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Wei Suo's true essence wrapped around Li Hanyi, and the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol stepped into an unspeakably profound trajectory in the air. **!。 *

The terrifying flames produced by the explosion of the Golden Core Stage Level 4 Golden Core Stage cultivator was even able to instantly obliterate a Golden Core Stage cultivator that did not have enough time to retreat, turning him into ashes.

However, this enormous power didn't impact the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol's body. The speed of the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol was difficult to imagine.

"Lin Taixu actually …"

Everyone trembled, unable to believe the scene in front of their eyes. The true disciple of the Mysterious Wind Sect, who was below one person and above ten thousand people, was actually killed by Wei Suo!

"He …!" Han Yue'er, who had previously looked down on Wei Suo because he was angry at her for not looking at her properly, felt her mind go blank. She had never imagined that Wei Suo's divine ability was already so powerful.

In addition to Lin Taixu, in just a short moment, five other world-shocking great cultivators had already fallen. Wei Suo's divine might was simply impossible to describe with words.

"Everyone, if you don't wish to die, then kill this person with all your might. This thing is so powerful that even someone at the fifth level of the Aurous Core stage would not be able to last long!" The Black Wind Sect's antique with the Milky Way wrapped around him let out a heaven-shaking, earth-shaking shout with its blood-red eyes.

There were only six antiques class cultivators in the Mysterious Wind Sect. Due to the change in the northern part of the Tianxuan Continent, there were a total of four old antiques from the Mysterious Wind Sect. These four old antiques could have been rampant decades ago, but in this short period of time, he was the only person left from the four old antiques who had fallen!

The world was a torrent of water. In the hundreds of years of time, they had not been annihilated. But now, they had all fallen under the hands of such a young cultivator!

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One of the green-robed great cultivators instantly exhausted all of the Spiritual Qi on his body. As for the sky above, it darkened, and a group of dark green lights suppressed downwards. It was a strange looking magic treasure that had an irregular appearance, like an ordinary piece of dark green gold.

This strange-shaped magic treasure was only the size of a fist, but it still caused the air thousands of feet above Wei Suo to explode violently. It was obvious that this green-robed great cultivator had exhausted all of his true essence in order to use this ultimate magic treasure.

"Evil King's Underworld Box!" This was the most precious treasure of the ancient Evil King Sect! "Not only does its power reach the high-grade Profound Rank, it can also increase the absorption speed of yin aura. For cultivators that cultivate yin and yang origin energy techniques, it is a shocking treasure that can greatly increase their cultivation speed. Boy, don't …" The green-robed elder, who had been silent for a long time, let out a cry at the same time this magic treasure was drawn out. At the same time this magic treasure was drawn out, the green-robed elder, who had been silent for a long time, let out a cry again. But before he finished shouting, he stopped.

This was because at this moment, Wei Suo did not intend to forcefully touch this magical equipment.

Just as this magic treasure was drawn out, the Heaven Suppressing Mantra had already arrived in front of the green-robed great cultivator.

This jade-green, irregular looking magic treasure also hit nothing but air!


Following a shrill scream, a green flame shot out of the mouth of the green-robed cultivator, seemingly wanting to use some form of possession to escape.


However, Wei Suo's hand only made a swipe, and the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol did the same. One light pattern after another directly dispersed the green-robed great cultivator's body and the green flame spewing out of his mouth.

Following which, the Heaven suppressing Dharma Idol's huge palm just happened to swipe past the body of the green-robed cultivator, turning everything into dust.


Yet another great cultivator dressed in a black robe, it was precisely the Black Yak Daoist that was one of the Three Ferocious Beasts. The black light in front of him completely shattered and he was sent flying backwards.

Just now, he had brandished a huge black axe-shaped magic treasure in an attempt to sneak attack Wei Suo from behind. However, with a wave of his hand, the Heaven Subduing Dharma Idol crushed the huge black axe into pieces.

In the sky, an ancient copper seal with an aurous core glow suddenly grew in size and smashed down like a small mountain. It was obviously a magic treasure cultivated by a certain world-shocking supreme cultivator.


However, the mountain-like ancient magical seal was smashed into pieces by the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol's palm strike. All of the spiritual light on it was extinguished in an instant.

"Pfft!" A grand cultivator whose Spiritual Light had condensed into a huge golden wing trembled violently at the same time as he spat out blood from his nose and mouth.

As he forcefully fought back with this blow, the Sky Slayer Great Art began to violently tremble. However, the silver divine light still shined on Wei Suo's body, and countless amounts of origin energy was violently spat out, as if an ancient giant beast was fiercely breathing.

"It's simply not even comparable to his invocation speed! His casting speed and reaction speed is more than two times faster than us! "

"This isn't a immortal weapon that has yet to fully activate its power!"

"His current divine ability is infinitely close to that of a true Divine Profound Supreme Elder! It is as if we are enemies with a true Divine Profound Realm expert! "

"Let's go!" Otherwise, all of them will perish here! "

All of the cultivators present noticed the change. All of the great cultivators that were surrounding Wei Suo had an urge to retreat. They all turned into streams of light and fled in all directions.

A purple beam of light shot out at an astonishing speed, as if it were a spear that had been destroyed. It was so fast that it made it almost impossible to keep up with the onlookers.

However, the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol was the first to catch up to the purple beam of light. As Wei Suo's hands moved, the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol's hands brought out light engravings, as if they had once again interweaved with the world's order. It was a white-faced, white-robed, white-robed grand cultivator.

"If you are willing to hand over this Door Escape Technique, then I'll spare your life!" At the same time, Wei Suo's calm voice was transmitted through the air.

"I'm willing to hand over this Door Escape Technique!"

This great cultivator wearing a white Daoist robe let out an intense scream.


With a light press of the giant palm of the Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol, this great cultivator dressed in the Cloud Embroidery Daoist Robe spat out a mouthful of blood and was caught by Wei Suo.

Without the slightest hesitation, he took two steps forward and arrived behind another great cultivator.

The great cultivator let out a loud cry as he released all sorts of brilliance from his body and charged towards the Heaven Suppressing Formation.

However, at this moment, this great cultivator was by himself, unable to compare with the might of the Heaven Seizing Supreme Realm. With a "pa" sound, all of the brilliance was shattered, and this great cultivator's body was smashed into pieces.




The Heaven Suppressing Mantra had crossed the void. After killing the great cultivator, Wei Suo was already more than twenty thousand feet away from the other three. However, with every step the Heaven Suppressing Mantra closed the distance between it and one of the beams. "Ahhh!" In just a blink of an eye, that old man whose entire body was wrapped in silver light, the only one of the four remaining antiques of the Mysterious Wind Gate, had been frozen in the air by the peerless might and then crushed into pieces.

"Don't kill me!" I know about the Holy Fruit! "

Wei Suo did not stop and continued to chase after the other blue light. Before he was even 6000 meters away, the cultivator within the light already felt his spiritual sense locking onto him. His body violently trembled as he let out a cry.

This cultivator was impressively Han Yue'er, who was previously extremely arrogant, like a princess looking down on commoners, and somewhat looked down on Wei Suo.


Wei Suo originally didn't have any thoughts of showing mercy to the fairer sex. He wanted to strangle these great cultivators that could pose a threat to him in the future one by one. However, after hearing Han Yue'er's words, Wei Suo's eyebrows twitched and his Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol came to a halt.

During this pause, the other streak of light had already traveled an extremely great distance.

With a buzz, his gaze flashed. Wei Suo withdrew his Heaven Suppression Dharma Idol and stood not far in front of Han Yue'er.

The Water-Candle Demon Core floating above his head was now only about a third of its original size.

The moment he stopped, Wei Suo stretched out his hand and put away the remaining Water Candle Demon Pills and the Heaven-Suppressing Art.

During this process, Han Yue'er had completely stopped moving. She did not dare to make any movements and her body continuously trembled. The haughtiness and haughtiness on her face was no longer present. There was not a single trace of blood on it.

"Do you know anything about the sacred fruit?" Wei Suo looked at her indifferently and asked.

"I heard that there is a great sect in the Cloud Spirit Continent that cultivates holy fruits." Although he had retracted his appearance, Wei Suo's figure, in Han Yue'er's eyes, was incredibly tall, causing her heart to tremble uncontrollably.

"What sect?" A bright light flashed in Vesper's eyes.

"The sects of the Cloud Spirit Continent? That's not good, we're going to the Cloud Spirit Continent to get the Great Saint Fruit! " The green-robed elder was incomparably excited as well. The higher Wei Suo's cultivation and divine abilities were, the more likely he would be able to successfully form it in the future.

"I don't know exactly which sect it is. I only know that there is a Grandmaster in our Sect who once obtained a crappy sacred fruit from that Sect. But I do not know which sect exactly it is. " Han Yue'er said.

"Which sect doesn't know the specifics? This is in exchange for your life, your life is too worthless right? " Wei Suo's face immediately darkened as he let out a cold laugh.

"..." Han Yue'er bit her lips, unable to speak. Her face was abnormally pale and she felt an indescribable humiliation in her heart.

"Her senior apprentice sister and I have some friendship, so can you spare her, fellow Daoist, on my account?" In any case, looking at her appearance, it's clear that she doesn't know. " At this time, Feng Wukang's voice echoed out from the skies behind them.

"You go. However, if you make an enemy out of me again, I will not show any mercy. " Wei Suo did not waste any time talking and directly nodded at Han Yue'er.

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