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Time flew by, and Wang Bugui had already spent a year in the Pure Land. It was a tough year for him- he had to put in increasing amounts of effort into training everyday and was totally exhuasted everyday, all to achieve breakthrough in the first phase as soon as he could.

The image of Wang Bugui cultivating his blood prana power was even more surreal. Various auras from Heaven and Earth circled around him, and he looked like an immortal banished from Heaven. The protective golden glow surrounding him had thickened, and the blood from his vitals and Innate Prana Power had expanded to take up about one quarter of his pool of qi.

He wore a set of black, tight fitting clothes which showed off his ripped and slender body, which looked like that of a dragon. There was a hint of devilishness in his exquisite features, giving him a charming look as usual. He stood beneath the Purple Waterfall to train and did not budge an inch even when the immense force of the water came crashing down upon him. His muscles were taut as he stood as steady as a rock while sensing the Tao around him.

After an hour, he opened his eyes suddenly, and a faint, sharp golden glow shot out of them. He then began to move. First, he struck with a powerful punch, forcing the flow of water to shoot back upward by 20 meters. He kept this up for another hour before changing his mode of attack.

Each attack was even more fearsome than the previous one, and countless purple balls of water had congregated around him, surrounding him completely. The energy within them surged more wildly as the force of Wang Bugui's attacks increased, and he had to hit at least dozens of them every second. It was a test of his explosiveness, not only that of his strength or speed alone. As such, the intensity of the balls' attacks were terribly fearsome.

Wang Bugui constantly tried to combine a few types of practices together in one session. At first, he trained rather slowly in the huge stone formation, but he gradually increased the speed of his moves. Eventually, he was attacking the huge stone slabs with full speed, but they were not so easily destroyed. These practices always ended with his limbs turning red from the impact of his blows.

After that, he would spend one hour running three laps around the Yuxu Pure Land before stopping before the Jade Stairs. At the moment, he could only climb seven flights of the stairs, but already he managed to prevent himself from falling off. It was a major concern for him, as his speed had been increased greatly, but yet he could not move on to the next phase. He cheered up shortly after, however, as he thought about how hard it was for someone to manage to stand stably on the seventh flight of stairs after just three months of maximal speed training. He was bent on achieving perfection, however. If he could continue increasing his explosiveness and manage to utilize it when he ran, perhaps he could advance to the eighth flight of stairs.

At the moment, Wang Bugui was most motivated to increase his explosiveness, as it was comprehensive training. He would spend half of his time everyday in Immortal Hill, walking slowly into the meteorite formation. Everytime he stepped foot inside, the seal of the formation would be triggered automatically, releasing boundless rays of divine light. Various kinds of profound talismanic words would appear in the air, followed by ancient, mysterious worship music and the angry roars of deities and demons.

"Come on!"

Wang Bugui shouted as he clenched his fists, taking on the fearsome onslaught of the meteorites. Insane amounts of power surged everywhere, and terrifying auras pervaded the radius of the formation. Blood vigor was released from the boy's golden fists, and the struck at one of the rocks with his Blood Sea Surge Fist, forcing it to stop. He then followed up with a kick to send another meteorite, which was flying toward his back, hurtling backward.

The instant after he kicked the meteorite away, six more rocks came crashing down to his sides. Wang Bugui supported his body weight on his hands and unleashed a flurry of scissor kicks, sending them flying away. He then made use of his body's momentum to make a flip turn before rising up to give another meteorite a punch. Each piece of rock had its unique property, and he left a little of his prana power on each of them as a marking.

The other meteorites took aim at him after he had only made three punches, and dozens more came hurtling toward him, as if they wanted to bring him down at once. Wang Bugui would not be defeated so easily, however. He grunted coldly and unleashed a series of continuous kicks, sending the rocks backward. He flew out of the combat zone with the aid of the momentum of the rebounding force, and the rocks followed closely behind him.

The remaining pieces of meteorite formed into a net-like structure and came crashing down upon Wang Bugui. He dodged it with a dazzling array of footwork, darting between the rocks like a lithe dragon and managing to escape within less than 10 seconds. He then took aim at a pile of meteorites in front of him and unleashed a blow of his Break Heaven Fist. He had a vague idea on how to unleash the overwhelming power of the technique, and it looked a little like the real deal.


Even though the punch was not earth shattering, the entire region trembled as two opposing forces of Tao clashed. A blinding flash of white light that make everything else seem dark was produced, and instantly the dust and sand in the surrounding area was blown into the air. The insane amount of power being produced forced the meteorites from getting any closer to the boy.


The energy which had originally dissipated into the surrounding area vanished eventually, and there was no sign of battle left behind. The meteorite was lying on the ground and there were a few shallow cracks on its surface. Wang Bugui's right arm was trembling as he squinted and skipped backward, evading the next attack of the surrounding meteorites.

The boy could feel his emotions stir. He had not expected that his unfinished Break Heaven Fist could create a few cracks on the meteorite. It was a feat that he achieved with dozens of attacks, but some progress was better than nothing. He did not dwell on the matter any further and immersed himself in cultivation of his skills again. Since he had some good progress, he psyched himself up and vowed to create a huge crack on these rocks in future, at his current level.

"Ha! The Mountain King used his 'Gazing Back at the Moon' to grab the big rock in one perfect move. At the same time, two more big rocks were about to hit him. Look, what splendid use of the 'Dragon Unleashed from the Cave' move!"


"We're still not done! Look at our King's posture- he's the epitome of grace! The rocks don't even dare to attack him and see how he coolly darts between them. He follows up with a 'Ferocious Tiger Leaving the Mountain' and backflips, using the 'Twin Dragons Emerging from the Sea'. What overwhelming power! Did you see that punch? It's completely overpowering and majestic. Glory to the Mountain King!"

"Wow wow! Glory to the Mountain King!"

A variety of weird explanations, cheers and exclaimations could be heard from beyond the formation. Obviously, the qilin beast had brought a group of spiritual beasts to watch Wang Bugui train. The irritating commentary broke Wang Bugui's concentration, and he was soon boiling with rage. What was most infuriating was that the qilin beast was still chewing on berries as it shouted. Each time it came, it would bring along its friends.

"Oh, your Mountain King is looking at us. Where are your claps and cheers of encouragement?!" the qilin beast became even bolder as it noticed Wang Bugui looking angrily in their direction, as he knew that the boy could not leave the formation yet. It waved its blue hooves and stirred the other spiritual beasts up. They were Wang Bugui's fans and needed no further encouragement, readily cheering for him.

"Just you wait!" said Wang Bugui with a stormy expression.

"Oh, you even know how to speak the Sichuan dialect. This is interesting. Come here, brothers. I'll teach you a word or two," said the qilin beast. It grew even more emotional as it heard Wang Bugui speak in the dialect, and began teaching the other beasts how to use it as well. There were spiritual beasts and possessed extraordinary learning abilities. As such, they picked up the nuances of the language very quickly. Throughout all this, only the little jade rabbit knew that the qilin beast was trying to tease Wang Bugui, and it chuckled at a corner.

"Big trouble! Give us your support and go forth!"

"Don't panic, get rid of it!"

There was a 'heroic' spectacle a short while later. All of the small spiritual beasts, the Suzaku, jade rabbit and deer of five colors, began to shout in human voices, using perfect Sichuan dialect, to cheer Wang Bugui on.

"Hrumph, roar..."

Wang Bugui tried to control his anger after hearing them, and kept giving out beast like growls. His handsome face was as red as an apple now, and green veins protruded from his head. He gritted his teeth till they chattered, enraged by the qilin beast giving the wrong sort of education to the little creatures. They had stopped their own training and cultivation to come watch him train, and the qilin beast had even taught them how to make him even angrier.

There was only one thought in Wang Bugui's mind at this time, or rather, he had a specific craving for qilin meat simmered in red sauce. Yet, he could not exit from the formation- he could only do so when time was up. As such, he transformed all of his anger into power and channeled all of it onto the meteorites. The rocks looked like qilin beasts to him now, and each of them even had a wretched expression.

He grew increasingly enraged and unleashed his mystical power to its maximum power before unleashing a string of ferocious attacks on the rocks. He beat them into a shower of smaller meteors, and this made the little spiritual beasts even more excited, thinking that he drew strength from their encouragement. As such, they began shouting at the top of their voices again. Only the qilin beast and little jade rabbit knew what had happened, and they were rolling about on the ground in laughter, giggling till their stomachs hurt.


There was a loud roar from the formation, and a flash of gold light shot out from within, appearing before the qilin beast, who was still doubling over in laughter, in an instant. Of course it was Wang Bugui. The beast was completely shocked and tried to escape, but it was no match for Wang Bugui's level two maximal speed technique, and it had only fled for a few hundred meters when the boy caught up.

The qilin beast screeched in fright as it tried to flee in the opposite direction. Wang Bugui used the Universal Buddha Manifestation technique and grabbed hold of it with one hand, as if it was a small chicken.

"Ah! Big brother, don't hit my face! I can't take it! Bastard! Oof!"

Wang Bugui did not hold back, and the beast's head was soon swollen until it looked more like a pig. It was truly unique and could speak in all kinds of tongues, eventually howling like a wolf. The boy only released his grip when he had vented all of his anger, and the qilin beast was half dead by then.

In the end, he still lay down beside the beast. He was bruised all over from the day's training and exhausted after the day's ordeals. Wang Bugui fished out a few ancient herbs and potent berries, giving the beast some. It did not care what they were and put all of them into his mouth before chewing them noisily.


Seeing how much the qilin beast was enjoying the herbs, Wang Bugui also began eating. He then channeled his prana power to trigger the medicinal qualities of the plants and berries, gradually healing his bruised and tired body.

"How about it. My method is effective, isn't it? I saw that you could finally attack harder and faster than before. Don't you think the effects are good?" said the qilin beast with its mouth wide open, as it sniggered.

"Right. Even though it's a improper, your method works really well. Perhaps I had too much on my mind and overlooked the most basic mental aspect of cultivating one's Dao. I should have aimed for gradual and actual progress rather than shooting for the moon. It was the real reason behind my slow progress," replied Wang Bugui with a sigh and a nod.

"Yeah, that's more like it. Master Yun said that he wanted you to build a foundation stronger than anyone else ever had, and you should take it slowly at your own level. After you progress, you can go as fast as you want; nobody will stop you, as you should already have gained the ability to gauge your own progress. However, you should remain humble at this stage!" said the qilin beast as it placed one hoof on the boy's shoulder.

"I know. Thanks for accompanying me today, all of you. I'll take my time to solidify my foundation at Prana Body level before charging ahead at the next stage. I won't let you guys down. As long as you have me on the path of attaining Tao, you'll be invincible!" said Wang Bugui as he reached a hand out, clenching it into a fist at waving it toward the stars.

"That's right. After you've helped to retreive the secret technique, I'll make an exception for you and allow you to be my friend!" said the qilin beast as it waved its hooves around.


"Oh no!"

Wang Bugui had rapped its head with his knuckles, causing it to shout in pain. After a moment's rest, he led the small spiritual beasts down Immortal Hill to rest. Along the way, he argued with the qilin beast and fooled around with the other small creatures. He had never felt as happy as he was today, after the death of his parents and Hanae Chiou.

Wang Bugui would keep this warm scene forever in his heart. He swore that no matter where he went or how much time had past, he would never forget that he had a bunch of small friends in the Yuxu Pure Land of the Kunlun Mountain that would support him forever. Aside from that, he had a Master who was silently aiding his quest to become strong in the Yuxu Palace.

Also, there was the peerless beauty, Zi Yuxiao, who resided in the Purple Waterfall. To Wang Bugui, she was like a reliable elder sister and he was indebted to her. He planned to repay her kindness in future when he could.

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