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"This Swordmaster You Lan has quite impressive methods, if Chu Du did not send me a letter earlier, I might not have found out the flaw. If I did not have my previous life's memories, I would not have connected it either." Fang Yuan sighed in his mind.

Feng Jiu Ge's scheming ability was not inferior to Fang Yuan's.

Thus, when he struck, it was like a natural process, there was no traces.

But in this contest of wits, Fang Yuan had come out marginally ahead.

Firstly, Chu Du was the cause of Feng Jiu Ge's flaw.

Feng Jiu Ge did not know that Domination Immortal had sent a letter to Fang Yuan. If he knew, he would not have acted this way.

But Chu Du would not tell the other party for no reason. After all, this matter would cause a loss in reputation, at the same time, Chu Du had thought that Feng Jiu Ge really wanted his true heaven silver.

Feng Jiu Ge's second weakness was that he did not have accomplices. He was also using a fake identity, he had a lot of worries and restrictions binding him. He was not like Fang Yuan, who had Tai Bai Yun Sheng assisting him, it could save a lot of trouble.

Feng Jiu Ge's third misfortune was that his opponent, Fang Yuan was not normal, he was a reborn person. With his previous life's memories, even if he did not know the truth, he could deduce some secrets based on the huge events that had happened.

Fang Yuan sat down and continued to think while bidding against Tai Bai Yun Sheng.

The situation had changed again.

Earlier, Fang Yuan was in the dark, but now he had a grasp of the situation, he found out Swordmaster You Lan's motive.

Even though he did not know about the true identity of 'Swordmaster You Lan', Fang Yuan had the initiative now, Feng Jiu Ge did not know that Fang Yuan had seen through his motives, this was a great opportunity where the enemy was exposed while he was hidden.

Right now, Fang Yuan was pondering over an issue. Should he keep Delight in Water and Mountain, causing Spirit Affinity House's plans to fail, or trade it for the cauldron strength Immortal Gu, or directly sell the delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu to Swordmaster You Lan?

Fang Yuan was open-minded, he was not against others gaining advantages. If he could satisfy Spirit Affinity House and gain a huge amount of benefits, Fang Yuan would do it.

But on the other hand, Fang Yuan did not want to give up cauldron strength Immortal Gu.

Such a strength path defensive Immortal Gu was very rare, once he missed it, he might not find another again.

Just as Fang Yuan was hesitating, a voice came from a single room.

"A wisdom path Immortal Gu, kindness thought Gu, an incomplete wisdom path inheritance, and twice the immortal materials for this cauldron strength Immortal Gu."

The entirety of the hall gasped.

The Gu Immortal who had entered the bidding competition was not a normal person, it was one of the five rank eight experts in Northern Plains, refinement path Gu Immortal Yao Huang!

"Yao Huang is bidding too?"

"He is a refinement path Gu Immortal, why does he have needs for strength path too?"

"Maybe this cauldron strength Immortal Gu involves some immense benefits that we do not know about."

In a single room, next to Yao Huang, one of the current leaders of the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance, Yin Liu Gong, was seated.

Yin Liu Gong said: "Senior Yao Huang, are you really buying this cauldron strength Immortal Gu?"

Yao Huang chuckled: "Indeed, I want to refine an Immortal Gu, Resurrection From The Dead, there is an important stage where I need a formless vessel to act as the container during refinement. This vessel needs to be formless and ethereal, and cannot have any trace of the five elements, light or darkness. Thus, fire, ice, wood, metal, qi and other paths would not work. The best path for this is phantom path, followed by strength path, space path, and finally, rule path."

Yin Liu Gong realized: "Phantom path Immortal Gu are extremely rare, they are like wisdom path inheritances. Phantom path Immortal Gu that can act as a formless vessel are even rarer. This cauldron strength Immortal Gu, even though it uses strength to create a cauldron, it does not have the five elements or light or darkness in it, it is formless and ethereal, but it can defend against attacks. It is really a top tier vessel for Gu refinement."

Yao Huang nodded: "Nurture, use, refinement, they all depend on the person. Immortal Gu are a tool, their use varies from person to person. Little Liu, you should believe my sincerity now, right?"

Yin Liu Gong smiled bitterly.

Earlier, when Yao Huang invited him and pulled his hand when entering a single room, it showed that their relationship was close and many Gu Immortals were very envious.

But the outsiders did not know the details, Yao Huang had his own motives.

These recent years, Yao Huang had been conducting research on an entirely new Immortal Gu, it was called Resurrection From The Dead.

Like the name suggested, this Gu could allow a dead person to regain their life.

Yao Huang walked on the refinement path, he was also most skilled at refining healing Gu worms. Right now, resurrection from the dead Immortal Gu was a new innovation, it would consume a lot of his effort and wealth.

"In the past, I had been collaborating with your alliance, using immortal zombies as the test subjects to research on the law of life and death. These years, following my accumulations, I've made great gains. I have thirty percent confidence of refining the Immortal Gu, Resurrection From The Dead, successfully." Yao Huang said with much pride.

"Thirty percent!" Yin Liu Gong showed admiration on his face, a thirty percent chance, this was extremely high for refining Immortal Gu.

"Once I refine the Immortal Gu, the biggest beneficiary is not me, but your Zombie Alliance instead." Yao Huang made a bid as he said this to Yin Liu Gong.

Yin Liu Gong's heart jumped: "Senior means?"

"That's right." Yao Huang admitted: "This Gu involves the law of life and death, turning from dead to alive, it is suitable for you immortal zombies to regain life, and get rid of your statuses as immortal zombies!"

"There is actually such an incredible use… as expected of Lord Yao Huang." Yin Liu Gong was stunned, but he quickly concealed his shock: "But if Lord has this Immortal Gu, not only would the benefits be immense, you could also use it on yourself to extend your lifespan, correct?"

"Hahaha, Little Liu, you are so smart. Your thinking is right, lifespan Gu are hard to find, I do not have too much life remaining, I have to find other ways to extend my lifespan. How about it, collaborate with me." Yao Huang smiled as he spoke, admitting openly.

Yin Liu Gong smiled bitterly: "Lord Yao Huang has seen that I was moved, but to collaborate with senior, junior will have to provide at least ten immortal zombies. Although I am one of the leaders of Zombie Alliance, there are still two others. Even the three of us together are only left to administer the Northern Plains Zombie Alliance branch. This matter is very important, I need to inform Leader Blazing Heaven."

"Ten immortal zombies are the least required. To refine resurrection from the dead Immortal Gu, I will need something that can interact with the life and death dao marks, that is why immortal zombies are the most optimal Gu refinement material. I know that in Earth Trench, your Zombie Alliance has a graveyard. Past generations of immortal zombies are all buried there." Yao Huang frowned.

Yin Liu Gong rapidly waved his hands: "Lord Yao Huang, that is not possible. The dead should rest in peace, because we in Zombie Alliance are in this physical state, we place great importance on that. If I dig up their corpses, I will attract the rage of the entirety of Zombie Alliance, Northern Plains Zombie Alliance's reputation would be ruined. After all, if we make use of even our own members' bodies, who would join such a callous organization? I have two immortal zombie bodies in my possession, they are traitors of Zombie Alliance. But even so, I used my killer move, stone casket, to seal them up and place them as defenses for the discussion hall's doors, they will not be mobilized under normal circumstances!"

"Hmph, you immortal zombies are so stubborn. If I can refine resurrection from the dead Immortal Gu, it will greatly benefit all of you as well." Yao Huang showed an unhappy expression, he exerted pressure on Yin Liu Gong.

Precisely because Zombie Alliance was stubborn regarding this, Yao Huang had once disguised himself and attempted to enter Zombie Alliance in order to steal some immortal zombie bodies.

Unfortunately, his plans were ruined by the door of the discussion hall.

Yin Liu Gong was enduring the huge pressure but he did not dare to relent on this matter, he thought over his words and said: "How about this, senior, this matter is too serious, I cannot make the decision alone. In fact, even us three leaders cannot decide this ourselves. We need to inform Leader Blazing Heaven, she will decide! In a few months, I will definitely give you a reply."

Yao Huang was unhappy: "You three leaders are really loyal to Blazing Heaven."

Yin Liu Gong felt as if cold sweat was pouring from him, listening to Yao Huang's words, it seemed like he had talked to the other two leaders as well?

Meanwhile, he said to Yao Huang: "To speak of loyalty, I am ashamed. Honestly speaking, we immortal zombies agree with Zombie Alliance's rules. After all, most Gu Immortals ostracize us immortal zombies, they look down on us. Zombie Alliance is our home."

Yao Huang snorted coldly, he made an offer in the auction again, directing his unhappiness towards the auction itself.

"I'll back out." In the tenth secret room, Fang Yuan spoke.

Soon after, Tai Bai Yun Sheng in the eleventh secret room also said: "I would not dare to compete with senior Yao Huang, I admit defeat."

Yao Huang was after cauldron strength Immortal Gu, this was not his only goal, he also wanted to show Yin Liu Gong his resolution.

To obtain cauldron strength Immortal Gu, he exposed a portion of his own wisdom path inheritance, and even took out an Immortal Gu to bid.

The transaction was quickly completed.

Yao Huang held the cauldron strength Immortal Gu in his hand and sighed: "This is still rank six, it seems I will need to spend some effort to get it to rank seven. That will increase the chances of success when I refine resurrection from the dead Immortal Gu.

Yin Liu Gong's heart jumped, he knew that these words were for him. After entering the single room, Yao Huang had been urging him and showing his resolution

This was the will of a rank eight great expert!

If he did not settle this properly, he might attract the rage of Yao Huang, the attack of a rank eight great expert would cause an all out war between Yao tribe and Zombie Alliance!

The Gu Immortals did not expect that this cauldron strength Immortal Gu's auction would end up with Yao Huang as the winner.

Fang Yuan backed out when he understood the tough situation, Feng Jiu Ge sighed in relief secretly.

This situation was good for Feng Jiu Ge's benefits as well.

If Fang Yuan succeeded and the seller obtained delight in water and mountain Immortal Gu, Feng Jiu Ge would have much greater difficulty in obtaining it.

The seller wanted the wisdom path Immortal Gu, they would not sell it, and most importantly, Feng Jiu Ge could not find the seller! From start to finish, this person did not expose their location or identity, they had been asking Qin Bai Sheng to represent him.

With this, one could deduce that the seller was likely a bottom tier Gu Immortal and had weak strength, otherwise, they would not act so timidly and carefully.

Cauldron strength Immortal Gu's auction ended, everyone's attention was drawn to the next Immortal Gu.

"This is the third luck path Immortal Gu." A Gu Immortal said.

The mysterious luck path Immortal Gu were very famous outside. Because of Giant Sun Immortal Venerable, Northern Plains' Gu Immortals had a unique attachment to luck path Immortal Gu.

The second luck path Immortal Gu was called Peach Blossom Luck, it was sold at a high price. The luck path Immortal Gu currently up was called Good Luck. It was a storage Immortal Gu that could gather and store all of the ownerless good luck that dissipated from heaven and earth.

The seller wanted a fire path Immortal Gu.

The Gu Immortals fought over it, eventually reaching a deal at a high price.

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