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In the past, Fang Qi's customer base was growing slowly, so the shop wasn't always at full capacity and everyone had seats.

However, for some weird reason, people were lining up again. It seemed like there was a giant boom in the number of players.

Moreover, Fang Qi realized that not only were more customers coming play, but all of his new customers were of extremely high status.

For example, a young man in red who just walked in was Hong Lingfeng.

He was An Cheng's friend and originally thought that this internet café was just a new form of entertainment. However, he slowly realized that things weren't as simple as he thought when his master asked him if he knew a small shop called Origins Internet Club.

Now, Hong Lingfeng walked in with a grey-haired elder who had a silver beard. Behind the elder was a few cultivators!

The elder smiled and said, "Lingfeng, I came today to meet the Liquor Sword Immortal and witness the sword control technique; let's not advertise our identities."

"Yes, Master!" Hong Lingfeng nodded as he walked up to the counter and took out some crystals. "Sir, please activate the Legend of the Sword and Fairy for me."

Fang Qi glanced around and replied, "That's fine, but there are no empty spots right now."

"Uh…" Hong Lingfeng scratched his head and walked back to the elder. "Master, we may have to stand in line for a while."

"What?" The disciples behind the elder were angered by this and said, "Junior Brother Hong, what does the owner mean by that? Our master has to line up?"

"Don't be like this!" The grey-haired elder glared at his disciple angrily. "Didn't I say not to advertise our presence? Lingfeng, where is Castellan An?"

Hong Lingfeng glanced around and saw An Huwei and the others standing behind Nalan Hongwu, so he pointed at them and said, "They're over there, standing in line!"

"They're standing in line as well?" The elder was surprised. "Then, I might as well wait and catch up with Huwei and the others!"

Then, the elder calmly went over to wait.

Fang Qi was dumbstruck by how rule-abiding his customers were; no one was here to cause trouble.

Xiao Yulv felt like today was his lucky day. He didn't think things would go so smoothly, and his auntie immediately agreed to come with him!

"Did my auntie find out about what happened and is looking to seek revenge for me?" Xiao Yulv muttered to himself, barely able to contain his laughter.

It was natural from him to think that way. After all, the Liuyun Daoist Palace was overprotective, and he was the grandson of Xiao Changlong, the Tiangang Elder. In the past, his faction always supported him unconditionally, no matter what he did!

Therefore, he never thought of other possibilities!

Upon seeing the new and improved shopfront, Xiao Yulv felt the deep hatred as he pointed at it and said, "This is Origins Internet Club!"

Then, he entered the shop with Su Tianji, feeling extremely at ease. With my auntie's help, you won't be able to do anything to me!

Since Ye Songtao and the others deviated from the original topic, the discussion about the Heavenly Dao felt a little unorganized and messy. However, even though Ye Songtao only briefly mentioned the sword control technique, the use of qi, and Dao De Jing, the enlightenment that she obtained from the breakthrough gradually became clearer.

"As gentle as water, benefits all things but does not compete…" She carefully thought back at the principle behind this sentence, and she felt like her realm and state of mind slowly became more stable!

Compared to the atmosphere of a discussion, advancing her realm was more important!

She benefited from these words from just thinking about them. This proved the indisputable power of the Liquor Sword Immortal!

Su Tianji decided to come and pay her respect to this legendary person.

Moreover, she discovered that Duke Nalan was studying the sword control technique here as well!

It seemed only natural for her to visit.

To her surprise, among so many disciples at Liuyun Daoist Palace, only Xiao Yulv could bring her here.

Therefore, she had no choice but to let Xiao Yulv bring her here. That was all she needed him to do.

If she knew what was going to happen next, or if she looked into the events that had happened recently, she would have tried to find the way herself instead of asking Xiao Yulv to bring her here!

After opening the door, Su Tianji was just about to introduce herself and pay her respects when she saw something that left her completely dumbstruck and mortified!

"Where's the owner? Tell him to come out!" Xiao Yulv strode into the shop and shouted, "If I don't smash this place up and beat him half-dead today, I'm going to change my last name!"

Quickly, Xiao Yulv found Fang Qi who was sitting by the door instead of in front of a computer. He slammed the counter in front of him and smiled with animosity. "Try to throw me out again today!"

Confused, Fang Qi asked Xiao Yulv, "Why are you here again?"

Su Tianji froze. If she could turn back time, she would definitely ask how Xiao Yulv knew about this shop!

However, she couldn't do that.

At this time, she noticed that everyone in the shop glanced over towards her direction, and she recognized most of them.

An Huwei, Ouyang Cheng, Ye Songtao, Hong Lingfeng's master - the Yinlong Elder, and the Wuwei Daoist Alliance's envoy - Wang Kuan were all here…

Even Nalan Hongwu looked up upon hearing the noise by the door!

Everyone's gaze landed on Xiao Yulv and Su Tianji!

"Elder Su, are you here to cause trouble today?" They looked at Su Tianji with surprise, and her beautiful face almost exploded from anger!

"Throw him out immediately!" Before Fang Qi even moved, Xiao Yulv felt his body being lifted into the air. Then, he was thrown out of the shop!

"Why was I kicked out again?" Xiao Yulv thought in bewilderment as history repeated itself for the third time!

"I am Su Tianji from the Liuyun Daoist Palace. I'm here to pay my respect to the Liquor Sword Immortal!" After throwing Xiao Yulv out, Su Tianji felt her anger dissipate.

Even Faction Master Ye and Castellan An study the sword control technique here, and a man of Nalan Hongwu's status has to abide by the rules. How dare that little brat threaten to smash this place up? Su Tianji wondered if her nephew's head had been kicked in by a donkey!

She slowly came to the realization that she might have missed some important information while she was in seclusion cultivation.

A wave of complicated emotions surged into her head. She was enlightened upon hearing the Daoist principles by chance and wanted to pay her tribute. It was supposed to be a good thing, but… her idiotic nephew ruined everything!

However, she didn't have time to linger on the trivial matters.

She didn't even have time to think about the sword control technique or even the Dao De Jing. The only thing on her mind was that she couldn't afford to make anyone in the shop her enemy. Or else, nothing good would happen to her!

Just then, she heard the young man who was supposedly the owner of the shop say faintly, "It's 20 crystals to activate. There are a lot of people right now, so you have to line up."

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