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Note: I am not picking up this series, just translating up to chapter 6. See Table of Contents for details.

Chapter 6: The path to the future will be brilliant

The aperture was mysterious and unusual. Although it was located inside Fang Yuan’s body, it was in a separate dimension from his organs. You could call it both boundlessly vast and boundlessly tiny. Some people called this this Violet Estate, while others named it the Prosperous Pool. Most, however, called it the aperture for the Primordial Sea.

This entire space was round like a globe. Upon its surface flowed white light that coated the sphere in a thin membrane of light. These were the remnants of the exploded Hope Gu that had condensed to form a layer. Because of this layer, it was possible to support this globe without it caving in on itself.

Within the globe was located the Primordial Sea. The sea waters were still and smooth, a blueish green that still seemed somehow dense and bright as copper. Such a sea was only found in the likes of Gu Masters and commonly called the Bronze Sea.

The water level didn’t reach even halfway up the sphere and only measured four by four. These were typical dimensions for Grade C latent talent. Each drop of ocean water was truly primordial and represented Fang Yuan’s Three Treasures of jing, qi, and shen[1]. It was also a collection of his gathered latent energy over the past 15 years.

Gu Masters used this true primordial sea water to raise Gu. In other words, from now on Fang Yuan had officially started his path onto becoming a Gu Master. After the aperture was opened, no other Hope Gu came to enter Fang Yuan’s body. He collected himself before feeling that the pressure before him was as thick as a wall, making further progress impossible.

The same as the first life, he smiled faintly at these results.

“No further?” the schoolhouse elder called from the shore, still holding onto his hopes.

Fang Yuan directly turned around and started walking, using his actions to answer for him. At this, the other youths reacted as well as commentary burst upon the crowd.

“What? Fang Yuan walked 27 steps?”

“So he was only a Grade C latent talent?!”

“Hard to believe, he was such a prodigy but only Grade C?”

A great disturbance had settled onto the crowd.

“Big brother…” Within the masses, Ancient Moon’s Fang Zheng raised his head in shock, surveying Fang Yuan as he came back across the river. He didn’t dare believe his eyes. His own brother was nothing more than a Grade C latent talent? He always thought that big brother would be around Grade A.

No, not just him. Even aunt and uncle, and many others in the clan, had held the same assumption. But the reality before him now proved otherwise!

“Abominable, just a Grade C!” Ancient Moon’s clan head silently clenched his fists as he took a deep breath. His words clearly betrayed his disappointment. The other elders watching from the shadows had mixed emotions. Some raised their eyebrows, some lowered their heads to exchange words, still others gave a long sigh as they raised their heads to the skies.

“Could there be a mistake somewhere?”

“How is that possible? This method is accurate without a doubt. Not to mention, we’ve been keeping watch the entire time, so cheating would be difficult.”

“But his behavior and actions from before, how do you explain those?”

“Youths with high latent talent for their Primordial Seas indeed perform extraordinarily when compared to normal people, in terms of things like intelligence, enlightenment, memory, strength or dexterity. But on the flip side, these traits can’t guarantee high latent talent. Everything has to follow what the measurements say instead.”

“Aye, the higher your hopes, the greater your disappointments. Ancient Moon gets worse and worse with each successive generation.”

… …

The cold river water completely soaked his stockings, the chill piercing to his very bones. Fang Yuan still remained expressionless as he drew closer and closer. He could clearly see the severe expression on the schoolhouse elder’s face as well as the sharp, incisive stares of hundreds of youths upon him. Some of these stares were surprised, others shocked, some looked sneering, or rejoiced at his misfortune, or felt at a loss, or were cold. It was as if he’d fallen from the top of the cloud-lapped peaks to the ground below. The higher he stood, the harder he fell.

But in this life, Fang Yuan’s heart was serene as he saw the same scenes again. He thought of the legend: when Predicaments came, give your heart to Hope.

This so-called Hope was now within his body. Although it was only a small amount of Hope, it was already much better than someone who have no cultivation talent at all. If others were disappointed by the fact, then let them be disappointed. So what?

What do their disappointments have to do with me? It’s more important to keep Hope in your own heart!

500 years of life experience allowed him to understand a logic: a person’s life was brilliant when they were chasing after their dreams. They didn’t need to ask for others’ likes or aspirations.

Walk your own path and let others feel as they will!

“Aye…” the schoolhouse elder gave a deep sigh, before calling out, “Next, Ancient Moon’s Fang Zheng.”

No one answered.

“Ancient Moon’s Fang Zheng!” the elder shouted loudly, his voice echoing in the cavern.

“Ah? I’m here, I’m here!” Fang Zheng broke out of his shock and ran forward, but unluckily tripped and fell. With a cry, he landed into the river. Immediately, laughter filled the air.

“So this is the extent of the Fang brothers,” the clan elder gave a cold snort. He was already fed up with Fang Zheng.

I’ve really made an embarrassment of myself! Fang Zheng thought as he struggled in the river. The bottom of the river was very slippery, making it impossible to stand up. His efforts to straighten up only made him seem even more stupid and clumsy. He could hear the sound of sharp laughter reach his ears, stirring his heart into unease.

Yet right at this moment, he suddenly felt something pulling him up until his head finally left the water. At last, he was able to regain his footing. He awkwardly wiped his face before seeing that it was Fang Yuan who had hauled him up by his shirt.

“Big bro…” he opened his mouth, but it only made him choke on water. Right away, he broke into a fit of coughing.

“Hahaha, the Fang family brothers are two of a kind!” someone jeered from ashore. The laughter grew even brighter, but the schoolhouse elder did nothing to stop it. He only furrowed his brows, his heart filled with disappointment.

Fang Zheng was at a loss for what to do, but heard his brother murmur by his ear, “Go on. The path to the future will be brilliant.”

Fang Zheng couldn’t help but widen his eyes. Right now, Fang Yuan’s back was facing everyone else, so no one could see him clearly. But Fang Zheng could feel his calmness and see how the edges of his lips turned up when he spoke to reveal a deep, thoughtful smile.

He’s only Grade C latent talent, but why’s big brother still so calm? Fang Zheng couldn’t help but feel uncertain. Fang Yuan said nothing more, but patted Fang Zheng’s back before turning to leave. Fang Zheng’s expression looked dumbfounded as he headed towards the sea of flowers.

I never expected big brother to be so serene. If it was me, then I’m afraid that… He lowered his head, unconsciously walking forward. Unknown to him, an exciting play was unfolding before his very eyes. By the time he recovered his senses, he was already deep within the field of flowers, at a place where no one else had ever reached before.

43 steps!

“Heavens, Grade A latent talent!” the classroom elder suddenly shouted.

“Grade A? It’s actually Grade A?”

“Three years and Ancient Moon’s finally produced a Grade A latent talent genius!”

The elders in the shadows cried out as well, completely ruining their own image.

“Un, the Fang line’s blood originally split off from our Chi family. This Fang Zheng really does resemble our Chi family’s bloodline,” Ancient Moon’s Chi Lian took the chance to announce out loud.

“How is that possible? Fiendish old Chi Lian, you might lack virtues and ability, but you’re certainly adept at leading the younger ones astray. Why not give this child to me, Ancient Moon’s Mo Chen, to raise?” Ancient Moon’s Mo Chen suddenly hollered, as sudden as a strike of lightning.

“None of you should fight over this child. No matter who raises him, there’s no better choice than the clan head himself. If anyone objects, they’ll be objecting against our Ancient Moon’s ancestor!” the clan elder’s eyes were fiery red, all of his previous disappointments gone in place of a frenzied excitement.


[1] jing, qi, shen (精气神) – also known as the Three Jewels in Daoism, each of which represents essence, vitality, and soul, respectively.

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