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These Dragon Demons came prepared, and it was not only the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable that was powerful, there were also other Dragon Demons who were extremely terrifying, if not the Dragon Devil Dead Land would not have suffered so much at that time. From the looks of it, humans had lost that battle back then.

Many powerful ancestors of the human race had died, and the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable was only sealed. Right now, the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable had already broken through the seal and was nurturing a large number of powerful Dragon Demons.

No one could sense the aura of the Dragon Demon but they all thought that Chen Xiang was lying to them.

However, what happened next was that they believed it. Indeed, a large group of people suddenly appeared. These people all had a black Dragon Head Staff in their hands.

"Could it be that this was brought here by Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable when he came here earlier? How exactly did Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable and the rest come here? Transmission array has always been our … " The Great Elder suddenly understood.

Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable and the rest had occupied the Transmission array for a period of time, and during that period of time, the Transmission array had been enveloped by a dense amount of Dragon magic poison.

It was very likely that Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable and the group of Dragon Demons had teleported here during that period of time, and were waiting for the Heaven and Earth Door to open.

"How strong are these guys?" Chen Xiang asked. At this time, the number of Dragon Demons that appeared increased to a hundred thousand. They all looked like humans.

[Previous Chapter] [Table of Contents] The novel ybdu. Just like the Evil Soul, they could take over a human's body and memories. At this moment, everyone could see the successful Dragon Demons that possessed their bodies, although they had a human's body, but they also had a Dragon Demon's body and Evil Soul inside them.

"The power of the Dragon Demons are all very strong, especially the most powerful ones!" Bat Super Venerable said: "We have too few people on our side, we are not their match!"

Chen Xiang's side only had more than two thousand people, but the number of Dragon Demons on their side was as high as a hundred thousand!

"Can we really not beat them?" Chen Xiang had already discovered a few Late period of Tai Zun realm Dragon Demons, there were many with this cultivation. Among the one hundred thousand Dragon Demons, there were a few hundred late stage Supreme Dragon Demons!

This power was not something that Chen Xiang and his two thousand men could withstand!

"We can't escape, let's enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum. At least there are five powerful ancestors inside." An elder shouted, "Now, we can only enter the Myriad Tao Mausoleum."

The Myriad Tao Mausoleum's Gate of Heaven and Earth was wide open, there were no Dragon Demons in that direction, and there were also Dragon Demons that covered the sky and the earth from all other directions.

"Hurry up and enter the Gate of Heaven and Earth, otherwise it'll be too late!" A Great Elder suddenly made a decision and shouted as he rushed towards the Heaven and Earth Gate.

If they were to hesitate any longer, the Dragon Demons would surround them and lead them in every direction!

When everyone saw that large group of Dragon Demons, they had already lost all will to fight. The difference in strength was too great. No matter how hard they fought, it would still be difficult to beat them.

"The past few years after the Dragon Devil Emperor Venerable was sealed, you have become much smarter!" Lin Jitian laughed, he was not afraid at all.

"I don't know how it is inside the Myriad Tao Mausoleum now. It won't be as safe as it was in the past." Bat Super Venerable said, "Don't be so optimistic."

The group ran very fast, and soon they entered the Heaven and Earth door. When they got close, they could see that there was a large amount of black fog inside the Heaven and Earth door.

It was this black fog that covered everything in it.

"Everyone, be careful. The Myriad Tao Mausoleum might not be as safe as it was in the past. When you go in, you must definitely be with your own team." an old man shouted. Everyone had already arrived in front of the black fog.

Many people had already dove head first into the black mist. Chen Xiang, Lin Jitian and the Bat Super Venerable looked at each other for a moment, then rushed in as well.

"There are a large number of Evil Soul s, be careful!" This was Chen Xiang's voice. He was the most sensitive to Evil Soul, so the moment he entered the black mist, he could immediately feel it.

Everyone quickly passed through the black fog and arrived at a very spacious stone room. The stone room was lit up by a dim light, upon closer inspection, they could see that there were many Night Light Stones at the top of the stone room, but they were all hidden by the dark Evil Soul.

Chen Xiang counted the times and everyone smoothly came in, no one was in danger within the black fog. And recently, many late stage Overlord elders all set up enchantments, and then used their abilities to kill all the Evil Soul s inside. It took less than an hour for dozens of Overlords to take action together to solve the problem.

When people were puzzled, the Dragon Demons outside didn't come in!

"Those Dragon Demons didn't come in. What's going on?" Chen Xiang was very suspicious. Many people had the same idea, and some of them already walked towards the back. After trying it out, they realized that they could still go out.

"The Dragon Demons haven't come in yet. They've already sealed off our escape route." An old man came in and said.

"What exactly are these Dragon Demons doing? Do we have to be trapped here? Myriad Tao Mausoleum is so weird, it wasn't like this the last time we came in! " A middle-aged man surveyed his surroundings. This extremely spacious stone room had already become very bright, as though it was day.

The stone room was empty. There was nothing inside, and there was no door. He didn't know how to proceed.

"How did you come in before?" Chen Xiang asked. He used the Dao heart Eye to look around, but didn't find anything else.

"When we came in before, there were many tunnels, and every tunnel was very wide. There were many doors on both sides of the tunnel, and those doors were tomb chambers with many things hidden inside. "In short, there are many tunnels."

Just as the man finished speaking, he suddenly heard a rumbling sound. The stone chamber began to shake, and then two wide tunnels appeared. There were only two tunnels on the stone wall, unlike what the man had said earlier, there were many more!

However, these two tunnels were very wide, allowing more than ten people to walk side by side. The two tunnels also had many branches and stone rooms.

"Yes, yes, that's it." That person shouted in shock, "Why have you only appeared now?"

"This is our familiar Myriad Tao Mausoleum, there shouldn't be any changes inside, right? Everyone can go in and check, you must be careful." An elder said as he and a few other elders walked quickly towards one of the tunnels.

Chen Xiang, Lin Jitian and the Bat Super Venerable rushed towards another passage, but Bat Super Venerable and Lin Jitian were blocked outside. Only Chen Xiang could enter.

"What's going on? We can't even get in! " Lin Jitian was very surprised: "Chen Xiang, come out and take a look!"

Chen Xiang walked out, but did not encounter any obstructions.

"Change it!" Then, they walked into a passage at the side. This time, both he and Lin Jitian could smoothly enter.

But when Chen Xiang walked in, he was obstructed by a force. When it stopped him, the force released a weak power of space;

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