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In central continent time, three days after extorting Vicious Lightning Fiend, Immortal Crane Sect announced to the world: They recognized Fang Yuan as the owner of Hu Immortal blessed land, Hu Immortal blessed land was now a subsidiary force of Immortal Crane Sect, and could leave at any time.

This shocking news was like a large rock being thrown into a lake, causing many surging waves and splashes.

At once, the world of Central Continent's Gu Immortals was in a commotion!

Earlier, Immortal Crane Sect had declared publicly that Fang Yuan was a traitor of the sect, and would receive judgment soon. Such matters were common in Central Continent. Many Gu Masters, after obtaining benefits, would not want to share it with their sect, or they might be recruited by other sects, and so on, such reasons caused them to betray their original sect.

The cohesion of members under the sect system was weaker compared to the clan and tribe system that united people from the same bloodline together.

Among sects, the ten great ancient sects had the highest cohesion. But there were still traitors that appeared in these ancient sects.

In the past, First Gen Gu Yue obtained a blood path true inheritance and betrayed Immortal Crane Sect, going to Southern Border and hiding his name and identity.

These recent years, Myriad Dragon Dock's former disciple Song Zi Xing had also betrayed his sect. After growing from battles, he was now a rank seven Gu Immortal, known as the Blood Dragon, he was a famous demonic path expert in Central Continent.

Thus, when Fang Yuan as a rank five Gu Master had betrayed Immortal Crane Sect, it was only news of mild magnitude.

But now, Immortal Crane Sect had gathered up its forces and gone to pass judgment on Fang Yuan, the result was nothing anyone could have expected.

In this time, who knew how many people thought that Fang Yuan was courting death, their eyes were popping out of their sockets when they learned about the news.

After that, even more inside information was released, from Immortal Crane Sect, Vicious Lightning Fiend, and Fang Yuan.

There were many rumors, like the strength of Dang Hun mountain and Hu Immortal blessed land, the rise of a mysterious force, Vicious Lightning Fiend's immortal killer move, all these attracted people's attentions. Among them, the biggest highlight was the transaction of guts Gu.

Guts Gu could leave Dang Hun mountain and be stored, thus they could be traded! There were such great profits implied by this information, all the different forces were moved.

The Gu Immortals finally understood why Immortal Crane Sect made such a declaration, it was the motivation of profits!

For guts Gu, forsaking some hollow reputation was nothing. Furthermore, Fang Yuan acknowledged that his force was a subsidiary of Immortal Crane Sect, this was giving face to the ancient sects.

The other nine great ancient sects called Immortal Crane Sect shameless on one hand, while interacting with Hu Immortal blessed land on the other.

Fang Yuan's guts Gu had yet to begin being traded, but he had already received a large number of letter Gu, and they were still coming.

Regardless of whether it was a large or small force, Fang Yuan replied to them all. This was to establish the first contact between them.

Using this as an opportunity, Fang Yuan finally entered the limelight of Central Continent, with the status of an immortal zombie and the owner of Hu Immortal blessed land, he entered the eyes of all the Gu Immortals and the different forces.

A few days later, Hei Lou Lan brought in the first batch of souls, there were hundreds of thousands of them.

Of course, most of them were souls of wild beasts.

Fang Yuan placed them all into Dang Hun mountain, and Hu Immortal land spirit started to release Dang Hun mountain's power, vibrating and turning these souls into fragments, as these soul fragments were scattered on the surface of Dang Hun mountain, they gradually formed into guts Gu.

As the guts Gu grew here, Fang Yuan started to make his preparations elsewhere.

He ordered all of his hairy men to start creating the foundational Gu worms.

After seven days and seven nights, working in three shifts, they had finally produced a large number of Gu worms.

He next ordered the rockmen to start building a stone nest.

Half a month later, the first batch of souls were all used up, as a large number of guts Gu were formed on Dang Hun mountain.

Hei Lou Lan brought the second batch of souls into Hu Immortal blessed land.

Fang Yuan brought her to the stone nest near Dang Hun mountain.

Hei Lou Lan stood at the edge of the stone nest, seeing the huge structure below her, she was very shocked at Fang Yuan's huge investment.

This stone nest was tens of acres in area, and it was hundreds of meters deep into the ground.

At the outer ring of the stone nest, it was a huge sinkhole, dug manually, vertically up and down. The circular sinkhole was one li in radius, at least three li deep, like the frame of a tall piece of glassware.

At the center of the sinkhole, there was a huge stone pillar.

The stone pillar was over three hundred meters in radius, this length was slightly more than half of one li, thus, the stone pillar and the circular sinkhole did not touch, they were at least a hundred and fifty meters apart, and there was an empty space left purposely.

The stone pillar was like an ant hill, it was complex inside but could reach anywhere as long as one knew the directions.

Be it the outer wall of the stone pillar, or the inner area of the circular sinkhole, there were countless rooms dug out. In each room, there was an elderly hairy man, and they had the basic Gu refinement materials and tools they needed.

"Fairy Lou Lan, please." Fang Yuan brought Hei Lou Lan to the top of the stone pillar, at the center-most spot.

Hei Lou Lan used her investigative Gu non-stop, realizing that this stone pillar and the sinkhole around the stone pillar had countless Gu worms around them at set intervals.

These arrangements had many complicated smaller details, Hei Lou Lan was going dizzy from seeing them, but what she knew was that these arrangements were not randomly set up, they were linked to each other and formed a great influence as a whole, it was set up with deep intentions.

"Don't tell me..." Hei Lou Lan was guessing in her heart, when Fang Yuan said: "Fairy, I am already done preparing, you can use the strength qi Immortal Gu now."

"Oh? Please teach me."

"Fairy only needs to activate strength qi Immortal Gu, and let the strength qi spread out naturally." Fang Yuan explained.

Hei Lou Lan followed his instructions, a powerful strength qi formed air currents and spread out everywhere. As the strength qi got thicker, they formed into a fog-like state, as they slowly spread and covered the entire stone nest.

In the stone nest, countless mortal Gu were activated, shining with all sorts of dazzling lights, like the stars in the night sky.

Under the combined force of these Gu worms, the vast strength qi was slowly extracted strand by strand, in a few breaths of time, all of the strength qi was in between the stone pillar and the sinkhole.

After a dozen breaths of time, these strength qi continued to move about, forming into the shape of a tornado, spinning around the stone pillar.

"Start the Gu refinement." Fang Yuan instructed, as the hairy men in the rooms prepared themselves, they opened their eyes and started to refine Gu.

Whenever they needed strength qi as a Gu refinement material, the turbulent strength qi outside the room would enter it automatically.

Such a scene was praised by Hei Lou Lan in amazement: "Fang Yuan, your stone nest is so grand and huge, it can accommodate thousands of hairy men refining Gu at the same time, this is truly an innovative and incredible idea."

Fang Yuan laughed: "Didn't I tell you I am also a refinement master?"

In truth, this stone nest was invented during the five regions chaotic war in his previous life.

Because of the unceasing battles that occurred at both large and small scale, Gu Masters would expend a lot of their Gu worms, all of the forces needed to replenish their Gu worms. Thus, they gradually researched and came up with such a stone nest that could accommodate so many Gu Masters, a structure that can allow mass refinement of Gu.

"I will name this the Fang Yuan stone nest, it is a place specially used to mass produce mortal Gu. I split the refinement process of the airsac Gu into over a dozen steps. When the hairy men at the highest level finish the first step, they will pass the partly-done product to the next floor's rooms. After the next floor finishes their refinement, they will send the partly-done product to the next floor. This way, each of the hairy men would be specialized in one step, not only would this prevent my Gu recipe from leaking, they can also get more familiar with their own steps and increase the success rate."

Fang Yuan shamelessly took the invention of someone in his previous life for his own.

Hei Lou Lan could not help but praise again: "This is indeed the right method to mass produce mortal Gu, in a certain aspect, it can even reduce the required proficiency of the Gu refiners themselves, because they only need to finish one step of the entire refinement process. But you, Fang Yuan, would be able to free yourself from the complication of dealing with all the many small steps, only having to control the materials."

"There are some Gu recipes that need the Gu refiner to refine it non-stop. Thankfully, airsac Gu is not like that." Fang Yuan said.

Hei Lou Lan nodded: "I was worried that the number of airsac Gu would be too little, and that would affect the sale of guts Gu. After all, each airsac Gu can only hold one guts Gu. But now that I've seen this stone nest for myself, I can feel assured. How are you intending to sell these guts Gu?"

Fang Yuan had a plan already: "Most of the sales will be towards the ten great ancient sects of Central Continent. I have already established a connection via hole earth Gu with the ten great sects. From now on, we will trade using these hole earth Gu, the remaining guts Gu will be sold in treasure yellow heaven."

"Aren't you going to sell some to the other sects in central continent specifically?"

"No. Right now, the ten great sects are the leaders of Central Continent, our identities and statuses are already very sensitive, we do not need to test the limits of the ancient sects. Our current peace was not obtained easily, we should quietly wait and reap our profits."

Hei Lou Lan heard this and nodded, she was completely at ease now.

Time passed by quickly, another half a month passed in Hu Immortal blessed land.

The first batch of guts Gu had already been sold, after accounting for the costs, as well as Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan's forty percent cut, Fang Yuan earned forty-three immortal essence stones.

A month later in Hu Immortal blessed land's time, the second batch of guts Gu was sold, and Fang Yuan's immortal essence stone stockpile increased by another forty-six pieces.

The third batch of guts Gu earned him forty-seven pieces.

The market reception was great, the ten great ancient sects' demand was increasing, and sales in treasure yellow heaven were extremely heated, usually in just one to two days, they would all be sold.

Guts Gu was after all a treasure that Spectral Soul Demon Venerable recommended, the efficiency of strengthening the soul was very high, at least ten times as efficient as ordinary methods.

In truth, not only did soul path Gu Masters need it, enslavement path, refinement path and other related paths also needed a foundation in their soul.

When a Gu Master ascends to Gu Immortal, the soul was also an important element for the thickness of the human qi, nobody would resent their soul for being strong.

Fang Yuan started to feel the benefits of having a monopolized market.

He could control the market, and control the situation. He could sell to anyone he wanted to, and he could sell at any quantity he set.

But he did not raise prices randomly, because guts Gu were not the only way to strengthen souls, if the price was too high, people would just use their original methods instead. That would instead, cause Fang Yuan's profits to fall.

After three batches of guts Gu were sold, Fang Yuan had over a hundred immortal essence stones. He started to purchase hairy men in bulk, creating more rooms in the stone nest and expanding his scale of production.

The more hairy men he had, the higher the efficiency of refining Gu, this caused the profits that Fang Yuan gained from each batch of guts Gu sold to be higher as well.

After five months in Hu Immortal blessed land's time, his earnings finally stabilized, each batch of guts Gu would earn him forty-eight immortal essence stones in total profit.

This was genuinely an overwhelming profit!

The scariest thing was, guts Gu were consumable Gu, they were gone after one use. The market demand for them would never dwindle.

Hei Lou Lan and Fairy Li Shan started to feel that they were a burden.

Because their job was to collect souls.

But now, the quantity of the souls gathered to use for Dang Hun mountain gradually became the biggest restriction in the sale of guts Gu.

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