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"Alright, you should be able to answer my question now." Wei Suo looked at the male cultivator and the old woman. A formless pressure caused the male cultivator and the old woman to sit down, unable to resist.

"I did hear that Dugu Yuyun was framed by you. That's why he escaped the Dugu Family. I see that his father and his two uncles died in your hands? " After which, Wei Suo looked at the two of them and asked.

"Senior, don't listen to such slanderous words. Previously, our family master did indeed die by his hands." The old woman in the purple red silk dress immediately said.

"The candle flame in Wei Suo's hand immediately flickered and changed its color." You actually dare to lie to me. " Wei Suo instantly let out a cold snort with an expressionless face.


The purplish-red embroidered robed old woman immediately shook greatly and fell backwards along with her chair.

"I'm just giving you a ring." If I want to kill you, it's easier than crushing an ant to death. Don't try to lie to me again. " Wei Suo looked at the old woman who was sitting up on the ground. A trace of blood seeped out from the corner of his mouth as he calmly said this. He was so afraid that his entire body was trembling.

"Speak!" Seeing that the old woman and the skinny man named Dugu Yufan had yet to speak, Wei Suo used his spiritual pressure to suppress them.

"Father and the two uncles died in the hands of my eldest brother and seventh uncle." Dugu Yufan was covered in cold sweat as he spoke with a pale face. Wei Suo's consciousness was now at the Divine Profound Realm. Facing Wei Suo's consciousness pressure, Dugu Yufan felt like he was an ant facing an invisible mountain. His mind was about to be crushed at any moment.

"Father?" Wei Suo frowned and looked at Dugu Yufan, "So you're saying that you and Dugu Yuyun are brothers? "What is your status in the Dugu Family?"

"I'm ranked fourth. Dugu Yuyun is my younger brother." Dugu Yufan replied coldly, not daring to look at Wei Suo.

Wei Suo's notoriety in the Profound Sky Continent was too great. First, he spread the news of him killing the True Martial Sect's Young Master, the True Disciple of the Mystique Wind Sect, and a group of ancient characters. Even the news of him killing Huangpu Jue in the Cloud Spirit Continent had long since spread back to the Profound Sky Continent. Cultivators of this level were like divine kings to cultivators like them.

"To deal with your own kin, your Dugu Family is truly promising." Wei Suo sneered, "When you framed Dugu Yuyun back then, and now that so many years have passed and you've put in so much effort to kill him, it's definitely not because you're afraid of him revealing the truth, but because of something else."

"Back then, my big brother and the others dealt with fifth brother because father chose him as the successor and wanted to pass down the strongest inheritance of my Dugu Family to him. It is said that there is an extremely important treasure amongst them. " Dugu Yufan did not dare to stay any longer as he replied.

Wei Suo glanced at Dugu Yufan and the originally vicious but now afraid old woman. "What kind of treasure is it?"

"I don't know either. Only my big brother and seventh uncle should know." Dugu Yufan replied.

"Where did you wound Dugu Yuyun? Did he have any companions present when he was wounded? " Wei Suo's eyes flashed, and then he asked, "How is he? Did you receive any news about him?"

"We injured him in a patch of wilderness between the Gui Lu City and the Jadeite Forest City. He didn't have any companions at the time. " Dugu Yufan replied: "He was injured by my second brother using a poison left behind by the Ancient Hundred Poison Sect. Although he shouldn't die very quickly, it should be very difficult for him to use his Quintessential Essence. Furthermore, the poison in that poison can only be cured with the Nine-eyed Sky Bead. He was injured three days ago … We haven't found his whereabouts yet, but he won't be able to escape from the nearby cities. "

"What else? Spit it out!" Since I have already intervened in this matter, your Dugu Family will have a way to survive if you cooperate. Could it be that your Dugu Family thinks that you can deal with him? " When Wei Suo was pressing the issue, he was also observing the situation. When he saw Dugu Yufan's reply, his eyes flickered as if he had yet to say anything. He immediately said this with an expressionless face.

"During our auction in the Immortal Armor City, we spread the news that there is a Nine-Eyed Sky Jewel for sale, hoping to lure him out. We think that even if he doesn't show up, he might be able to hire someone to buy this item, so we might be able to find out where he is by then. " Dugu Yufan trembled as he spoke.

"How did your Dugu Family contact each other? If any other city were to receive news from Dugu Yuyun, would they inform you? " Wei Suo asked.

"We have only sent a message through the flames of the Dugu Family. We have been waiting here for a long time and other cities that have received the news will not send it to us, but will only send it to the Immortal Armor City. Because my big brother, Seventh Uncle, and the others are all in the Immortal Armor City. " After some hesitation, Dugu Yufan continued, "Because the auction in the Immortal Armor City is about to begin. Most of the people from our Dugu Family are currently in the Immortal Armor City."

"Bring us to the Immortal Armor City to meet your big brother and your seventh uncle." Wei Suo glanced at Ling Tian before standing up and speaking to the two of them.

Dugu Yufan and the old woman didn't have the slightest trace of blood on their faces, but they didn't dare to disobey. They also didn't dare to say anything more and lead the way.

The Immortal Armor City was controlled by the Immortal Armor Sect. The Immortal Armor Sect was a mid tier refining sect with an Aurous Core stage cultivator. The sect mainly refined various types of armor.

This city was only separated from Gui Lu City by a jade-green cicada city, and Wei Suo didn't even bother to ask where the Immortal Armor City's auction would be held.

Previously, Wei Suo had also never been to the Immortal Armor City before, so he followed behind Dugu Yuyun and the old woman through the teleportation formation and entered the Immortal Armor City. However, after entering the Immortal Armor City, he saw that the size of the Immortal Armor City was not small, it was built on top of a hill and was around the size of two Spirit Mountain City.

From afar, it looked like it was made of a variety of seashells, all of which shone with different colors.

"Brat, the size that this auction in the Immortal Armor City looks like is quite large …" What caused the green-robed old man to be surprised was that there were many cultivators walking in the same direction. It was obvious that they were going to participate in the Immortal Armor City auction.

"It's actually a big auction. After all, this place is not far from the Pan King City, and it just so happens that we can see if we can find the items that you need for Consolidating Equipment. " Originally, Wei Suo had been considering whether he should just directly attack the Dugu Family and send out a message for Dugu Yuyun to show himself. He had to keep a low profile. After all, now was the time to be completely high-profile. If he revealed his identity and whereabouts, it might be a little troublesome and the consequences of this might affect his search for the green robed old man's Consolidating Equipment Master and the trip to the Wuji Heavenly Palace. Right now, he discovered that it just so happened to be a large-scale auction. When Wei Suo sent a sound transmission to the green-robed old man, he immediately made up his mind.

The Nine-Eyed Sky Bead was a type of jade that could be used to refine an Evil dispelling magic tool. To use this thing to expel the poison from that ancient treasure, at the very least it meant that the poison left behind by the Hundred Poison Sect was not simple.

After making up his mind not to act arrogantly and suppress them, he would directly snatch them, and also to see if he could help the old man search for the Consolidating Equipment Master. After that, Wei Suo and Ling Tian let Dugu Yufan and the old woman into a remote alley first, and then had both Dugu Yufan and the old woman change their disguises and change their appearances before heading to the city square where the large-scale auction was held in the Immortal Armor City.

This large-scale auction was held in a large marketplace called "Na'er Que".

This large marketplace had a total of three levels and was large enough to accommodate thousands of cultivators. Moreover, the buildings were all carved from jade and decorated with beautiful engravings on the beast armor.

When Wei Suo and the others arrived at the entrance of the city square, the entire large-scale auction had already officially begun. When Wei Suo and the others arrived at the entrance of the city square, the large-scale auction had already officially begun. When Wei Suo and the others arrived at the entrance of the city square, the large-scale auction had already started.

"For ordinary cultivators, there might not be many places left, but for me, there should definitely be more places." Hearing the two cultivators in yellow silk clothing speak this way, Wei Suo merely said this sentence indifferently. At the same time, a faint glow of the Aurous Core emerged from his heart. As for this kind of auction, Wei Suo was well aware of it within Spirit Mountain City. All the marketplaces would reserve some seats in preparation for the arrival of some big shots. For ordinary cultivators and sects, a great Jindan Stage cultivator was naturally an incredible figure.

"Jindan …." Senior, please follow me. " As expected, the moment the two disciples saw the light that Wei Suo intentionally gave off, their expressions immediately changed and they immediately began to lead the way in awe.

"You dead merchant, you really know how to use your power to suppress others." Ling Long's calm voice transmitted into Wei Suo's ears.

These two disciples, dressed in yellow silk clothing, directly brought the four of them into a large, luxurious room on the top floor.

"I'm the most reasonable. If someone doesn't pressure me, I won't be rude either. I will follow the rules." Wei Suo replied.

"Senior, I don't know how to address you. I'm Sun Yun, the shopkeeper of this city square. May I ask what you are here for?" Before he could take a good look at the situation of the auction, a white-faced, middle-aged man dressed in a green robe quickly walked in. He greeted Wei Suo, Ling Long Tian, and the others before asking politely.

It was obvious that the reception disciple of the city square had already informed the shopkeeper of the arrival of the Aurous Core stage. At this moment, the shopkeeper had already personally come.


[Wu Xi has become cold these two days. His body is getting sick from the cold and his head is spinning …] Therefore, he could only let Wei Suo keep a low profile for the time being … [Wait for me to recover a little bit, then we can get better.]

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