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Heavenly Court.

Countless halls radiated with dazzling lights.

Inside Heaven Overseeing Tower, there were four rank eight Gu Immortals: Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, Bai Cang Shui, Lian Jiu Sheng, and Bi Chen Tian, they were at the east, south, west, and north directions respectively.

The huge Gu formation was showing a grand image in the sky.

Countless precious immortal materials were tossed in like they were cheap vegetables found in the market.

In the image formed by the refinement path Gu formation, these immortal materials were processed at a rapid speed.

At this point, they had already expended half of the success dao marks that they had obtained from the Infallible inheritance.

The female Gu Immortal, Bai Cang Shui's eyes shined brightly as she stared at the refinement path Gu formation. This was the first time she was involved in the recovery of fate Gu, this was also the first time she had come across such an incredible refinement path Gu formation.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord held his walking stick as he captured all of Bai Cang Shui's expressions with his eyes, he spoke: "Fairy Cang Shui, if you want this refinement path Gu formation, you only need to pay thirty thousand contribution points to get it."

Bai Cang Shui's expression changed, she understood Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord's meaning, he was reminding her: Now is the crucial period for repairing fate Immortal Gu, stop staring at the refinement path Gu formation and causing yourself to be distracted.

"I am ashamed." Bai Cang Shui bowed at Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord, sighing: "This Gu formation is really incredible, it has such power. Even if I am not a refinement path Gu Immortal, I can tell that this Gu formation has already touched upon the fundamental meaning of refinement path. But it is like a poem that is only half written, this Gu formation also gives me a sense of being incomplete. It seems that it could be improved further, to become an Immortal Gu House!"

"Hehehe, Fairy Cang Shui is very insightful. But it is impossible to elevate this Gu formation into an Immortal Gu House." Lian Jiu Sheng, who had the appearance of a white haired teenager, laughed as he replied.

"Oh? Why is that the case?" Bai Cang Shui's gaze flickered, she showed curiosity on her face.

"The main reason is that we are lacking the most crucial core Immortal Gu. Fairy Cang Shui, you may not know that this refinement path Gu formation is only a mimicry of Long Hair Ancestor's rank eight Immortal Gu House, Refinement Cauldron, by a predecessor of Heavenly Court through countless past records." Lian Jiu Sheng spoke slowly, exposing some secrets: "And this Refinement Cauldron is still inside Lang Ya blessed land, it has all of its core Immortal Gu."

"So that's it." Bai Cang Shui's expression dimmed.

Immortal Gu were unique, Refinement Cauldron was still around now. Thus, it was almost impossible to elevate Heavenly Court's Gu formation.

"Of course, we can make a redesign of Refinement Cauldron and modify this Gu formation, using other Immortal Gu as the core, to achieve a similar effect. But this is very difficult, back then when Long Hair Ancestor created the Immortal Gu Houses, Eighty-Eight True Yang Building and Refinement Cauldron, other than the fact that he was a refinement path supreme grandmaster, there was another reason, he had a wisdom path great grandmaster friend — Immortal Yi Yan." Lian Jiu Sheng sighed deeply.

Immortal Yi Yan, he was the creator of the Prophecy of Three Venerables.

He was an actual wisdom path great grandmaster, his predictions were very accurate.

"Immortal Yi Yan, Long Hair Ancestor…" Bai Cang Shui muttered, she suddenly thought of something, she asked: "That's right. Back then, why didn't we recruit Long Hair Ancestor into Heavenly Court? He is a refinement path supreme grandmaster, but he only had rank eight cultivation level, he was not an invincible rank nine Gu Immortal. Even if he was a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, we in Heavenly Court have our methods, we can change his aura from Northern Plains to Central Continent."

"Indeed, there were only three people who were at Long Hair Ancestor's level. Why did Heavenly Court not recruit them?" Lian Jiu Sheng was also uncertain.

Bi Chen Tian was silent.

Heaven Overseeing Tower Lord laughed, he said with an arrogant tone: "That is because Long Hair Ancestor was not a human, he was a hairy man! No matter how strong he was, or how great his refinement path attainment was, he could not enter Heavenly Court. Heavenly Court is the sanctuary of us humans, how can we let these lowly variant humans in?"

"Oh? It is actually like this… Long Hair Ancestor was a hairy man?" The other three Gu Immortals looked at each other, this was the first time they had heard of such a secret.

Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

Out of the original five cloud buildings, three were destroyed, only two were left.

On Qin Bai Sheng's side, Xue Song Zi died.

On Lang Ya land spirit's side, an inkman Gu Immortal died as well.

Qin Bai Sheng showed terrifying battle strength, he was unstoppable, he directly charged towards the cloud building that Lang Ya land spirit, Fang Yuan, and Mo Tan Sang were guarding, Lang Ya land spirit was pacing around in anxiety now.

"What will we do? What will we do!"

"The enemy is too strong, we cannot hold on much longer."

"Even though we have two cloud buildings left, it is already a fact that we are going to lose…"

"Damn it, this is so frustrating!"

"Do I have to let him out?"

"No, if I let him out, I will be locked in. Who knows when I will be able to come out again."

"I arranged this Lang Ya blessed land painstakingly, who knows if that maniac would raise it into a grotto-heaven…"

"That maniac's ambition is too great, he will definitely cause Lang Ya blessed land to be destroyed!"

Lang Ya land spirit was in a panicked state, his muttering was turning into a nonsensical grumble, it was making Fang Yuan and Mo Tan Sang feel a sense of anxiety and frustration.

Fang Yuan was still fine, he had Fixed Immortal Travel.

But Mo Tan Sang was really uneasy now.

The other inkman Gu Immortal was already dead, if he also died here, all of the hundreds of thousands of inkmen in Inkman City would face great danger.

Without a Gu Immortal's protection, with so many inkmen in Inkman City, they would definitely be a huge target, countless hungry and greedy jackals would come and compete to enslave them.

The inkmen citizens would face a terrible fate, they would become slaves and live in danger and suffering.

"Lord land spirit, you have to stay calm! We are all depending on you!! Long Hair Ancestor was an esteemed person who could talk on equal terms with a Demon Venerable, think about it carefully, there has to be a way to deal with the enemy!" Mo Tan Sang got closer to Lang Ya land spirit as he urged.

"Don't force me, don't force me!" Lang Ya land spirit was gripping his hair, he shook his head incessantly.

Mo Tan Sang's anxiety became worse, he grabbed the land spirit's arm as he shook the land spirit: "Lang Ya land spirit, you have to regain your clear-mindedness!!"


Lang Ya land spirit seemed to have reached his limits, he raised his head and screamed.


A huge force burst out from Lang Ya land spirit's body.

Mo Tan Sang was caught off guard, he spat out blood as he was pushed away like a tattered doll. He crashed onto the wall and slowly fell onto the ground.

"You, you are not Lang Ya land spirit?" Mo Tan Sang stared with wide opened eyes, shouting at Lang Ya land spirit in disbelief.

The land spirit originally had white hair and had a sagely demeanor, but now he was different! He was muscular and strong, about the same height as Fang Yuan's immortal zombie body. He had large shoulders and a thick waist, the muscles on his body were bursting with energy, giving off terrifying signals.

Most conspicuously, his entire body was growing with thick hair, the brown hair was almost covering his entire body.

His eyes were bloodshot, fangs were exposed in his mouth as his lips curled up, showing a sinister smile.

In an instant, Lang Ya land spirit had turned from an old human man into a muscular hairy man!

Fang Yuan was also very surprised by Lang Ya land spirit's transformation.

Immediately, he took a few steps back as he looked at Lang Ya land spirit warily.

Lang Ya land spirit slowly raised his head, he looked at Mo Tan Sang who was sitting on the ground, sighing deeply: "How can I not be Lang Ya land spirit? Hehehe, how many years has it been, ever since that myriad tribulation… hmph, because I was weakened severely, that weak fellow took over control."

Lang Ya land spirit said that and shouted loudly, raising his head: "How many years has it been!"

He sucked in a deep breath, he showed an excited and ruthless expression, he clenched his fists, his bulging muscles were thicker than Mo Tan Sang's legs: "I am finally back!"

Fang Yuan was frowning, he had a few questions internally as he retreated again by a few steps.

"Hehehe, you two do not need to be suspicious, I am Lang Ya land spirit, the real deal!" Lang Ya land spirit raised his head, his gaze was like a dagger as he stared right at Fang Yuan and Mo Tan Sang.

"My main body was a hairy man, but after I died, I had two obsessions. There was only one land spirit position, but the two obsessions were equally matched, neither could suppress the other. In the end, we could only combine together and become Lang Ya land spirit. The one you two are familiar with is merely the obsession over space escape Immortal Gu." Lang Ya land spirit snorted, explaining.

"Two obsessions…" Mo Tan Sang's expression froze.

Fang Yuan reacted much quicker than him, he asked: "Then, land spirit, what is your condition for acknowledging a new master?"

The earlier Lang Ya land spirit's condition was to solve the issue of why space escape Immortal Gu could not enter the Space Cave.

Fang Yuan definitely could not fulfill it.

But now, Lang Ya land spirit had changed greatly, according to his words, he had a different obsession. In that case, his condition would definitely be different as well!

"Hmph! To get me to acknowledge a new master, you are not qualified!" The hairy man Lang Ya land spirit stared at Fang Yuan, he had a more arrogant and strong tone than his human form.

"How am I not qualified?" Fang Yuan did not lose his temper, he asked calmly.

Lang Ya land spirit crossed his arms, he laughed arrogantly: "My ambition is to make all of the hairy men in the world become the ones in charge! Any variant human, including you humans, has to cower at the feet of us hairy men. You will all become the slaves of hairy men, begging for survival at our feet, as tiny insignificant ants. Whichever hairy man can achieve this target would become the new master of Lang Ya land spirit. Hahaha…"

Mo Tan Sang was stunned.

Fang Yuan was speechless.

No wonder he was not qualified, because Fang Yuan was not a hairy man! He could not even attempt this.

'Having two obsessions is not impossible in theory.'

'No wonder Long Hair Ancestor was called long hair, his real identity was a hairy man!'

'So this is why Long Hair Ancestor had incredible talent, but in history, there were no records of him ever being recruited by Heavenly Court.'

'No wonder… When I asked Lang Ya land spirit to sell me hairy man slaves in the past, he rejected me directly with a firm stance.'

Fang Yuan started to believe Lang Ya land spirit's words.

After all, from start to finish, he was watching the entire scene. He had confirmed this using dozens of investigative killer moves.

"This means that after Long Hair Ancestor died, he had two obsessions. One was his refinement path obsession, it was concerning space escape Immortal Gu and Great Dream Immortal Venerable. The other obsession was his species obsession, because Long Hair Ancestor was a hairy man, and because hairy men were suppressed by humans, such a strong obsession formed in him!"

Fang Yuan's expression turned grave.

The Lang Ya land spirit in front of him not only had a change in appearance, his personality also changed completely.

Their earlier relationship was useless now. At this moment, what attitude would this Lang Ya land spirit have towards the human Fang Yuan?

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