, after he betrayed Myriad Dragon Dock and defeated the pursuers, he hid his tracks and cultivated with all his effort, developing rapidly.He had grea">
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"Immortal killer move blood demon body separation…" Fang Yuan looked at the severed arm in the golden bell phantom as he muttered.

According to the >, after he betrayed Myriad Dragon Dock and defeated the pursuers, he hid his tracks and cultivated with all his effort, developing rapidly.

He had great foresight, he understood his own situation, thus he devised this killer move.

During the current Central Continent Refinement Path Convention, the ten great sects ambushed and attempted to kill Song Zi Xing, but he escaped in the end.

This was also the first time blood demon body separation was displayed, shocking the entirety of Central Continent. The reason why Song Zi Xing could escape was attributed to this.

This immortal killer move could create a clone in a short period of time. The clone had great speed that could rival blood rainbow flash. Furthermore, it was very realistic and deceptive. Even investigative immortal killer moves could not see a flaw in it.

However, this method had a huge price.

It needed a body part of the person to create the clone. They also had to expend a huge amount of immortal essence as the energy source to maintain the existence of the clone. The more immortal essence consumed, the longer it could exist.

There were many methods for Gu Immortals to regrow their limbs, but blood demon body separation's cost was not only superficially losing the limb. In truth, it expended the body's blood path dao marks.

Precisely because of these blood path dao marks, blood demon body separation could achieve such a wondrous effect.

If it did not pay a price in blood path dao marks, the clone body from blood demon body separation would not be able to pass off as the real person.

When ordinary Gu Immortals were hurt, for example, if Fang Yuan lost half his body, the strength path dao marks on him would be taken in by his immortal aperture. When his body recovered, the strength path dao marks would go back to his body.

When a Gu Immortal dies, all of the dao marks on them would go to the immortal aperture, for example, Hu Immortal blessed land.

If Song Zi Xing successfully used blood demon body separation, even if he regrew his limb later, the new arm would be blank, all of the blood path dao marks on it would have been used up.

Undeniably, the loss of dao marks was an incredible cost to Gu Immortals.

Because dao marks were hard to obtain, they could often only be accumulated after going through heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities. Each heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity would require the Gu Immortal to risk their lives, once their immortal aperture was damaged, all of the resources that they own would be destroyed.

Thus, the cost of obtaining dao marks was very high for Gu Immortals.

This also showed the value of eat strength Immortal Gu.

But Fang Yuan could be certain that Song Zi Xing did not have an Immortal Gu like Eat Strength. The blood path dao marks that he lost would have to be regained from calamities and tribulations.

The dao marks on a Gu Immortal could amplify the power of Immortal Gu and immortal killer moves. This amplification was quite terrifying, rank eights could have an amplification with a multiplier of hundreds or even thousands, that was also why rank seven Gu Immortals could rarely beat rank eight Gu Immortals.

The > had said that Song Zi Xing escaped and survived. Eventually, he was only left with a head and half a chest, the rest of his body was discarded to use blood demon body separation.

After this battle, the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent lost face, not only did they not reach their goal, they were toyed with by Song Zi Xing and suffered casualties.

Song Zi Xing also suffered huge losses, he lost an ancient desolate beast violent blood dragon bat, and most of the blood path dao marks on his body were destroyed. After this battle, he did not publicly appear for two hundred years. For a period of time, there was no information on him, people suspected that he was dead.

But when he reappeared in the world, not only did his battle strength recover fully, he even nurtured three violent blood dragon bats!

Fang Yuan had a clear understanding of the ambush of Song Zi Xing.

He looked at the severed arm with a heated gaze.

This severed arm came from Song Zi Xing, it was a part of his body. If Fang Yuan obtained it, he could use his Gu refinement techniques to create Song Zi Xing's head.

And Song Zi Xing's head was the only requirement to be acknowledged as Star Form blessed land's owner!

Land spirits were straightforward existences, as long as Fang Yuan could hand over Song Zi Xing's head to it, he would become the owner of Star Form blessed land. Star Form land spirit would not care if Song Zi Xing was alive.

It was just an obsession formed by fusing with the blessed land's heavenly power.

Fang Yuan could become its owner in this way. Even if one day, Song Zi Xing were to appear alive and well in front of the land spirit, the land spirit would not betray Fang Yuan.

Because Fang Yuan had already met the requirements that the land spirit had.

But at this time, it was troublesome for Fang Yuan to collect this arm. Breaking the bell was not hard, but once the golden bell phantom was broken, the arm would explode and turn into a mist of blood.

Fang Yuan needed to use other methods to deal with the severed arm, otherwise his plan would fail.

In fact, Fang Yuan had quite a deep impression of this arm.

His current location was at the periphery of True Yang mountain range, near Yuan Yang City.

Song Zi Xing's severed arm was contained by an immortal killer move, the Gu Immortal who used the move was busy chasing Song Zi Xing and left this severed arm behind. As time passed, this golden bell would disappear after one night, and the severed arm would explode into blood mist.

By then, the blood mist would cover up to a few hundred li of area, causing huge issues to the surrounding living beings and creating disasters.

Hundreds of years later, Yuan Yang City would send out missions to recruit geniuses and explore the blood mist, killing the blood beasts that grew inside, preventing the blood beasts from forming into a beast tide and attacking Yuan Yang City.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan lived in Yuan Yang City for a period in time after reaching Central Continent, in order to survive, he accepted the missions to kill blood beasts.

From this perspective, Fang Yuan was doing a good deed by taking Song Zi Xing's severed arm in advance.

Fang Yuan observed it for a while before carefully using some mortal killer moves to probe it.

The golden bell phantom did not move, it was indeed an immortal killer move.

Fang Yuan surrounded the golden bell phantom and continued to circle around it, observing it from all angles, he tried to find an appropriate method.

The golden bell was not still, it was rotating slowly, the severed arm was floating inside, blood colored light could be seen flickering inside.

Fang Yuan went around it over a dozen times, before having a plan.

He was about to strike when his ears twitched, he heard some noises.

"Explosion… did you guys hear it?"

"… Yes… saw a mystical light…"

"Treasure… maybe it is…"

Random voices could be heard at intervals, they were getting closer to him.

Fang Yuan immediately realized that surrounding Gu Masters were drawn over by the commotion.

This location was at the periphery of True Yang mountain range, desolate beasts did not normally come here, and because this was near Yuan Yang City, many Gu Masters were active here.

The immortal killer move from the Gu Immortal earlier caused golden light to fly into the sky, it earned a lot of attention and the Gu Masters came here to investigate it.

"A bunch of insects." Fang Yuan sneered, a cruel light flashed in his eyes.

At his will, strength path phantoms flew out of his immortal aperture.

Soon, there were thousands of strength path phantoms surrounding Fang Yuan.

Each time Fang Yuan went out, he would store a large number of strength path phantom in his immortal aperture. That was because using myriad self to create the strength path phantom army required some time.

"Kill." Fang Yuan instructed, as thousands of strength path phantoms attacked, rushing down and blending into the dark night.

"What are those things?"


"Gather into a formation, quickly gather into a formation!"


Cries, screams, and furious shouts were heard, a battle of life and death ensued, in just a few breaths' time, the Gu Masters were routed.

Fang Yuan's phantom army attacked mercilessly, countless Gu Masters died, the bloody smell spread to Fang Yuan's location very quickly.

Fang Yuan's arms were behind his back, he looked at the golden bell phantom, his expression calm under his mask.

Even though he had a method already, he did not strike yet.

Haste makes waste.

Even though the strength path phantoms were powerful, they could not use investigative methods, they also could not boost their speed. Some Gu Masters might not give up, and try to conceal themselves and sneak in.

But these people would all die without an intact corpse.

Because Fang Yuan was here, he used dozens of investigative killer moves without pause, putting layers and layers of arrangements here.

No movements could evade his search.

Unlimited primeval essence had an advantage, that was the casual use of mortal killer moves, one could use mortal killer moves almost endlessly.

And because of the accumulations of Fang Yuan's previous life, he knew better mortal killer moves that surpassed this era.

Fang Yuan waited for a while, as expected, three or four Gu Masters sneaked in.

Fang Yuan manipulated the strength path phantoms and according to his manipulation, charged over to kill these Gu Masters who were courting death.

"Impossible, how did they find me?"

"Spare, please spare me!"


The Gu Masters had nowhere to hide, they were all killed.

After a while, the surroundings became quiet, the smell of blood became thicker as birds could no longer be heard near the trees, the place was completely silent and dead.

Fang Yuan started to make his move.

Myriad Self First Style — Giant Hand!

A strength path giant hand appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the golden bell.

The golden bell phantom restrained was what held inside, it had little defense on the outside.

After adding in Pulling Mountain and Pulling Water, Fang Yuan's strength path giant hand had grown rapidly in strength. It only needed to grasp hard and the bell would break.

But the thing was, how could he prevent the severed arm from exploding into a mist of blood after the bell was broken!

Thankfully, Fang Yuan was not only a strength path grandmaster, but also a blood path grandmaster. Like Song Zi Xing, he knew many blood path methods!

He had planned for this over a long time, he made ample preparations.

Immediately, he started his arrangements and focused. Over a hundred blood path killer moves were used in sequence, coordinating with each other. An even greater number of Gu formations were used on the outside, there were layers upon layers of them.

After the arrangements were done, he observed again to make sure there were no flaws in his set up.

He found that there were two errors and changed them, he then did a third, fourth, and fifth check.

This was an important matter, Fang Yuan had a lot of patience.

In the end, when he struck, everything was under his control.

The golden bell phantom broke, and the arm was going to detonate, but it was restrained and had layers of seals placed on it.

Song Zi Xing was already extremely weak when he used this arm to activate blood demon body separation, he used less than ten beads of immortal essence on it.

That was also the reason why Fang Yuan could obtain this severed arm.

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