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Hui Feng Zi and He Lang Zi stared at Fang Yuan vigilantly.

Currently, Fang Yuan was wearing a blue robe, traces of starlight was flowing out of his large sleeves at times.

He was no longer burly and brawny, he was thin and tall.

His skin was not green like his zombie appearance, it was tender and white like a baby, radiating with a faintly red hue. His features also became very refined, together with his long and smooth white hair, he looked like an unfettered expert with an immortal's flair.

After obtaining change form Immortal Gu, vaguely familiar face's effect rose greatly, it allowed Fang Yuan to hugely change his appearance.

'Xing Xiang Zi? Never heard of him.' He Lang Zi frowned, ruthless light flickered in his eyes, from the moment he got here, he felt something strange.

"You are a Northern Plains Gu Immortal?" Hui Feng Zi's expression changed, he looked very calm but was secretly on alert that there might be a rank seven strength path Gu Immortal hiding nearby.

Fang Yuan waved his sleeves, laughing heartily: "I am a Northern Plains Gu Immortal, I am an insignificant lone cultivator. Both of you are famous characters in Northern Plains, we cannot be compared."

He knew about He Lang Zi, although he did not recognize Hui Feng Zi, but viewing this situation, He Lang Zi and Hui Feng Zi were moving side by side. According to He Lang Zi's wild nature, he could deduce that Hui Feng Zi had strength that was not inferior to He Lang Zi!

"Since you know about our fame, why are you not retreating? If we really fight, it would be unwise for you to die in my hands." Hui Feng Zi sneered, his gaze was like a dagger piercing towards Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan smiled bitterly and helplessly: "A promise is a promise, even though I am not good at fighting, I will have to challenge both of you. Please!"

He spoke nonsense with his mouth, but he was quite overjoyed internally.

Vaguely familiar face's effect was quite good.

Both of them were rank seven, the moment Fang Yuan appeared, they must have used their investigative killer moves.

But now it seemed that neither of them had any suspicion towards Fang Yuan's identity.

If they found out about Fang Yuan's immortal zombie status, He Lang Zi would have attacked already. Star path rank six was already lower than his cultivation level, an immortal zombie would be even lower.

Of course, there was a possibility that they had found out, but were just trying to probe the situation.

Hui Feng Zi and He Lang Zi looked at Xing Xiang Zi in front of them, even though he was rank six and had lower cultivation level, he was inviting them to battle. Unconsciously, they thought about the hidden strength path Gu Immortal.

The two demonic path immortals looked at each other, Hui Feng Zi said to He Lang Zi: "Why don't you attack, I will assist you by the side."

He Lang Zi was also very wary of the rank seven strength path Gu Immortal that killed Xue Song Zi.

"Since Hui Feng Zi is keeping watch, if the mysterious rank seven strength path Gu Immortal attacks during battle, there is not much to worry about. I have a really strong feeling that something is amiss, but I don't know what."

He Lang Zi frowned slightly, nodding at Hui Feng Zi.

At the next moment, he growled as he pounced at Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan saw that the famous demon of Northern Plains, He Lang Zi, was charging at him, he smiled lightly.

"Let's start." Fang Yuan pushed forward with both hands, using an immortal killer move.

At that instant, starlight shone as a spiral of starlight clouds gathered and formed. In a few breaths of time, it was the size of two or three elephants.

This spiral of star clouds spun rapidly, emitting an suction force towards the outside.

Star path immortal killer move — Star Cloud Grindstone!

This was Star Lord Wan Xiang's defensive killer move, all long range attacks could be sucked in and grinded into pieces by the star cloud grindstone.

In regards to a close range fighter like He Lang Zi, once he enters the star cloud grindstone, he would be restricted in movement and would be crushed slowly by the grindstone.

In other words, this was a defensive killer move with very strong offensive power.


He Lang Zi's body shined with a bright light, the light was dazzling and even Fang Yuan had to shut his eyes momentarily.

At the next moment, the light faded and a wolf appeared.

This wolf was not large, it was even smaller than usual wolves. But it emitted a dangerous aura, Fang Yuan's eyelids jumped.

It had no fur on its body, it was like an oiled brown wooden statue, emitting an eerie aura.

On the wolf's head, there was a naturally growing mushroom-like bone, it resembled a black triangular hat.

Below the hat, in the wolf's eyes, there were no shiny pupils, instead, two lumps of green flames were burning quietly.

A rank seven desolate beast that ate soul beasts as food.

Fragrant Sorcerer Yin Statue Wolf!

After He Lang Zi transformed into the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf, his speed was three times that of before! He was like a lump of shadow, flickering before Fang Yuan's eyes.

"Such great speed! My investigative killer move could not capture it!" Fang Yuan's heart jumped.

No matter what fight Gu Immortals were in, speed was always a crucial factor.

Whoever was faster would have the initiative, advancing or retreating could be easily achieved.

The slower one would not be able to hit the other party if they attacked, if they wanted to retreat, they would be obstructed.

He Lang Zi was indeed a famous transformation path demonic immortal of Northern Plains, in his human form, his battle strength could be considered to possibly only be at the level of rank six peak stage.

But the moment he transformed into a fierce beast, his battle strength surged, it proved that he had undeniable strength living up to his reputation!

At this moment, Fang Yuan was at a disadvantage, he lost the initiative but he was not flustered.

Even though he had an incomplete strength path immortal killer move — three pairs of true solid bat wings, he could activate them but he showed no signs of using them at all.

True solid bat wings was a top tier mortal killer move, once the chance of activating iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu along with it occurred, he would be able to unleash speed equal to an immortal killer move. Thus, it was an incomplete immortal killer move.

But this effect of this movement killer move was too unstable. Moreover, even if he could activate the iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan's speed would still be slower than the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf.

This ancient desolate beast wolf could fight on par with rank seven Gu Immortals, it was well known for speed and agility.

Furthermore, if Fang Yuan used true solid bat wings now, he would be exposing his identity as a strength path Gu Immortal.

This was not a good idea.

Fang Yuan purposely transformed into the appearance of a star path Gu Immortal now, he was using the two strong foes to test his star path techniques, to assess his gains in Hu Immortal blessed land these last days while trying to absorb this new battle style!

The fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf howled intensely, its speed was so fast that Fang Yuan could not sense it, it was faster than lightning, in the blink of an eye, it was right in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change, he made a move that was out of He Lang Zi's expectations.

He jumped and went into the star cloud grindstone that was activated earlier.

He Lang Zi had wanted to avoid the star cloud grindstone and directly attack Fang Yuan. Thus, both mentally and physically, he was seeking to avoid this star cloud grindstone.

Fang Yuan jumping inside was really out of He Lang Zi's expectations.


With a soft sound, the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf's claws scratched Fang Yuan's back.

The fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf was simply too fast. Even though Fang Yuan wanted to dodge it and escape into the star cloud grindstone, he was still scratched on his back by He Lang Zi.

But this scratch was only a graze, it did not cause much damage to Fang Yuan.

The immortal zombie body in itself had great defense.

Fang Yuan's blue robe was torn, but the injury on his back was only on the surface, his spine and bones were untouched. When blood spewed, the flesh moved as the injury mended quickly, in a few breaths of time, his injury was gone.

But the blood was still in the air, it gradually changed color and revealed its true form — several drops of immortal zombie blood.

"Oh? This is a flaw in vaguely familiar face." Fang Yuan saw the drops of immortal zombie blood, he took note of this mentally.

At the next moment, he waved his sleeves as he drew the immortal zombie blood inside them, he stood in the middle of the star cloud grindstone as he looked at the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf which was outside, he smiled and invited: "Sir He Lang Zi has incredible agility, would you like to fight me inside here?"

Why was star cloud grindstone a defensive killer move and not an offensive killer move, this was the reason!

Fang Yuan was fighting inside now, star cloud grindstone would crush the enemy at all times, while Fang Yuan would be unharmed and unobstructed.

Fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf stared at the star cloud grindstone intently, in its huge empty eyes, a pair of eerie flames were burning, it made Fang Yuan feel a surge of battle intent from He Lang Zi.

He Lang Zi was ready to pounce, as Fang Yuan focused his attention.

But at the next moment, the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf turned around and gave up on the enemy, it pounced at the cloud building.

'Why should I fight with you?'

'My target is to dismantle as many cloud buildings as possible! To destroy this damned twelve wave cloud confusion Gu formation!'

At this moment, He Lang Zi was laughing to himself internally.

He Lang Zi's move was directly targeting Fang Yuan's weakness, he had to make a tough decision now.

The reason why Fang Yuan was here was to defend the cloud building, and try to stall for time.

But now, He Lang Zi was attacking the cloud building and ignoring Fang Yuan, Fang Yuan was forced to make a different move!

If Fang Yuan stood on the spot and did not move, allowing He Lang Zi to destroy the cloud building, they would reach their goal and triumph. if Fang Yuan chased after him, he might get into physical danger. But the problem was, he could not match He Lang Zi's speed after he transformed into the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf.

Passive, Fang Yuan was in a very passive spot now.

Gu Immortals were still Gu Immortals after all, in battle, they were much tougher to deal with than desolate beasts or ancient desolate beasts.

He Lang Zi attacked twice, the first time he got around the star cloud grindstone and attacked Fang Yuan, this time, he ignored Fang Yuan and went for the cloud building, he was truly displaying the spirit of 'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao'.

'Besiege Wei to Rescue Zhao', this was something Fang Yuan had read about in his previous life on Earth, but this Gu Master world was also quite extraordinary, there was a similar type of wisdom here.

Battles between Gu Immortals were full of such wisdom. Not only was there frontal assault based on their strength, there was also the element of planning and scheming against one another.

Seeing that the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf was charging for the cloud building, Fang Yuan, who was inside the star cloud grindstone, was not anxious, instead he smiled lightly.

Immortal killer move — Star Snake Rope!

At the edge of the star cloud grindstone, six ropes flew out. The ropes were thin, they were formed from condensed starlight, the ends of the ropes were shining in blue starlight, forming into the appearances of snake heads.

Six ropes that were like six agile snakes flew forth, they sinuously moved along and coiled around the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf's body.

"Sir He Lang Zi, where are you going? Please come in here and fight." Fang Yuan laughed as he moved the star cloud grindstone, together with the ropes, he dragged the fragrant sorcerer yin statue wolf into the star cloud grindstone.

"Oh? These two immortal killer moves can coordinate with each other. This is a good battle tactic." At once, even Hui Feng Zi praised as a sharp light flashed in his eyes.Distracting a powerful force that is threatening you by causing greater problems for it elsewhere, particularly by attacking those places it holds most dear.

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