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Yale waited in silence while Revgen seemed immersed in his memories. Although Yale had remembered some of his memories related to Revgen, those were just miscellaneous and didn't tell him too much about how he lived his youth despite remembering the time when both were young. Such fragmented memories were truly a pain; he could remember some parts but not all.
"Sorry, I got distracted. As I was saying, your father brought me to this world as his disciple. He also gave me a Fake Origin Path, and I started practicing thanks to it. There were people of a lot of different worlds coming over this world, but your father wasn't too fond of picking disciples, so I was the only one who had such luck."
In fact, Revgen only obtained a Fake Origin Path and had been chosen as a disciple of Yale's past life's father because he was a bit younger than Yale's past life and had no other place to go. The world creator saw that he had some talent and that he could turn into a good friend for his son.
If it weren't because Yale's past life father was feeling guilty for being unable to spend time with his son, even a talented kid like Revgen would have been ignored by him, needless to say, that he would have never asked Revgen to become his disciple.
Yale would have never guessed that his father in his previous life was that powerful to have been able to create a world for his son. Strictly speaking, for a reincarnated expert, the first family they had was the true one, while the others were just there for the sake of convenience to reincarnate.
Thus, even after reincarnation, his father in his previous life could still be called his father and the same applied to Lar and her father in her previous life.
"Thank you. It is shameful to have forgotten my father..."
Yale was truly regretful of having forgotten him, even if his past life's father didn't spend too much time with him, just creating a world for commemorating his birth showed that he was much better than the father he had in the Roanmad Clan.
"You can continue with the story about my Origin Path."
Revgen nodded after hearing Yale. He understood the reasons for Yale interrupting him before because it was natural that he had been interested in knowing more about his father.
"You shouldn't have had any problem in obtaining the Origin Path, but you had been followed, and you fell into a trap. At that time, you could have defended yourself and avoided the dissipation of your soul, but you disregarded everything to obtain the Origin Path. If you have defended yourself at that moment, the Origin Path would have been stolen by the other party."
Yale was shocked that he had been so decisive in risking his life to obtain the Origin Path. Moreover, soul dissipation is true death, without the special methods he had utilized he would have died completely.
"You were deadly wounded, but you obtained the Origin Path, and there was no way for the other party to retrieve it even if you died. However, you continued being attacked for a long time before managing to return to this world. People who are considered an enemy of your father can't even locate this world, so the danger disappeared when you managed to return here."

That was pretty usual when a world belonged to a living expert. Moreover, even if they could find and enter that world, the enemies of the world creator wouldn't want to enter a world belonging to the enemy because the power of a world creator in his own world was unsurpassable.
Although world creators usually didn't reside in their own worlds and liked wandering, if for any reason the world creator appeared, all the intruders would be wiped out without effort.
However, there were always loopholes because there is no way a world creator knew everyone related to his enemies, so it was still possible to send some small fries to do the dirty job. In any case for people of that level of power, the lives of those small fries didn't matter.
"Those invaders back then had been instigated by the enemies of your father, and probably this True Empire have a similar origin, they are all just pawns for the true masterminds, but we can't let them act as they please just because of that."
Yale nodded. It didn't matter if they were pawns and there was some mastermind behind, they felt pleasure when torturing the people of their world and wanted to enslave everyone. Thus, Yale couldn't forgive them.
"Are they attacking our world just because my father created it? Maybe they want to steal the Fake Origin Paths in this world?"
Revgen sighed when he heard Yale.
"A Fake Origin Path can't be stolen. However, it can be given to someone else in exchange for losing it. Once you have lost your Fake Origin Path you can't train anymore and advancing turns impossible; even your strength would slowly diminish. Moreover, as far as I know, after losing a Fake Origin Path, it is impossible training any other path or obtaining a new Fake Origin Path. Fortunately, that last problem with the paths can be solved reincarnating."
At that moment, Yale understood an important point related to the True Empire.
"They wanted to enslave the whole world. Doing that they would be able to order everyone to give the Fake Origin Paths to them, right?"
Revgen nodded to Yale's words; he had reached the same conclusion.
"Indeed. The Fake Origin Path can't be stolen and will disappear forever after soul dissipation, but if the one with the Fake Origin Path is enslaved and ordered to give the Fake Origin path to someone, there is no way to avoid it."
Yale still didn't know too much about the Fake Origin Path, but since it was second only to the Origin Path, it was understandable the allure it had to others.
"How many people have a Fake Origin Path in our world?"
That was an important point because those people were the first ones that needed protection.
"I don't know how many in the world, but I know of two people, including myself. The other one is also in this dimension, a little girl with wolf ears."
Yale was shocked when he heard those words because even a fool would have known that he was speaking about Wyba, there were no other little girls with wolf ears around.
"That is my little sister, Wyba, but how... Wait, I also had a Fake Origin Path, but since I am using the real Origin Path, maybe I gave the Fake Origin Path unconsciously to Wyba?"
When Yale thought that he had understood the truth, Revgen shook his head.
"That isn't the Fake Origin Path that you used to have. You gave that Fake Origin Path to your legacy disciple before going to reincarnation; that is why I was so sure about him telling the truth about being your legacy disciple."
Yale's legacy disciple wasn't in the same world as Revgen, and he only visited him once, so he didn't count him as someone with the Fake Origin Path when Yale asked.
"Then, how did she obtain it?"
Yale wasn't able to understand how Wyba obtained such a powerful path because she had been together with him almost since she was born. Moreover, she was just a normal Frost Wolf at the start.
"A wielder of the real Origin Path can create Fake Origin Paths, the one she has is undoubtedly created by you. The difference is obvious because a Fake Origin path is restricted by the level of its creator. She couldn't surpass your level no matter how hard she tried right?"
Yale nodded his head, that was indeed the case. Moreover, even the system tagged her as an Origin Beast, but he always thought that it was because he influenced her and not due to a Fake Origin Path.
"In addition, I can say that Wyba is probably is a divine beast and formed a soul contract with you when she was little. I don't know a lot about creating a Fake Origin Path, but my master told me that when a beast willingly forms a contract with someone who possesses an Origin path, there is a chance of a Fake Origin Path being created for that beast. Those beasts are usually known as Origin Beasts."
Yale was shocked by that revelation, but in fact, that wasn't that far from his thoughts about Wyba turning into an Origin Beast. He always thought that his Origin Qi made Wyba turn into an Origin Beast when she formed a contract with him, and the truth was that what turned her into an Origin Beast was the Fake Origin Path which was originated from his Origin Path when she formed the contract with him.

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