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Northern Plains, Lang Ya blessed land.

"Land spirit, I brought you a live desolate beast, come and check it out." Fang Yuan said as he opened his immortal aperture, activating a dozen Gu worms as he took out a lion and placed it on the ground.

This lion was large like a giant elephant. It was brown-yellow in color, and thick fur covered more than half of its body.

It was sleeping now, making a snoring sound. It was the yellow jade lion.

It was originally injured heavily, on the brink of death. But as long as it was still alive, with Fang Yuan's current abilities and assets, he could heal it back to full health.

Lang Ya land spirit stroked his beard, walking around the yellow jade lion as he observed.

He could move freely now, the qi path seals on his body were all released.

"Good lion, good lion, even if you are sleeping, you look so fierce. Not bad." Saying so, Lang Ya land spirit stretched out his arm and opened the yellow jade lion's mouth, seeing the tightly clenched teeth.

"Good teeth." Lang Ya land spirit praised. He continued to touch the lion along its body, until he reached the area between its hind legs.

Throughout the process, Lang Ya land spirit had been activating Gu worms silently, after inspecting it, he was pleased: "Not bad, it has vigor and vitality, it can reproduce as well. It is a pity that my blessed land is a refinement path blessed land, it is not great for raising these fierce beasts."

Lang Ya land spirit had twelve desolate beasts, he was very experienced with them and had become quite an expert, he was not unfamiliar with desolate beasts at all.

But Lang Ya blessed land was a refinement path blessed land, refining Gu here would have higher chances of succeeding. But there was no assistance or help for raising beasts.

Meanwhile, Hu Immortal blessed land was an enslavement path blessed land, it was good for raising fox groups. The fox groups inside Hu Immortal blessed land would have greater chances of producing a desolate fox.

Blessed lands and grotto-heavens were all very different, each of them had their own specialties.

This was because blessed lands and grotto-heavens were the immortal apertures of Gu Immortals. When Gu Immortals undergo immortal ascension, they would take in heaven and earth qi, and according to their understanding towards heaven and earth, their immortal aperture world would be created relating to the path of the Gu worm that they toss into it.

Lang Ya land spirit was very pleased with this yellow jade lion, he quickly gave Fang Yuan eighty-eight immortal essence stones, at the same time, he gave the details of the killer move unfamiliar face.

Fang Yuan looked through the details of it in front of Lang Ya land spirit.

This killer move had an extraordinary origin, it came from Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable.

"As expected of Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable, he had an innovative idea and went on a creative path." Fang Yuan praised: "There are only three hundred Gu worms used here, but they involve transformation path, strength path, wisdom path, and others, for a total of six paths. Hmm... some of the Gu worms are rare, it seems that it will take a while to recreate this killer move, after I collect all of these Gu worms. Lang Ya, do you have these Gu worms?"

Lang Ya land spirit shook his head, chuckling: "What would I keep these Gu for? I cannot use this killer move. Unfamiliar face, vaguely familiar face, and familiar face, these three killer moves are a series. What you obtained is merely the mortal killer move, able to transform into someone people do not know. If they know the person, you will be exposed. The latter two are immortal killer moves, even if you transform into a familiar person, you would not be exposed. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable seemed to have left behind an inheritance of this, if you have the opportunity, you might obtain the other two killer moves in your lifetime, who knows."

Fang Yuan laughed bitterly: "How could I have such luck, to coincidentally find the other two immortal killer moves? The inheritances of these two might have been taken by others already."

Although he said that, he was moved in his heart.

He thought about the time in Northern Plains, when he obtained the inheritance that involved Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's Luo Po valley inheritance.

He had already refined the key to enter the inheritance — open door Gu and close door Gu.

But he had not acted yet.

Gu Master inheritances were not easy to obtain. Especially demonic path inheritances, they were usually much harder than righteous path inheritances, and much more dangerous. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance was definitely an extremely dangerous place. With the situation being unclear, and myriad self being unusable, Fang Yuan would rather wait a while longer than take the risk unnecessarily.

Fang Yuan did not place much expectation on this, because he had guessed long ago — "The inheritance clue that I obtained was obviously not the only one out there. Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable did not want his inheritance to remain undiscovered, thus he spread the clues far and wide to increase the chances. This inheritance had been created such a long time ago, someone might have gone there already. Not speaking of anyone else, just look at Spectral Soul Demon Venerable, he seemed to have used Dang Hun mountain and Luo Po valley to cultivate soul path. Since Thieving Heaven Demon Venerable's inheritance involves Luo Po valley, I'm afraid Spectral Soul Demon Venerable has already been involved in it. In fact, he might have taken Luo Po valley away already."

Clearing up his mind, Fang Yuan took out three completed Immortal Gu recipes and handed them to Lang Ya land spirit: "This is the current transaction."

Lang Ya land spirit received the Immortal Gu recipes and checked them, seeing that there were no problems, he praised Fang Yuan's talent again: "Rascal, I rarely admire people, but your talent in deducing Immortal Gu recipes has truly made me look at you in a different light."

"Land spirit, I was about to talk to you about this." Fang Yuan said: "Regarding the transaction of the Immortal Gu recipes, I would like to change the details of our transactions."


"All of your Immortal Gu recipes that have a high completion rate have been deduced by me already. The remaining ones have sixty to seventy percent completion rate, or even under fifty percent. I want to deduce these Immortal Gu recipes, but it would take a long time if I want to complete them. If I have to spend a month or two on them, I would not be able to do anything else. I suggest that we change the details of our transaction..."

Before Fang Yuan finished, Lang Ya land spirit shook his head: "Not changing, not changing, why must we change? I've spent so many immortal essence stones, wasn't it because you could deduce Immortal Gu recipes? You are a wisdom path Gu Immortal, and you are so skilled at deducing Immortal Gu recipes, why do you not want to continue? At most, I can increase the price and pay you a bit more compensation."

"Lang Ya land spirit, don't reject me yet, listen to me, I know you will be interested." Fang Yuan laughed confidently: "My suggestion is this, from now on, you will take charge of deducing the Immortal Gu recipes, whenever you encounter a problem and cannot continue, I will help you deduce the next step and get over that hurdle, each time, I will only charge two immortal essence stones."

"What? So it is such a deal..." Lang Ya land spirit fell into deep thought.

Fang Yuan's suggestion had indeed moved him.

After all, he was Long Hair Ancestor's land spirit, his refinement path attainment was quasi-great grandmaster, he had skills in deducing Immortal Gu recipes.

The reason he did not finish deducing these Immortal Gu remnant recipes was because he had met with a tough problem in each of them and could not continue until he resolved it.

If he passed this obstacle, he might be able to advance through the Immortal Gu recipe easily, and successfully complete it. Thus, Lang Ya land spirit would only need to pay Fang Yuan two immortal essence stones, it would be much cheaper than their former price.

Of course, if the Immortal Gu remnant recipe was very difficult, Fang Yuan might earn even more immortal essence stones than before.

But Lang Ya land spirit was confident, with his refinement path attainment, the first situation would be more likely.

"This way, Fang Yuan, your income will be much lower. Ah, I almost forgot, you are selling guts Gu now, your business is booming, is that why you do not want this work anymore?" Lang Ya land spirit jumped to realization.

Fang Yuan laughed: "Land spirit, this transaction benefits you too. After getting so many Immortal Gu recipes, and having regained your freedom, you can refine Immortal Gu again. When refining Immortal Gu, the vast majority of attempts fails, the success rate is simply too low, and you would expend an incredible amount of resources. I am helping you to save immortal essence stones, shouldn't you be thanking me?"

"Hmph, I knew you would say that." Lang Ya land spirit rolled his eyes, saying: "I can agree with this, but I have a condition."

"What condition?"

"It is a long story, do you know about Qin Bai Sheng's auction?" Lang Ya land spirit could not leave the blessed land, but he knew clearly about the things happening in Northern Plains.

"Of course I know." Fang Yuan nodded.

Lang Ya land spirit continued: "You are aware that some time ago, a mysterious force attacked my Lang Ya blessed land. They all failed, and during this process I captured some Gu Immortals. I intend to sell them all, or rather, I want to sell their blessed lands."

"Selling blessed lands?" Fang Yuan looked at Lang Ya land spirit with some shock, this was a very big move.

"Is this business practical?"

Fang Yuan's expression was solemn: "It would be a thousand times more popular than my guts Gu business! After Gu Immortals buy these blessed lands, they can swallow them and raise their cultivation level, they can also skip heavenly tribulations and earthly calamities, why did you not keep them for yourselves?"

Lang Ya land spirit shook his head: "To swallow a rank six blessed land, one needs master level attainment in that realm. To swallow a rank seven blessed land, one needs grandmaster level. To swallow a rank eight grotto-heaven, one will need great grandmaster attainment. Although my refinement path attainment is high, I am not involved in many other paths. And the most important reason is, I do not want to devour them. My Lang Ya blessed land has already reached the limits of a blessed land, any progress would elevate it to a grotto-heaven. A grotto-heaven's tribulations are far more dangerous. Back then, I purposely weakened Lang Ya grotto-heaven until it became a blessed land, why would I raise it up again?"

Fang Yuan understood: "That is true. Wait, your condition is to ask me to sell these blessed lands at the auction in your place?"

Lang Ya land spirit raised his thumb, saying with a tone of flattery: "You are a smart lad!"

Fang Yuan stared with wide opened eyes: "Do you want to kill me? No, this is definitely impossible! Once I sell these blessed lands, I will become the biggest target of everyone! It earns too much attention, how could have the ability to capture all these Gu Immortals? If I appear like this, that mysterious force would know and associate me with Lang Ya blessed land. Next time when they attack you, they might even attack my blessed land! Isn't the Inkman King Mo Tan Sang your good friend, ask him to go."

"Sigh, he is an inkman immortal, his origin is not good and has always been ostracized by humans. Furthermore, he has his family and inkman city to take care of. He is not appropriate." Lang Ya land spirit shook his head.

"Oh! You do not want him to go die, so you want to send me to die?!"

"Don't make it sound so terrible, don't you have the killer move unfamiliar face? With this killer move, other Gu Immortals cannot identify your true form." Lang Ya land spirit said in a low tone.

Fang Yuan gave an assessing look at the land spirit: "I was wondering why you were so generous, giving this precious killer move to me, so you had a plan from the start."

Lang Ya land spirit could not take it anymore, he stared with furious eyes as he shouted: "Rascal, do you think I'm unfamiliar with you?! You have ridiculous guts, since when have you been scared? You even destroyed Imperial Court blessed land and toppled Eighty-Eight True Yang Building, as long as the benefits are high enough, you are a desperado! Afraid of this matter? Just tell me, how much do you want?"

Fang Yuan snorted coldly: "We will split the profits from selling the blessed lands, at the least, it has to be a four to six ratio."

"Four to six ratio? You are too greedy, you are asking for forty percent?!" Lang Ya land spirit screamed.

A cold light flashed in Fang Yuan's eyes, his face was grim: "You are wrong, land spirit, my intention is, I will take sixty percent, you will take forty!"

Lang Ya land spirit was stunned, even though he had lived for so long, he was shocked by Fang Yuan's shamelessness and greed.

He breathed in deeply, staring at Fang Yuan's face: "Such words, you have the face to say it?"

"Why wouldn't I?" Fang Yuan's face was thick as a city wall: "I am going to take a huge risk involving my life, without enough profits to motivate me, I will not do it. This price is already the lowest, I am considering this based on the fact that we are old friends, this is a friendly price."

"Friendly price, I think you are trying to con a friend?"

"So no deal? Consider it more, this is the price I want, there is still some time until the auction, I am leaving first." Fang Yuan opened a stargate.

"Get lost!"

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