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Looking at the numbers in the mission list increase steadily, Lin Jie, who was hiding in the dark to make sneak attacks using his gun, laughed.

As the players became more and more concentrated, the few Dragonhawks guarding the gate had been killed long ago. However, the monsters within the gate were packed like sardines, making everyone suffer.

A group of monsters around level 15 when facing a bunch of players that had not changed their jobs, was akin to locusts crossing. If not for the system's settings that those monsters were unable to leave the base gate, it would be likely that they would rush up and swallow all the players at the gate.

The mission list within Brotherhood had also been refreshed repeatedly, recruiting a variety of talents with sufficient level and strength.

Originally, the mission occupying the list was a group of anonymous guild leaders that released missions recruiting cannon fodders. That group of people got used to usually using members' lives to kill the boss. They complacently thought that they could recruit more cannon fodders after joining the organization, but the outcome was laughable, making a laughingstock of themselves.

That was what Lin Jie wanted! For everyone to have their own dignity! They could hide within the crowds to kill people, but not be cannon fodder that scouted the path when an army was charging!

Outside the guild, base were already huge batches of players gathered. It included Triumphant Midnight, Hunter's Guild, and even the Shadow Devil Workshop. A few tens of second-class guilds such as Warrior's Home and Primitive Hell had also come. Also, the number of people that wanted to try out their luck was countless.

The result of having too many people was that no one went forward. Everyone hoped that others could start the fight, which led them at a stalemate in front of the gate.

That made Lin Jie, who was holding his Fire Gun and squatting within the base, be in a bad mood.

At that time, not far away, appeared a werewolf with fuchsia skin color. Its body was as tall as two people, while its sharp claws were like the arms of an orangutan dropped to the ground.

Werewolf Potioneer Rodney: Level 15 Enhanced Elite, Health Points: 80,000

'Enhanced Elite!' Lin Jie was shocked.

An Enhanced Elite would normally have their own story and plot. Its experience and drop-rates were both a grade higher. Their main point of focus was that they may drop a Character Card!

A Potioneer Character Card, even from the worst one, could teach the knowledge of potions creation, improving their proficiency out of thin air. Having the Potioneer Character Card, it was very likely that one could become a mid-level Potioneer ahead of others.


A gunshot sounded. Werewolf Potioneer suddenly roared as it rushed towards the village, its claws making huge ravines on the ground. It was actually Lin Jie who shot that gunshot!

Just as it was about to get close, Werewolf Potioneer suddenly covered its nose frantically, its sharp claws accidentally grazed its skin. It was too smelly! The smell of the Monster Repellent Powder made it unbearable for it to stand!

It retreated a few steps, suddenly causing the many players to be in an uproar.

"My goodness! My goodness!"

"Enhanced Elite, Potioneer Enhanced Elite, A Potioneer Enhanced Elite that has a name!"


The people instantly went into madness as a large piece of fat meat was hung in front of them, and it seemed as though they could eat it just by opening their mouths! Instantly, countless of warriors activated Forward Charge, their shadows were as like clouds that fell to the ground, sweeping towards the Werewolf Potioneer.

The Mages channeled their magic, and the fireballs all over the sky were like a meteor shower. Although the attack was low, it caused considerable damage.

"Attack! Kill the Enhanced Elite first. Anyone that dares get closer shall face death!" Demon Robe ordered and then activated Sprint, his speed even faster than warriors.

He instantly reached Werewolf Potioneer's side and jumped high, his body that was upside down after he leaped did not lose coordination. His dagger aimed at a warrior's neck swung in a circle to and fro. When he landed, that warrior's health bar was already all empty, and his body was instantly torn into a fine powder.



The fuse had been ignited, and the players crazily rushed into the interior of the base.

At the same time, the powerful base monsters claimed the lives of the players, but they also suffered a huge amount of attacks. Frost Rock was cut into gravels by a slash from a warrior, dropping a shield that gave a glimpse of cold light.

"Hahaha, Silver Frost Shield!" The warrior laughed. However, at the next second, a few daggers stabbed into his body simultaneously.

It was a chaotic battle!

"Expert bro, when are we going to take action?" asked Water.

Originally, the person in charge of communication was not him, but a certain someone named Qiu Yuan that was like a child was angry at the mention of Fu Sheng. She wanted to keep up appearances to cover up her predicament and was unwilling to make the call. Netherblue was still on unfriendly terms with Lin Jie, so he could only do it himself.

"Boss Boiling Water, the fight has already started inside, when do we go in?"

"Yeah, yeah, I can't wait already!"

Beside Water and others, there were a total of over 100 people. All that came to view were Codename XX, they were Brotherhood members!

Water fixed his bear-head helmet. His buff body matched with his powerful bear head, and he looked very brave and fierce without comparison. He said in a low and deep voice, "Wait, the wolf has a winning game when the shepherd quarrel."

"Yes, Boss Boiling Water!"

The bunch of underlings replied loudly.

Water turned his head, the corner of his mouth curled up. Then, he kept a straight face, and the corner of his mouth curled up again… Finally, unable to hold back anymore, he laughed softly.

'F*ck, this feels too good!'

Lin Jie let Water and the others wait patiently.

At the same time, there was the Ironwall Empire which was on standby too. Although the members were puzzled by The Heavenly Shield's decision, they did not complain at all. Since the last incident, Ironwall Empire had really become an empire with iron walls. Its cohesion was unbeatable, overweening other guilds. The only thing lacking was equipment and skills.

Demon Robe became the only protagonist besides the Werewolf Potioneer. His dagger slicing the back fur of the werewolf from time to time, causing low bleeding damage. However, his eyes watched the surroundings, killing each and every enemy player that tried to get closer to the Werewolf Potioneer.

Over time, with his underlings killing from the side, the only one who could effectively attack the Werewolf Potioneer was him. Thus, his total output was the first. The aggro value caused by bleeding damage was extremely low, so he had not been attacked yet.

Truth be told, this guy's control ability was quite first-class.

The battle was getting fiercer and fiercer. More and more players were keeping their eyes on this Enhanced Elite. Stopping so many people with Demon Robe alone was hard.

At this time, a wolf head warrior wearing armor rushed into the crowd. His hand was actually holding a Fire Gun. This warrior held the Fire Gun and aimed at the back of other people's head. Then, he ruthlessly let loose a few shots.

Lin Jie's Broken Blade was too conspicuous, so he could only give up on using it.

Werewolf Potioneer's Health Points was decreasing at a steady rate, Demon Robe's name was also as red as fresh blood, but his eyes were becoming calmer. His dagger slid another warrior's throat and caused a huge Critical Hit. Also, what was subsequently dropped was a longsword that had fire flickering.

Wild Charge, Hunter's Forward Charge!

Lin Jie hurriedly switched to Fire Longsword and activated dual skills, his movement speed so fast that Demon Robe was unprepared. In the blink of an eye, that equipment was held in Lin Jie's hand.

Demon Robe's sharp eyes flashed a shred of brutality. "You're courting for death."

Lin Jie laughed. "It's you that is stealing my business."

Stun was dispelled. Demon Robe's dual dagger was crossed at his chest, then both attacked Lin Jie's chest, but was easily blocked by the longsword. Demon Robe smiled coldly and a surge of energy pierced out from the tip of his dagger, right at the throat!

Lin Jie was shocked, and his face turned pale. He was not an Assassin Bandit, but he was actually a rare Combat Bandit among the Bandit branches. The so-called Combat Bandit wore defensive leather armor. In terms of outburst and stealth ability, Combat Bandits lost by a large margin to Assassin Bandits, but when talking about continuous battling ability, it was not inferior to even warriors.

—'You have been hit by Demon Robe's Garotte Attack, falls into paralysis for 1 second.'

Demon Robe laughed coldly and stabbed his dagger towards Lin Jie's chest.




"This…" Demon Robe was shocked, how could the damage be so low? This armor that flickered whenever it received an attack seemed to be becoming even harder. What armor was that?

What Combat Bandits lacked the most was outburst!

The second was control skills. If the damage was not enough to cause a threat, a Combat Bandit would be far less powerful than an Assassin Bandit. After the Assassin Bandits finished a set of skills, they could go into stealth and disappear. Once the skills' cooldown was over, they could attack with the set of skills again. They could kill their target just by prolonging the battle.

Demon Robe consciously realized that his attack was not enough, so he reached out his hand to grab onto Lin Jie's wolf-head helmet and lifted it with all his might. But there was no effect at all!

Lin Jie's eyes under the Wolf Helmet looked at Demon Robe indifferently, and he said calmly, "It's my turn."

Forced Stealth! Demon Robe spilled out phosphor powder, and his body disappeared.


With that sound, everyone besides Lin Jie was stunned, including the Werewolf Potioneer. Demon Robe was no exception, and thus he was shocked out of his stealth.

Outraged Roar!

Demon Robe that entered stun state hurriedly activated the skill that was attached to the necklace. The Gold necklace's attached skill was Scapegoat, and its cooldown time was as high as 15 days. If one died in the next 5 seconds, then that death would be ignored and replaced by a substitute.

Aimed at the back of Demon Robe, Lin Jie's longsword pierced in and out of his heart!

At the same time, the longsword actually started to burn with raging flames. Lin Jie had not noticed it at that moment, and it nearly gave him a shock.



Fire Longsword's attack power was no inferior to the Bronze Broken Blade. Although its overall ability was lacking by a lot, it could totally catch up in terms of attack. This also indicated that Broken Blade's attributes did not have the advantage anymore.

Fire Longsword had 30% chance of causing an additional 30 points of fire damage during attack. Lin Jie's luck was not bad as he activated it continuously and burnt Demon Robe to ashes.

Seeing the mission number increase by one, Lin Jie turned around and cast his eyes on the Werewolf Potioneer.

"Idiot." With a cold sneer, Lin Jie's spine felt cold, and his head was dizzy. He fell into Sleep state.

Stealth Hit!

Demon Robe aimed his dagger at Lin Jie's neck. This was the most fragile part, and it would not be protected by that darn defense augment.

"Die!" The dagger emitted a cold light as it flashed through the air, stabbing towards the fragile neck!


With a faint sound, Demon Robe entered stun state.

A Bandit wearing a Kodo Helmet wielded his fist and hit Lin Jie on his shoulder, causing 1 point damage and dispelling Stealth Hit state.

The faint dead fish eye under the Kodo Helmet still exposed this guy's identity.

Dead Fish Eye was unaware that his identity was exposed and he laughed coolly. "We are both from Brotherhood, no need to thank me."

He then turned and disappeared!

That action was really too beautiful…

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