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"That's right." Feng Jin Huang nodded with certainty: "Using dream wings Immortal Gu, I traveled in a dream realm, I encountered many life forms. I met many people, there were Gu Masters and ordinary people. I saw many wild beasts, tigers, wolves, rabbits, rats, I even found a desolate beast iron crown eagle, I watched it grow up from birth. In the end, I came across an old man, he had a strange temperament, constantly muttering to himself, saying that he is called Kong Jue, he often killed people and dissected their corpses, it was terrifying. He even tried to block my way, I could only dodge left and right and had to escape for a long time. Otherwise, I would have woken up long ago."

When Feng Jin Huang first spoke, she had an excited and agitated tone, but when she mentioned Kong Jue, her tone became grim and she felt some lingering fear.

Fairy Bai Qing heard this and stared straight at her daughter.

"Mother, what's wrong?"

Only when Feng Jin Huang was starting to get worried and asked did Fairy Bai Qing breathe in deeply, her eyes showing extreme happiness: "Huang Er, your opportunity has come! It seems you truly entered a dream realm!! The Kong Jue that you mentioned is likely to be Old Immortal Kong Jue, in history, he was one of the Three Olds, along with Old Eccentric Tian Nan and Long Hair Ancestor. The so called Three Olds were the three refinement path supreme grandmasters over the long course of history!"

"No wonder I felt that Kong Jue was so familiar when I heard the name." Feng Jin Huang realized at once, but then her beautiful face showed some confusion: "But why did I encounter Old Immortal Kong Jue? Why did he want to capture me? Why is it that after I woke up, I felt that there are a lot of refinement path methods in my mind, my recognition of certain Gu worms became clearer, and when I see a Gu worm, I would think of its refinement recipe, the materials needed, the funds necessary for the refinement and so on?"

"Great fortune! This is your great fortune..." Fairy Bai Qing raised her head and sighed, tears were almost about to fall from her eyes.

"Mother, what is this dream realm, why is it so magical?" Feng Jin Huang asked again.

Fairy Bai Qing let out a breath of cloudy air, she calmed her emotions and said gently: "Regarding dream realms, mother does not know much either, but the earliest record of a dream realm is written in >."

>, Chapter Three, Section Sixteen states: Ren Zu's third son, Northern Dark Ice Soul had entered a deep part of black heaven, obtaining fire Gu.

He was chased by many life forms inside black heaven, left without a choice, he tossed fire Gu towards them to protect himself.

Fire Gu lit up many of the walking meat trees, and the fire spread out to ignite many of the wild beasts' bodies.

At once, life forms were crying out as the light of the flames burst out brightly.

"So many delicious things, so many delicious things!" Fire Gu shouted in excitement, it was no longer weak like before, it was tall and imposing, there was even a hint of ruthlessness and madness in its tone.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was shocked: "Fire, oh fire, how did you become so huge?"

"I said, I am the least picky when it comes to food, I can eat almost anything. Fire can draw out more fire, a spark can create a forest fire." Fire Gu shouted proudly as it answered.

Suddenly, the flame rose up like a wall, moving towards Northern Dark Ice Soul.

Northern Dark Ice Soul quickly took a step back.

Fire Gu laughed loudly: "Oh human, do not be scared! You saved me, you are my benefactor, you are my friend. They are afraid of me, but they need me to deal with those dream realms, thus they imprisoned me and starved me. Only you helped me, thus you are my true friend, from now on, if you have any difficulties, you can count on me!"

Northern Dark Ice Soul's heart was eased, he said happily: "That would be great, my friend."

"Friend!" Fire Gu laughed loudly, it turned into a form of a human as it opened its arms, wanting to give Northern Dark Ice Soul a hug.

Northern Dark Ice Soul jumped back in fear: "Oh fire, excessive fervor is the fire of self-immolation, let's keep a distance between us."

Fire Gu had no choice but to stop its actions, it spun around Northern Dark Ice Soul as he said: "Oh human, you are so weak, you are not fun."

Northern Dark Ice Soul was surrounded in flames, he quickly waved his hand: "Don't get too close, don't get too close. It is so hot, way too hot, leave a path open for me to walk out."

Fire Gu had to open a path for Northern Dark Ice Soul to walk out of, after he walked for several hundred steps, he looked back at the blazing sea of fire with a sigh of relief.

But at this time, a wild beast came out from the shadows behind him, swallowing Northern Dark Ice Soul in one mouthful.

"That is a dream realm! There are so many dream realms, they are catching up!" Many life forms shouted as they escaped.

"Quickly release my friend!" Fire Gu shouted in anger, pouncing towards the beast group of dream realms.

The dream realm beast group shrunk when shone by the light of the fire, they rapidly melted like a candle. They growled and scattered all over the place.

Fire Gu continued to eat along the way, it spread towards the dream realm that consumed Northern Dark Ice Soul.

The dream realms were escaping, but fire Gu was chasing behind them.

Among the escaping dream realms, the larger their bodies, the stronger they were, and the faster they ran away, soon, they pulled some distance from fire Gu.

As it turned out, the dream realms used the emotions and desires of their prey to strengthen themselves.

Northern Dark Ice Soul, who was swallowed by a dream realm, had a huge desire to survive, at the same time, his greatest goal was to revive his father.

In addition, he was filled with anxiety and was afraid he would not make it. He was also filled with guilt and regret, because Desolate Ancient Moon died due to him giving her a meaning in life.

One could say that Northern Dark Ice Soul was the best prey for the dream realms.

The dream realm who swallowed him grew rapidly, fire Gu growled loudly in anger, but it was getting closer to the dream realm.

Northern Dark Ice Soul was deep inside the dream realm, he had fallen asleep, in his dream, he saw Desolate Ancient Moon reviving and smiling to him, calling him a good brother and saying she forgave him, and that she knew he did not do it intentionally.

He saw that he was at the door of life and death, successfully saving his father, Ren Zu. Ren Zu praised him: You are indeed my good son, if not for you, father would not have revived.

Northern Dark Ice Soul's face was filled with a blissful smile.

And like that, many days passed.

The sea of fire was still burning intensely, it spread all over black heaven as it finally blocked all of the dream realms which were escaping.

Under the burning of the flames, the dream realm quickly melted as Northern Dark Ice Soul fell onto the ground, waking up from his dream.

He suddenly understood that everything in his dream was fake, his happiness was not real, what he faced was a burning hot fire Gu. But his face was filled with tears, he felt an extreme cold that was piercing into his bones.

He cried out loud, questioning fire Gu: "Why, why did you wake me up? I still want to dream, I want to be eaten by the dream realm!"

Fire Gu reminded him helplessly: "Oh human, you must know, dreams are often the opposite of reality, they are fake."

"I don't want to listen, I don't care." Northern Dark Ice Soul cried out as he covered his ears and shook his head.

Fire Gu was anxious: "I am your friend, I do not want..."

Northern Dark Ice Soul interrupted it before it finished: "Since you are my friend, you should not restrict me or obstruct me!"

"Sigh..." Fire Gu let out a long sigh, it fell into silence, giving Northern Dark Ice Soul a path leading out without a better choice.

Northern Dark Ice Soul quickly ran out, wanting to find another dream realm within the darkness to have him eaten once again.


Central Continent, Starry Sky grotto-heaven.

"Star Constellation Immortal Venerable!!!" Facing this person, Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan were tongue-tied, they were shocked and dazed.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, one of the ten venerables in the history of Gu Masters.

Legends regarding her had been passed down even until this day.

She was a rarely seen female rank nine Gu Immortal, the founder of wisdom path, and the creator of star path. She was the second generation reigning immortal of Heavenly Court, even after death she plotted against three Demon Venerables, protecting Heavenly Court from danger.

Now that she was standing in front of Fang Yuan and Hei Lou Lan, she looked down arrogantly as her grand aura of rank nine burst out towards them.

"What is going on? Star Constellation Immortal Venerable? She is still alive?!" Hei Lou Lan gritted her teeth, feeling an immense pressure. Even if she had great confidence, and was a formidable person plotting to kill her own father, at this moment her body was shaking as she faced an intense trial of her will.

After all, the other party was at the peak of Gu Masters, a rank nine Gu Immortal, the legendary Star Constellation Immortal Venerable that she had heard about since a young age.

Hei Lou Lan could not help but feel her legs go soft, while Star Lord Wan Xiang in front of her was already kneeling on the ground, kowtowing as he begged for mercy.

The aura of rank nine was undeniable. But Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, his eyes shining with ruthlessness: "This feeling? This feeling! This is actually... this is actually a piece of a dream realm?!"

He could only growl in his mind, he could not produce any sound.

He could not move at all, under the pressure of the rank nine aura, he felt like an ant that was sealed inside amber.

Under the intense threat of life and death, Fang Yuan felt a strong sense of danger in his heart.

"I have to get out of this dream realm, otherwise, all of my plans after rebirth would come to a halt. My plan for eternal life would end here! True solid bat wings, detonate now!!"

Fang Yuan gritted his teeth, at the crucial moment, he decided to make a sacrifice.

The bat wings that he had transplanted after much effort detonated under Fang Yuan's resolute decision.

An intense sense of pain assaulted him, turning into a formless energy that protected Fang Yuan's entire body.

Star Constellation Immortal Venerable gasped lightly, looking at Fang Yuan deeply: "An immortal zombie, yet so fascinating."

Just as she said that, under Fang Yuan's perception, the entire scene changed, Star Constellation Immortal Venerable vanished, and the eighth star hall disappeared. What he could see was a blue robed Gu Immortal with his face facing Fang Yuan, looking up at the clear moon in the sky above the clouds.

He muttered: "Heaven has taken pity on me. I, Seven Star Child, have finally combined the seven star spaces into one, forming the unified Starry Sky grotto-heaven. I have passed another huge obstacle in my cultivation journey, I am one step closer to rank nine realm, one step closer! Hahaha, hahaha..."

Seven Star Child seemed to be unable to sense Fang Yuan's existence, he continued to face Fang Yuan as he had no inclination to turn around.

He continued to laugh loudly, his laughter was filled with joy, even Fang Yuan was affected by it and started to feel happy.

Fang Yuan started to feel some joy in him, but his body was turning cold, like he was in an icy domain.

"Oh no! This is a dream within a dream! I had just left the dream of Star Constellation Immortal Venerable, but now I am inside Seven Star Child's dream."

But this time, Fang Yuan had no bat wings left to detonate.

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