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Chapter 345: Last Supper (1)

Xueluo practically ran all the way into the Feng Family's living room.

In the living room, Feng Lixin was waiting on a wheelchair. In his hand he held the large white ceramic sundae she had given him.

At the restaurant, Nanny An was busy setting up a table, making it seem that the dinner tonight would be very sumptuous. A certain little girl was already drooling.

"Xueluo, you're back." Feng Lixin greeted her gently.

Although his words were still unclear, his elder brother's care and concern made Xueluo's heart warm.

Tonight was different from all of the nights Xueluo was in Feng Family.

In the past, she always lived a cautious life in the name of Feng Lixin's wife, but tonight, she could finally stay in Feng Family for a short while as Feng Xinglang's wife.

Regardless of whether Feng Xinglang accepted it or not, in his heart, recognized her as his wife, this man at least admitted it unwillingly.

Even if Feng Xinglang's wife could exist for a full second, Xueluo would still feel gratified in his heart.

"Big brother …"

Xueluo called out sweetly. She walked over and knelt beside Feng Lixin's wheelchair like she used to.

Such a height would cause Xueluo to look up at Feng Lixin with a hint of admiration.

And when Feng Lixin, who was sitting on his wheelchair, looked at Xueluo, he did not even need to raise his head, which made it even more comfortable.

"Mm, Big Brother sounds comfortable when you call him that. "Haha …"

From Xueluo's red eyes and the pure sweetness when she called him, it seemed like his hedonistic brother had already admitted to her that he was her 'husband'!

Actually, sometimes, women are really easy to satisfy.

For example, the Xueluo in front of him, was so kind that it made people's heart ache.

What she wanted, was perhaps just Feng Xinglang's caring words, a warm hug.

Xueluo bit her lips, feeling somewhat embarrassed. Then, he snatched the Great White Unruly from Feng Lixin's palm.

"You and your precious younger brother colluding together to deceive a weak girl like me is already not a gentleman anymore! And now you're even making fun of me... I will not take this big white! When you stop teasing me, I'll repay you! "

Xueluo's heart was heavy. She knew that the Feng Family's meal would be the last one.

But Xueluo did not show any signs of sadness, he only relaxed himself and continued to bicker with Feng Lixin.

She knew that Feng Lixin was a gentle and gentle gentleman. It would not be as unpredictable as Feng Xinglang's. One moment it was a god, another moment it was a devil!

"If you give me a present, it belongs to me. Why is there a need to take it back? "

Feng Lixin played along with the joyous atmosphere around him, not wanting to make tonight's dinner sad.

He knew that this day would come sooner or later.

It was impossible for Feng Xinglang to not avenge him; and the poisonous fish did not seem to want to let go of the two brothers.

Xueluo stuffed the big white porcelain back into Feng Lixin's hands and held it tightly with his own.

"Big Brother, quickly get better …" After you go to America for your skin transplant, I. I still have a present for you. "

Xueluo originally wanted to use the word 'pleasantly', but in the end, he changed his term to 'present'.

She wanted to tell Feng Lixin that she was pregnant. He was pregnant with his brother Feng Xinglang's child.

Maybe Feng Xinglang didn't care about the child that she, Lin Xueluo, was pregnant with, but Feng Lixin, who had always been trying to play matchmaker with Feng Xinglang, probably liked her as the successor of the Feng Family.

That way, Feng Lixin could be an uncle!

Even if she were to divorce Feng Xinglang, or be unable to live forever with him, the child in her stomach would still forever call him Uncle Feng Lixin.

Xueluo believed that Feng Lixin would definitely recognize the little nephew in her stomach.

"There's even a gift for me? That's great! I'm counting my days looking forward to your present! "

Feng Lixin joked.

Seeing that Xueluo and Feng Lixin were having fun talking, Feng Xinglang, who was left alone at the side, had a bad feeling about it.

"That's enough, don't kneel on the ground now. There's nothing for you to kneel on tonight."

Feng Xinglang's words carried a sense of unruliness. Ordinary people wouldn't be able to understand the underlying meaning.

Of course, kneeling on the floor was much more comfortable than kneeling on this carpet.

"Xinglang, when are you going to arrange a proper wedding for Xueluo?"

Feng Lixin had the intention to interrogate him.

Xueluo being married into the Feng Family was indeed a grievance, let alone a proper wedding, even being able to be brought into the Feng Family was something that was quietly completed.

Xueluo lowered his head in embarrassment.

A wedding? Xueluo didn't even dare to think about it.

She instinctively started to worry that Feng Xinglang would say something sarcastic.

Sure enough.

"Didn't Xia Zhengyang already ask for the money for this wedding ceremony? "What about the 200 million RMB gift …"

Feng Xinglang let out a long sigh, "Big brother, just how many eyes are there in your head for you to use two hundred million in gift money to return such a silly sweet?"

"Impudent!" Damn brat, why is Xueluo not worth 200 million as a gift? " Feng Lixin reprimanded Feng Xinglang gently.

"Good!" If you say it's worth it, it's worth it! "

Feng Xinglang said casually.

Regardless of whether it was worth it or not, she, Lin Xueluo, was merely an item that the two Feng Family brothers had their eyes on.

Feng Lixin seemed to have realized something as well. He felt that his way of thinking was about to be led into a ditch by Feng Xinglang.

"Xueluo is priceless in my eyes! It's simply impossible to measure with money! "

"Since it cannot be measured with money, then why did you make me pay Xia Zhengyang a gift of 200 million? How about I go and ask for it tomorrow? "

"Feng Xinglang, try raising more money with me."

Feng Lixin was furious, he instinctively raised his hand wanting to smash the thing in his hand onto Feng Xinglang, but when he realized that it was Xueluo who gifted him the Great White Unruly, he immediately put his hand down.

"If you don't bring it up, then don't bring it up. Why are you so angry? Feng Lixin, you are becoming more and more ungentleman! As for the Tenth Gongzi of Shen City, if you pretend to be warm like jade in front of others, you would dare to be fierce in front of your own little brother! "

Without knowing when, Feng Xinglang had gotten used to speaking nonsense in front of Feng Lixin.

Perhaps he was making up for all those years of Feng Lixin nagging at him.

When he was brought back to the Feng Family, Feng Xinglang didn't like to talk much; Feng Lixin once thought that he was a little mute.

Later, when he knew that Feng Xinglang could speak but was unwilling to, he would tease him everyday to talk.

He kept on talking in front of Feng Xinglang, continuously talking with only one goal in mind, to make Feng Xinglang open his mouth to accompany him and talk more.

"Kid, go to the side and cool off!"

Feng Lixin no longer bothered with the pestering Feng Xinglang, but spoke to Xueluo who was half-squatting and half-kneeling on the carpet:

"Xueluo, ignore Xinglang, let's see where he can stay! Let's go to dinner. Nanny An has made a lot of things that you like to eat. "

Xueluo immediately crawled up from the carpet, because he wanted to avoid being pushed by the middle, Xueluo's posture was a bit awkward.

He looked a little clumsy.

Feng Xinglang grabbed with his long arm, easily lifting her up.

"200 million!" "You want a face without a face, a body without a body, and you can't even get into an elegant position. You're as clumsy as a penguin."

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