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"Chase after him!" The band of demons were relentless.

But Jade Pool blessed land's entrance closed, only a few Gu Immortals had followed outside from behind, the rest had to change their directions and fly out from the hole that was made earlier.

When they flew out of Jade Pool blessed land, even though they could still see Dong Fang Chang Fan's figure, he was already far away in the sky.

Everyone was like a meteor, flying through the sky, shrill sounds could be heard.

The intense winds brushed against them, everyone used their own movement techniques, but the distance was huge, they were already behind from the start, eventually, their distance started widening.

Fang Yuan was wearing a black robe and had six wings, his speed raised from time to time, it was due to the activation of iron crown eagle strength Gu.

But even so, there was quite a difference compared to the others, he gradually fell behind, becoming the second wave of immortals.

The first wave included Dong Fang Chang Fan, Old Lord Can Yang, Miniscule Mountain, Unfettered Scholar, Zhou Ping, Fairy Li Shan, and Peacock Flying Immortal He Ruo.

The second wave included Pi Shui Han, Hei Lou Lan, Fang Yuan, Lu Qing Ming, Qie Shi Min, and Divine Lord Tian Du.

As for Half Moon Brutemaster, Zhuo Zhan, Shi Hou and the others, they had been left in the dust, their figures could not even be seen, there was no third wave at all.

After flying for fifteen minutes, Old Lord Can Yang sighed deeply, he transmitted to Dong Fang Chang Fan solemnly: "I will block Unfettered Scholar and two other people for you at most, you will give me the final part of the method. Don't mess around, my patience is running out. You also know that my sect has wisdom path Gu Immortals, with the information I already have, I can deduce the final steps. Except that I will need to spend a lot of time, effort, and funds, that is all."

Dong Fang Chang Fan was quiet for a moment, he did not dare to anger Old Lord Can Yang, otherwise, he might turn on him, he had to give him the possession method.

Old Lord Can Yang got what he wanted, but he did not go back on his words, he went back to the huge battle and blocked Unfettered Scholar, Lu Qing Ming and Peacock Flying Immortal He Ruo.

Meanwhile, the other demonic path immortals chased Dong Fang Chang Fan relentlessly.

After a while, Zhou Ping stopped.

"I am unresigned! I have two immortal level movement killer moves, but at this crucial time, my immortal essence is not enough!!" He screamed, he felt deeply regretful, he could only watch as the immortals flew away.

A while later, Divine Lord Tian Du also started to slow down, he sighed: "Everyone, please fight valiantly, I am unable to go any further."

If they did not kill Dong Fang Chang Fan, there would be huge problems later.

Divine Lord Tian Du landed while deeply frowning.

"Brother Fang, I am not in a good position. Thank you for saving me even though your life was in danger, at this point, you should leave quickly, I will draw them away!" A while later, Dong Fang Chang Fan showed an exhausted expression as he secretly transmitted to the miniman Gu Immortal.

The miniman Gu Immortal was overjoyed, but he hesitated: "Are you really letting me go? But our agreement is not over yet…"

Dong Fang Chang Fan interrupted him, throwing Miniscule Mountain out as he said: "Brother Fang, say no more, all the best!"

"Miniscule Mountain!!" Fairy Li Shan immediately changed her direction and tried to grab at Miniscule Mountain.

Miniscule Mountain shook, turning into a jade light as it flew towards the left.

At the same time, Dong Fang Chang Fan's tired expression vanished, his speed raised by thirty percent as he continued to escape.

The two split up, the demonic cultivators behind hesitated.

But Fairy Li Shan had no hesitation, she pursued Miniscule Mountain. Compared to the tough Dong Fang Chang Fan, the miniman Gu Immortal on Miniscule Mountain was weaker, and Miniscule Mountain was more beneficial to her.

Before leaving, she had sent a transmission to Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan for help.

After all, it was hard for one person to catch Miniscule Mountain, if there was help, it would be far easier.

Hei Lou Lan did not hesitate, she immediately followed after Fairy Li Shan. But Fang Yuan rejected her outright, he did not stop chasing Dong Fang Chang Fan.

Thus, Fang Yuan, Pi Shui Han, and Qie Shi Min chased after Dong Fang Chang Fan, while Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan went after Miniscule Mountain.

Disregarding Fairy Li Shan's side, Dong Fang Chang Fan had successfully used Miniscule Mountain to lure two strong foes away, his speed was even faster now as he quickly widened the gap between him and his pursuers.

Pi Shui Han was anxious, he shouted to Qie Shi Min: "Why aren't you taking out the captives?"

Qie Shi Min's movement killer move was a chariot, it gave off the aura of Immortal Gu. He was sitting on the chariot, his expression grim. He had kept many of the Dong Fang tribe captives in his immortal aperture, his motive was to leave them for the end, to deal a fatal blow to Dong Fang Chang Fan.

But now, he had no choice but to use them in advance.

"Old scoundrel Dong Fang, your tribesmen are in my hands, fight us directly, you cannot escape." Qie Shi Min said this as he killed one Gu Master in his hand, taking out another one after that.

Dong Fang Chang Fan sneered and chuckled coldly, he continued to fly forward.

After Qie Shi Min killed the thirteenth captive, he finally managed to get Dong Fang Chang Fan to make a mistake, the distance between him and Fang Yuan's group shortened again.

But Dong Fang Chang Fan quickly suppressed the threat, after regaining control of the body, he flew again and moved ahead.

The two sides were in a deadlock, their distance shrunk at times and lengthened at other times.

Along the way, they met several Gu Immortals, they were either in the righteous path or demonic path, some obstructed them, some chased them, some left immediately and did not want to get involved in this messy situation.

An hour later, only Dong Fang Chang Fan, Fang Yuan, Pi Shui Han, and Qie Shi Min were left.

"If I do not die from this, I will definitely reward all of you well!" Dong Fang Chang Fan was already quite far ahead, laughing loudly as he escaped.

Fang Yuan and the others had grim expressions.

These three pursuers were originally from the second wave, with their speed, they could not catch up to Dong Fang Chang Fan after he raised his speed.

The longer this dragged on, the greater Dong Fang Chang Fan's advantage, he was gradually suppressing the internal threats in his body, even though Qie Shi Min was killing more Dong Fang tribesmen now, Dong Fang Chang Fan was losing control less often than before.

"What do we do?" Pi Shui Han, Fang Yuan, and Qie Shi Min looked at each other, they saw anxiety but also anticipation in each other's eyes.

"Both of you, if you have any methods, please use them, otherwise, it will be too late." Qie Shi Min said.

Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han shook their heads.

These three were at their wits end already, they had to treasure their precious immortal essence beads. If they had any methods left, they would have used it already.

Seeing that Dong Fang Chang Fan was going to get away from them, the three pursuers showed intense looks of disappointment.

But at this moment, Dong Fang Chang Fan lost control again, Dong Fang Yu Liang's voice was screaming, his speed fell drastically.

Fang Yuan and the others were overjoyed, Qie Shi Min shouted: "As expected, killing the captives had an effect! Quick, kill him, we can still search his soul later."

Fang Yuan and the others quickly got ahead, but at this time, Dong Fang Chang Fan's expression changed, he showed a smile, as if his plot had succeeded.

"Oh no, it's a trap!" Fang Yuan quickly retreated, but it was too late to escape!

He only saw a ray of starlight, it moved extremely quickly, it grazed Fang Yuan's shoulder and pierced into Qie Shi Min's forehead.

Qie Shi Min expression was frozen into a look of utter disbelief.

At the next moment, his head exploded, the chariot disassembled as he fell to the ground weakly.

Be it Fang Yuan or Pi Shui Han, they were shocked and nervous. It was already so late into the battle, to think that Dong Fang Chang Fan still had such a powerful trump card!

He had truly unfathomable depths!!

"If you pursue me any further, Qie Shi Min can serve as an example!" Dong Fang Chang Fan laughed loudly, escaping again.

Earlier, he lost control, that was only him acting, a trap!

Qie Shi Min was an enslavement path Gu Immortal, he had a weaker body than normal immortals, because he was chasing fervently, he was slightly careless, but he actually got killed in one move.

"Chase him! He is bluffing!" Pi Shui Han was stunned for a moment before reacting.

Fang Yuan was also pursuing closely: "After this attack, he really has nothing left."

Although his tone was certain, Fang Yuan did not believe it completely inwardly.

If it were other Gu Immortals, that would definitely be the case. But it was Dong Fang Chang Fan, this old scoundrel, this was not a certainty.

After Qie Shi Min died, there were no captives left to lure Dong Fang Chang Fan to lose control.

This was terrible news.

If they stayed and looted Qie Shi Min's immortal aperture and Immortal Gu, then they would not make it in time, Dong Fang Chang Fan would manage to escape.

Honestly speaking, even though they were still chasing him, Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han did not have much hope within themselves.

But quickly, there was another change.

Dong Fang Chang Fan's speed became slower.

His speed fell by thirty percent compared to earlier!

With this, Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han saw hope.

"As expected, his burst speed has its limits."

"Think about it, that is an immortal killer move, if he could use it for extended periods of time, he would have used it long ago."

"Maybe his immortal essence was used up."

Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han interacted, they decided to work together for now, to leave Dong Fang Chang Fan no room to escape.

They were also worried that if they fought between themselves, at the crucial moment, they might end in failure.

But just as they were getting closer to Dong Fang Chang Fan, his body flickered as another figure appeared, turning into a second Dong Fang Chang Fan.

"This?!" Fang Yuan was shocked.

Pi Shui Han gasped: "Oh no, I've heard long ago that Dong Fang Chang Fan had a split shadow Immortal Gu in his hands, to think that it was true!"

The two bodies had the same aura, they were identical, there was nothing that could differentiate them, they flew off in two different directions.

Even though the pursuers were using investigative methods, they could not find any flaws.

There was no choice, Fang Yuan and Pi Shui Han could only split up.

In the end, not long after Fang Yuan went on his chase, Dong Fang Chang Fan split out another figure and flew towards the left.

Fang Yuan was joyful and also worried.

This indicated that he had been chasing the right figure, but he did not expect that this old scoundrel Dong Fang could create another split shadow.

Fang Yuan quickly took out some Dong Fang tribe Gu Master captives in his immortal aperture, shouting in the same manner again: "Dong Fang Chang Fan, I will kill your tribesmen again!"

Fang Yuan had used his strength path giant hands earlier to attack the assembly points, he killed large numbers of Dong Fang tribesmen. But in this process, he had left a backup plan, he secretly kept a good number of the captives in his immortal aperture.

But the two Dong Fang Chang Fans did not pay heed to him, Fang Yuan's plan did not succeed.

He could not differentiate them, he could only grit his teeth as he chose the left one randomly, pursuing it.

Along the way, in just a short while, Dong Fang Chang Fan created another clone and flew in two directions.

Fang Yuan felt anything but reassured in his mind, what should he do now?

His immortal essence was almost used up completely, the strength path giant hands could only move slowly, and ordinary mortal killer moves could not even damage Dong Fang Chang Fan's clothes.

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