was shocked as all of this went against the knowledge he had all along. He thought, the Wu Xing Wheels were cultivated by the Qi Practitioners but in truth, they and the other wheels, were projections of the power of their respective secret realms in the body of a Qi Practitioner!

The old man then continued to walk and Zhong Yue followed tightly behind as they walked past all sorts of light rays that were gathered in front of them.

Not long later, the old man and Zhong Yue entered the body of this Swords Gate's godly spirit and when Zhong Yue looked up, he finally saw the full view of the Wu Xing, Wan Xiang, Shen Cai, Yin Yang and Dao Yi secret realms!

"Zhong Shan Clan's member, the Yuan Shen is not your body, it has no flesh and no organs and the Wu Xing secret realms correspond to the five internal organs of your body."

The old man pointed out and said, "Look at this Wu Xing secret realm and the position of the secret realms. Their locations are all corresponding to the positions of those five internal organs in a human's body."

Zhong Yue closely scrutinized this godly spirit, which was also the Yuan Shen of the first Swords Gate's headmaster. He saw no flesh, no bones, and no organs in this godly spirit - it was a manifestation of pure energy.

The five organs of this godly spirit were all replaced by the Wu Xing secret realm!

The old man then pointed at the Wan Xiang secret realm and said, "Yuan Shens have no bones, which is why they need the Wan Xiang secret realm to provide form and structure. Look at how the Wan Xiang secret realms are connected to the four limbs, and how it function as the bones."

Zhong Yue looked closely and he saw that the limbs of the godly spirit were linked to the Wan Xiang secret realm and that the secret realm did indeed form the skeleton of the Yuan Shen.

"Why are the Yuan Shens of all Awakening Qi Practitioners referred to as the Combat Yuan Shen? This is mainly because each opening of the five secret realms would gift the Yuan Shen with immense combat power. The Wan Xiang secret realm replaced the bones and the Shen Cai secret realm replaced the Yuan Shen's Qi, blood, and flesh."

The old man continued saying, "The Qi comes from the throat, the blood is engendered by the bones, and the flesh is in turn begotten from the blood. The Shen Cai secret realm supplies the Yuan Shen with Qi, blood and flesh, adding another layer of power to the Yuan Shen."

Zhong Yue immediately looked around and saw that the Shen Cai Wheel was connected to the throat, umbilical region, and the heart of the godly spirit.

"The Yin Yang secret realm is where the eyes are located while the Dao Yi Wheel is located on the head."

Zhong Yue listened silently as the old man spoke.

The Wu Xing Wheels are formed with the five elements, gold, wood, earth, fire and water and they correspond to the five internal organs - the heart, liver, spleen, lungs and kidneys.

The Wan Xiang Wheel formed the bones of the human body with the four limbs as its pillars. The four pillars were carved with various totem carvings, forming into all sorts of totem pictures. It was also the largest wheel among the others.

The Shen Cai Wheel was the throat, heart and umbilical - corresponding to the heaven, life and earth respectively.

The Yin Yang Wheel was the eyes and because of that, it had a slightly smaller secret realm. On the other hand, the Dao Yi Wheel was even smaller than the Yin Yang Wheel, being the smallest one of them all.

Zhong Yue then thought, The Wan Xiang Wheel is the biggest, then the Shen Cai Wheel, Wu Xing Wheel, Yin Yang Wheel and the Dao Yi Wheel. It seems like the five secret realms were arranged in their own way instead of by sizes.

"Come, I'll take you to have a look at the Dao Yi Wheel."

The old man walked in front and they slowly walked towards the top. As Zhong Yue passed by the Wu Xing secret realms, he measured them carefully and he saw that the five secret realms kept spinning in repetition.

Then, he looked at the Wan Xiang secret realm and he saw four pillars supported the space around it and when he looked at the Shen Cai secret realm, he saw the heaven and earth split apart. He felt the essence of life being gathered in between of the heaven and earth. He looked at the Yin Yang secret realm and he saw the sun and moon hung in the sky, generating energy and nourishing one another.

"Qi Practitioners first open the Wu Xing secret realm because the power of the five elements is easier to obtained. Once they managed to obtain the power of the five elements, they could use this power to reduce the difficulty of opening the Wu Xing secret realm."

The old man then said, "The Wan Xiang secret realm is built around the Wu Xing secret realm and the Wan Xiang secret realm start by building the bones. After that, the heart, liver, spleen, lung, kidney will be formed and then the breathing system, blood and flesh. Only with that, would the Shen Cai secret realm be opened to produce Qi and blood. After the opening of Shen Cai secret realm, the Qi and blood would conflict with each other to generate the requisite power to open the Yin Yang that grants the Yuan Shen with sight. But it is hardest to open the Dao Yi secret realm. This secret realm requires the unification of the other secret realms to be opened and it is analogous to the human brain where the Yuan Shen resides!"

Finally, they arrived at the Dao Yi secret realm.

Zhong Yue looked around and saw only a light wheel and loud noises could be heard as the wheel spun. In the light wheel, a god could faintly be seen. As the light wheel spun, the god within it would also spin along with it.

The Wu Xing secret realms were not the real flesh and bones of the Yuan Shen and the Dao Yi secret realm was also not the real brain. They were merely there to enable the Yuan Shen to fight like a real body.

"This is the hardest part. Unlike opening the secret realms from the basic to the highest level; the Wu Xing secret realm to the Dao Yi secret realm, the reverse opening method is considerably more dangerous. Reverse opening of the secret realms, starting from the Dao Yi secret realm is very dangerous as the Dao Yi secret realm is equivalent to the Yuan Shen's brain. Any mistake and the Yuan Shen would suffer irreversible damage as it inevitably gets destroyed!"

The old man sighed and said, "I too was once a rash and brazen youth who had a thirst for adventure, constantly tempering myself in moments of life and death. Yet I did not dare open the five secret realms in reverse; therefore, I opted for the conventional method like the others. Now, all you have to do is awaken this god and he will tell you they ways on how to reverse open the secret realms."

He tidied up himself and started praying to the God in the light wheel as he said, "The ancestor of the Feng Clan, your unfilial descendant, Feng Shang, beg your pardon for the disturbance. I am here to help my disciple seek the way of reverse opening the wheels. Please enlighten us."

The light wheel stopped spinning and the five secret realms trembled slowly before they suddenly stopped and closed.

Hong long——

A huge vibration could be sensed and the Dao Yi secret realm and the Dao Yi Wheel closed and disappeared and the godly spirit's Yuan Shen showed only a void space bereft of color, light, and sound.

Zhong Yue had no idea what to do and he suddenly saw light rays shooting out from and lighting up the void.

More light rays shot out as they formed Dao Yi secret realm and the Dao Yi Wheel before gathering to condense the spirit in the Dao Yi Wheel.

Then, the Yin Yang secret realm was lit and the Shen Cai secret realm opened up along with the Wan Xiang secret realm. Finally, the Wu Xing secret realm was opened as well!

Zhong Yue's heart tightened as the light was the thunder light formed by the psyche, something that required one's psyche to at least reach the level of the thunder blighted pool.

The thunder blighted pool then exploded in the void of the godly spirit's brain!

It was equivalent to cracking one's own head with thunder. That person would have died and even if by some miracle, the person had managed to survived, they would invariably be condemned to a crippled life for eternity!

And if the brain of the Yuan Shen suffered irreversible damage, it would mean the complete destruction of their own Yuan Shen forever!

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