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Immortal Monkey King was hit directly by the star billow pillar, with a loud thud, he crashed on the ground, with his head facing the floor.

He growled angrily, spitting out the soil in his mouth, getting up quickly.

Shi Lei did not care about the Seven Star Child immortal zombie, he only wanted to get to the star demon bat corpse, towards the location in his memories.

He took huge steps as he ran, uprooting all of the trees in his way. He looked at the star demon bat corpse from afar, joyful to see that it was still intact.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Right at this moment, three golden lights flew over from the sky.

The golden lights were extremely fast and agile, they were three flying sword rat desolate beasts.

Shi Lei snorted coldly, he did not want to engage with them, he raised his arms and covered his face.

Clank clank clank...

The flying sword rats' nails were as sharp as swords, they scratched Immortal Monkey King's huge body, but no blood was seen as the soft golden monkey fur blocked the nails, emitting a loud metallic noise.

Shi Lei's current form had outstanding defense.

The three flying sword rats did not let go of Shi Lei yet, they were small and agile, they followed him and continued to scratch and hack away at his body.

Bunches of monkey fur fell from Shi Lei's body.

Wherever Shi Lei went, monkey fur would scatter on the ground.

"Damn rats!" Shi Lei shouted, whipping his tail and using it like a golden whip.

The flying sword rats were hit by the tail, but after they were sent flying, they returned and continued to disturb him.

Just as he was about to reach the star demon bat corpse, a diamond bear appeared.

"Scram!" Shi Lei was furious, he clenched his fists and swept with his arms, his fists were slamming horizontally as his brute force pushed the heavy diamond bear away.

The diamond bear flew in the air for a short distance, before crashing partway up the mountain. With a loud thud, its body which resembled diamonds had cracks on it, but it stood up like it was uninjured.

Desolate beasts generally had strong vitality, they were durable and sturdy existences.

Shi Lei did not want to tangle with the diamond bear, he only wanted to get back his loot.

He ignored the disturbance of the flying sword rats as he reached the star demon bat corpse and grabbed it with his hand.

The star demon bat corpse shattered, he had been deceived once again.

Shi Lei reacted quickly, shouting in anger: "Damn, what method is this? How can it look so real! Flying bear, right, there is still a flying bear here."

Still having some hope in his heart, the golden fur giant monkey changed directions and continued to run.

Along the way, he was met with obstruction from desolate beasts, but with his brute strength, he forcefully carved out a path.

During this period, Seven Star Child immortal zombie who was in the air attacked non-stop, sending blows towards the golden fur giant monkey, even with the great defense of the Immortal Monkey King form, his skin was torn and flesh was exposed.

Shi Lei finally got close to the flying bear corpse, but he saw that there were five flying bears surrounding the corpse, some made mournful cries while others were licking the blood on the ground.

There was one which used its head to nudge the flying bear corpse, but the image flickered.

Shi Lei saw this and lost all hope, it was completely dashed as rage overwhelmed him: "It seems that all of the desolate beasts that I killed were stolen by that despicable thief Fang Yuan!! All of these are my loot, the fruits of my victory. He dared to steal my possessions, the Immortal Monkey King's, how long has it been since such a thing has happened?"

Shi Lei's huge body attracted the attention of the flying bears.


The five flying bears had bloodshot eyes as they charged towards the golden fur giant monkey.

Shi Lei did not have the mood to fight with them, at this point, he knew there was nothing to gain here, he wanted to escape.

Even though Star Lord Wan Xiang was killed and Shi Lei lost the method to leave Starry Sky grotto-heaven, he knew the location of that grotto-heaven loophole, as long as he can find that place, he could exert force and create a bigger hole, connecting to the outside world of Central Continent.

Shi Lei immediately changed directions, but he realized that while the five flying bears were still charging towards him from the front, on the left, there were three blazing divine stallions getting closer. On the right, there was a huge ghost face tortoise, and behind him were seven star desolate hounds.

In just a short while, he was surrounded by desolate beasts on all sides.

Shi Lei wanted to fly into the sky, but he looked up to see an iron crown eagle, a nine palace crane, and a qi grand lion, these three desolate beasts above him. Other than that, Seven Star Child immortal zombie was also ready to attack.

"Three desolate beasts are nothing much, but this immortal zombie..." The golden fur giant monkey's golden pupils shined with wariness.

He lowered his head, looking around and deciding to break through from the right side.

On his right, there was a ghost face tortoise, it was like the size of three mountains, floating in the sky silently. It was the largest in build and had the most difficulty in turning around. If Seven Star Child immortal zombie continued to attack, he could use the ghost face tortoise's huge body to act as a shield!

Shi Lei made up his mind and took a huge step forward, charging towards the ghost face tortoise.

He had transformed into the golden fur giant monkey, he was more than twice as large as Fang Yuan's eight armed immortal zombie form. But in front of the ghost face tortoise, he was like a pearl in front of a wolf.

The ghost face tortoise growled, as countless soul beasts emerged from the holes on its shell.

The dark blue colored soul beasts formed into an army, huge in numbers, filling the sky and charging towards the golden monkey like a torrential wave.

Shi Lei fought against the flow and moved up, his fists sending all of the soul beasts in his way flying. His golden fur had great defense, although the soul beasts were huge in numbers, they were slaughtered mercilessly.

Shi Lei managed to use this soul beast army to avoid the entrapment of the desolate beasts. Only those three flying sword rats were still near him, causing small wounds from time to time.

"This immortal zombie seems to be unable to think, even though he has strength, his beasts are hindering each other, and cannot display their true power. If it was me, I would've attacked long ago. Who cares about the lives of the soul beasts." Shi Lei had rich battle experience, after evading the ghost face tortoise, he had an idea and purposely slowed down.

Under the encirclement of the soul beast army, he continued to move forward. The other beasts could only stand far away, even Seven Star Child immortal zombie was staring blankly, as if he did not want to harm the soul beast army.

Finally, Shi Lei came to the opening of the loophole of the grotto-heaven.

He let out a breath of turbid air, he was just about to relax before he winced, as blood poured out from his back.

"These three accursed rats!" Shi Lei growled in anger, he turned around and raised his fist, sending the flying sword rats flying.

The flying sword rats earlier could not cause much damage, but when damage accumulated, a small injury would grow into a large one, his back's injury was already filled with metal path dao marks.

The flying sword rats crashed onto the ground, but they quickly flew towards Shi Lei again.

Shi Lei's eyes shone with a ruthless light, he activated an immortal killer move — Filthy Mud Robe.

The three flying sword rats landed on the filthy mud robe and could not free themselves, like they were stuck in a swamp.

Shi Lei used another move, earth's root!

From the thick filthy mud robe, countless spikes shot out, stabbing and piercing the flying sword rats.

The flying sword rats held on for over a dozen breaths of time before their tiny bodies were pierced through by hundreds of spikes, they died at the scene.

At this time, Seven Star Child immortal zombie finally reacted, he mobilized the soul beast army and ordered the desolate beasts to charge forward fearlessly.

"It is too late, fool." Shi Lei breathed in deeply, the sticky filthy mud robe on his body moved rapidly, detaching from his body and covering the grotto-heaven opening.

Shi Lei placed both his palms on the filthy mud robe, pouring a large amount of immortal essence into it.

Immortal killer move — Earth Disintegration!

The filthy mud robe scattered and flowed out, the grotto-heaven crack became a huge hole after this attack. Shi Lei could see another sky out of this huge hole.

He laughed heartily, taking a huge step and forcing his way out.

Because it was a forceful breakthrough and was not as meticulous as Star Lord Wan Xiang's methods, during the process of leaving, a huge invisible force squeezed at Shi Lei's body from all directions.

Thankfully, Shi Lei had become the golden fur giant monkey, his defenses rose by more than ten times. He resisted the pressure and went through the hole, his body was covered in blood, especially the wound caused by the flying sword rats, his flesh was mushy and large amounts of blood was oozing out.

Shi Lei sucked in a breath of cold air from the pain, he shouted in his heart: "Who dares to block my way, I am out of here! That accursed immortal zombie, I will definitely take you down. And for that Fang Yuan, the thief that stole my loot. A mere tiny rank six immortal zombie that doesn't know what is good for him, he dared to offend me! When I return, I will deal with you properly, and let you know the terrible fate for offending me!"

Thoughts flashed in Shi Lei's mind, but at this time, he heard the growls of flying bears near him.

Shi Lei quickly looked around, seeing that five flying bears had gotten extremely close to him from five different directions.

"What is going on?" He raised his head and looked, only to see six huge star shadows in the sky.

"Why am I still here? I had undoubtedly..." Shi Lei was extremely shocked, his mouth was wide open.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie looked at him as he laughed coldly: "Little monkey, did you think that my seven star space is so simple? I do have to thank you, if you did not awaken me, I might still be stuck in that dream realm. As thanks, I will bury your corpse below my most beloved mountain peak."

By now, Seven Star Child had actually regained his senses, he could think normally again!

"This is bad." Shi Lei's heart sank.

Five flying bears raised their paws, attacking the golden fur giant monkey.

"Scram!" Shi Lei was just about to erupt, when starlight flickered around him, his body became heavier and his movement became slower — Seven Star Child immortal zombie had attacked.

This was only a mortal killer move, but its effect was amazing, it was even more effective than the offensive immortal killer move earlier.

At once, bear paws slammed down from all directions.

Shi Lei shielded himself on his left and right, but he was unable to protect himself thoroughly, when he finally got rid of his restraint, he rolled and escaped from the five bears. But at this time, he was already dizzy from the beating, his muscles were swollen, becoming green and purple, although he had no bone fractures, his body was aching intensely.

After Seven Star Child regained his senses, his danger level escalated intensely!

"I have no choice, I will have to seek help from the sect! Hmph, to think that I, the grand Immortal Monkey King, was forced to use seek help Gu at this moment! Where will my reputation go after this? Fang Yuan, this is all your fault, after I am saved, I will make sure you pay!!" Shi Lei shouted in his heart, he was going to puke blood from anger.

Fang Yuan not only stole his loot, causing his trip to be an overall loss, he even took away Star Lord Wan Xiang and trapped Shi Lei in this Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

Woof woof woof!

Two star desolate hounds traveled over, and the ghost face tortoise also floated ahead of him soundlessly.

Immortal Monkey King raised his head, shouting at Seven Star Child immortal zombie: "Fight me for three hundred more rounds if you have the guts!"

Seven Star Child immortal zombie laughed arrogantly: "Sure, come here."

The golden fur giant monkey growled as sharp golden light burst out, forcing Seven Star Child immortal zombie to squint in response.

After the golden light faded, Shi Lei regained his human form, he charged into the forest and sped away rapidly.

The result was — he ran away!

He ran away!

The Immortal Monkey King Shi Lei famous for his bravery and ruthlessness in Central Continent had chosen to escape. If this was known to the outside world, who knows how many of Central Continent's Gu Immortals would gasp in shock.

Seven Star Child immortal zombie was shocked for a while before reacting, responding angrily: "You dare to trick me? I thought you were a heroic champion who would rather battle to the death and would never give up! Escape, go ahead and run, I want to see where you can escape to in this grotto-heaven of mine?!"

Shi Lei did not say a word, he ran even faster.

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