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When he opened his Azure Dragon War God's clothes, the three of them seemed to have evolved and mutated.

The auras radiating from the three of them were exceptionally different. They carried the aura of dragons and the domineering aura of killing intent. The two powers intertwined together to form a visible green halo.

It was as if they were wearing divine treasures.

Azure Dragon War God's Robe.

The materials for the sword of wargod, the infusion of the green dragon's power, and the fusion of the system's secret technique, making technique.

In the past, the power of the battle uniform was very simple, it was either a defensive type or an offensive type. Right now, the Azure Dragon War God's clothes are different, its power, speed, and defense are all perfectly combined together.

He could both do the output and carry the tank.

Chu Qing, qin shuang, and Zheng Yuanhang were all stunned when the Battle God's Robe appeared on their bodies.


"Brother Long, what are you wearing?"

"Isn't this too cool?"


"Is your armor a divine treasure? One is three. My god, it is even more powerful than the Flowing Immortal Golden Silk Armor worn by the fatry sect's Disciples of Secret Sect s. "

"Awesome, too handsome."

There was a secret organization in the fatry sect that only the most elite people could enter. It was called the Secret Sect.

Only the Disciples of Secret Sect would have the qualifications to obtain the Flowing Immortal Gold Silk Armour. This kind of armor's defense, strength, could all be said to be at the top of the immortal stage's divine treasures.

Even the divine treasures on the Elder of Inner House s could not compare to it.

However …

However, the Azure Dragon War God's Robe on Long Fei's body was not inferior in any way.

Long Fei grinned and said: "When I have time next time, I'll help you guys with a few things."

Zheng Yuanhang's eyes flashed, and he said: "Brother Long Fei, you're the one who said that, I'm serious now."

Chu Qing also said, "I want it too."

qin shuang bit his lips. Although he didn't want to owe Long Fei any more, but … The temptation of the Battle God's Robe was too great. He couldn't help but say, "Give me one too."

Long Fei said straightforwardly: "No problem, but … That is, if we can escape from here. "

There were simply too many magical beasts around.

Even if Long Fei and the others had War God's Robe, it would not be easy for them to rush out of the Demon Beast Formation.

Seven people against a thousand magical beasts.

This was not a normal difficulty.

qin shuang clenched his fists, "I will definitely rush out."

Chu Qing also innocently said: "I believe that elder Xiang will also quickly rush over."

Long Fei laughed.


With his cultivation level, he never expected that with the sound of the god's holy state's distress signal, it would arrive in less than half a minute. It had already been a few minutes and there was still no sound, which showed that the so called elder Xiang did not have any intentions of saving them.

Long Fei did not hold any hope.

He glanced at Lan Mei and tan dapao and asked: "Are you ready?"

Lan Mei and tan dapao nodded heavily.

Long Fei looked at the incoming beasts and shouted, "Kill!"

"Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!"

Three voices shot out like a trident.


A light dragon's roar exploded in the air as the power of the Azure Dragon War God's Robe completely exploded outwards. Long Fei was like a madman that did not care about his life, as he charged into the midst of the magical beasts and started to madly trample on them.


Although it looked like Long Fei and the others were surrounded, they felt like this group of beasts were being ruthlessly trampled on by Long Fei and the others.

Quite the opposite.

qin shuang and the others were all dumbfounded.

"You can do this?"

"Holy sh * t!"

"My previous 3,670 combat experience seems to be fake."

The three of them watched in a daze, they had never seen Long Fei's way of fighting before.

"What are you waiting for?"

"Follow our footsteps and quickly charge out of the valley." With a loud sound, the wings of Long Fei's War God Shirt on his back moved, and he flew into the air, striking a magical beast hard.


The head of that magical beast exploded.

At the same time.

The other beast swept its front claws fiercely, slapping Long Fei on his back.


The claw broke and a claw mark appeared on the Azure Dragon War God's clothes. Although Long Fei wasn't heavily injured, his entire body was smacked down from the sky.


A light sound.

At this moment.

The Azure Dragon War God's Robe on su su's body was also released. She seemed to have turned into a fairy and with a flash, covered Long Fei directly.

They couldn't see it, but the consumption of health point above Long Fei's head instantly increased.

This cure... Invincible!

The three stared blankly.

"Ancient secret cure?"

"He actually reached such a level. His injuries were healed in an instant. This is unbelievable."

"These four …"

"Why do I feel that their cultivation is not high, but they are much stronger than us?" I have a feeling that I'm very weak. " Zheng Yuanhang muttered.

This was too much of a blow.

qin shuang and Chu Qing had the same feeling.

At the same time.

They understood one thing in their hearts, that after this assessment, no one would ever call East Imperial City a piece of trash again.

Long Fei was proving this.


The three of them believed that Long Fei would definitely be able to do it.

qin shuang reacted and immediately said: "Let's go!"

The four of them quickly chased after him.

… ….

"It seems like you don't get what you want." Holy Maiden looked at the ancient devil tree and said indifferently.

The surrounding corpses were quickly being absorbed by the ancient devil tree, but... She also felt that the ancient devil tree's power was being consumed in a large amount of energy.

In other words …

The magical beasts he summoned were constantly dying.

They were being obstructed.

The ancient devil tree sneered, and said: "Although there are obstructions, the result will not change. In the end, everyone here will die."

"Same thing."

"Including you!"

The Holy Maiden replied, "You are underestimating the fatry sect. Since we dared to come here, we must have made some preparations. I advise you to give up, this is the only way for you to survive."

"Give up?"

"Hahaha …"

"I never give up the word in my world." The ancient devil tree laughed out wildly. This was what his former master had said.

He would always remember this.

Following that …

The ancient devil tree said indifferently: "Don't be anxious, I have even more powerful people."

"In addition!"

"Let me remind you, from the beginning to the end, your fatry sect's elder did not make a move. It was only a few youths who blocked them, so no matter how strong this group of people are, they wouldn't be able to hold on for long."


The strength from the ancient devil tree surged again.

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

Previous Chapter Next Chapter "Boom!"

The two enormous roots broke through the shackles.


It was a fully armored, magical beast covered in immortal light. The ancient devil tree sneered, "Go, kill him for me!"

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