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When Chen Xiang saw that there were three suns in the sky, he fiercely jumped and looked around. At this moment, he was on top of a small hill.

The hill was covered with soft flowers, and the surrounding fields were filled with colorful flowers, forming a sea of flowers.

"What is this place?" Chen Xiang muttered to himself.

Yue'er ran out from within the ring. Just now, she had anxiously hid inside Chen Xiang's ring.

"I didn't expect that it would turn out like this. You are all separated, that spatial wave was specially used to move people to this place! If you knew earlier, you would have let Yu Lan and the others enter the ring so that you wouldn't be separated. " When Littlemoon came out and saw the three suns in the sky, she could not help but frown. "What a strange place. It's so hot and these ordinary plants grow so well."

Yue'er jumped to the ground, running around in the sea of flowers. She also really liked these beautiful flowers.

"Chen Xiang, where are you?" Chen Xiang suddenly received Xiao Yulan's voice from the inside.

Chen Xiang immediately described the place he was at in detail to Xiao Yulan, then asked: "What about you? Have you been with Imperial Concubine Lian Big Sister Hongque? "

"We're together! Maybe it was because at the last moment, I suddenly grabbed their hands, so we weren't separated! We are in a forest and we can see three suns. " Xiao Yulan said: "Wait until night, then we can determine the direction of the stars. The three suns in the sky are respectively in three different locations, they are completely unable to be used to determine the direction."

"Alright, let's talk about it later!" Chen Xiang didn't dare to leave now and rested where he was, watching Yue'er bounce about in the sea of flowers and sniff all kinds of beautiful little flowers.

Chen Xiang found a place to lie down, picked a stalk of grass, and placed it in his mouth to chew. It was unexpectedly very sweet and just like this, he waited for a few hours while the sun in the sky did not move at all.

These three suns were all the same. They formed a triangle in three different directions. If there was any movement, it would be easy to see.

However, several hours had passed, and the sun had not moved at all. Furthermore, the light from the sun was just as fierce. It could be seen that these three suns truly existed.

"Sorry for the trouble, there might not be any night here!" Yue'er said, "There should be a very powerful guy that fixed the sun in one place. That's why it's like this! This kind of guy normally has reached the peak of Divine Deity and Bones. "

"Are we in an artificial dimension?" Chen Xiang said, but at this time, he heard Xiao Yulan's voice too. They were in the same situation, the sun had not moved.

Chen Xiang held Yue'er and used spatial teleportation, which did not have any effect.

"Big Sister Yulan, you guys go around everywhere and see if there are any mountains. When the time comes, tell me the shape of those mountains so that I can find you guys." Chen Xiang said.

"No need, I've already made the Imperial Concubine Lian count as your position, we'll look for you then! You can go around and see where this place is. I always feel like this place is very big. " Xiao Yulan said.

The Imperial Concubine Lian could use the Heaven extended method, but Chen Xiang did not recall it.

"Alright, I'll look around!"

Chen Xiang brought Yue'er and randomly selected a direction before teleporting off in a short distance. Surrounding him were these hills full of flowers, he wanted to leave this place first.

"What the hell is this place? The divine spirit aura is also quite dense, it is not any weaker than that of the Divine Cauldron Nation! " Yue Er said.

Chen Xiang teleported for half a day before he finally walked out of the sea of flowers and entered a barren mountain. After passing through the desolate mountain, he was met with a short mountain in front of him.

"Is there anyone else here?" It seems like there are quite a few people here, otherwise we would not have to walk this path. " Chen Xiang looked at the road, was pleasantly surprised, and then, he followed the road and ran.

Not long after, he saw a small town. There were people in this kind of place, and there were quite a few of them!

"He's not that strong, he's just like a mortal!" Yue'er asked, "What kind of world is this?"

In order to not attract attention, she entered the ring.

After Chen Xiang entered the small town, everyone on the streets was looking at him, because there were only a few people in the small town. His face looked very unfamiliar, so it was normal for people to look at him.

Chen Xiang also noticed that the money used by the people here was a transparent small bead that was only the size of a grain of rice.

Originally, he thought that they were using Shen Yuan stone s here, so that he could pretend to buy things, hang up, and ask about some things.

There were rich and poor in this place. As Chen Xiang walked along the streets, he could see some of the more ferocious looking people wearing luxurious clothes. When the people here saw this type of people, they would all move away.

Chen Xiang used the Spatial Extraction Technique on this relatively wealthy and arrogant person and obtained more than ten transparent small beads the size of grains of rice.

"Yue Er, what is this?" Chen Xiang placed the little beads inside the ring, allowing Yue'er to analyze them.

"This is actually a type of fruit! I'll see if I can plant it!" Inside the ring, there was also a purple pearl that could be used to sprout seeds.

Not long after, Yue'er laughed. "It's grown. It's like a peanut. There's a layer of shell on the outside, and when it's peeled off, there's this kind of bead inside. This kind of thing is very stiff. It doesn't have any energy in it. I've planted a lot now."

Chen Xiang arrived in front of a fruit stall and picked out a lot of fruits.

The one selling the fruits was an old man who was wearing a tattered set of clothes. When he saw Chen Xiang picking the fruits, he was very nervous, because Chen Xiang was also wearing very decent clothes and had a new face. He was worried that Chen Xiang would not give him those pearls.

Just now, Chen Xiang had discovered that everyone here was very sincere and was very afraid of people with status or status. Some of the more overbearing looking looking people would immediately quiet down.

"Gramps, how much do you need in total?" Chen Xiang asked with a gentle smile on his face.

"This... This one wants five Spirit seed! " The old man was shocked, and then he timidly said.

"Here!" Chen Xiang handed over five Spirit seed s, then took out a fruit and took a bite. It was extremely fragrant and sweet, and he immediately placed it in the ring of darkness, for Yue'er to eat.

"Delicious! How many Spirit seed are we going to buy all of them? " Chen Xiang originally only wanted to get close to her by buying things, but now she really wanted to buy.

"All... All? Twenty Spirit seed! " The old man was shocked again. Originally, he could sell thirty to forty Spirit seed, but now, he did not dare to sell too much.

Chen Xiang took out twenty Spirit seed and handed them over, then placed all of them into the Dark Green Dragon ring. He then asked with a smile, "Gramps, did you grow these fruits yourself? Can you show me the fruit trees? I also want to grow some for myself! "

"Alright, I'll bring you there now!" The old man quickly closed up the stall, and under everyone's surprised gazes, he brought Chen Xiang and left. At this moment, the old man was a little happy, because he felt that he had met a great benefactor.

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