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The kiss may not seem sweet, but it was intense. It was as though Su Lenghan was trying to vent his feelings, and Meng Xinyan tried to accommodate him. It appeared as if this was the only way for him to express his feelings deep down.

In a moment, the kiss ignited the fire within them, and they quickly abandoned themselves to passion. Unknowingly, they started discarding their clothes. Su Lenghan's cold aura also turned fiery, and he picked up Meng Xinyan, who was slightly panting. Opening the office door, it led to a resting place that had a bed. He placed Meng Xinyan down and hovered over her.

As he looked down at this beautiful woman, another person's silhouette flashed across his mind instead. He frowned and shook his head, erasing Yun Bixue's figure from his mind, and then leaned down to kiss Meng Xinyan.

Panting noises sounded continuously, as though a woman was moaning. The door blocked out all the sounds of lustful passion behind it.

After it was over, Su Lenghan sat down, and his gaze had turned cold. After lighting up a cigarette, the smoke lingered around as if it could soothe him.

He had just experienced something deeply joyous, yet why did his heart still feel lonely and empty? It was as if it could never be filled up and even contained a tinge of irritation.

Meng Xinyan was exuding an air of contentment. As she watched Su Lenghan sitting while smoking, she purred, "Lenghan!" Her tone was brimming with endless ecstasy—she was obviously satisfied with what just happened.

She knew that he was perfect in every way. This was her man, and after performing that deed together, nothing could ever make her feel uneasy again.

In the past, she had attempted to seduce him. However, Su Lenghan always appeared indifferent and reserved, and it made her feel helpless.

However, she hadn't expected that to happen earlier. She knew that he still loved her. Her mother was right—by playing hard to get, he would eventually become more devoted.

While Meng Xinyan was daydreaming, Su Lenghan turned back and glanced at her, then gently caressed her cheeks. "Sleep for a while. I'll wake you up when it's time for dinner."

Meng Xinyan flashed him a flirtatious smile. "Lenghan, will you accompany me?"

"Be good. I still have a lot of documents to deal with in the office. There have been too many things going on recently, and I've been swamped. You rest first."

As she listened to Su Lenghan's gentle tone, Meng Xinyan had no other thoughts and nodded. She had indeed felt tired, and her body was sore. However, it was all worth it.

Putting on his clothes, Su Lenghan had wanted to start on his work, but the office door suddenly swung open. "Elder Brother, I—"

Initially, Su Lengxian had been feeling guilty and sorry towards her elder brother, and she entered the building wearing a cap. After all, she possessed a Su Family Organization VIP card too. She'd also secretly made a copy of his set of keys when he wasn't paying attention.

To avoid being exposed, she came in stealthily. However, a thick air of passion permeated the office, and she was unfamiliar with this scent.

Her expression changed drastically. She looked at her elder brother, whose gaze was locked onto that door. Who was this shameless sl*t who dared to seduce her brother in the office?

Su Lengxian had forgotten her purpose in coming here, and she bolted towards that door without a care.

Su Lenghan snapped out of his shock and realized that this person was his sister, Su Lengxian. He had been searching for her for so long. Seeing that she was quickly heading towards the door, he strode forward. Just before Su Lengxian opened the door, he grabbed her hand. "Lengxian, what are you doing?"

"Elder Brother, I want to see which sl*t just dared to seduce you! Elder Brother, this is an office!" After experiencing that incident, Su Lengxian now looked sinister, and even her words contained animosity and a feeling of menace.

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