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Hu Immortal blessed land.

A crystal mountain stood high at the center of Hu Immortal blessed land; it was recorded in > — Dang Hun mountain.

Fang Yuan was hovering above Dang Hun mountain in his original form, with a height of six meters, a green face with sharp fangs, imposing build and eight monstrous arms.

However, when compared to Dang Hun mountain, he was minuscule like an ant.

Fang Yuan's eyes let out bright light as he looked at Dang Hun mountain below him, and suddenly gave a shout: "Pulling Mountain!"

Next moment, a formless, majestic force erupted from within him and moved towards Dang Hun mountain.

Fang Yuan opened up his eight arms in an embracing pose, as if he was hugging a giant object. He gritted his teeth and exerted all his strength, like he was lifting a very heavy item.


At first, the sound was only a slight noise. But soon, the sound kept on increasing till the surroundings started to tremor slightly.

The object that was causing the sound was Dang Hun mountain.

Under the activation of Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu, this large crystal mountain began to slowly rise, leaving the ground.

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, the muscles in his eight arms bulged up like lumps of rocks.

Not only his arms, the muscles in his entire body were being exerted. Creaking noises started echoing from his body, with his bones being under extremely heavy pressure.

With his great efforts, Dang Hun mountain was lifted higher, gradually rising five to six inches from the ground.

Hu Immortal land spirit was watching this with a shocked expression, with her mouth slightly agape.

"Rise." Fang Yuan wanted to properly test the Immortal Gu, and did not stop even at this stage.

Rays of light started to gradually shine from his body.

These rays were all over his whole body, but were not close together and looked extremely sparse.

The rays of light started getting brighter; at the same time, the speed at which Fang Yuan raised Dang Hun mountain was also becoming faster.

At first, the mountain was only raised by inches, now it was ascending foot by foot.

While activating the Immortal Gu Pulling Mountain, Fang Yuan observed his body as well.

These shiny rays of light on his body were strength path dao marks.

Strength path dao marks covered his whole body without any particular order; some got entangled and gathered into one ray, while some occupied certain parts of his skin by themselves.

"I activated the Immortal Gu, Pulling Mountain, with all my strength, and the strength path dao marks on me resonated with the Immortal Gu. The power of the Immortal Gu did not change, but I could bring out close to twenty percent more strength from this resonance!"

Fang Yuan persisted for a while longer, until all the bones on his body started cracking; Dang Hun mountain was lifted to a height of two to three hundred feet, before he slowly placed it back down.

The enormous and heavy mountain landed on the ground, producing a reverberating noise, like that of muffled thunder, and raising a billowing wave of dust.

Fang Yuan breathed roughly, his whole body was worn out and limp, there were many injuries to his muscles as well.

However, a few breaths later, with an immortal zombie's powerful regenerative ability, all his injuries, whether they were in bones or muscles, recovered rapidly.

Fang Yuan's breathing stabilized. He slowly closed his eyes, meticulously recalling the sensation from just earlier, while still hovering in the air.

Before using the strength path Immortal Gu, Pulling Mountain, Fang Yuan had gone through many kinds of deductions. Now that he was using it, his understanding was deepened, after all, true knowledge was derived from practice.

"Ever since I became a strength path Gu Immortal, there has been no increase in the strength path dao marks on my body. Thus, even after using all my effort and under the resonance of strength path dao marks, I could only increase my power by close to twenty percent."

"Activating pulling mountain Immortal Gu will continuously consume immortal essence. Just this period of time already used up three beads of my green grape immortal essence."

"The consumption seems very high, but considering that the target was Dang Hun mountain, it is not much."

Dang Hun mountain was a wondrous place that could produce guts Gu, it was unique in the entire nine heavens and five regions. Not even Snowy Mountain could match the value of such a precious treasure.

Based on this, Fang Yuan speculated that it would be much easier for him if he pulled other ordinary mountain ranges compared to Dang Hun mountain.

"Pulling Mountain is good." After a while, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and softly praised, extremely satisfied deep inside.

No mountains were easy to pull or move.

Trees had tree roots, while mountains had mountain roots. If they were casually moved, the roots could be broken and result in their destruction.

According to theory involving qi path, the whole world constituted of heaven and earth qi. The two qi converged, freely and unceasingly, forming all kinds of natural landscapes.

For instance, wind, rain, thunder and lightning were caused by abundant heaven qi mixed with occasional earth qi.

Mountains and hills were the condensation of earth qi with a bit of heaven qi blended in.

Destruction was always much easier than construction.

Mountains and rivers were easy to destroy, but could not be easily shifted. Mountain roots were connected to the earth, interlinked by earth qi. The earth qi was like the foundation of a tall building, if the mountain was forcibly pulled, it could directly break the earth qi and destroy the mountain.

However, Pulling Mountain had a mysterious ability of directly breaking the connection with the earth qi without damaging the body of the mountain. After the mountain was placed down, it could connect with the earth qi again, this was not something achievable through ordinary methods.

"Pulling Mountain, Pulling Water… let's try this strength path Immortal Gu next."

Fang Yuan left Dang Hun mountain and with Little Hu Immortal's help, he instantly arrived at the blessed land's eastern area, hovering in front of a lake.

The eastern part of Hu Immortal blessed land was covered in lakes of all sizes. It was the result of Fang Yuan linking the east and the north, using water to extinguish fire in the past. At that time, countless rockmen had been sacrificed.

Now, the lakes here were supporting the habitats of large amounts of blue jade carps, many air bubble fishes and a few water wolf groups.

Above the lakes, there were many dark clouds linked continuously.

Large numbers of star fragment grass were planted on the dark clouds, forming grasslands in the sky. In the grasslands, groups of starlight fireflies were fluttering about. Among the ordinary firefly groups, there was a higher than average proportion of starlight firefly Gu mixed in them.

Thus, although there were thick dark clouds over the eastern part of the Hu Immortal blessed land, starlight shined brightly all over the area. In the sky was a grassland of starry clouds, while on the ground were lakes spread all over, sparkling and reflecting the starlight.

Fang Yuan flew above the largest lake, activating pulling water Immortal Gu.

A similar formless force penetrated into the lake.

Fang Yuan slowly raised two hands and immediately with a splashing sound, large amounts of lake water were lifted into the air.

Compared with pulling Dang Hun mountain, Fang Yuan felt that pulling the lake water here was as easy as picking up paper. There was an enormous difference between the two.

The lake water's state was still the same as before with no change. Large numbers of fish, shrimps, eels and turtles were freely moving around inside.

It was only that they were not able to swim beyond the periphery — a formless force held up the lake water in place of the lake shore.

Underneath the floating lake, the bottom of the lake had completely dried up, without a trace of water left behind. Large amounts of water plants were piled up on the lake bed, along with stones, shells, and so on.

Fang Yuan moved his ten fingers in different ways, causing the formless force to change. The giant lake water was like a piece of muddy clay that allowed Fang Yuan to mold it according to his will; occasionally, it took a form of a long strip of dough, round like a ball another time, and the next moment it was finely molded into a hexahedron.

After transforming it for a while, Fang Yuan stopped moving his fingers, before exerting the thoughts in his mind.

The lake water shook nonstop, displaying all sorts of weird and strange shapes, like a deer flying, a cloud moving… but regardless of the changes, the fish groups and other living beings inside were covered by the formless force, unable to get out.

"Nice, nice!" Little Hu Immortal, who was watching from the side, laughed joyfully with bright eyes.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng was also watching, and heaved a sigh: "Moving mountains and overturning rivers, it truly is the sight of an immortal's power."

Fang Yuan's thoughts moved again, and the enormous lake water slowly and gently landed back into the lake. Fang Yuan retrieved the formless force, stopping pulling water Immortal Gu. This lake was restored to its previous state, but there were waves churning on the surface of the lake, lasting for a long while.

"These two strength path Immortal Gu have specific forces. One is targeted at mountain ranges, while the other is for water. If used with kind intentions, one can bring in rain, and move mountains to open a path. If used with malicious intention, mountains can capsize and giant waves could rise up to the sky." Fang Yuan inwardly praised.

This was the battle strength of Gu Immortals.

They could directly steamroll through mortal Gu Masters like crushing ants.

"I obtained two Gu and my battle strength immediately rose explosively. But to integrate them in my immortal killer move, myriad self, won't be an easy matter. I will definitely need time and effort. Unlike the Immortal Gu, Self Strength and Strength Qi, which can almost directly merge with myriad self because myriad self's concept matches with them."

Designing a killer move was not simple.

The lightning path Gu Immortal, Vicious Lightning Fiend, had gone into secluded cultivation for several years before he was able to draw references from the blood deity Immortal Gu recipe to create the killer move, lightning deity.

Hei Lou Lan already had the mortal killer move, self strength phantom, even with this foundation, making it an immortal killer move was difficult. She had been trying so hard at it, but still had little success.

In his previous life, Fang Yuan had created blood path killer moves, and it was a result from racking his brains, spending long periods of time and making painstaking efforts.

Fang Yuan still did not have any clue on how to merge these two strength path Immortal Gu into myriad self.

But he was not worried and was even confident.

One part of this confidence came from his strength path attainment. More of it came from his incomparable confidence in rank nine wisdom Gu.

The light of wisdom could produce unlimited inspiration. This was a supreme tool in deducing Gu recipes, Immortal Gu recipes, mortal killer moves, immortal killer moves and many other things!

Looking back at this auction, Fang Yuan lost Worldly Wave Trace, Rising Azure Cloud, Delight in Water and Mountain, and gained Iron Crown Eagle Strength, Pulling Mountain, Pulling Water, Eat Strength and Unravel Mystery.

Every Gu was good, the main matter was whether they suited oneself.

Fang Yuan's battle strength had increased by a very large scale with this auction.

"Junior brother, you gained a lot in this auction. When you completely process them, your battle strength will surely increase by several times!" Tai Bai Yun Sheng slowly flew over, praising Fang Yuan happily.

Fang Yuan nodded: "Right, I now have a desolate beast bat corpse and can add in the third pair of bat wings. Eat strength Immortal Gu and iron crown eagle strength Gu can be used to cultivate, increasing the strength path dao marks in my body. The more dao marks there are, the more power I can bring out when I use strength path Immortal Gu. There is also inch of time, memory thought Gu, malicious thought Gu and others which I need to urgently produce in large numbers. I have to combine the complete unfamiliar face and the incomplete vaguely familiar face to design an entirely new method of disguise. There is much work to be done and they all need to be carried out."

In the coming days, Fang Yuan was definitely going to be extremely busy.

But this was a good thing.

The auction was an excellent opportunity which Fang Yuan tightly grabbed onto and made the best use of, bringing progress in more or less every aspect.

Tai Bai Yun Sheng reminded: "Don't forget your agreement with Fairy Li Shan, the main task is to refine dream path mortal Gu to form the immortal killer move which can awaken Hei Lou Lan."

"I understand this, you should go to Eastern Sea."

Tai Bai Yun Sheng smiled: "Shark Demon has already urged me several times over these last days. Junior brother, if there is anything, just notify me and I will immediately return."

Fang Yuan frowned: "Be careful. We have revealed many things in this auction, also, Ma and Zhao have fallen into the hands of others, this is not good for us!"

At this moment, he was still not aware that his immortal zombie Sha Huang identity was already exposed.

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