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Chapter 13: Provocative and Dirty

Faced with criticism from the others, Gu Feiyan was puzzled.

The original owner could not be any more low-key in the pharmacy. Not only did she not provoke anyone, she even tolerated and accepted it patiently.

What happened today?

She did not have time to pay attention to them and quickly rushed to the “Delivery Office” to report back.

The imperial pharmacy is composed of five offices: storehouse, pharmacy, dispensary, firehouse and delivery office. A medicine purchase enters the storehouse and after being selected by the medicine slave, takes out the best part and sends it into the storehouse. It can be used in the pharmacy to make medicinal pills and medicinal powders, or it can also be used in the dispensary to make medicinal packets according to the imperial physician’s formula, or it can be used in the firehouse to boil before sent out by the delivery office.

In these five offices, the medicine slaves do a lot of manual labor, while the medicine girl was assisting the pharmacists, giving them the opportunity to learn. The original owner had just been promoted from a medicine slave to a medicine girl, so she had not been assigned to any pharmacist. Therefore, all the pharmacist in the rooms could send her.

Gu Feiyan was eighty percent sure that the medicine package and prescription had been switched in the delivery office, but she didn’t pursue the matter any further. She had already reminded Imperial Physician Su of this matter, so she might as well see the reaction of Imperial Physician Su and Cheng Yifei.

She wanted to walk around and find out more about the institution that controlled the medication in the Inner Court, but when she arrived in the courtyard, she saw a few medicine girls gathered together and chatting.

“Did you see the Brigadier General's wife, who just came back?”

“Brigadier General's wife? That’s not right? It should be the young general's wife. ”

“No mistake, it’s a Brigadier general’s wife. General Cheng is a general after all.”

“What? What? Wasn’t she Young General Qi’s fiancee? What happened to General Cheng? ”

What was this?

Gu Feiyan was bent over as she approached quietly. After listening for a while, she felt that she was in a bad mood!

No wonder so many people were pointing fingers at her along the way. There was a rumor that she had escaped under the sword of an assassin and was said to have been in love with Cheng Yifei for a long time. In order to save his life, she would rather die than to hand over the medicine. She had fed Cheng Yifei the medicine, and it was said that she had taken the opportunity to throw herself into his arms. Cheng Yifei was obviously unconscious, but was said that he actually looked at her and purposely drank the medicine while lying in her arms …

To sum up, she was a woman of loose morals, shameless, seduced Cheng Yifei, and Cheng Yifei had humiliated Qi Yu by refusing to resist Gu Feiyan's seduction.

Oh boy!

The first problem was barely solved, now another problem had come!

One of the traps had just been kicked off, yet another one was thrown over so quickly.

Other than Old Eunuch Wu, who else would leak the news about how she fed the medicine? The rumors came about so quickly that its source was undoubtedly the person who forged the prescription. This kind of rumor not only humiliated the Qi Family, but also the Cheng Family. The culprit was obviously making use of this opportunity to provoke both Qi and Cheng Family, inciting a conflict.

Who was the person behind the scenes? Using her, again and again, was really stepping on her neck and hitting her skull. He was going too far!

Gu Feiyan was really angry!

She immediately changed her mind. She wouldn’t wait for Cheng Yifei and decided to secretly investigate. Just as she was about to return to the delivery office, she heard an angry female voice from behind her. “Gu Feiyan, you dare to come back!”

A medicine girl rushed over, pointed at her nose and cursed, “Gu Feiyan, you hid it well! As the fiancée of General Qi, you actually went to the Cheng Family’s military camp to feed him medicine and threw yourself into his arms!"

This medicine girl’s name was Wen Yurou, and she came from a family of pharmacists with a high level of knowledge. She entered the imperial pharmacy three months ago. Other people would have to start as medicine slaves or participate in the medicine girl’s selection test, while she came directly in. It was said that she was waiting for the chance to be promoted to become a pharmacist.

None of this was important. What was important was her fanatical admirer of Cheng Yifei. Not to mention the Imperial Pharmacy, even the people inside and outside the palace knew of this matter. Because Cheng Yifei and Qi Yu had enmity with each other, and the original owner held the title of Qi Yu's fiancée, she had humiliated and made things difficult for the original owner in the past three months.

Gu Feiyan lowered her head to look at Wen Yurou’s finger which was pointed at her nose. In her fury, a brilliant plan came to mind.

She said coldly. “Take your hand away, or I won’t be polite!”

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