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After learning that Tai Bai Yun Sheng had returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, Fairy Li Shan rushed to Hu Immortal blessed land as quickly as possible.

Right now in Snowy Mountain, Old Ancestor Xue Hu was present all the time, Tai Bai Yun Sheng was an outsider and had a sensitive identity, he could not go there anymore.

Thus, the best location was still Hu Immortal blessed land.

Because Tai Bai Yun Sheng had the experience of saving Dang Hun mountain, this process did not have any issues, it was completed uneventfully.

Fairy Li Shan's pale face let out a sigh, after getting past this difficulty, a weight on her mind had finally been lifted.

But she still had severe injuries on her, she needed to recuperate.

"Wait a moment." Fairy Li Shan was about to return to Snowy Mountain blessed land, but Fang Yuan stopped her.

"I have a huge transaction, I wonder if you are interested?" Fang Yuan talked about his plan.

He did not have the wealth to refine Immortal Gu.

But that did not mean that the combination of Tai Bai Yun Sheng, Fairy Li Shan, Hei Lou Lan, and Fang Yuan could not afford it.

"Right now, Fairy Jiang Yu's whereabouts are unknown, and to take dark limit Immortal Gu, we do not have a technique like that of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, it would be very difficult. I obtained an immortal killer move from Dong Fang Chang Fan's inheritance, it is called star fog concealment, it can conceal one from heavenly secrets and is suitable for us."

Fairy Li Shan's words immediately interested Fairy Li Shan and Hei Lou Lan, who was beside her.

But after hearing that star fog concealment needed two Immortal Gu as the core to activate it, Fairy Li Shan smiled bitterly as she shook her head: "Refining an Immortal Gu is already beyond our capabilities, two Immortal Gu are an impossible task."

Now, although restoring Miniscule Mountain saved Fairy Li Shan a huge amount of expenses, the injuries on her body still needed to be healed by other Gu Immortals, there was also Old Ancestor Xue Hu's missions that had been given to her, and the fact that she was sponsoring Hei Lou Lan to cultivate all along, her deep financial power was at its limits.

She was in difficult circumstances with funds, just like Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan had no choice, he could only come up with another investment plan.

He suggested: By gathering the wealth of all four of them, they could purchase knowledge and experiences of raising hairy men, and buy hairy man slaves in bulk. They could also raise the scale of the stone nests, increasing the production of airsac Gu, to increase the amount of guts Gu traded. The four can split the profits after that.

This plan was much cheaper than refining Immortal Gu.

But he was rejected by Fairy Li Shan: "Fang Yuan, have you thought about Immortal Crane Sect's reaction? Your guts Gu trade is a monopoly, it is extremely profitable and has attracted much attention. If you increase the scale of production, Immortal Crane Sect is bound to become even more jealous, if the balance in their mindsets change, they might target Hu Immortal blessed land again, what will you do then? We have enough trouble already, the less complications, the better."

Fang Yuan was silently before replying: "You are right, forget about it."

After Fairy Li Shan returned to Snowy Mountain blessed land, Hei Lou Lan stayed in a stone nest to refine airsac Gu for Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's two suggestions did not succeed. He was unresigned, after returning to Dang Hun palace, he contacted Lang Ya land spirit.

The hairy men in Lang Ya blessed land were the best quality he had ever seen. Even in a high end market like treasure yellow heaven, none of the hairy men were as skilful as the ones in Lang Ya blessed land.

From this, one could easily guess that Lang Ya land spirit had the best methods to raise hairy men as well as rich experience in doing so.

Fang Yuan did not have immortal essence stones, but he had the wisdom path inheritance, many Immortal Gu recipes, and he had a huge amount of immortal materials, they were all things that Lang Ya land spirit desired.

Could he use these to make a transaction with Lang Ya land spirit?

Fang Yuan started with hope, but he ended with disappointment. Lang Ya land spirit's attitude was firm, it was like an iron wall with no way of getting through.

"You're targeting the hairy men? Don't even think about it! If you want to trade with me, there is only one way, by completing the task!" Lang Ya land spirit repeated the task again, he wanted that rank six immortal material, poisonous flower petals.

Fang Yuan was slightly interested, he thought about it as he asked: "If I can get this immortal material for you, can you sell me some hairy man slaves, or a portion of your experience in raising them?"

Lang Ya land spirit waved his sleeves in rejection: "Impossible, anything involving hairy men is not for sale, you should forget about this idea! But if you can find the immortal material I want, I can give you the Gu recipes of all-out effort Gu. In fact, I not only have the rank one to five Gu recipes of all-out effort Gu, I also have the rank six all-out effort Immortal Gu recipe! Isn't this something you need?"

Lang Ya land spirit tossed out this bait, it indeed enticed Fang Yuan, but he was also a little angry internally.

Lang Ya land spirit was trying to make use of Fang Yuan, but could it be so easy to get this immortal material?

The danger was too great, Fang Yuan would have to risk his life.

As the saying goes, a fall in a pit, a gain in one's wit. How many times had Fang Yuan taken advantage of Lang Ya land spirit?

The Northern Plains auction was simply too much of a loss for the land spirit, the pain was so great that the land spirit had come to a realization.

That was why Lang Ya land spirit became so hard to deal with, the reason was Fang Yuan.

Investment or effort leads to reward, the reverse is also true, any reward would have its price.

Fang Yuan obtained so much in immortal materials for essentially no cost, the price was that his relationship with Lang Ya land spirit became ice cold.

Land spirits were formed by the fusion of obsession and heavenly power, they were very stubborn. Even though they could not lie, once they made up their minds, they would not easily change it.

Thus, suddenly, Fang Yuan could not do anything. Lang Ya blessed land could not provide him any more help, there was no need to ask Lang Ya land spirit for any investments.

His plan failed, Fang Yuan sighed as he placed his attention on the blessed land's calamity.

Two days later.

"Myriad self giant hand, rise!"

Fang Yuan activated his immortal killer move, four of the eight strength path hands grabbed on four sides of Dang Hun mountain as it lifted, while the other four lifted the base of it into the air.

Dang Hun mountain rose up rapidly, it was tens of meters away from the ground in no time.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was floating in the air, seeing this, he was stunned.

At a stone nest, Hei Lou Lan looked from far away at the huge Dang Hun mountain floating in the air, she muttered to herself: "In such a short time, he got stronger again…"

It was much easier now for Fang Yuan to lift Dang Hun mountain. Not only because he was using eight strength path hands, but because he had already completely fused pulling mountain Immortal Gu into the killer move myriad self, making it part of its core.

Originally, myriad self's core was cleanse soul Immortal Gu. After cleanse soul Immortal Gu was starving, it could not be used anymore, so he used Self Strength instead. But now, the core of myriad self killer move became two Gu, one was Self Strength, the other was Pulling Mountain.

"Don't just stare, take it." Fang Yuan shouted.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng quickly opened up his immortal aperture, as the eight strength path giant hands brought Dang Hun mountain into his blessed land slowly.

"Alright, next, the land spirit will lead you to collect several resources in the blessed land." Fang Yuan said.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng nodded, under Little Hu Immortal's control, he vanished in front of Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan landed on the ground.

Without Dang Hun mountain, the center of the blessed land was very empty.

He sat there and closed his eyes, mobilizing time luck Immortal Gu as countless mortal Gu flew up from within his immortal aperture, his dead land.

As beads of green grape immortal essence were consumed, with time luck Immortal Gu as the core, and the surrounding mortal Gu acting as support, a huge white-gold mist of light was formed.

The mist of light entered the air, flying across the grey sky for several li, towards a group of Gu Master captives.

These captives were from Dong Fang tribe.

Earlier, they were imprisoned by Fang Yuan in an underground cell, now, they were taken out and placed in his immortal aperture.

As the mist of light covered them, these captives screamed in shock: "What is this thing?"

They had an ominous feeling within themselves, they wanted to dodge but they were restrained and could not move.

The white-gold mist of light circulated around them, initially slowly but growing faster, it soon spun quickly as it form a spiral of white-gold light.

The white-gold light spiral circulated for a while before exploding into a white-gold colored light pillar.

Immortal killer move —Time Assist Luck!

The light pillar penetrated out of Fang Yuan's immortal aperture, it went all the way up along Fang Yuan's spine, until it shot out of Fang Yuan's head, into the sky.

After several breaths of time, the light pillar vanished.

At the same time, the white-gold spiral in Fang Yuan's immortal aperture was consumed. On the rotting ground, there were corpses of all the Dong Fang tribe captives.

These corpses were all dried-out and old, they were originally young people, but they were now extremely aged.

Time assist luck had such an effect. It snatched the lifespan of others to give the Gu Immortal a temporary boost in his own luck.

"I won't give in!"

"You killed us, you murderer, we will haunt you even as ghosts!"

"For your own selfish reasons, you murdered us innocent souls, you are a sinner, you are a murderer!"

"Ahhhhh, eat him, eat him."

Suddenly, a large number of vengeful remnant spirits came out of Fang Yuan's body, they twisted around his soul and were attacking him fiercely.

Fang Yuan snickered, his tall immortal zombie body was unmoving like a mountain.

The soul in his body had already counterattacked, colliding with these souls.

These souls were very tattered and were originally were mortal souls, it was reasonable to say that they were not worth mentioning, but at this point, Fang Yuan's soul was being suppressed by them!

Thankfully, they did not have intelligence, they could not cooperate.

Fang Yuan moved his soul and killed them one by one, he paid a huge price but he exterminated these souls.

After the battle, Fang Yuan's soul was thirty percent of its original size, it was dim and resembled a flickering candle, it was barely alight, its injuries could be said to be severe.

But thankfully, he had guts Gu.

He crushed airsac Gu one after another, the guts Gu inside broke as well, turning into the purest form of nourishment for his soul to strengthen and recover.

A moment later, Fang Yuan's soul completely recovered, it was back at its peak condition.

Compared to before, his soul was more refined, it was like forged steel, becoming more compact and durable.

"The backlash of remnant souls is time assist luck killer move's greatest weakness, but after the soul battle ends, when my soul recovers, there is some advantage of refining the soul." Fang Yuan could clearly discern the benefits and weaknesses of this move.

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