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Chapter 776 - Four Great Lord s

Tang Huan turned a deaf ear to the jeers and ridicule coming from the Eagle Clan.

He clearly understood why these people from the Eagle Clan would suddenly appear at this time. Although he had changed back to his real name, he was still about Chen Huan, and it was not a secret. There must be a spy from the Eagle Clan s in the Wind Howling City s. It would be easy for them to find out about this situation.

Back then, he had used his Rank Two True Spirit's cultivation to heavily injure the Rank Four True Spirit's Ying Yu, and caused it to leave only one "True Spirit" behind to escape. Now that he was going to represent the Tiger Clan, he was sure that the Eagle Clan would want to test him before making a move and see what kind of strength he had.

If he could not hold back and attack, wouldn't that mean that he was harming the Eagle Clan?

In a blink of an eye, Tang Huan intentionally or unintentionally looked at the group of people to his right. He could vaguely sense that there was a pair of eyes watching him. There were not a thousand Cultivators watching him, but there were at least eight hundred. However, the look in his eyes made him feel somewhat uncomfortable.

If he was not mistaken, that person was definitely a Eagle Clan Ranker, and his strength should not be any weaker than Tiger Clan Hu Lie.

Of course, that person's concealing techniques were extremely extraordinary. If not for the fact that Tang Huan had undergone a month of tempering and tempering, he might not have been able to detect it.

"Did that brat discover me?"

In the group of people on the right, a short old man frowned slightly and muttered with a voice that he could only hear. He then laughed hoarsely and shook his head, "Impossible! Separated by such a long distance, with this old man's method of concealing his presence, forget about a little fellow from the Peak Rank Three True Spirit, even that old fellow Hu Lie might not be able to detect this old man's existence. "

"Bullsh * t!"

In the center of the arena, a thunderous roar suddenly exploded above the arena. Hu Xuan's eyes were wide open, like an enraged ancient beast, as a berserk aura surged out from his body.

Although Tang Huan did not care, but the rest of the Tiger Clan cultivators who were about to fight, were unable to hold back. All of their faces were black, and they were extremely furious, just that, the anger of Hu Xuan and the rest were directed at Eagle Clan Cultivators, while the anger of Hu Yan and the rest were mostly directed at Tang Huan.

and the others were extremely dissatisfied with the current situation.

In their minds, although Eagle Clan and the rest weren't good people, their origins were still with Tang Huan. Sending him out to fight was indeed the intention of the higher ups of the Tiger Clan, but if he knew his own limits, he should give up. If that was the case, the other three clans wouldn't have laughed at him.

"Yo, isn't this Hu Xuan?"

The hawk-nosed man rolled his eyes, his face full of mockery. Could it be that what we said is true, that this Rank Three True Spirit guy is really your Tiger Clan's trump card? Tsk tsk, I really want to see the power of your Tiger Clan's trump card. "

At the end, the hook nose laughed recklessly.

A tramp like you, is actually worthy to experience the power of Brother Tang Huan?

Hu Xuan was even more infuriated, her bell-like eyes bulged, and she raised her leg to take a step forward. Seeing that, Tang Huan's arm reflexively reached out to grab Hu Xuan.

"Step down!"

But just at this time, a low shout came out, following that, a tall figure appeared on the left side of the stage. His hair was all white and his body was extremely tall and sturdy, it was Tiger Clan Hu Lie.

Hearing that voice, Hu Xuan was like a mouse that saw a cat. He quivered and immediately calmed down, and his right leg also returned to its original position.

"This little friend from the Eagle Clan, you are right. Tang Huan is indeed the trump card our Tiger Clan is preparing to use."

Hu Lie took big steps as though he was flying, in the next moment, he was already at the center of the stage. His gaze fell upon the hawk-nosed man, but not only was he not angry, he spoke in all seriousness.

Seeing that the Tiger Clan said that, not only were the cultivators of Eagle Clan, Dragon Clan and Snake Clan looked at each other in shock, even Hu Xuan and the others looked at each other in dismay. They did not know whether Hu Lie was joking or telling the truth. Surrounding the arena, the crowd was even discussing animatedly, and for a moment, the crowd was in an uproar.

"Big Brother Hu (Tiger) sure knows how to joke around."

A laugh was suddenly heard.

The one who spoke was a middle-aged man wearing a black robe. He was tall and thin, with thick and long eyebrows that flew into his hair. He appeared right at where the Eagle Clan Cultivators s were gathering. He moved like a falcon, his speed was extremely fast, and just as he finished speaking, he had already appeared by Hu Lie's side.

"Eagle Clan, Lord, Ying Feichen?"

"I thought he was an old man, but I didn't expect him to look so young."

"Rumor has it that Eagle Clan has been cultivating in seclusion for many years, I wonder how his cultivation is now?"


From the edges of the arena, faint murmurs could be heard.

Hu Lie and Ying Feichen did not appear alone. When they showed up, strong warriors from their clans followed them out. The ones from the Tiger Clan were the strong man, elderly, middle-aged woman and that Tang Huan had met before outside the Wind God Valley. On the Eagle Clan's side, there were also four people.

Almost at the same time, several people flashed out from the north and south sides of the arena. In a short moment, another two figures appeared beside Hu Lie.

To the left of Hu Lie was a golden-robed elderly man. He was not tall, was of medium height, had creamy brows and white hair, and a ruddy complexion, and he gave off a very elegant vibe. On the two sides of his forehead, there were two sarcomlike bulges.

Standing beside Ying Feichen, was a red-clothed female.

The woman looked extremely young, around eighteen or nineteen years old. She wore a tight red robe, completely contrasting the graceful curves of her body. Her two legs were slender, her waist was slender, her butt was perky, and her breasts were full.

Her appearance was also extremely beautiful. On her small, exquisite oval face, there was a pair of large and bright eyes that looked watery. It combined with her smooth, silky white skin that seemed like it could be blown away at any time, making people unable to forget about her.

"Dragon Clan, Lord, Long Xinquan!"

"Snake Clan, Lord, Qian Yu!"

Tang Huan squinted as the names of the two people flashed past his mind. Although he had never seen Dragon Clan and their Lord before, he had heard Hu Xuan describe their appearances on the way here. At the moment, when the two of them appeared, they stood together with Hu Lie and Ying Feichen, even an idiot would be able to guess their identity.

Long Xinquan, Qian Yu, the Lord of the two great tribes, one looked kind and gentle, the other looked weak and weak, but the extremely minute fluctuations that was being emitted from their bodies showed that their strength was deep and unfathomable. At least, they were not weaker than Hu Lie and Ying Feichen.

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