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Zheng Ling suggested compensating with immortal essence stones, though Tai Bai Yun Sheng rejected him, Fang Yuan pretended to think about it: "We want featherman slaves, but you are only offering immortal essence stones. This conflict cannot be resolved. How about this, let's take a step back and decide with our strength."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng's attitude was firm, he showed the attitude of a battle maniac. During the conversation, he had been taunting them by saying 'I can take you down at any time' several times.

If Shark Demon and the others who were familiar with Tai Bai Yun Sheng were here, they would think that this Tai Bai Yun Sheng was an imposter.

Zhou Zhong and Zheng Ling exchanged glances.

It was hard to talk to the battle maniac Tai Bai Yun Sheng, but it seemed like the immortal zombie, Fang Yuan, was in charge of the decision making.

This was not strange to the featherman Gu Immortals, after all, Fang Yuan showed rank seven battle strength earlier.

The two communicated secretly, they both felt that: Fang Yuan was much easier to talk to than Tai Bai Yun Sheng, he was more reasonable.

"The other party is an immortal zombie, his immortal aperture cannot produce immortal essence, that's why he has a careful nature. We have to make use of this trait. But this blessed land belongs that that damned old man."

"This old man has quite a fiery temper at this age, it seems his battle strength cannot be underestimated, be vigilant!"

"Forget it, the situation is in their favor now, let's listen to what the immortal zombie has to suggest."

The two featherman Gu Immortals analyzed this situation, it seemed to them that it was a reasonable understanding of it.

But what they did not know was that they had fallen into the trap that Fang Yuan had specially made for them.

"Please speak." After discussing, Zhou Zhong said to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan spoke: "In the world of Gu Immortals, benefits are the most important thing, it is decided by battle strength. We will hold ten duels, for every duel we win, you will split ten percent of the feathermen to us, but for each that we lose, we will accept only a sum of immortal essence stones as compensation."

Zhou Zhong was unwilling, he shouted: "Be it winning or losing, you are benefiting from it!"

Fang Yuan smiled lightly and did not reply.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng started howling: "Why are you complaining? If you don't want this, let's fight! My fists are itching to hit something, I can take you down at any time! If you dare to destroy my immortal aperture, I will slaughter these mortal feathermen first, in the worst case, we go down together, who is afraid of who?"

He showed the perfect example of a brainless battle maniac.

Zhou Zhong and Zheng Ling ignored him completely, showing an expression of not wanting to stoop to his level of intelligence.

The two started to discuss their decisions using transmissions.

Fang Yuan pressured them at the right timing: "If you do not agree to this, we will have to battle."

These words made the the hearts of these two feathermen immortals jump.

They understood clearly that in the current situation, sacrifice was unavoidable, the most logical decision was to minimize their losses.

Eventually, Zheng Ling nodded, agreeing to the duels. But he had a precondition, they had to use the information path immortal killer move that they had to form an agreement, similar to mountain pledge Gu, as the restriction on both parties.

Regardless of the result, after ten duels, Fang Yuan's side was not to cause problems for the feathermen, they had to open the door and let everyone else leave, without any form of obstruction.

The feathermen actually had such an information path killer move, their foundation was quite deep, Fang Yuan was fairly surprised.

To start things off, the Gu Immortal Zhou Zhong entered the stage for the first duel.

On Fang Yuan's side, Tai Bai Yun Sheng went to battle, he was oozing with battle intent as he showed a bloodthirsty expression, he shouted: "Come, I will take you down in just a moment!"

Zhou Zhong really was fooled by his demeanor, after all, he was only a variant human, their intelligence was inferior to humans.

Most importantly, Zhou Zhong had his reservations, he did not want to sacrifice his clansmen.

He did not want any feathermen to lose their freedom and become the slaves of humans. Thus, he chose his specialty for the duel.

"What, you want to compete in flying speed alone?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng was shocked.

"According to the agreement, we are the first to decide what type of duel it is, are you going back on your words?"

"Hmph, I will let you decide this time!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng showed an upset and irritated expression.

The result of this duel was obvious.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng only had a mortal killer move for flying. The other party not only had wings, they even had an immortal killer move specially used for movement.

After seeing the results, the feathermen on the ground erupted into loud cheers.

After all, their freedom was at stake, they could have became slaves, they were very nervous when they watched the duel.

"Here are your immortal essence stones." Zhou Zhong laughed loudly, he handed the dozen immortal essence stones to Tai Bai Yun Sheng in a proud manner.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng received them with a gloomy expression, but he was filled with admiration towards Fang Yuan: "Fang Yuan is truly good at scheming. The other party paid immortal essence stones but they are acting like this was a huge victory for them. I am inferior to him!"

In the first duel, Fang Yuan lost.

Fang Yuan went for the second duel, because he had rank seven battle strength, the featherman Gu Immortals did not dare to be careless, they sent the stronger Gu Immortal Zheng Ling to duel him.

Fang Yuan suggested: "We will compete using speed."

Zheng Ling's expression froze for a second before he agreed.

Fang Yuan lost this duel very quickly as well.

Zheng Ling also had an immortal killer move, his speed was twice as fast as that of Zhou Zhong.

Meanwhile, Fang Yuan had three pairs of true solid bat wings, they were all desolate beast wings. But in this duel, he did not manage to activate the iron crown eagle strength Immortal Gu at all, thus he had no hopes of winning.

Third duel, fourth duel, fifth duel…

Duels after duels, Fang Yuan's side had no victories, while the featherman Gu Immortals were winning with zero losses, the results were one-sided.

Fang Yuan and Tai Bai Yun Sheng's expression became uglier in the process.

The two featherman Gu Immortals had confident and lax expressions. They were starting to realize that their enemies were all bark and no bite, they were just putting up a front.

For example, the immortal zombie Fang Yuan was only rank seven in terms of attack. He only had mortal killer moves for defense, along with his immortal zombie body's defense. In terms of healing, he only had the basic recovery ability of an immortal zombie. As for movement and investigative methods, he did not have immortal killer moves.

Meanwhile, Tai Bai Yun Sheng was very rash and haughty, but in terms of battle strength, he was a mess. He only used mortal killer moves.

The two featherman Gu Immortals felt like they had been scammed!

"It turns out that these two are so weak, if we had known this, we would've fought from the start."

"Sigh, humans are the most skilled at scheming. We have already used the information path immortal killer move and restricted ourselves, we can only leave this place and cannot attack."

"Thinking about it, we were too stunned by the earlier human Gu Immortal invaders. Due to the foundation of our Sacred Feather City, we are superior to most human Gu Immortals. The two of them are quite impressive, but they are not our match at all."

Like this, the two featherman Gu Immortals won nine rounds, only the last duel was left.

No matter what happened in this duel, after it ended, Fang Yuan's side would not be able to obstruct the feathermen due to the agreement, he had to let them leave.

On the ground, cheers of victory were already resounding.

The new featherman king, Yu Fei, had a better expression now. His eyes were shining brightly as he looked at the two Gu Immortals of the featherman clan, he had another grand ambition now.

"I've decided! As long as I become a Gu Immortal, I would become a true man. I must become a Gu Immortal, even if I need to give up being king, I will become a Gu Immortal!!"

Fang Yuan took a step forward as his voice turned very cold: "This is the final duel, all four of us will fight in a battle of attack and defense. I will attack and you will defend for the first round, and you will attack while I defend for the following round. Our partner can only use healing methods, when one side is unable to continue, they will lose."

Zhou Zhong and Zheng Ling exchanged glances, they frowned as they realized something amiss.

Fang Yuan was making the dueling rules to complete display their advantage. Meanwhile, Zheng Ling and Zhou Zhong could not object to this duel request, they could only accept it.

"In this case, the tenth duel is the hardest one of all."

"This is the final round, after we win, we will be able to protect all of the feathermen and leave safely!"

The two Gu Immortal conversed mentally as they went forth to battle.

"Sir, please attack." Zheng Ling took a step forward, saying.

Fang Yuan did not speak, he was a thousand steps away from Zheng Ling, he grabbed towards the other party.


A strength path giant hand tore through space and grabbed at Zheng Ling fiercely.

Zheng Ling suppressed his instinct to dodge, he activated his defensive killer move as a suit of armor made of light appeared on his body.

The armor looked very real, it blocked the strength path giant hand.

Fang Yuan's expression did not change, he had already seen this armor made of light in the fourth duel, it was a light path defensive immortal killer move.

"Blocked!" Zhou Zhong shouted happily: "It is time for us to strike!"

Fang Yuan scoffed: "Sir, are you forming a conclusion so quickly? My attack is not an instantaneous type, but a sustained attack, I have not ended my attack yet."

"It is okay, sir can continue attacking." Zheng Ling said in a low voice. In the duels earlier, Fang Yuan had attacked as well, Zheng Ling felt that he could block myriad self giant hand completely.

But at the next moment, Fang Yuan showed a ruthless smile as Zheng Ling's expression changed.

Earlier, Fang Yuan had been hiding his strength, only using one core Immortal Gu. Now, he used all of his core Immortal Gu at once.

The strength path giant hand was breaking the light path defensive method, as creaking sounds could be heard.

"Oh no, at this rate, Lord Zheng Ling will become meat paste." Zhou Zhong was shocked.

"Zheng Ling, consider it well, my giant hand is only an attack, it cannot restrict your movement. But if you break out of it now, you will be breaking our agreement. In that case, you will be violating our earlier agreement, and the duels will be voided." Fang Yuan scoffed.

"Damn it! I'll go all out!!" Zheng Ling shouted angrily, he activated another defensive killer move, it was an immortal killer move!

Two immortal killer moves stacked together, blocking the strength path giant hand.

At this point, both parties fell into a deadlock again.

"Indeed, he is just a rank six immortal zombie, how can he fight a drawn out battle with Lord Zheng Ling?" Zhou Zhong calmed down.

But a moment later, Fang Yuan was still full of vigor, while Zheng Ling was starting to get anxious, he was unable to hold on.

"Oh no! The other party must be using our immortal essence stones and converting it into immortal essence! In contrast, we have lost a lot of our foundation after an intense battle, so we are the first to run out of immortal essence!"

Realizing the reason, Zhou Zhong felt an immense anger and melancholy, it was hard to describe with words.

At the same time, he started to fluster: "What shall we do now? If I want to help him, I can only use healing methods, otherwise, we would be violating the duel agreement, and the earlier duels would be voided!"

He was there physically, but he felt like he was miles away, Zhou Zhong was helpless. The trap that Fang Yuan had created painstakingly was taking effect.

At times, your former achievements would be the greatest obstacle for you to achieve greater success!

If they won this round, they would obtain complete victory!

They would save all of the feathermen and bring them to safety!

They were one duel away, just one duel. If they violated the rules, all of it would be nullified.

This mentality made Zheng Ling choose to continue holding on, and Zhou Zhong was full of sweat and worried, but he could not interfere.

"It is over." Fang Yuan laughed loudly, seven other strength path giant hands flew out.

The strength path giant hands slammed at the feathermen on the ground with overwhelming force.

"What are you doing?!" Zhou Zhong howled, he was like a furious dragon whose scales were plucked.

"Don't fall into his trap, he is trying to lure you into attacking so that you will break the rules. The other part is at his wits' end, we need to continue enduring." Zheng Ling shouted.

Zhou Zhong was stunned, his gaze towards Fang Yuan changed: "Aren't immortal zombie slow in cognition? Why is this guy so scheming!"

While he was stunned, Fang Yuan approached Zheng Ling and spat at him.

Immortal killer move — Poison Spit!

This was a modified immortal killer move that originated from harboring malicious heart, using woman's heart Immortal Gu as the core. Since Fang Yuan had obtained it, he had been keeping it secret, this was the first time he was using it.

Zheng Ling was caught off guard, he was poisoned by this immediately.

He had a method to heal himself, of course, but at this moment, his mind was distracted and he reacted a moment more slowly, by the time he was going to detoxify himself, the poison was already very deep.

The moment of life and death was often decided in an instant.

"Unscrupulous…" Zheng Ling stared at Fang Yuan fixedly, this was his last word.

With a loud thud, he lost control and was squashed into meat paste by the strength path giant hands.

"Lord Zheng Ling!!!" Zhou Zhong screamed in fury.

Everything happened too quickly, by the time Zhou Zhong reacted, it was too late. He did not have an Immortal Gu like Man as Before.

Fang Yuan attacked Zhou Zhong with his other strength path giant hands.

"You cannot defend, attack or dodge. Don't forget, according to this duel's rules, you can only use healing methods." Fang Yuan shouted.

Zhou Zhong heard this and his eyes almost popped out, he was going to spit out blood from anger!

How would he fight like that?!

He would have to retaliate, dodge, or defend himself, but all those violated the rules, it would nullify all of their past wins!

On his side, the one in charge of attacking and defending, Zheng Ling, was dead, he could only use healing methods now.

But once the strength path giant hands grabbed him, he would be killed on the spot, no healing techniques were going to save him.

Even if Fang Yuan could not kill him and he could heal himself, he could not retaliate, that was against the rules, Fang Yuan was assured to win!

This was truly bullying the feathermen!!

At this moment, looking at Zhou Zhong's dazed expression, even Tai Bai Yun Sheng showed a look of pity and sympathy.

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