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Blood, blood, blood!

The sky had blood colored clouds, the ground was now beneath a sea of blood, all around in the air, there was blood colored light.

This was Song Zi Xing's personal creation, his signature battlefield killer move — Blood Tu Su, it was uniquely distinctive in Central Continent.

Song Zi Xing had a strongly vengeful mindset. Previously, during an exploration, many gains were seized away by Gu Immortals from Tu Su City. Thus, after creating the battlefield killer move, he set out to take revenge. He turned the entire city into dust, and killed the two Gu Immortals in the city.

His revenge succeeded, Song Zi Xing felt gratified, he wrote some words with blood in the sky above the rubble of Tu Su city: It took a while, but revenge came after a year, today I arrived and used Blood Tu Su. The name of the perpetrator is — Song Zi Xing.

From that day onwards, his battlefield killer move was named 'Blood Tu Su'.

Thus, seeing this scene, Blazing Demonic Immortal recognized that it was Song Zi Xing's attack.

As expected, a moment later, a figure descended from the sky.

Song Zi Xing was clothed in a blood red robe, his body was long and sharp like a spear. His face was pale and he had a sharp nose, his gaze was ruthless like that of an eagle or vulture.

As he descended, the blood sea went into turbulence as the blood colored clouds rumbled like dragons or pythons.

The surrounding blood colored light flew into the sky, it was a dazzling sight, Song Zi Xing seemed like the ruler of the world, a demonic god of the sun and moon.

"Song, Song Zi Xing, why are you here?" Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao looked at Song Zi Xing as his face went pale, his expression was that of shock and anger, but also immense fear.

"Why can't I be here?" Song Zi Xing turned around slightly to look at Dan Qiao, he smiled lightly as his gaze was filled with killing intent: "Dan Qiao, back then when I lost to Feng Jiu Ge, you attempted to take advantage of the situation and ambushed me, attacking me with an immortal killer move. I've intentionally left behind the scar that you inflicted on me all this time. I have been waiting to take revenge on you, but you hid inside True Yang mountain range, causing me to be unable to find you. But you dared to accept Vicious Lightning Fiend's challenge, hehehe, thus I came today to settle the score with you."

A wise man knows better than to fight when the odds are against him, Dan Qiao sighed as he decided to give in: "Lord Song Zi Xing, I am willing to apologize to you!"

He was a grand rank seven Gu Immortal, but he lowered his head instead of fighting.

Song Zi Xing had a vast and mighty demonic reputation, he was on par with Shi Lei and had incredible battle results. Back when he was in Myriad Dragon Dock, he was renowned in Central Continent. After that, he betrayed them and escaped, even though Myriad Dragon Dock pursued him and sent eight Gu Immortals in successive waves, he killed four of them, crippled three of them, and forced one to retreat.

This result caused a commotion in Central Continent, Song Zi Xing left scot-free. Myriad Dragon Dock went into a downturn, its reputation was even lower than that of Immortal Crane Sect. It became the worst among the ten great ancient sects. Only until now, when Vicious Lightning Fiend came out of closed cultivation, did they start to regain their status.

Of course, Song Zi Xing had experienced defeat as well.

His most famous loss was against Feng Jiu Ge.

Feng Jiu Ge only used three moves and Song Zi Xing was defeated completely, escaping frantically.

But this loss did not tarnish Song Zi Xing's reputation. Because his opponent was Feng Jiu Ge, and he could escape and live, this was something no one could look down on.

In fact, practically all demonic path Gu Immortals were skilled in escaping. Song Zi Xing was particularly skilled in this aspect.

"Hahaha, apologize?" Hearing Blazing Demonic Immortal's words, Song Zi Xing showed a mocking expression: "If you had been like this and understood your position earlier, I would not have chased you until you hid inside True Yang mountain range."

"Lord, please speak, as long as I can obtain your forgiveness, I am willing to pay the price." Dan Qiao said melancholically.

"If you want to obtain my forgiveness, it is very simple, hand your life over to me." Song Zi Xing said nonchalantly.

Dan Qiao lifted his head, his expression was pale as he spoke with grief and indignation: "Song Zi Xing, are you really not letting me off?"

"Let you off? Hehe, hehehe!" This demonic path overlord raised his head and laughed: "I, Song Zi Xing, will always take revenge, when Tu Su City's Gu Immortals took what was mine, I murdered the entire city and people inside. Back then, you ambushed me, it is already my greatest kindness that I am not torturing you before killing you. Are you still not satisfied? Today, you are doomed to die!"

Saying this, he turned around and looked at Vicious Lightning Fiend: "Oh right, you are still here. Didn't you claim to want to challenge me? I am here now."

He spoke mockingly, like a cat playing with its food.

Vicious Lightning Fiend was trying to heal himself now, the explosion earlier had given him a wound that was not small, he was still using his methods, but he raised his head and said: "Song Zi Xing, you were a Gu Immortal from Myriad Dragon Dock, in terms of seniority, you are my senior! A challenge is definitely needed. But today, since you are here to seek revenge, I will not interfere. Let me go or I will self detonate my lightning deities and force my way out!"

"Hahaha, your immortal killer move, lightning deity, is indeed impressive and can create a strong enough force to break open my Blood Tu Su. But so what? Can you escape? Think about it, can your escaping methods surpass my blood rainbow flash in terms of speed?"

Song Zi Xing laughed arrogantly.

It sounded like he was trash talking, but his words were actually attempting to decrease their fighting spirits.

But at the next moment, Song Zi Xing's expression changed, his gaze towards Vicious Lightning Fiend turned grim as he shouted: "Something's wrong! With your personality, how can you back off at this moment?"

In terms of acting, Vicious Lightning Fiend was inferior to the demonic path Gu Immortal Dan Qiao.

In Song Zi Xing's view, a flaw was found immediately.

At once, Song Zi Xing's heart was pounding, the blood in his heart was surging and crashing into his blood vessels, attacking the inner walls of his heart.

This was his immortal killer move — Heart Blood Premonition!

Even though it was a blood path technique, it could mimic wisdom path and deduce dangerous or favorable circumstances for Song Zi Xing.

An intense feeling of danger assaulted Song Zi Xing's heart.

"This is a trap!!" Song Zi Xing growled, he wanted to leave.

Lightning Lock!

Lava Chain!

At this moment, Vicious Lightning Fiend and Blazing Demonic Immortal Dan Qiao, who were fighting, joined forces and attacked Song Zi Xing together.

Song Zi Xing sneered, the blood sea beneath his feet rose up, creating huge red waves that were imposing and grand.

The huge blood waves blocked the lightning and lava.

Meanwhile, Song Zi Xing turned into a bloody rainbow and vanished on the spot.

This was an immortal killer move, blood rainbow flash, it was extremely fast, he flew out of the battlefield killer move, Blood Tu Su, immediately. Song Zi Xing was very resolute, he discarded even the blood path Immortal Gu that he used to construct the battlefield killer move, he flew out and tried to retreat.

A few breaths later, the bloody rainbow had already flown an enormous distance.

The bloody rainbow vanished, Song Zi Xing's figure appeared in the air, he looked down at the unchanging mountain below him as his expression turned ugly: "Oh no, I'm in an illusion."

His mind worked quickly, as the sense of danger intensified, he realized that this was a trap from his enemies.

He quickly flew back and tried to regain control of the battlefield killer move, Blood Tu Su.

But at this time, a total of sixteen Gu Immortals appeared, with incredible auras surging in the air.

They attacked together, sixteen immortal killer moves landed on Song Zi Xing.

Boom boom boom…

Dazzling light shined on the cruel or emotionless faces of every Gu Immortal.

After the light faded, Song Zi Xing could be seen to be in a pitiful state.

His face was covered in soot, as his black robe was tattered.

A layer of blood red armor was around his body, as he looked around him in anger: "This is Heavenly Lotus Sect's Illusion Garden! What great handiwork, you even brought your Immortal Gu House to deal with me. And the rest of you, did the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent join up?"

Song Zi Xing was furious but also perplexed.

He was a demonic path Gu Immortal, but he had been moving around and hiding without being too rampant. Recently, he did not commit any great crimes, why were there so many people teaming up against him?

But soon, Song Zi Xing understood: "To be able to force all ten great sects of Central Continent to work together, this must be an order from Heavenly Court."

"That's right, Song Zi Xing, you understand it yourself. Junior brother Vicious Lightning went around challenging people, it was the arrangement of a wisdom path Gu Immortal, in order to lure you. Junior brother's lightning deity was derived from Blood Deity, you have been wanting this Immortal Gu recipe, and with Blazing Demonic Immortal being your enemy, you were finally attracted to this place."

"But you were too vigilant, you had been following behind Vicious Lightning Fiend and watched him go through more than ten different challenges previously without striking. Only after Vicious Lightning Fiend self detonated a lightning deity did you get baited successfully."

"Hehehe, you are so hard to catch. To make you show up, we in Ancient Soul Sect, Heaven's Envy Manor, and Spirit Butterfly Valley had three wisdom path Gu Immortals collaborating to interfere with your immortal killer move, heart blood premonition. This prevented you from sensing the danger in advance."

The three rank seven Gu Immortals who were leading the group spoke slowly one by one.

The other thirteen Gu Immortals were all rank six.

At this point, some people could not control themselves anymore, they charged up: "Song Zi Xing, you killed my elder brother and raped my sister-in-law, I will tear your skin and bones apart, ahhhhhh!"

"Song Zi Xing, you will definitely die today, I will take revenge for Sun clan's seven hundred and thirty people today!"

Song Zi Xing was an evildoer, he caused many tragedies. But those who had the strength to take revenge on him were few. Many Gu Immortals who offended Song Zi Xing lived in fear, they were afraid that he might take revenge on them one day.

Blood Dragon Song Zi Xing had a strong thirst for revenge, that was well known to everyone.

Blazing Demonic Immortal was one of them, he was chased down by Song Zi Xing, he had to hide inside True Yang mountain range. But because Song Zi Xing was forcing him to his limits, this demonic path Gu Immortal was willing to undergo such a realistic show with Vicious Lightning Fiend and the others.

Eight rank six Gu Immortals attacked Song Zi Xing.

The Gu Immortals from the ten ancient sects of Central Continent remained in the air, they formed a tight encirclement.

The Gu Immortals who were currently fighting Song Zi Xing were lone cultivators. These people were contacted by the ten ancient sects, they had deep hatred towards Song Zi Xing.

Song Zi Xing's crimes were all targeted at small forces, he tried not to cause trouble with the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent. But he was a person who had successfully escaped fate, killing him would help the healing of fate Gu greatly. With Heavenly Court's orders, the ten great ancient sects had to stop fighting between themselves and work together to kill Song Zi Xing.

Song Zi Xing was attacked from all sides, he was in a disadvantage. Without any way to fight back, he could only choose to escape.

His speed was very fast, the name of blood rainbow flash was famous in Central Continent, his speed rose at once, the Central Continent lone cultivators were left in the dust behind him!

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