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Yale didn't know what kind of modifications made Ronragruk for the traditions, but he felt that it couldn't be more boring and repetitive than the ones that the Dragon Race was showing at that moment.
"Just wait and see."
At that moment, Ronragruk changed again to his dragon form and left to the place where all the others were. Yale just followed him.
All the members of the Dragon Race stopped when they saw Ronragruk, and the members of Yale's group were shocked by seeing the huge dragon.
"Everyone! Let's start with the most important part of the tradition, the show of talents!"
All the members of the tribe seemed excited when hearing Ronragruk speak about that, but Yale's group was clueless about it. Moreover, only Yale knew that it was just a fake tradition invented by Ronragruk, but given how old Ronragruk was, it could really be called tradition at that moment.
"First, let's explain it for our guests. This is one of the major traditional events on our tribe. Everyone has the chance to show their talents, and the one considered the best after finishing all the exhibitions would be able to request one thing from me, the great Ronragruk. Of course, I am also participating."
The chance of requesting something to a Law Master like Ronragruk was indeed valuable, so Yale guessed that even in the past when it should have been easy to notice that Ronragruk was inventing the tradition, no one objected it and just agreed to Ronragruk's idea.
Of course, in case that Ronragruk won, no one would obtain the request, and about ninety percent of the times the show of talents happened, the winner had been Ronragruk.
Yale's eyes lighted when he heard about that request because he had something to ask Ronragruk, but he felt that asking for a favor to someone he just met wasn't too polite. Especially given that the other party was a Law Master who was treating them already very well.
"I will be the first as usual. If no one feels like having the possibility of surpassing me, there is no need of wasting time."
After all, that was an event that Ronragruk created to amuse himself, and he didn't want to lose time seeing mediocre performances of others or seeing the same failures each time would have turned the event into something too boring.
"Today I will show you all another of the ancestral forms of dragon dance!"
When Yale heard Ronragruk say those words, he was sure that Ronragruk had just finished inventing that dragon dance and had nothing of ancestral.
However, Yale didn't say anything, and just sat while the music started, and Ronragruk started his performance.
The dance of Ronragruk was weird enough to leave everyone dumbfounded. It had nothing of traditional and ancestral, but it was still quite interesting since they hadn't seen anything like that before.
Although Ronragruk had shrunk his size to five meters, seeing a five-meter dragon moving weirdly while he walked backward despite seeming to walk onwards was still something that caught everyone's attention.

Moreover, the dance was accompanied by fire and sparks of lightning emanating from Ronragruk's body, which created a beautiful effect reflected on his scales.
When he finished, no one could say a word about it, and no one dared to try to do it. After all, despite being weird, it still had some charm, and the members of the Dragon Race didn't dare to comment about ancestral dragon dances.
As for Yale's group, they didn't understand about dances at all, but they felt that Ronragruk had more talent as a dancer than as a fearsome dragon. In fact, all their fear towards Ronragruk disappeared after seeing him dancing.
"What do you think? Anyone wants to try to surpass it?"
No one replied to that question, which was usually the meaning for Ronragruk winning by default. Unless the members of the Dragon Race had confidence in winning, they wouldn't dare to embarrass themselves in front of Ronragruk.
"No one? How about my friend, the Demon Lord?"
Ronragruk felt that it was a pity if no one of Yale's group acted since they were the guests. After all, the guests weren't in the tribe permanently like the others, so even if they weren't very good, at least Ronragruk felt that they should be able to show something interesting.
Yale originally planned to do something, but he didn't feel that his show of swordsmanship that he had planned had more impact than Ronragruk's dance.
"My skills can't compare with yours, but if you ask me to give it a try, I will embarrass myself."
Yale wasn't trying to be modest because he really didn't feel that his swordsmanship exhibition could win against that dance.
"Lar, come."
Although Yale knew that he couldn't win, at least he wanted to improve his original idea, and he could show better his abilities while sparring against someone compared with just attacking the air.
Yale could have also asked Swordmad, but Yale knew that Swordmad didn't like being on the spotlight in that kind of social events, so he didn't even ask him for help even if it was possible that Swordmad agreed to help Yale.
After all, there wasn't too much influence about who was Yale's opponent for the sparring, and even if they lose in showing talents, Yale could still think another method to ask Ronragruk for help.
Of course, Lar was delighted when she heard Yale asking her help because she understood that he wanted to spar and Lar loved sparring with Yale, no matter the situation.
Yale and Lar started to spar with their swords in the same area when Ronragruk had danced moments before.
Although most of the members of the Dragon Race weren't too knowledgeable about swordsmanship, those with enough power could feel that the swordsmanship of Yale and law were extremely profound despite not using the Sword Law and seeming quite useless at first sight.
"Oh, this is better than I expected, but they can't compare with my dragon dance."
Ronragruk was able to appreciate the profoundness of the styles of swordsmanship that Yale and Lar were showing, but he still didn't feel that it was more impressive than his dance.
"The user upgraded the Passive Skill [Sword Mastery] to Sage Level 2."
Yale smiled when he heard that notification. He wanted only to show off his swordsmanship, but he never expected to improve his Sword Mastery on the process.
However, that wasn't truly surprising because Yale was already at the Grandmaster Rank, so his limit in Sword mastery had increased, and that was the first time he practiced with the sword after advancing.
"I can't waste this chance, I am sorry for Lar, but I need to turn a bit serious."
After thinking those words, Yale's swordsmanship changed and turned more aggressive than before when he was just delaying the battle on purpose with his casual sword style.
After doing that, the notifications continued to appear in his mind, but he felt that something was wrong after some time when his Sword Mastery just reached the last level of the Sage Stage.
"The user upgraded the Passive Skill [Sword Mastery] to Sage Level 9. To continue improving a huge pressure is needed. Recommended opponent's strength: Law Master."
Given Yale's bloodline and the fact he was fused with the Condensed Sword Essence, since the moment Sword Mastery started to increase it was to be expected that Yale would reach the last level of the Sage Stage in a short time while sparring against Lar who also had a profound swordsmanship.
However, that was the first time that the Last Wish System informed Yale about the condition for the turning point, so that surprised Yale quite a bit.
"Ronragruk change with Lar. Only against someone as strong as you, I can show off all my abilities without fear of hurting my opponent."
Yale was exaggerating since as long as it was just swordsmanship using one sword, Swordmad would have also let him battle without restraints, but Yale wanted to use Ronragruk to make a breakthrough. Moreover, he knew that against Lar and Swordmad he might restrain his power unconsciously.
Lar felt a bit bad when Yale asked to change opponents, but she was already feeling overwhelmed against Yale's swordsmanship and knew that Yale couldn't exert all his strength against her.
Yale was convinced that Ronragruk would agree to the battle because he seemed the kind of person who liked to be in the spotlight.
"Sure! Let's battle in the sky. I don't want the tribe to be damaged."
Ronragruk flapped his wings and started to fly, and Yale did the same after showing off his own wings.
"Thank you."
After thanking Ronragruk, Yale attacked without restraints. After all, divine beasts had defenses far stronger than humans, so Yale didn't need to worry about harming Ronragruk because the difficult thing would be hurting him.
That battle was being carefully observed by everyone in the tribe, including the members of Yale's group, but they weren't the only ones since the woman who ordered the sea monster to attack was also observing through her Spiritual Sense.
"That sea monster failed to attack, but in the end, that guy found an even stronger opponent, maybe my opinion of him was wrong... Well, he is still too weak, and that is what matters the most."
The woman thought about that while eating a barbecue with her sister and her sister's boyfriend.

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