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Chapter 1392: Red in the Sky

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Ye Xiao didn’t dare to hesitate. On one hand, he expanded his spiritual mind to the extremeness. On the other hand, he operated his Ying Yang Eyes, which he hadn’t used for quite a long time. His Tittle Phase skill allowed him to disassemble the enemy’s moves, but he had to see the enemy’s technique first. As his spiritual mind spread out, with the Yin Yang Eyes, he actually did see everything in the world.

The man in black was holding a red ribbon, which was about one meter wide and about a hundred meters long. The ribbon was soft and tender, but the edge was sharp. When it went by some trees, the trees would be cut smoothly into parts. Afterward, because of the aftereffect of the man’s power, the parted trees were crashed into ashes.

As the long ribbon moved, it looked like a one hundred meters long sword with cold and overwhelming power!

Ye Xiao couldn’t understand. The ribbon was basically a piece of cloth, which should be tender and soft. How come it was sharp like some divine weapons?

Ye Xiao kept dodging the ribbon, and his eyes were flickering.

As he got close to the ribbon, he confirmed that the ribbon didn’t turn sharp because of the man’s energy. The ribbon itself had the marvelous power!

“Is it a treasured weapon?” Ye Xiao humphed.

“What a surprise! You are such a young independent cultivator, but you actually know the existence of treasured weapons. That is impressive…” The man sneered but attacked even faster.

Ye Xiao frowned and thought hard. Apparently, the man’s power and the treasured weapon together was something beyond Ye Xiao’s estimation. After a while, he made a long shout and flew out the attacking area of the ribbon. Flying in the sky, he coldly said, “I think I know who you are now!”

The man sneered, “Oh? Are you really as knowledgeable as you think you are? Go on then. Tell me who I am. What is my name? Where am I from?”

It seemed he was quite sure that nobody in Qing-Yun Realm could recognize him.

Ye Xiao looked confident, but the man thought that he was bluffing.

However, Ye Xiao blandly said, “No trace, no shadow, the Red in the Sky! It is you, Red in the Sky!”

The man heard it and started to tremble like he just got stricken by thunder. The flying long red ribbon suddenly fell down like a dead snake and then got withdrawn back to the man’s hand.

The man stared at Ye Xiao and shouted, “Who are you? How did you know this…”

Ye Xiao coldly smiled and said, “So you are Red in the Sky… I guess Master Bai treated you quite well, right? He is the person who gave you the power, the marvelous martial art, the great weapon, and raised you up as his most trusted man… Who could know that you actually betrayed him? You actually spend your life doing these sneaky businesses… Hahaha… Master Bai, the owner of the great House of Chaotic Storms, actually has recruited a man like this. That is surprising!”

The man was shaking. Suddenly, with a light sound of exploding, the dark fog was gone, revealing the man’s skinny face. He seemed pretty surprised, staring at Ye Xiao and shouting, “Who are you? How do you know about me? How do you know about Master Bai?”

Ye Xiao coldly said, “I know him, and I know how you betrayed him! I know that he once built a House of Chaotic Storms in this world… You, a traitor, took over the forces he built up in the past and made it a complete vile organization!

“After the last collapsing Master Bai made in this world, he left Qing-Yun Realm. The famous House of Chaotic Storms is gone…

“However, you… Red in the Sky… You unscrupulous bastard! You ignored the man who has raised you up and given you everything! Aren’t you ashamed?”

Ye Xiao’s words were like knives cutting the panicking heart of the Red in the Sky.

The Red in the Sky stepped back two steps, sweating and panicking.

“Even now, you are still using the weapon Master Bai gave you to fight your enemy?” Ye Xiao sneered and disdained him, “The Red in the Sky… Master Bai gave you this name, didn’t he?”

The Red in the Sky looked like in pain, crazily shouting like a mad man, “No! Impossible! You don’t know who I am! Who are you? Who the f*ck are you?”

He started to rush toward Ye Xiao like crazy, showing a terrible and fierce face, gritting his teeth, “I am going to rip out your heart and see who you are!”

“What is this? Are you guilty? Are you scared? Are you frightened? You are so afraid of Master Bai that you lived scrupulously, hiding behind the scene. What? Now you dare to show your face to the man who reveals your identity?” Ye Xiao cruelly sneered, “Since this is such a good opportunity, I guess I am going to do some cleaning for Master Bai!”

As he made a long shout, the stars started to shine in the sky, lighting up the world!

The Stars Sword appeared with a full sky of stars!

Ye Xiao didn’t use the Stars Sword even when the red ribbon was pushing him to the edge, because he wanted to know who this man really was.

He wanted to see if the enemy was who he guessed.

He didn’t just make a random guess on the man’s identity. Master Bai created collapses ten times during the thousands of years in the Land of Han-Yang. Every time, he controlled the rise and fall of the kingdoms, and the wars in the land… When House of Chaotic Storms showed up, Master Bai would recruit a group of people. When Ye Xiao first knew Ning Biluo, Xiu of the Heavens wanted to recruit Ning Biluo, because Ning Biluo was a good candidate. Many of the men they had recruited had ascended to Qing-Yun Realm.

Most of those people just disappeared after ascending to the upper realm.

In the three thousand years, how many people had disappeared just like that?


The House of the Chaotic Storms nearly recruited all the superior cultivators in Land of Han-Yang during the thousands of years. However, those cultivators all disappeared after ascending. No matter what, it was impossible that all of them got killed by people in Qing-Yun Realm!

In fact, every one of those people had a name and a specific background.

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