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The atmosphere on the stage was getting more intense, Fang Yuan and the young Gu Master, Zheng Shan Chuan, could no longer avoid this issue.

The elderly master also noticed that most of the Gu Masters encouraging this came from Flying Frost Sect, his wrinkles became deeper, as he showed a bitter expression.

Fang Yuan thought about the name 'Zheng Shan Chuan', he felt that it was familiar. But as an immortal zombie, his mind was not as sharp as if he was a living person, he could not remember it instantly.

He stopped the star thoughts in his mind and activated memory thoughts to excavate his memories.

He finally remembered.

As it turns out, in Central Continent's east coast, hundreds of years later, there was a super force called Shan Chuan Hall. Its creator was named Zheng Shan Chuan. Shan Chuan Hall was skilled in refinement path, when dream realms manifested and dream path was flourishing, Shan Chuan Hall's leader benefited alongside the trends of that age and became a Gu Immortal.

But during that great era, mortals becoming Gu Immortals was nothing special. Especially after dream realms appeared, there were countless opportunities given to ordinary Gu Masters. Dragons and snakes were hiding in bushes, most of them only lacked an opportunity.

The manifestation of dream realms gave people their fortuitous encounters. During the five regions chaotic war, large numbers of Gu Masters at the bottom of the hierarchy were given a chance to rise up.

In the midst of the five regions chaotic war, all sorts of people emerged, they were numerous like the stars in the sky, they all had their stories. The ten great ancient sects gradually lost control, with the rise of many forces, including ten outstanding ones who called themselves the ten new great sects, they opposed the ten ancient sects openly, it was quite the spectacle.

Unlike now, where the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent had control over the situation in Central Continent, even if super forces which had Gu Immortals wanted to separate from the ten ancient sects, and free themselves from the status of a subsidiary, it was difficult.

"In accordance with this time period, don't tell me that this Zheng Shan Chuan in front of me is the creator of Shan Chuan Hall? Since he could reach second place in Five Virtues Sect, he definitely has master level attainment in refinement path. Being a refinement path master at such a young age, he truly is a genius. This fits the description of Zheng Shan Chuan as well, a great teacher produces great students, this old man must be Old Man Qi Shan."

"Old Man Qi Shan was secretly poisoned by someone, it had been causing him great torment, Zheng Shan Chuan was filial, he tried all ways to heal his master. That's right, green shine Gu is among the best healing Gu for treating heat toxins. Unfortunately even Old Man Qi Shan did not know that the poison in him was a transforming poison. On the surface, it was a heat toxin, but after using green shine Gu, it would become a cold poison, the toxicity would intensify, becoming at least twice as severe. But eventually, Zheng Shan Chuan succeeded in treating his master's poison, he gathered green shine Gu, blue shine Gu, red shine Gu, and others up to a total of nine types of shine Gu, forming the killer move nine shine, it could subdue all sorts of poisons. Later, his bloodline descendant became a Gu Immortal, being Shan Chuan Hall's leader, promoting this killer move and changing it into the immortal killer move profound light nine shine, he became a light path healing expert, becoming quite famous during the five regions chaotic war."

Fang Yuan used memory thoughts to excavate his memories, he quickly remembered these minute details that were deep in his memories.

He understood everything going on around him, including An Han's schemes, after observing for a while, he felt that these two people were Old Man Qi Shan and Zheng Shan Chuan.

He used luck inspection Gu on the two of them.

Flying Frost Sect was a test location for the Refinement Path Convention, there were Gu worms set up to prevent Gu Masters from using their Gu worms casually.

But Fang Yuan had an immortal zombie body, he had strength path dao marks on his body, and his immortal aperture was part of his body, when he used luck inspection Gu, these mortals were defenseless.

Immediately, Fang Yuan saw the luck of these two. Above his head, Zheng Shan Chuan's luck was like a seven colored rainbow, bright and imposing, it was out of the norm. Meanwhile, Old Man Qi Shan's luck was like a broken jade bowl, traces of grey luck were leaking out of the bowl.

Old Man Qi Shan's luck was terrible, but Zheng Shan Chuan was intimately linked with him, the luck of the two were joined together.

The seven colored rainbow luck split out a portion of itself into Old Man Qi Shan's jade bowl luck, causing his grey luck to be moderated to a large extent.

Fang Yuan felt interested, musing: "To think that I would encounter the creator of Shan Chuan Hall here, if I kill him, in several hundred years, the east coast would not have a super force called Shan Chuan Hall."

The moment Fang Yuan had killing intent, the luck of the both of them wavered, it was like a huge wind was blowing, causing the rainbow light to fade and be on the verge of destruction.

"But what benefit would I get if I do that? Northern Plains is already in chaos thanks to me, but that was not my intention, it was all because of Mo Yao's fake will. But who am I going to explain that to? I will leave Zheng Shan Chuan alive, these people should continue on their original paths so that my rebirth advantage can be maintained." Fang Yuan thought again.

When Fang Yuan was in Northern Plains, he knew about Ma Hong Yun, but he did not kill him.

This was not fear, this was the ambition of a demonic overlord.

In his previous life, he was a rank six Gu Immortal, only a step from rank seven, but it was mostly due to his fortuitous encounters, he had actually wasted a lot of time during his life.

Fang Yuan had self-confidence, even if these people grow up or even achieve greater accomplishments than in his memories, Fang Yuan could still contest with them and gain profits! He could even stomp on these people, carving out a path of blood as he sprints towards eternal life.

As to whether eternal life really existed or not, did that matter?

Even if he died along the way, would there be regret?

This was the life that Fang Yuan wanted to live, it was full of challenge, fun, and bitterness. Other than that, beauty, wealth, and authority were all nothing more than tools that he could make use of.

Fang Yuan thought about this and his killing intent towards this pair of master and disciple dissipated.

Immediately, he saw that the luck of Zheng Shan Chuan and Old Man Qi Shan recovered back to their original points, it was even vaguely greater than before.

"Luck path is truly mystical." Fang Yuan saw this and sighed inwardly.

Recently, he had a greater understanding of luck path — luck was not omnipotent, it largely depended on one's strength and cultivation level.

A thought from Fang Yuan could change the luck of the two of them. This was because he was an immortal zombie, killing the two of them was as easy as killing ants.

Back then, Ma Hong Yun had many people going after him, but he instead turned danger into blessings. But now that he was in Old Ancestor Xue Hu's hands, he could not turn the situation around. The rank eight Fortune Rivaling Heaven could not make up for the huge difference in their strength. Or rather, Old Ancestor Xue Hu, as a rank eight great expert, had the power to suppress it.

There was also Hu Immortal blessed land's calamity, Fang Yuan used time assist luck, in the end, because of Connect Luck, the increase in luck was split into four and Fang Yuan only kept one portion. The three of them had their gains and fortuitous opportunities, while Fang Yuan barely had any. That was because Fang Yuan was too strong, he was already an immortal, he needed much more good luck to obtain the same benefits as them, it was much more difficult to influence him than mortals!

On the stage, more and more clamoring could be heard, the urging of the crowd drew more and more people to join in, those in Flying Frost Sect no longer had to steer this matter.

Fang Yuan waved his hand: "We can duel, but I have no interest in these things. If I lose, I will give you green shine Gu. But if you lose, I want you to be my slave, and be under my command for life."

"Ah! Disciple, you cannot agree." Old Man Qi Shan's face paled as he shouted.

Everyone looked at each other, this was a great plan by Fang Yuan, the other party was a refinement path genius, he had a bright future. If he won, he would obtain a refinement path master level slave!

"Senior, isn't this request too much?" Zheng Shan Chuan was young, but he would not agree so easily. After all, his future was at stake, this would affect his whole life.

"Of course you can reject me, but I will tell you now, if you do not use yourself as the wager, I will not duel." Fang Yuan sneered, saying: "Do you think there are a lots of green shine Gu around? This is the perfect Gu for treating heat toxins. Lad, the tree may wish to be yet the wind continues to blow, the son wants to fulfil his duty but his parents are no longer around. Time waits for no man, often, the opportunity is right in front of you, if you miss it, you will regret it for life."

"Does this person know that my master is afflicted with heat toxins?" Zheng Shan Chuan was shocked, these words from Fang Yuan like 'the son wants to fulfil his duty but his parents are no longer around,' and 'if you miss it, you will regret it for life,' were affecting him greatly.

"Disciple, you must not agree to the duel! We can think of another way!!" Old Man Qi Shan's expression was grim, he was an experienced person, Fang Yuan's words were like bait, he had evil intentions, he was trying to trick a young and inexperienced person like Zheng Shan Chuan.

"The duel is their matter, outsiders are not to interfere." A Flying Frost Sect elder came over, his face was austere as he spoke to Fang Yuan and Zheng Shan Chuan: "Both of you have disrupted the competition, are you going to duel? If you are duelling, our sect's first elder is magnanimous and is willing to give you an area to compete in. Please decide quickly."

Old Man Qi Shan felt an alarm blaring inside him, he was about to speak but Fang Yuan said: "Lad, I am giving you this opportunity because I am touched by your filial piety. If you miss it, in the future, I will not agree to any duels even if you ask me. I will not bully a kid like you, I will give you a chance, you can propose the duel task."

"What, senior, you are letting me choose?!" Zheng Shan Chuan was moved.

Originally, the duel would be initiated by one party, and both sides would put up a wager. But the content of the duel would need to be agreed upon by both sides. If they refined a Gu that one party was familiar with, while the other has not refined it before, that would not be fair.

Now, Fang Yuan was letting Zheng Shan Chuan choose, that was to say, Zheng Shan Chuan could use his forte and trouble Fang Yuan, he could only accept it with no way to change the task.

Once he said that, the surrounding Gu Masters gasped, they were thinking that Fang Yuan was too arrogant, their money was on the young Gu Master, Zheng Shan Chuan, now.

"Disciple, do not duel, our real business is on the competition…" Old Man Qi Shan continued to urge him. Even though Zheng Shan Chuan had a huge advantage, this old man was still worrying, he did not want any mishaps to happen to his disciple.

But Zheng Shan Chuan was a young man, he was hot-blooded.

"Master's heat toxins are very severe, it will be too late if we do not treat it soon. The other party is so arrogant, he is looking down on my age! The Gu I am most familiar with is careful Gu. This Gu is a specialty of ours, it is rank three and has many complex steps, the techniques needed for it are numerous, I spent three years, putting in so much hard work, only now having an eighty percent chance of success. I will duel him with this!"

Thinking of this, Zheng Shan Chuan made up his mind, saying to Fang Yuan: "I will duel!"

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