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Myriad star fireflies was a move that expended at least sixteen dao marks when used, there was no upper limit. The greater the range of myriad star fireflies, or the higher its power, the more dao marks would be consumed when using it.

But that was precisely why this move was extremely strong.

The dao marks enter space, forming a peculiar battlefield, it was hard to destroy. When Gu Immortals entered the range, their thoughts would turn into star thoughts, forming the attack for myriad star fireflies. As time passes, myriad star fireflies would grow stronger, this was converting the enemy's strength into one's own strength, and attacking them with it.

To enemy Gu Immortals, this was an obscene feeling. It was like they were dropping a rock onto their own feet, or taking a dagger and stabbing themselves.

After understanding the secret of myriad star fireflies' usage, Fang Yuan understood something else.

No wonder that in the past, Dong Fang Chang Fan usually used plots and schemes to deal with matters. Only until he had no choice would he take action by using myriad star fireflies.

Because even though Dong Fang Chang Fan was the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal of the current generation in Northern Plains, he could not use myriad star fireflies frequently — its cost was too high.

Once dao marks were expended, they could not be recovered. Dao marks were hard to obtain, most Gu Immortals could only get a large number of dao marks after going through a tribulation.

"This myriad star fireflies is on par with my current killer move, myriad self. Of course, my killer move, myriad self, still has a lot of room for improvements, myriad star fireflies cannot compete with it in this regard. I do not have any wisdom path dao marks, unless I enter into wisdom path, I might never be able to use this killer move in my lifetime."

Of course, there was also another important point to consider.

That was, this killer move, myriad star fireflies, needed a core of three wisdom path Immortal Gu.

Fang Yuan did not have a single one.

When Dong Fang Chang Fan lost, he self-detonated all of his Immortal Gu, he did not leave any to Fang Yuan.

Among these three wisdom path Immortal Gu, the one Fang Yuan wanted the most was star thought Immortal Gu.

There were more than ten Immortal Gu recipes in this wisdom path inheritance, among them was the recipe for star thought Immortal Gu, there was even the refinement experiences of all the past inheritors, and all of their findings after failures!

Once he had star thought Immortal Gu, Fang Yuan would not need to waste so much effort in slowly accumulating the mortal star thought Gu.

The inheritance said: One bead of green grape immortal essence could produce a hundred thousand star thoughts from the use of star thought Immortal Gu.

Of course, if Fang Yuan used star thought Immortal Gu, the number he would obtain would be less than a hundred thousand.

That was because each of the wisdom path Gu Immortal inheritors had wisdom path dao marks in them, that amplified the effect of star thought Immortal Gu. It was the same as how Fang Yuan could increase giant hand's power by twenty percent with his strength path dao marks.

Twenty percent was very low, ordinary Gu Immortal experts had dao marks that could increase the power of their Immortal Gu, and their immortal killer moves would grow in power accordingly. Twice, thrice, four or five times, ten times, or even a hundred times!

One of the main reasons why the difference between rank seven and eight was so great was due to this.

The higher the cultivation level, the more terrifying the tribulations, once they passed them, they would obtain a greater number of dao marks.

Fortune and disaster appeared in turn, from another perspective, the stronger the heavenly tribulation or earthly calamity, the more benefits one would obtain, it was a good thing.

Once Fang Yuan had star thought Immortal Gu, in terms of deductions, he would have fewer obstacles. He would not need to plan their consumption so painstakingly, maintaining such minimal and cautious consumption of star thought Gu.

In addition, with his current wealth, he could sustain the expenditure of it.

But the problem was, though Fang Yuan could sustain the cost of using the Immortal Gu, he could not afford to refine the Immortal Gu itself.

Even though he made some profits, he was still a long way from refining Immortal Gu.

Immortal Gu were unique, they were fragments of the Great Dao, the immortal essence stones and immortal materials expended when refining Immortal Gu were extremely great.

Most importantly, when refining Immortal Gu, one could not prepare just one set of materials, they had to prepare many portions because the success rate of refining Immortal Gu was too low!

Dong Fang Chang Fan was a formidable person in his time, the number one wisdom path Gu Immortal in Northern Plains, he was in control of a super force for many years, he had also secretly worked with Immortal Crane Sect, obtaining a fair sum of funds. But even so, at his peak, he only had eight Immortal Gu in his possession.

Among these eight, there was menses blood Immortal Gu and split shadow Immortal Gu, these Immortal Gu were not of wisdom path. There were more than ten Immortal Gu recipes in his wisdom path inheritance, among them, he only refined less than half.

For example, looking at Old Ancestor Xue Hu and Lady Wan Shou, the former had the highest battle strength among the rank eights in Northern Plains, while the latter was one of the four most famous refinement path Gu Immortals in Northern Plains. They had deep foundations and were very affluent.

But to refine the rank eight fortune rivalling heaven Immortal Gu, even though they had Ma Hong Yun and could save a lot of resources, the rest of the resources needed still used up almost all of their savings, it could be said that they were going all in on this!

With Fang Yuan's current situation, wanting to refine Immortal Gu was simply wishful thinking.

Other than star thought Immortal Gu, there was an immortal killer move that Fang Yuan thought highly of, it was called star fog concealment.

This move was used to enshroud a Gu Immortal in a layer of foggy starlight for extended periods of time, it could conceal their appearance and prevent others from seeing it.

This was just the surface level effect.

Its true effect was to conceal the Gu Immortal from appearing as among the secrets of heaven, when other Gu Immortals tried to deduce matters about this Gu Immortal, the information would be concealed in fog, they would obtain unclear answers.

This was almost like the effect of dark limit Immortal Gu.

Dark limit Immortal Gu's effect was to make the Gu Immortal be overlooked and for others to fail in the deduction. Star fog concealment obscured the information and make deductions harder, getting unclear answers.

This wisdom path immortal killer move was one of the more unorthodox ones in the wisdom path inheritance, many of the inheritors did not use it in their lifetimes, thus the recorded experiences on this move were very few in number.

Because wisdom path Gu Immortals were rare to begin with, wisdom path Gu Immortals rarely plotted against or attempted to make each other's schemes fail. Under most situations, even if they used it, they could not know what their enemies sensed when deducing information on them.

But to Fang Yuan, this was very useful to him.

Wasn't his motive for getting the wisdom path inheritance to defend against other wisdom path Gu Immortals, to greatly delay the information of him being the culprit from being exposed to everyone?

But unfortunately, this immortal killer move needed two wisdom path Immortal Gu as the core.

But the problem was this — Fang Yuan did not have the wealth to refine Immortal Gu!

Eventually, after Fang Yuan browsed through the entire wisdom path inheritance, he realized that what he could learn and make use of currently, while also being suitable for himself, was only one particular part.

It was how to deal with enemy wills.

There was a lot of content on this, how to defend against enemy wills, how to differentiate wills, how to control enemy wills, what to do when under the control of enemy wills and how to control them instead, how to use wills to attack, important matters when engaging in a battle of wills, how to detect wills, how to heal wills, how to amplify the power of wills, how to weaken wills, and much more.

Why did Fang Yuan want to learn this?

Because in his hands, he had Mo Yao's will!

Mo Yao had incredible refinement path attainment in her life, she was also an inkman with a lot of secrets of inkmen, she was even the lover of Bo Qing, and was a certain generation's fairy of Spirit Affinity House, she knew many historical events that were extremely valuable. What moved Fang Yuan the most was the Red Lotus Demon Venerable inheritance clues that she had.

The vital Gu of Fang Yuan's first aperture, Spring Autumn Cicada, was Red Lotus Demon Venerable's vital Gu in the past!

Thus, he placed much importance on the details of this inheritance, he needed to learn this — how to search wills.

Searching souls and searching wills were different matters with completely different difficulties.

The former was easier, it was like eating, everyone had a mouth, even though Fang Yuan was not in soul path, he could still search Tai Bai Yun Sheng's soul. Outsiders could try it.

But searching wills was like a chef taste testing a dish, attempting to decipher the main ingredients, supplementary ingredients, condiments, and even the steps involved in producing the dish. This was much more difficult, in other words, this was a specialized technique, only wisdom path experts could try it.

Thus, when Tai Bai Yun Sheng returned to Hu Immortal blessed land, Fang Yuan was in Dang Hun palace, diligently practicing the methods to search wills.

He had just started learning, he had no experience in this, he was still some way from using it feasibly.

"Junior brother, have you been well?" Tai Bai Yun Sheng smiled lightly, he faced a lot of pressure in Eastern Sea, he could only relax now after seeing Fang Yuan.

True friendships were forged in difficulties, to him, Fang Yuan's Hu Immortal blessed land was like his home.

Fang Yuan invited him to sit down, asking with surprise when he saw the tattered clothing: "You got injured?"

Tai Bai Yun Sheng smiled bitterly, he said with slight lingering fear: "Now is different from the time I first entered Eastern Sea, some people are placing attention on me, I could not come back using a stargate directly, I had to go to the regional wall and put up a show. To think that someone actually followed me, resulting in me seeing for myself the terrifying might of the earth tide. Even though the regional wall was weakened from the earth tide, near the earth tide, the formless tides were unstoppable. Even though I was at the periphery, I suffered greatly from it. Only defensive immortal killer moves have any effect, my nine cloud ring was like paper in front of it. Ah, let's not talk about this, junior brother, did you have many gains?"

"Hahaha." Fang Yuan started laughing.

He would obviously not tell Tai Bai Yun Sheng that he, the fake 'junior brother', had killed his real 'senior brother'.

But Fang Yuan only hid some parts, he told most of the truth to Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

After Tai Bai Yun Sheng heard that, he was quite in awe towards a person like Dong Fang Chang Fan.

He talked to Fang Yuan about his own situation.

The situation was such that Tai Bai Yun Sheng was quite popular in Eastern Sea. With his development, at this rate, he could almost become a second Fairy Li Shan.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng spoke about Yu Lu blessed land.

Shark Demon had attacked it many times and faced endless difficulties, but he did not enter Yu Lu blessed land, he was stuck at the rounds in the outer periphery.

Fang Yuan sighed: "Fairy Yu Lu was a rank eight Gu Immortal, a disciple of Paradise Earth Immortal Venerable. Yu Lu grotto-heaven dropped to become Yu Lu blessed land, but it still has that foundation, it might be that Yu Lu blessed land is one of the hardest kinds of blessed lands to take down. There are many aspects that influence defense, the first is if the blessed land is whole, the second is whether there is a land spirit, the third is the abundance of immortal essence, the fourth is the presence of guards like desolate beasts, the fifth is Immortal Gu, the sixth is immortal killer moves, the seventh is Immortal Gu Houses, and the eighth is Gu Immortals protecting it. But from what I see, the offense and defense of a blessed land only depends on one thing overall, that is the quantity of dao marks."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng heard Fang Yuan's words and was nodding, these were all common sense. But when he heard Fang Yuan's last sentence, it was like a burst of enlightenment, he was inwardly moved as he said with much interest: "Please enlighten me."

Fang Yuan did not answer, he asked Tai Bai Yun Sheng: "Old Bai, do you know about the phrase, 'man is the spirit of all livings beings, Gu are the essence of heaven and earth'?"

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