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Chapter 16        Tian Myriad Mother

Swords Gate's Fang Jiange?

Zhong Yue looked at the Qi Practitioner in white, he walked in the air as if he were walking on the ground and the turtle walked behind him in a earth-shaking fashion.

The mountainous old turtle’s speed was so much faster than before, after the sword flew away from its back. It seemed like the sword it was carrying was so heavy that it restricted its mobility. Once the sword was removed, it easily advanced a hundred metres with each step, a few times faster than Zhong Yue’s full speed!

From that, one could easily determine the weight of the sword!

Not long later, when the old turtle walked among the mountains, the demons gathered around the altar in the deepest part of the Demon Ruins swarmed towards the huge turtle like ants!

Millions or even billions of Tian elephant, hawk, fire, spider, snake, alienatic demons and the other demon races charged at the old turtle!

Among the demons, there were also mutated demons from all demon races that had unstoppable strengths. They all approached the huge old turtle and climbed out from the legs of the turtle. With their weapons, they swung fiercely and attacked the old turtle!


The old turtle roared angrily and its roar emitted sound waves that were so vociferous that it instigated the air to vibrate and form visible ripples. As the ripples continued to propagate in all directions, the rocks on the ground and mountains were projected towards the demons!

Whereas for those demons clinging to the turtle’s legs, they were launched into the air and were killed in mid-air as a result of the sound waves.

At the spot where the turtle stood, the demons seemed like they were hit by a huge explosion, being hurled away and dying on the spot!

Even for Zhong Yue and the others who were far away standing near the entrance of Demon Ruins, they could still feel the immense sound waves, pressuring them to the point of almost coughing out blood!

From that, one could tell how strong the pressure applied on the demons standing closer to the huge old turtle was!

Suddenly, one figure after another flew up. Those were the Qi Practitioners among the demons. While they were still flying halfway, they had already summoned their own spirit, charging towards the turtle!

At the time, abnormal heteromorphic specters appeared in the air; an elephant deity with four heads and eight limbs, a hawk deity with four wings, a cyclop deity with a burning body and all sorts of spirits cultivated by these demon Qi Practitioners.

They all had not cultivated to the state of [Spirit-Soul As One], not to mention the level of [Human-Spirit As One]. However, the spirits they summoned were still terrifyingly strong, being able to move mountains easily! They were trying to kill the huge old turtle before it could do anything, weakening Fang Jiange’s advantage!

In the air where he stood, Fang Jiange did not even flinch and he stared into the blood mist as the image of the demon god became more and more distinct and the blood mist became thinner and thinner.


Fang Jiange held his sword in his left hand, his thumb flicked lightly and unsheathed about an inch of his sword that was covered with a golden energy.

As the Sword Qi exuded a clarion metallic noise, a myriad Sword Qi flew into the skies, the beautiful Sword Qis were reminiscent of the fanning out of a peacock’s tail! 

Just as the demon Qi Practitioners transformed and before they could even reach the old turtle, the Sword Qi rained down on them, beheading them easily!

Fang Jiange sheathed his sword back again and the Sword Qi previously filled the sky suddenly disappeared while an uncountable number of headless bodies fell to the ground like rag dolls.

All those demonic Qi Practitioners hiding among the demons were slayed completely!

“Such power….”

The stunned Zhong Yue said, I want to become a Qi Practitioner like that in the future!

In his psyche ocean, Xin Huo said, “This Fang Jiange has some capabilities indeed and he does not seem to be useless after all. If you continued cultivating the visualization art I taught you, you will become a Qi Practitioner like him. If you were a Xin Huo inheritor, you will outdo him in no time! What a shame, the bloodline of the Fuxi race is so faint in you…”

“It’s fine, I will be satisfied with becoming a Qi Practitioner like Fang Jiange,” said the smiling Zhong Yue.

Xin Huo’s fire head shook, like a fire waving back and forth by the blowing wind, and he said, “Are you sure you are satisfied with just that? You’ve underestimated what I’ve given you….”

“Junior Martial Brother Zhong, what are you doing? Stop wasting time.”

While Ting Lanyue and the others walked towards the exit of the Demon Ruins, she turned back and saw that Zhong Yue was still looking at the battle in the deepest part of the Demon Ruins. She hurriedly said, “If the battle of Qi Practitioners spreads to this area, you and I will be dead, hurry up!”

Zhong Yue recollected his thoughts and when he prepared to leave with the others, he suddenly saw the corpse of the female Tian elephant demon. An idea appeared in his mind  and he visualized his Jiao dragon and after the its totem appeared with a draconic roar, he controlled the dragon to drag the dead body along with him.

The others were speechless when they saw what he were doing.

“Senior Martial Sister Ting and Senior Martial Brother He, the value of this dead body is very high, isn’t?” asked Zhong Yue.

He Chengchuan did not know how to react and he could only say, “Are you out of your mind? Do you still want to live? Although this dead body has a very high value, it can’t possibly be more valuable than your own life. The battle is going to spread to here in no time, besides, the body of this Tian elephant demon is very heavy, it’s not easy to move it….”

He didn’t finish his words as the speed of Zhong Yue moving the body was quite fast.

He Chengchuan was shocked by the strength Zhong Yue displayed and he thought, The body of this mutated Tian elephant demon is made of pure dark gold, which is much heavier than darksteel. Its body weight must be very heavy, not to mention its flesh is still perfectly intact, the weight … Junior Martial Brother Zhong’s visualized Jiao dragon could easily move it, just how strong must his psyche be?

“We risked our lives in this journey of refining ourselves, how could we go back barehanded?”

Zhong Yue laughed and said, “I say we move this body out and split the profit after selling it. But the other martial siblings….”

Ting Lanyue, He Chengchuan and the others remained silent and sad as only the few tens of them survived among the hundred of disciples under Elder Pu while the others were all sacrificed in the ritual.

Ting Lanyue lamented and helped Zhong Yue in dragging the body to the exit and said in a very low tone, “This is all because of the neglection of the higher ups and the treacherous plans of the demons. There were almost thousands of upper disciples that died in vain today, not to mention the two elder guardians.…”

He Chengchuan shook his head and said, “Junior Martial Brother Zhong is right, there are traitors among the higher ups who plotted all of this with the demons! The thousands of upper disciples….”

Before he could finish talking, Ting Lanyue interrupted and said, “Everyone, keep quiet about the traitors among the higher ups after returning or you will be asking for trouble! There will surely be someone in the higher ups that is wise enough to deal with this, let them handle this themselves”

Everyone understood and nodded in agreement.

For someone in the lower ranks, it was lucky for them to be able to survive this time. If they continued talking about it when they return, they would be easily eliminated by the traitors among the higher ups!

When Zhong Yue was about to walk out of the Demon Ruins, he turned back and saw the black-robed Qi Practitioner standing in his demonic wind and behind him was the clearer and clearer form of Tian Myriad Mother!

Tian Myriad Mother had the body of a spider and a total of eight heads, elephant, snake, cyclops, hawk heads and so on. Her eyes remained closed, signifying that she was still yet to be fully awakened!

The flesh of the thousand disciples that was sacrificed and the blood essence of the two elder guardians were being absorbed by this demon god to form into her flesh!

Around the altar, an uncountable number of demons kept on worshipping the awakening of this demon god!

“Hahahaha, Fang Jiange, it seems like you have improved by quite a lot. You truly live up to your name as the Golden Innate Spirit, the second among the four premier young men in the Swords Gate….”

The black robe Qi Practitioner then began to leave the scene, he said, “But do you think you could kill Tian Myriad Mother just by yourself?”

“You are no demon!” 

Fang Jiange stopped advancing and he said, “You are one of us from the Swords Gate. All that demonic energy and the black robe are just a facade ... Who are you?”

He then slowly pulled out his sword, forming an ostensibly unlimited number of golden rays of light that surrounded the sword which  keened with the loud sound of thunder.

Fang Jiange’s face remained placid and he continued walking and said, “Figured you wouldn’t say anything but it would have been superfluous anyhow. You would have to resort to your trump card if we were to fight to death and by doing so, I would eventually find out your identity.”

The black robe Qi Practitioner laughed loudly while his body suddenly crumbled. His crumpled body then turned into black smoke and disappeared while saying, “It is not so easy to get me, Fang Jiange, Tian Myriad Mother is going to awaken soon, I hope you can survive!”

On the altar, the huge demon god’s spirit slowly opened its eyes and looked at Fang Jiange.

“Livestocks…,” said the demon god’s spirit.


Intense killing intent gushed out in Fang Jiange and he swung out his sword. As he swung his sword, the area around him instantly got filled with unlimited Sword Qi and they converged to form  a single amalgamation  of Sword Qi before penetrating the Tian Myriad Mother with immense force!

“Dead or escaped?”

The spirit of Tian Myriad Mother dispersed and blood rained down from the skies. Fang Jiange sheathed his sword and he looked down to the ground only to be met with a near endless number of demon corpses were strewn about, whereas Tian Myriad Mother’s spirit was already gone.

“Fu Shan, carry up my sword, let us go back.”

Fang Jiange threw his sword and it landed on the turtle’s back. The old turtle let out a groan and walked towards the exit while saying, “Jiange, I’m afraid that Tian Myriad Mother has been revived.”

“Just a useless spirit, it can’t cause much trouble. We should just let the old geezers in Swords Gate uncover the whereabouts of Tian Myriad Mother’s spirit.”

Fang Jiange continued calmly, “What interests me the most is the identity of the traitor and his purpose of reviving Tian Myriad Mother.”

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