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After Fang Yuan subdued the desolate beast shark fin wolf, he placed it in his immortal aperture.

This shark fin wolf's mental defenses had already collapsed and it had fallen unconscious soon afterwards, unable to keep its shark fin wolf subordinates under control anymore.

Fang Yuan could do nothing other than to let these ordinary shark fin wolves flee in all directions.

He did not feel it was much of a pity, capturing a desolate beast shark fin wolf alive was already a plentiful harvest.

He continued to search pools but he only found common resources and although the quantities were huge, there was nothing noteworthy.

Dong Fang tribe's base camp was sure to have many good things. But there were innumerable pools while Fang Yuan's scouting range was not very far, add in the other competing demonic path Gu Immortals, the amount of resources he could plunder would depend on luck.

Not long later, good luck arrived once again for him.

He was looking at a deep pool.

What this very deep pool accumulated was not water, but fire.

The fire was raging wildly inside. This was a special fire pool.

Fang Yuan used several investigative methods in succession and discovered a group of python beasts living in this pool.

Fang Yuan found out their identities and discovered they were eerie fire dragon pythons.

A mature eerie fire dragon python was enormous, reaching close to a hundred meters long and with a body as thick as a tower.

The eerie fire dragon python had scarlet scales, a sharp horn on its head and a pair of blood-red eyes. Its tongue was a strange purple, and when it flicked its tongue, one could see an eerie blue fire coiling around its tongue.

This was a snake nest.

Although there was no desolate beast level eerie fire dragon python inside, the quantity of the normal eerie fire dragon pythons was extremely high. The pythons were piled up on top of each other, squirming and moving around, creating a horrifying spectacle.

Fang Yuan, however, felt excitement, all parts of the eerie fire dragon python had value. For instance, its blood was the best food for some blood path Gu worms, its skin, tendons and other parts were top-class materials for refining a lot of Gu worms. In particular, the eerie fire dragon python's gallbladder was extremely precious, and there was a market for it in treasure yellow heaven.

"Eerie fire dragon pythons normally live in the form of small families. I wonder what method Dong Fang tribe used to make so many eerie fire dragon pythons live together. This method might not be too complicated, but is quite effective and gives an extreme increase to the reproductive rate of eerie fire dragon pythons."

Fang Yuan was able to discern some details of the method.

Speaking of which, he had obtained a few eerie fire dragon python eggs back at Imperial Court blessed land. Now, the eggs had already successfully hatched, the young eerie fire dragon pythons were living in Hu Immortal blessed land, but Fang Yuan had been neglecting them as their quantity was extremely few.

If he could obtain this large group of eerie fire dragon pythons and raise them in Hu Immortal blessed land, he would have a continuous supply of eerie fire dragon python gallbladders in the future, which could be sold in treasure yellow heaven and be a small source of income.

Though Fang Yuan was involved in the large business of guts Gu, but a quick calculation told him the profits from selling eerie fire dragon python gallbladders was also somewhat lucrative.

Taking action was better than thinking, Fang Yuan immediately grabbed with his strength path giant hands.

He could not control his strength properly, squeezing many eerie fire dragon pythons to death. After all, changes in this move's form specialized in forceful grabbing, and were rather lacking in the aspect of fine control.

He grabbed dozens, but there were still many eerie fire dragon python in the pool. He gradually started to become impatient.

He lacked effective methods to gather the pythons, thus could only act rashly. However, he had limited time now. Fang Yuan grabbed a large portion in the end, reaching up to a number of ten thousand before he resolutely stopped and left this fire pool.

He continued to plunder resources as he traveled, and occasionally saw many mortal Gu Masters.

Some of these Gu Masters were fleeing in panic along the areas between the pools, while some concealed themselves, hiding under the ground, under boulders and so on.

As Fang Yuan grandly soared away, these Gu Masters regained their senses from the horror.

Some hiding Gu Masters were still thinking they were able to hide, but were actually already discovered by Fang Yuan, it was just that he had no intention to attack them.

When Pi Shui Han and the others attacked the blessed land, they had created a huge commotion which had already startled the Dong Fang tribe members in Jade Pool blessed land.

In the five regions, the vast majority of mortals would not have a chance to come across Gu Immortals in their entire lives.

In comparison to this enormous population, the number of Gu Immortals was extremely few, only a fraction of a fraction.

At the same time, Gu Immortals also were concerned with their own survival pressures, busy handling such matters day in and day out, generally without the time to be make themselves carefree and at leisure.

In regards to most people, Gu Immortals were simply vague figures of legend. But the mortals in Jade Pool blessed land were Dong Fang tribe's core, they knew many inside details.

Thus, they were even more aware of the difference between immortal and mortals, the gap that was like a chasm between heaven and earth.

They did not think of putting up any meaningless resistance and ran for their lives, while urgently contacting the Gu Immortals of Dong Fang tribe.

This was undoubtedly a wise move.

Fang Yuan and these demonic path Gu Immortals were people who heavily prioritized benefits, and were disinclined to attack these mortals. Thus, these mortals were actually more fortunate than the desolate beasts, they were able to survive during this disaster.

Fang Yuan flew past pools after pools.

As time passed, he started to feel increasing urgency, and started abandoning some common resources.

These resources were not precious and were readily available.

At the same time, Fang Yuan maintained his vigilance, in accordance with Dong Fang Chang Fan's farsighted nature, it was impossible for him to not make some arrangements in Jade Pool blessed land.

As he gradually flew into the distance, Fang Yuan suddenly saw deep pools without any water.

These pools were completely dried up. There were a lot of them, about fifty to sixty, closely connected, and covering a range in tens of li.

Fang Yuan was inwardly moved as he took a sharp turn, rapidly approaching these pools.

"I discovered these pools first, the regretful spiders inside are mine!"

"Aren't you a bit too greedy? You have already gathered so many regretful spiders, and the regretful spiders here have bred over such a huge range, and you want to take it all for yourself?!"

As Fang Yuan flew closer, he discovered two demonic path Gu Immortals, at the edge of a pool, arguing about who the pools should belong to. The atmosphere was tense and serious.

When they saw Fang Yuan fly over, the two Gu Immortals paled and quickly stopped their argument, instead standing side by side.

"Senior, please excuse us but the regretful spiders here were discovered by us brothers. According to the rules, hehe…" One Gu Immortal started speaking with a nervous and vigilant expression.

"I've heard some news saying there was a pool to the northwest where many large groups of air bubble fish are living inside. Several Gu Immortals were fighting to get it." The other Gu Immortal attempted to redirect this disaster.

Fang Yuan laughed sinisterly: "Do you mean that I should leave?"

The moment he finished speaking, two strength path giant hands flew out and hovered on either side of him.

A stance that showed he was eager to make some trouble.

The two demonic path Gu Immortals paled upon seeing this, while inwardly complaining incessantly at their misfortune.

They had personally seen Fang Yuan's might not long ago, even Pi Shui Han was not able to gain the upper hand.

Moreover, these two were only at the bottom tier of rank six, the consequences would be extremely bad if a conflict occurred with a powerful expert like Fang Yuan.

But the resources around them were truly at a large scale.

As the saying goes, 'humans die for wealth and birds die for food!'

One demonic path Gu Immortal finally summoned up courage: "Senior, we discovered these resources first, this is an indisputable fact. When you set the rules with Lord Pi Shui Han, we were also present."

"Hmph, our demonic path has always been about running and rampaging freely, what rules?! Talking about rules for everything, why don't you just join the righteous path? What's more, what status do you have? Only Pi Shui Han has the qualifications to speak about some rules with me." Fang Yuan had a fierce demeanor, the two strength path giant hands continued to slowly advance as he openly flaunted his prowess.

The two demonic path Gu Immortals no longer dared to speak, but were still reluctant to leave.

The other demonic path Gu Immortal seemed to have firmed his resolve, as he suddenly spoke: "Senior, these regretful spiders have great use to me and I had been searching for them painstakingly. How about I use information of equal value in exchange for them?"

"Hmm? What information?" Fang Yuan stopped moving the strength path giant hands.

"This information concerns Miniscule Mountain." The demonic path Gu Immortal spoke directly.

"Miniscule Mountain, hahaha!" Fang Yuan raised his head and laughed heartily before speaking in a threatening tone, "Good, I will exchange it with you, but I really hope your information is true, otherwise…."

"True, it is definitely true. I came from that direction but with my cultivation, I am unable to break through, thus I retreated. But to senior, it would be like it was simply meant for you." As he said this, the demonic path Gu Immortal secretly transmitted information containing the precise details to Fang Yuan.

Fang Yuan's eyes squinted to a crack as he heard the information, and said leisurely: "Good, I will keep this information in mind for now, but whether it is true still needs to be checked. Hand over the regretful spiders you've just gathered."

"Senior, you!" The demonic path Gu Immortal's eyes widened, his face flushed red with anger.

Fang Yuan smiled malevolently, speaking as if this was how things should be: "How do I know whether your information is true or false, what if it is false? These regretful spiders are a guarantee. Don't worry, I only want this much, you can take the rest."

"Senior, you are asking for twenty percent of the total regretful spiders!" The demonic path Gu Immortal gritted his teeth in anger, but did not dare to fight.

The other demonic path Gu Immortal was standing at the side, laughing inwardly.

He would definitely work together with the extorted demonic path Gu Immortal and resist Fang Yuan if Fang Yuan asked for the regretful spiders in the pool. But what Fang Yuan wanted was the portion that had already been gathered, which was a different matter.

The group of regretful spiders stored in the immortal aperture were like crops that had been harvested, it was difficult to return them and they belonged to the Gu Immortal themselves.

The spectating demonic path Gu Immortal's benefits were not encroached by Fang Yuan, and was thus feeling pleasure at the other Gu Immortal's misfortune.

The extorted demonic path Gu Immortal felt his heart sinking and turning cold when the Gu Immortal beside him showed no signs of moving.

How painful was it to hand over the crops that had already been harvested.

"Alright, hand them over quickly. I still need to hurry along, time is pressing." Fang Yuan impatiently urged.

"Senior, if you renege on your promise, then wouldn't I be…." The extorted demonic path Gu Immortal squeezed out words from clenched teeth.

"What?! Do you actually think I am such a shameless person? I am your senior, why would I cheat you juniors?!" Fang Yuan replied with an extremely displeased tone, and at the same time, sent out another two strength path giant hands.

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