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Chapter 792: 10,000 Years From Now!

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“Ah?” Xiao Ming was shocked.

$10,000? This is lots of money; who would top up $10,000 to his mobile?

“Lao Cai, calm yourself down…” He hurriedly said.

Lao Cai stared back at him. “Shut up! Are you telling me that you don’t believe I can pay the $10,000 back?”

“No, no, no! Lao Cai, I know you have made a huge amount of money by shooting films in the last few years. I will top it up now!” Xiao Ming forced a smile and picked up the phone and topped it up.

Hearing this, Lao Cai picked the phone up proudly and called Xu Que.

“Sorry, the number you dialed does not exist, please check it and dial later.…”

“Crap!” Lao Cai yelled and his voice echoed in the mountains.

Xiao Ming was greatly surprised. “What’s going on? Why is Xu Que’s phone bill still past due?”

“Crap! Xiao Ming, top it up…hello, where are you going?!” Lao Cai could no longer suppress his anger and shouted aloud. He was about to top it up with more money and was infuriated when he saw Xiao Ming running away.

Xiao Ming stopped and turned around. “I am going to fetch some crap for you! You said if you fail to reach Xu Que via mobile.…”

“Come back! You little creep! Top up $100,000 to Xu Que’s phone. If I fail again, I will eat a double amount of crap!” Lao Cai shouted.

Xiao Ming forced out a smile and topped up $100,000, which he had saved for a few years, to Xu Que’s phone. He was not worried that Lao Cai would not pay him back, since he knew that Lao Cai had a good reputation as a film producer and had received many praises from his colleagues.

Later, Lao Cai called Xu Que again. “Sorry! The subscriber you dialed cannot be connected for the moment, please redial later.”

Hearing this, Lao Cai was so angry that he almost passed out.

Screw you! Xu Que!

“You still can’t reach him?!” Xiao Ming was stunned and could not believe Xu Que’s phone bill was so huge.

Lao Cai waved his hand and said, “I still can’t reach him…never mind. Bring me some alcohol, I need to calm myself down.”

At the same time, in the cultivation world…

Xu Que had already put aside his Signal Booster and let Buttface relax. Since his phone had already run out of credit, Xu Que had given up and was trying to figure out other possible ways.

“Well, it depends on whether Lao Cai would top up my phone or not. He needs me to shoot scenes for his films. When he can’t reach me via the phone, he would have to top up my phone.” Xu Que shook his head and cleared all the Arrays on the roof of the inn.

Soon, Buttface woke up and immediately got very angry. “Screw you! I want to kill you, man to man!” He glared at Xu Que and shouted.

Xu Que smiled and nodded. “Sure, come with me!”

“Wait a minute!” Buttface stepped backward, a bit surprised by Xu Que’s reaction. He pretended to be proud and said, “I have been restricted by you for two whole days, and I am not feeling very well. How about another day? But before that, you would have to cook me some Stinky Tofu, so I can recover soon.”

“It’s on me, you can eat whatever you want! Let’s go back to the palace!” Xu Que smiled and headed to the palace.

After all, if it were not for Buttface, I could not possibly make contact with people on Earth. Maybe next time, I will still need him as the Signal Booster, so I need to treat him well.

Seeing Xu Que in such a good mood, Buttface became alert and asked, “You are plotting something, right?! You know what, I already know your dirty schemes, I refuse to eat anything tonight.”

“Oh, really?!” Xu Que stopped and smiled at Buttface.

“If I have a bite tonight, I am a dog!” Buttface said proudly, while patting his chest.


At the same time, the palace finally reclaimed its peace.

After Xu Que killed Yang Qianyun, Madame Ya arrested His Royal Highness and scared people who supported His Royal Highness. Those people tried to run away at night, but they were caught by guards. Maybe it was because Madame Ya had been staying with Xu Que for quite a while, but she had also become a bit ruthless. After she caught those people, she killed all of them.

On his way back to the palace, Xu Que took out his phone. “I am a bit bored. Why not shoot some short videos and send them back to Lao Cai. I am sure he will be surprised.” Xu Que laughed.

When Xu Que came to the Imperial Palace of the Fire Nation, he was also shocked by its grandeur, since he had never seen such a place back on Earth. He then took out a few more advanced mobiles phones, which were as good as the best cameras six years ago, and controlled them with his Soul Strength. With the phones floating in the air, he began to shoot all the way back to the palace.

When he arrived at the entrance door of the palace, all the guards turned to him and said respectfully, “General Xu, welcome back!”

Xu Que walked passed them with an indifferent and proud face.

The cameras recorded everything.

When he stepped into the rear rooms, Su Yunlan, Su Ling’er, Su Xiao Qi, and Madame Ya were already waiting for him. As soon as they saw Xu Que, they all became very happy and called Xu Que’s name all together.

“Xu Que!”

They all then looked at each other, feeling a bit awkward.

Madame Ya gently bit her lips and looked at Xu Que with deep affection. Su Ling’er and Su Xiao Qi’s beautiful faces blushed. They were all very smart and knew clearly they all loved Xu Que.

In the cultivation world, a man can marry as many women as he wants, which was quite common. A wonderful young man being chased after by many women was also a common thing. Besides, they all had spent a long time with Xu Que and knew Xu Que was sincere, so they did mind sharing Xu Que with others.

“You are finally back! I have eaten up all the chocolate pills you gave me, give me more!” Su Xiao Qi ran forward and reached out her hand, asking for more chocolate pills.

Xu Que laughed.

It’s been a few years since I saw her last time. She has already grown up and become very tall and beautiful.

He shook his head and said, “Young lady! You should at least call me Brother Xu Que, do you think I will give you chocolate pills now?”

“I don’t care. I want more chocolate pills, and you have to give them to me!” Su Xiao Qi pouted.

Buttface also pouted, looking very ugly, and reached out his hands to Xu Que. “I also want some chocolate pills so I can recover quicker!”

“Screw you! You just said you would not eat anything tonight!” Xu Que glared at him.

Buttface got furious. “I said I refuse to eat anything tonight, not now! Besides, I am not a foodie, I just want to have some chocolate pills, so I can recover quicker!”

“Then you can screw off now. The chocolate pills can’t help you. By the way, dogs can’t eat chocolate.”

“I am a wolf!”

Xu Que began to quarrel with Buttface.

Seeing this, the women all laughed.

It had been five years. Xu Que was still like a child, but at the same time, he was also able to protect them and make them feel safe.

“Yes!” Xu Que realized the camera floating in the air was still shooting videos and came up with an idea.

I am sure that the scenery in the palace has already surprised Lao Cai quite a lot. if I took a few video clips of Su Yunlan and others, Lao Cai would definitely be stricken with surprise.

Yes! I am going to shoot a brilliant movie myself. Then I will ask Lao Cai to air it; maybe Feifei will have a chance to watch it!

Thinking of this, Xu Que’s eyes were full of excitement.

I am going to make a movie about Xianxia, and it will definitely shake the Earth!

“Qiu Ya, Yun Lan, and Ling’er, I have got an audacious idea!” Xu Que said to Madame Ya and the others.

“What sort of idea?!”

“I am going to shoot films and sail into the world of films. 10,000 years from now, people will still remember my name–Xu Yanzu!”

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