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"Song Zi Xing, the day has come where you get what you deserve!"

"Aren't you called the Blood Dragon? Don't run if you have guts."

Blood rainbow flash was extremely fast and very nimble, the pursuing Gu Immortals used killer moves to obstruct him but there was little effect, the distance between them was growing.

But the Immortal Gu House, Illusion Garden, was set up already, they were not afraid that Song Zi Xing would escape.

The scene became quite strange, a group of people were chasing after Song Zi Xing with immense hatred, their killing intent was overflowing like fire, but they could not reach him.

"He is as slippery as an eel." The Gu Immortals from Central Continent's ten ancient sects did not chase him, they observed the situation and used some immortal killer moves from time to time.

Song Zi Xing was still quite dangerous, his battle result in fighting the pursuers from Myriad Dragon Dock made people feel apprehension.

That was why Central Continent's ten ancient sects invited many lone cultivators, in their plan, these lone cultivators were cannon fodder, they were meant to probe Song Zi Xing's methods and waste immortal essence he had stored up.

Without immortal essence, even if Song Zi Xing was a blood path Gu Immortal, his battle strength would fall.

"This cannot go on, Song Zi Xing is only wholeheartedly escaping, we are unable to force out his trump cards." A while later, a Central Continent Gu Immortal spoke.

Many other people frowned: "Don't you find it strange? Song Zi Xing is called the Blood Dragon, his violent blood dragon bat has rank seven battle strength, but he has not used it yet. All along until now, he has been escaping without truly attacking."

"Hehehe, what are you afraid of? Song Zi Xing is already trapped by the Immortal Gu House, Illusion Garden, the biggest flaw of our ambush was the duration needed to set up Illusion Garden, now that Song Zi Xing is already trapped, his demise is only a matter of time."

"We cannot be careless. Blood path Gu Immortals cannot be judged with common sense, maybe he is searching around everywhere for a flaw?"

"Maybe he has powerful reinforcements? Therefore, stalling for time?"

While they were guessing, the voices of the two rank seven Gu Immortals from Heavenly Lotus Sect resounded: "Everyone, it is time to strike, mobilizing the Immortal Gu House is very taxing, we cannot drag this on for long."

In truth, along with Vicious Lightning Fiend and Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao, a total of twenty Gu Immortals had ambushed Song Zi Xing.

Vicious Lightning Fiend and Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao were bait, the two rank seven Gu Immortals from Heavenly Lotus Sect did not show up, they were controlling the Immortal Gu House secretly. The remaining sixteen Gu Immortals showed up to fight Song Zi Xing.

Mobilizing the Immortal Gu House caused great expenditure to their immortal essence. Especially a complete Immortal Gu House like Illusion Garden, it was far more taxing than using an incomplete Immortal Gu House like Profound Ice House. Even rank seven Gu Immortals could not sustain it for long.

The Gu Immortals of the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent were rushed, most of them entered the battle, only three rank seven Gu Immortals were overlooking the situation in case of any accidents.

Song Zi Xing was still escaping, he did not fight back.

"I've heard of how fast blood rainbow flash was long ago, now that I see it, it truly is amazing."

"It is even faster than my cloud shock sail, it is also as fast as purple heaven lightning wings, a movement killer move that is in the top ten even in Central Continent."

"Not only is it fast, it is agile, it can twist and turn around easily, it has all-around capability in terms of mobility. What a pity."

The three rank seven Gu Immortals were evaluating.

They felt some regret, an outstanding movement immortal killer move like blood rainbow flash could not be obtained easily. If they could get it, they would be able to retreat at will, they would be able to save their own lives when escaping!

But this was a blood path killer move, even if righteous path Gu Immortals get it, they could not use it, unless they betrayed the righteous path and went into the demonic path.

Back then, Song Zi Xing betrayed his sect and went to the demonic path, other than conflicts with his sect, the main reason was that he could not resist the allure of blood path's strength.

As the Gu Immortals from Central Continent's ten sects joined in, Song Zi Xing's situation got worse.

Their encirclement became tighter, everyone joined forces, even though blood rainbow flash was fast, it had its limits. Eventually, he was trapped.

"Demons are meant to be slain, die!"

"Kill, kill Song Zi Xing!!"

Eventually, they trapped Song Zi Xing in the center, many lone cultivator Gu Immortals struck and attacked Song Zi Xing.

They did not get close, they attacked with long range methods, Song Zi Xing was making them feel wary by not fighting back.

These lone cultivator Gu Immortals were not idiots, they knew the reason why Central Continent's ten great sects invited them to ambush Song Zi Xing. But they were willing to be cannon fodder, because they had intense hatred with Song Zi Xing, irreconcilable to the point that only one side could live.

Gu Immortals were still humans, they were afraid of dying.

If not for Song Zi Xing's overbearing attitude, causing them to live in fear daily, they would not attempt this.

From this, the advantage of Vicious Lightning Fiend's lightning deities could be seen. Having the battle strength of Gu Immortals and not fearing death, they could be produced in batches, this was terrifying. Thankfully, each lightning deity was formed by paying a huge price, and they needed a huge sum to be maintained.

The Gu Immortals were prepared, their attacks landed on Song Zi Xing. He tried to dodge, but there was little space, he took a heavy beating.

At once, he was blown to pieces, blood splattered everywhere.

"Oh no! This is not Song Zi Xing's real body!!" Seeing this, the immortals were stunned, they realized the truth.

"Be careful of Song Zi Xing's sneak attack!"

"How did he conceal himself? My investigative killer move could not find him?"

"Stay calm, we are inside the Immortal Gu House Illusion Garden, he cannot escape! Search carefully!!"

Gu Immortals were all experienced people, they quickly calmed down. Even if Song Zi Xing wanted to attack them by surprise, he could not find a chance.

The immortals displayed their abilities, they searched quickly but they made no progress.

Their gazes quickly focused on Blood Tu Su, someone realized: "Oh no! Song Zi Xing never came out, his real body has always been inside the battlefield killer move, Vicious Lightning Fiend and Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao are in danger!!"

Since the beginning, Song Zi Xing's battlefield killer move, Blood Tu Su, had been encased like a red egg, floating in the air.

The immortals did not destroy this battlefield killer move, firstly because their attentions were attracted to 'Song Zi Xing'. They were also unwilling to help Vicious Lightning Fiend. He had been challenging people everywhere, gaining huge reputation, as a person who was quite unreasonable, all of the ten sects of Central Continent, including Myriad Dragon Dock, wanted to suppress him for a bit. In addition, destroying Blood Tu Su would also expend a lot of immortal essence.

Thus, Blood Tu Su was 'accidentally forgotten' by the immortals.

The fundamental problem now was that because they were strong, they underestimated the enemy.

The immortals realized they were fooled by Song Zi Xing, overcome with rage and embarrassment, they charged towards Blood Tu Su.

Blood Tu Su was not an Immortal Gu House, it was only a battlefield killer move, under the intense attacks, it trembled intensely. Three breaths later, Song Zi Xing removed the battlefield killer move.

Blood Tu Su collapsed, Song Zi Xing laughed loudly as he flew out in a bloody rainbow.

Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao was dead, his corpse was held in Song Zi Xing's hands, meanwhile, Vicious Lightning Fiend was heavily injured, falling into a coma. Only one lightning deity was left, it was very weak and was guarding around Vicious Lightning Fiend.

If they were slightly later, Vicious Lightning Fiend might have been killed by Song Zi Xing.

But Song Zi Xing was also heavily injured, his left arm was completely amputated up to his shoulder.

The battlefield killer move, Blood Tu Su, isolated itself from the world, becoming an independent area. Furthermore, Song Zi Xing had special methods and prevented Vicious Lightning Fiend or Dan Qiao from seeking help from the outside world.

Song Zi Xing was able to kill Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao and send Vicious Lightning Fiend into a coma when surrounded by everyone.

This was a huge humiliation!

The Gu Immortals were furious, anger was rising in them.

If news spread, how would they face anyone?

"Kill, kill Song Zi Xing!!"

"Blood Dragon deserves death, he should not live in this world."

"Removing evil for the people of the world, upholding justice!"

At once, Gu Immortals attacked, all sorts of immortal killer moves and battlefield killer moves were sent towards Song Zi Xing.

Song Zi Xing laughed arrogantly, blood rainbow flash was used again and he evaded most of the immortal killer moves. Next, he raised Blazing Demonic Immortal's corpse and said: "Thanks for the gift, now, I'll return it to you. Detonate!"

Blood red light burst into the sky, as a shocking explosion occurred.

The immortals were sent flying, but Song Zi Xing was completely unharmed at the center of the explosion, the blood path dao marks in his body were shining brightly, protecting him.

Illusion Garden shook heavily, a crack opened from his intense attack.

Blood rainbow flash!

In the blink of an eye, Song Zi Xing vanished, he escaped the Immortal Gu House and flew beyond the vision of the Gu Immortals!

"Chase him, he was hit by my immortal killer move, I can sense him."

"How can a grand Immortal Gu House become damaged to the point of cracking?!"

The immortals growled as they chased him.

The two rank seven Gu Immortals from Heavenly Lotus Sect retrieved their Immortal Gu House and joined in. Their expressions were ugly: "It is that violent blood dragon bat! Song Zi Xing arranged for it to be outside, it crashed into Illusion Garden and self-detonated, together with Song Zi Xing's internal attack, a crack was formed!"

The violent blood dragon bat was an ancient desolate beast, its battle strength was equivalent to a rank seven Gu Immortal. The force of its self-detonation was quite extraordinary. Furthermore, Illusion Garden was only maintained by two Gu Immortals, they could not react to the explosion in time, allowing Song Zi Xing to forcefully create hope during that desperate situation!

The immortals would not give up like this, they chased him with gritted teeth.

A battle of pursuit appeared on True Yang mountain range.

The pursuers had huge numbers, a total of seventeen Gu Immortals (One Gu Immortal from Myriad Dragon Dock was staying behind to take care of Vicious Lightning Fiend).

But now at this point, the battle was no longer controlled by the righteous path Gu Immortals, they had fallen into Song Zi Xing's tempo.

Song Zi Xing was a demonic cultivator, and was most skilled in escaping.

"I cannot go outside immediately, this True Yang mountain range is the best hiding spot! I lost my violent blood dragon bat, after I escape, I will definitely settle the score!" Song Zi Xing's expression was twisted, this loss was making him feel loss.

He swore inwardly, as he used blood rainbow flash to turn and land on a mountain.

Inside True Yang mountain range, there were countless fierce beasts.

In the chase, large numbers of desolate beasts and even ancient desolate beasts were disturbed, they created a lot of problems for the pursuers behind Song Zi Xing.

Song Zi Xing was well aware: The more chaotic the situation, the easier he could find a chance to slip away to freedom!

Three days later, late at night.

The moon was hanging in the sky, a dim blood red light moved along the ground as it flew out of True Yang mountain range.


Suddenly, a metallic sound was heard, as a golden bell phantom covered the blood red light.

An injured Gu Immortal appeared, he shouted: "Song Zi Xing, where do you think you are going?"

Just as he said that, Song Zi Xing, who was inside the golden bell, vanished, in his place was a palm and a small section of his forearm.

"Oh no, this is a fake, the true body is there!" The Gu Immortal's expression changed, he turned around and flew towards another direction.

Long afterwards, a figure appeared quietly from afar.

It was Fang Yuan, he was wearing a mask, his body was covered in a thin layer of smoke as he walked towards the golden bell phantom silently.

Looking at the arm in the bell, he showed an expression of joy.

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