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"That's why I chose to spread the news of this fight for Silver City several months beforehand! I wanted to let the entire world know! I've had my fill of being suppressed! I want a roaring battle! I want to take back everything my Jun Family has lost! Whether it be the debt of blood, or pride, whether it be honor or lives! Whatever is owed to me, I want to take every single bit back, and with interest! Thus although I knew that the three Holy Lands would definitely interfere and try to suppress me again with their powerful strength, although I know that this choice would be fraught with danger, I still chose to fight! I choose to destroy my path of retreat and charge forward regardless!

"Because I fear, I'm truly fearful! I'm afraid that if I continue to hide and retreat, my will to fight will be completely corroded away!" Jun Mo Xie leaned exhausted against Mei Xue Yan's arms. His brows were tightly furrowed as he endured the unspeakable pain in his mind. However, his eyes were clear and sharp. "You've said before that this is a fight for pride, and that the terms of the battle are not fair. But I've still decided to go down this path, and although you disagree, you still chose to support me fully!

The three Holy Lands' target this time is not you! It's me! I believe that even if I backed off, retreating as far as to the edge of the heavens, they would still corner me until I have no paths left!" Jun Mo Xie's lips were curved in a cruel manner. "In that case, I'll rather give them a heaven shocking fight! This battle is the truly important battle! If we are victorious, we will be received as an equal, able to fight independently and defiantly against the three Holy Lands. If we are defeated, we will be doomed for eternity!

Therefore, we cannot lose! But I was unable to improve my own strength, so I could only use my strength to raise yours!" Jun Mo Xie looked steadily at Mei Xue Yan. "As long as you managed to progress to the fourth level of the Venerable realm, even if we lost this time, it wouldn't be a terrible loss! That's the most basic guarantee! I need to be guaranteed of everyone's safety at the very least before I can talk about other things! Even if this method is dangerous, I have no choice but to risk it!"

Mei Xue Yan's tears flowed like a fountain, and she laid her head on Jun Mo Xie's chest, feeling the pressure in his heart. The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached.

Even if she was encircled and attacked, even if she was left on the verge of death, she would always have Tian Fa Forest behind her as her shield. As long as she did not die, she would always be left completely undisturbed the moment she returned to Tian Fa Forest!

Nobody would dare to enter Tian Fa Forest to deal with her—even Saint level experts, would not dare!

But Jun Mo Xie was different!

He could only face everything himself! He seemed arrogant and unwavering, but that was because he had no choice but to be like that! He had already lost all paths of retreat a long time ago! Behind him was the Jun Family: a huge, yet delicate family. The moment Jun Mo Xie failed to withstand the weight, the entire Jun Family would instantly be torn to shreds, to a point where even the chickens in the family would not be spared!

The pressure on Jun Mo Xie was simply too massive!

"Help me up!" Jun Mo Xie could feel his teeth chattering with pain, but he still gritted them forcefully and grunted again. "Help me up!"

Mei Xue Yan supported his neck and pushed him up. He sat firmly on the chair, but she had no idea what he was trying to do!

"Now, I want you to use your aura against me!" Jun Mo Xie panted heavily and said. His eyes were blazing with a crazed madness. "Use your powerful cultivation, release your aura, and lock that pressure on me! Focus all your aura attack on me alone!"

"You've broken through, and I want to break through as well!" Jun Mo Xie panted heavily and raised his hand. "Come! Use your aura and pressure me! Hurry…"

Mei Xue Yan looked dumbly back at him. "Mo Xie, you… are you all right?"

To use her aura to attack at this point… wouldn't that directly kill him? Especially since she had just broken through not long ago, her ability to control her strength was still far from refined…

"Back in Tian Xiang, the Venerable Du Jue also used his aura to suppress me, but I ended up profiting from it!" Jun Mo Xie knew that if he did not explain things clearly to her, Mei Xue Yan would definitely not use that attack on him. Thus, he could only explain to her patiently. "The Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi here, furthermore, is tens of times greater than it was in Tian Xiang!"

"He used his own strength to draw upon the Power of Heaven and Earth, turning it into a pressurizing force, a tangible force!" Jun Mo Xie gasped weakly for breath and continued. "I don't know what that method is called, but I know that such a technique is similar to your World Cage! Thus, I'm sure you can do it as well! Trust me, doing so is very beneficial for me!"

"Now, use your strongest force and focus it all on me!" Jun Mo Xie closed his eyes.

"So that's the case!" Mei Xue Yan only relaxed when she knew that this would not harm Jun Mo Xie, and the latter could also use this method to cultivate. She took two steps backward, inhaled a breath of air and calmed her heart down, returning it to its usual tranquil state. Then, she stood motionlessly as a surge of aura gushed out of her body!

The aura was swift and seemingly unending, connecting the heavens and earth!

In an instant, an pressure that seemed to have come from ancient times appeared!

"That's still not right, your aura lacks the killing intent! Moreover, it lacks the intense oppressive force of something between the lines of life and death! I want you to close your eyes, and imagine that the person before you is not me… imagine that the person before you is Liu Qiu, that perverted bastard… He's about to do some lewd things to you… En, he's trying to molest you…" Jun Mo Xie guided with his eyes closed.

Except, his words nearly caused Mei Xue Yan to rush over and give him a good kicking.

Think of that? Wouldn't that trigger her killing intent immediately?

Strangely, as she thought that, a killing intent began to appear…

"Yes! That's the way! Continue to increase the power; unleash them to your heart's content!" Jun Mo Xie was feeling quite excited. He could already sense the dense and incredibly pure Power of Heaven and Earth gushing toward him.

Mei Xue Yan closed her eyes determinedly, and her essence Qi burst out in an instant, connecting with the Power of Heaven and Earth. Slowly, it formed into a powerful hurricane that swept toward Jun Mo Xie!

"Gah…" Jun Mo Xie felt a huge pressure atop his body, as if he was the monkey Sun Wukong pinned under the Five Fingered Mountain. It was as if his skeleton was about to be crushed into powder, and his flesh into meat paste! He could not help but suppress a groan in his heart. "F*ck! It's so powerful!"

Mei Xue Yan's strength had already far surpassed Du Jue's. Now, not only had she broken through, because Jun Mo Xie had continued to pour pure Spiritual Qi into her body, even after she had broken through, she had almost reached the middle layer of the fourth level of the Venerable realm!

Right now, Mei Xue Yan's cultivation had already reached the peak of the primary fourth level!

Thus, the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi she could manipulate was over a hundred times more than Du Jue could! With such a powerful pressure, an ordinary Supreme realm expert would most likely be crushed to death in an instant!

Just as Jun Mo Xie felt that he could not withstand the pressure any longer, the Hongjun Pagoda in his consciousness rumbled with a hong sound. Then, it began to rotate, sending a multicolored light radiating in all directions!

In the instant the Hongjun Pagoda started rotating, the stabbing pain in Jun Mo Xie's head disappeared abruptly. It was like the receding tide; with a shua sound, it disappeared cleanly. At the same time, an ocean of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi flooded in from his head!

A whale drinking water!

The Hongjun Pagoda was like an endless abyss, crazily funneling the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi that Mei Xue Yan sent over, and then emptying it into Jun Mo Xie's body!

Outside, the people who were waiting while Mei Xue Yan treated Jun Mo Xie were all shocked until their mouths hung wide open!

Just last night, a strange lightning storm had appeared, causing everyone to be frightened out of their beds. But who would have thought that in just half a night, another anomaly would appear again!

The stars in the sky seemed to have stopped moving, and a huge patch of blackness suddenly appeared overhead, spanning several tens of li. It was so dark that one would not be able to see their five fingers even if they stretched their hands out before their eyes!

But in the blink of an eye, the huge patch of black disappeared. However, numerous strange tornadoes had appeared in the air. Everyone could clearly sense the existence of these tornadoes, but no one could see them!

The tornadoes swirled around each other, howling viciously as they surged toward Jun Mo Xie and Mei Xue Yan's tent!

All the Xuan Beasts, including the Beast Kings were so scared stiff that they stayed on the ground, trembling with fear!

Because their senses could faintly feel the kind of aura that belonged to Saint Kings!

Solitary Eagle and Feng Juan Yun looked at the Spiritual Qi storm and exclaimed together, "Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi! How could there be such pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi?"

Both of them were clever people. With such a dense amount of Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi, could they stop themselves from trying to absorb it? But the moment they revolved their cultivation, they realized that although the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi had become dense enough that it had nearly turned material, not a single bit of it was leaking outward at all. No matter how they revolved their cultivation technique, they could not absorb even a single bit! They could only watch helplessly as all the Spiritual Qi flowed into Jun Mo Xie's tent.

"It should be Venerable Mei using her powers to treat Young Master Jun. Everyone, there's no need to worry." Feng Juan Yun sighed lightly and told the anxious looking Dongfang Wen Xin and Guan Qing Han.

As soon as they heard this, Dongfang Wen Xin, Guan Qing Han, Jun Wu Yi, Dongfang Wen Jian, and the rest relaxed visibly.

Inside the tent, as the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi flooded in crazily, Jun Mo Xie's complexion turned increasingly better, becoming more and more calm.

Mei Xue Yan opened her eyes and looked at Jun Mo Xie's face. She was finally able to relax. She concentrated on powering the technique with her full strength, causing the Qi flow to seem like a divine dragon rising out of the ocean!

She once again expanded her control, gathering all the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi she could control to flood together again! The Spiritual Qi storm, once again surged up!

Again and again…

Wave after wave of pure Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi surged over, causing the Heaven Earth Spiritual Qi in the entire mountain range to be emptied out, and when the Spiritual Qi was refilled again from the outside, it was emptied out again…

The several tens of li of sky had turned into a huge whirlpool, a bottomless hole! Avaricious, mysterious, powerful!

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