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For instance, a water path Gu Immortal's blessed land would be in the form of a sea. After obtaining worldly wave trace Gu, the Gu Immortal would raise underworld jellyfish, deepsea lightning eels and so on inside their blessed land. Thus, the Gu Immortal could be self-sufficient, by drawing materials from their own blessed land to feed the Immortal Gu Worldly Wave Trace.

Another example was Tai Bai Yun Sheng's two Immortal Gu, he could obtain food for them by managing his own blessed land.

Hei Lou Lan's blessed land contained large numbers of heavy metal ores. These heavy metals were strength qi Immortal Gu's food.

However, Fang Yuan's situation was different from theirs.

Their Immortal Gu were mostly obtained by refining vital Gu and core Gu when advancing to Gu Immortal, and were integrated with their path.

Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu were mostly obtained from scheming. His vital Gu was Spring Autumn Cicada but he had no time path inheritance, and what he currently practiced was strength path.

Moreover, Fang Yuan's Immortal Gu were extremely disordered, involving time path, space path, water path, wisdom path and other paths. The most crucial point was that Fang Yuan's blessed land was dead.

His immortal aperture had turned into a dead aperture and whatever he placed in there would die, it could neither be managed nor developed like a normal blessed land, nor could it provide convenience in feeding Immortal Gu, and most importantly it could not produce immortal essence. Thus, there was a much heavier burden on immortal essence stones.

Fang Yuan not only had to use his immortal essence stones for transactions, but also turn a part of them into green grape immortal essence, and furthermore bear the costs for feeding Immortal Gu. The main reason for Fang Yuan almost becoming bankrupt after the battle with Hei Cheng was this.

Thus the second problem in front of Fang Yuan was his immortal aperture.

The immortal aperture was already dead, his cultivation had stagnated.

The blessed land was involved in many aspects of the Gu Immortal's cultivation, therefore this was a great burden to Fang Yuan. The day Fang Yuan truly got rid of his immortal zombie body would be the day he can formally start his Gu Immortal cultivation.

However, getting rid of the immortal zombie body and returning to his human body meant Fang Yuan would not be able to step into the wisdom light halo, this was also a problem.

As for the final important problem, it was battle strength.

Currently, cleanse soul Immortal Gu was weak from hunger and was too risky to use. Fang Yuan's trump card — the immortal killer move myriad self, also could not be used.

Fang Yuan's battle strength had fallen as a result.

Whether it was confronting Central Continent's ten great ancient sects in the days to come, dealing with the pursuit of Northern Plains' Gu Immortals, seizing Dong Fang Chang Fan's wisdom path inheritance, helping Lang Ya land spirit to capture a desolate beast, seeking the Thieving Heaven inheritance pertaining to Luo Po Valley, taking Immortal Gu Dark Limit from Fairy Jiang Yu, all of these required powerful battle strength.

"There are mainly four aspects that influence a Gu Immortal's battle strength. The Gu Immortal's own battle attainment, Immortal Gu, killer moves and immortal essence. With the guts Gu business now, I don't lack immortal essence for the moment. A Gu Immortal's battle attainment is formed from constant accumulation of their foundation over time and cannot be raised in a short period. In the Immortal Gu aspect, the Blood Deity remnant recipe is enough to deduce the complete blood deity Immortal Gu recipe, but my wealth right now is still quite far from reaching the standard of refining Immortal Gu."

Fang Yuan thought it over, even if he could refine Blood Deity, he did not want to do so.

Blood path had been affiliated with the demonic path since long ago, even the ten great ancient sects had to research blood path in secret and did not dare to publicly announce it. Heavenly Court even had the Demon Judgment Board and Fang Yuan did not want to put his name there this early.

Moreover, almost all the Immortal Gu in Fang Yuan's hands were in a bad state from hunger. The burden of feeding was too heavy and Fang Yuan lacked confidence in managing it if a new Immortal Gu was added on top of that.

Therefore, the only method Fang Yuan could use to raise his battle strength quickly was through killer moves.

The killer move aspect involved both immortal killer moves and mortal killer moves.

"I have sufficient immortal essence stones, my disposable income is much higher than in the past, not only can I purchase a lot of good mortal killer moves, but I also can continuously experiment, deduce and reproduce some powerful killer moves from my past life."

Having thought things through, Fang Yuan immediately started with the task.

Central Continent.

With Feng Jiu Ge as the leader, a group of Gu Immortals were standing in front of an enormous light wall.

The light wall was incomparably tall, connecting the sky and ground. The white light had condensed into a solid and formed a wall. Within it flickered golden light which was full of vigor and majesty.

This was Central Continent's membrane, known as the saint regional wall.

The world of Gu Masters had five large regions: Central Continent, Southern Border, Eastern Sea, Western Desert and Northern Plains, each was covered with a layer of membrane forming the boundaries of heaven and earth, mutually isolating each other.

"Old Oracle, what is the result of your calculation this time?" Old Lord Can Yang asked a young looking Gu Immortal in the group.

The young looking Gu Immortal slowly opened his eyes, they were filled with clouds and mist and constantly transforming.

A long while later, the clouds and mist dispersed and he returned to having ordinary white eyes with black pupils.

The young looking Gu Immortal spoke with a slightly happy tone: "It can be done. This part of the regional wall is rather weak, it is the third weak spot we have found over these last days. But compared to the first and the second, this is more stable. I suggest we use this to cut open an entrance and cross the regional wall to Northern Plains!"

"Hahaha, good, we have searched close to a thousand areas and finally found an ideal weak spot." Old Man Tian Long laughed loudly.

Fairy Ling Mei let out a breath of cloudy air and said with a sigh: "We have searched for so many days before finally getting a good result, it was really not easy."

"We have already wasted a lot of time, let's begin." Feng Jiu Ge said briefly, "Who goes first?"

Fairy Ao Xue and Fairy Ling Mei glanced at each other, then stood up together, speaking in unison: "This time, let our Heaven's Envy Manor take the lead."

With that statement, the two exerted strength and activated an immortal killer move together, called peerless crescent moon slash.

This killer move's core was the rank seven crescent moon Immortal Gu, with two rank six Immortal Gu as support. The immortal essence required to activate this immortal killer move was extremely high and it also burdened the mind significantly; just one Gu Immortal could not display its might, two Gu Immortals must activate it together.

The immortal killer move was activated, instantly forming a blue crescent moon.

The crescent moon was not large and was only the size of a water jar, but it had condensed into solid form and was sparkling like a magnificent piece of artwork. Only the terrifying aura it leaked out occasionally would let one know that it was not harmless like its appearance showed.

The surrounding Gu Immortals distanced themselves far away from Ao Xue and Ling Mei.

After accumulating enough power, the two fairies gave soft cries and released the blue crescent moon.

The crescent moon flew extremely quick and silently, shining with gentle moonlight.

The blue crescent moon slashed the saint regional wall and immediately cut open a path about seventy-six steps in length.

"Worthy of being a well-known killer move of Heaven's Envy Manor, it directly cut open a distance of seventy-six steps, remarkable." Gu Immortal Chen Zhen Chi exclaimed in admiration.

Feng Jiu Ge led the way with the other Gu Immortals behind him and entered the saint regional wall.

The moment they stepped into the saint regional wall, many Gu Immortals' expressions changed slightly. Their bodies became heavier, their thoughts moved more slowly and even the immortal aperture inside them gradually started to tremor.

"Quick, we need to move faster." Feng Jiu Ge hastened. They had walked seventy-four steps before they could not walk any further.

In this short period of time, the saint regional wall had already started to rapidly heal; the path of seventy-six steps in depth had already shortened by two steps.

Old Lord Can Yang stood up: "Next, let this old man give it a try."

He took out an Immortal Gu, this Immortal Gu resembled a mostly burnt out candle with a small amount of candlelight burning at the top.

Old Lord Can Yang softly blew at the candlelight.

The candlelight shook and following the direction of Old Lord Can Yang's breath, it let out countless glittering light spots.

The light spots struck the white-gold saint regional wall, the regional wall melted like snow as it rapidly dissolved and formed a sixty-three steps passage.

Everyone quickly moved ahead. At the end of the passage, Old Man Tian Long stood up and activated an Immortal Gu, opening a sixty-seven steps passage.

All the Gu Immortals took turns in using their Immortal Gu or immortal killer moves to open the passage deeper into the saint regional wall.

The deeper they went, the greater the pressure on them was, even turning into a giant force that dragged them backwards, seemingly as if this world did not want them to leave Central Continent.

The thoughts in their minds also kept on moving increasingly slowly, which caused the Gu Immortals to have extreme difficulty in activating their immortal killer moves. As a wisdom path Gu Immortal, Old Oracle had no choice but to use all sorts of methods and even immortal killer moves to reinforce the other Gu Immortals' minds. But in spite of this, Ao Xue and Ling Mei, these two fairies could not activate peerless crescent moon slash anymore.

The most crucial point was the immortal apertures in their bodies.

The deeper they went, the greater the intensity of the tremors in their immortal apertures. The earth within their blessed lands cracked, boulders started falling down and countless life forms within died pitifully.

These Gu Immortals came from the ten great ancient sects, they were famous experts with outstanding battle strength. However, several hundred steps later, most turned pale, some with weaker cultivation even started trembling slightly.

A thousand steps later, most of the Gu Immortals were covered with sweat, some were deathly pale. Ao Xue and Ling Mei were walking while supporting each other.

Only Feng Jiu Ge alone was still walking ahead upright, his expression was normal. Every time he made a move, they were all immortal killer moves, cutting open passages longer than a hundred steps.

After walking for over three thousand steps, there was much thinner white-gold light in front, instead a trace of green was vaguely revealed.

"Old Oracle, your deduction was correct, this is indeed a weak area of saint regional wall, we reached here after only walking over three thousand steps." Someone immediately praised.

"Beyond saint regional wall is Northern Plains' licorice regional wall. Let's speed up and break through it in one move!" Old Lord Can Yang attempted to raise the morale while gasping for breath.

The young looking Gu Immortal Old Oracle, however, was somewhat worried: "My ability is limited, I could only deduce saint regional wall. Hopefully this area of licorice regional wall is not too thick."

After around eight minutes, the Gu Immortals were out of saint regional wall and entered into licorice regional wall.

This regional wall was quite different from saint regional wall. The Gu Immortals felt an enormous formless force pushing at them and constantly repelling them.

The intensity of the tremors of their immortal apertures increased further, the losses causing great heartache to many Gu Immortals.

"I hope we can subdue one or two Immortal Gu in this trip to Northern Plains, otherwise the losses would be too huge." Old Man Tian Long said.

"Sigh, I had passed the regional wall to Northern Plains when I was younger, but back then the whole process only took about five minutes of time and was very easy." Gu Immortal Hong Chi Ming sighed deeply.

When he had crossed the regional wall back then, he had only been a rank four Gu Master. As one's cultivation became higher, the difficulty in traversing regional walls would become increasingly difficult.

After a long time, this group of Gu Immortals had no choice but to stop.

They were in licorice regional wall and everywhere around them was filled with green fog. Grass was growing wildly in the fog and was constantly twining and twisting like a sea of snakes or hair, blocking their paths.

Feng Jiu Ge's body was dripping with sweat and his lips were pale: "This won't do, this part of licorice regional wall is extremely firm, we need to change to another direction even if we have to walk more."

Everyone nodded, approving of Feng Jiu Ge's resoluteness.

Old Oracle began to deduce, and in this period of time, the regional wall was constantly recovering, making the Gu Immortals retreat further.

"This way." Finally, Old Oracle calculated a direction.

The Gu Immortals changed their direction and after suffering bitterly for a day and a night, they passed the licorice regional wall and entered Northern Plains.

"Rest and reorganize for three days, we will talk after that." Feng Jiu Ge exhaustedly said.

Among the whole group, only he was able to barely stand while the others fell down unsteadily to the ground like piles of mud, not wanting to even budge anymore.

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