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Fang Yuan laughed wickedly, his eight arms turned into fists and slammed, they opened into palms, slashing and smacking, they also became claws or piercing fingers, he showed his immense attainment in close combat.

Plump Lady relied on martial sand armor's thick defense normally to engage in her relentless assaults, she was used to bullying other Gu Immortals. But in front of Fang Yuan, she was at the losing end.

Fang Yuan's fist shadows were flying, he moved nimbly as Plump Lady desperately dealt with his attacks, she could only parry his attacks but not retaliate.

Suddenly, Fang Yuan saw an opening and got close to her, his eight arms were like pythons coiling around her, as his two monstrous claws destroyed the sand giant's two arms like a drill.

The sand giant roared, knocking its fat tummy towards him.

Fang Yuan snickered in his heart, he had been expecting this, his figure moved quickly as he flew to the sky above the sand giant.

His left knee slammed towards it, and with a bang, the sand giant's head was scattered.

Before the yellow sand regenerated, Fang Yuan's right leg chopped at it like a battle axe.


The yellow sand scattered, as the defensive killer move was broken, Plump Lady vomited a mouthful of blood, collapsing to the ground like a falling meteor.

Fang Yuan tore the yellow sand open, like an eagle scavenging for food, he flew down from the sky, bringing the intense winds with him, he was bent on killing Plump Lady.

Plump Lady who was falling saw Fang Yuan chasing her and showed an expression of fear.

She attempted to pull some distance from him, but Fang Yuan's speed was faster.


With a loud explosion, Fang Yuan charged down from a high altitude, directly slamming Plump Lady into a deep part of the desert.

Large amounts of yellow sand was sent flying, the huge impact created a large circular crater, it was a thousand steps wide and about thirty meters deep.

"Oh?" Fang Yuan stood at the pit of the crater, he had a surprised look as Plump Lady's 'corpse' suddenly disintegrated into a pile of sand.

At the same time, he heard her shrill laughter from the air: "Oaf, I will let you taste my attacking killer move — Burial Dragon Sand Coffin!"

As she said this, the yellow sand around the crater gushed down like tidal waves, filling up the entire round crater.

Fang Yuan could not dodge in time, he was buried within.

The surface of the desert was as flat as a mirror, Plump Lady's mouth was oozing with blood as she sat on a lump of yellow sand, her palms were placed together as her eyes were staring wide open, activating her killer move maniacally.

On the surface of the mirror-like desert, the sand statue of a certain horned dragon appeared.

This horned dragon statue coiled around, the dragon's head bit its tail, gathering the surrounding sand and forming a great force to suppress Fang Yuan who was under the sand.

The intense battlefield had turned peaceful once more.

"Huff!" Plump Lady let out a breath of turbid air, she wiped her sweat as she finally relaxed: "It is over. My burial dragon sand coffin can form an incomparable pressure, emitted on my enemy in all directions. Once my enemy is trapped, they cannot move until they are turned into meat paste. In the past, I forcefully suppressed a desolate beast, evil dragon, not to mention restraining a lone zombie?"

Plump Lady muttered to herself, her words had great effect as she quickly calmed herself down.

But right at this moment, there was a loud explosion from beneath the ground —


"What sound is that?" Plump Lady's body shook, she became nervous again.


The loud bang could be heard again, it was like there was a giant underground beating a drum.

"Damn it, it is my burial dragon sand coffin!" Plump Lady became alert, she stood up abruptly, but her vision turned dark, her body was swaying as she almost fell onto the yellow sand on the ground.

She was indeed injured.

When Fang Yuan tore the martial sand armor, his strong punch had heavily injured her.

At the crucial moment, she used her killer move as a body double, attracting Fang Yuan's attention as she hid inside the yellow sand that was flying all over the place.

After that, she used her killer move burial dragon sand coffin and trapped Fang Yuan underneath the sand.

"Impossible! Even a desolate beast, evil dragon met its end under my killer move's power. This killer move is worth at least three immortal essence stones in treasure yellow heaven!" Plump Lady spoke to herself.


Right at this moment, there was another explosion.

The originally fearsome and powerful evil dragon statue shook, it was covered in cracks as sand fell off the statue.

Plump Lady's heart shuddered along with it, she stared with her eyes wide open, her gaze was fixed on the desert below her feet.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The loud sound descended again, it became more and more frequent, the ground was shaking along with it.

Plump Lady's mouth was dry, her heart was pounding from shock as she felt that her killer move was not trapping a person, she was trapping a fearsome monster that was even fiercer than the desolate beast evil dragon!


The huge dragon statue could suppress him no longer, it completely disintegrated.

The surface of the desert swelled up like a tumor, sand burst out and rained down, as a huge figure appeared before Plump Lady once again.

It was a moonless night, winds were blowing intensely, giving off an eerie and scary feeling.

An eight armed monster that was six meters in height, Fang Yuan who had a green face and sharp fangs was like a demon god incarnate, he bought fear and nightmares to this world.

Different from before, he was covered in a black armor, the armor was spiky and looked very fearsome. It was extremely thick and could make Fang Yuan's tall and mighty heavenly zombie body become even more imposing, his demonic aura was oozing everywhere.

This was Fang Yuan's defensive killer move!

If Plump Lady lived for another four hundred years, she would recognize this: During the chaotic five regions war, this was the most common defensive killer move, 'hair armor'. It had the rank five indestructible steel mane Gu as its core, with several hundred Gu worms as assistance, it allowed a Gu Immortal to grow an absurd amount of hair all over their body, to form body armor. Not only was this cheap and efficient, it had great defense and the Gu worms used were easy to replenish if they were damaged.

After Fang Yuan became an immortal zombie, his hair had become tough as steel, when he used hair armor, the effect was greater than most ordinary bodies of Gu Immortals.

Using hair armor and his immortal zombie body, he took on burial dragon sand coffin directly without taking any injury!

This killer move had appeared four hundred years in advance, Plump Lady could not recognize it, but it did not hinder her from evaluating this killer move's value.

"This defensive killer move is stronger than my martial sand armor. If it is sold in treasure yellow heaven, it would be sold at two and a half immortal essence stones!"

Thinking of this, Plump Lady's battle intent fell again: "Sir, I am Mo clan's Gu Immortal, I am chasing a thief, I mistook you for him. I believe that you are not Ling Hu Xu now, this is a misunderstanding! It is said that friends are often made after a fight, we should..."

Fang Yuan laughed coldly: "Hehehe, interesting. Mo clan's Gu Immortal, if I kill you, it will surely be very enjoyable."

This was the first time Fang Yuan had spoken in this battle. His voice was hoarse and terrible to listen to, Plump Lady shuddered when she listened to him.

Mo clan was a super force in western desert, an overlord that dominated a territory.

But Fang Yuan was fearless, he had no consideration for Mo clan at all.

Plump Lady's heart sank to rock bottom: "Where did this demonic cultivator come from? Such incredible battle strength, high quality among rank six Gu Immortals, yet he is so arrogant and ruthless!"

Next, Plump Lady saw a pair of wings growing on Fang Yuan's back, his wings were black that of a bat's, black and huge, they flapped!

The bat wings vanished like an illusion, but it caused Fang Yuan's body to shoot forward at lightning speed.

"So fast! This is a killer move especially for movement!!" Plump Lady's pupils shrunk, she had made up her mind to run.

She screamed shrilly, her plump face could not conceal the immense fear and shock she felt.

Seeing that Fang Yuan was getting close, Plump Lady's body burst out with a dazzling yellow light. The yellow light caused her body to move back rapidly, she escaped in the opposite direction at lightning speed.

Fang Yuan activated the movement killer move 'light illusion bat wings' again, but could not catch up to her.

A few breaths later, Plump Lady vanished into the horizons.

"Plump Lady suffered a huge loss, she even used her killer move light sand escape, her foundation will definitely be affected. This guy is so absurd, he actually fought till Plump Lady escaped!" Far away, Ling Hu Xu hid deeply within a sand dune as he suppressed his aura, not daring to show any flaws in his concealment.

"She escaped quickly." Fang Yuan snorted, he stopped at the battlefield and used investigative Gu to search.

Ling Hu Xu did not dare to breathe loudly, he felt that the investigative Gu's aura had been sweeping the area where he was hiding in.

Fang Yuan searched for a long time, but seeing that there was no effect, he left.

"He's finally gone, eh, weird! Why is my heart in so much unrest!" Ling Hu Xu had just wanted to come out, when suddenly his heart shook and he changed his mind.

Time had slowly passed and it was already late at night.

A figure moved like a phantom, descending from a high altitude, it was Fang Yuan.

He had purposely left, turning around and flying into the clouds, secretly inspecting the ground. He had waited for a long time but did not see anyone.

He snorted coldly, giving up on his search and returning to Sha Jing oasis.

"So close, so close! This demon is really scheming and cunning, thankfully I was careful, otherwise, I would've fallen for his trap." Ling Hu Xu curled up in the sand nearby, breaking out in cold sweat from fear.

In the darkness, his eyes were moving randomly: "What is the origin of this demon? Where did he come from? What unspeakable secrets does he have?"

Ling Hu Xu was extremely curious: "But this demon's investigation methods cannot discover me, should I trail him and see what he is up to?"

But when he thought about Fang Yuan pretending to leave and returning, his thoughts were extinguished like a candle.

"This demon is not only ruthless and cruel, he is also very crafty and cunning, I should forget about it. Anyway, the immortal essence stones are already mine..."

Ling Hu Xu discarded this thought, he did not dare to come out of the desert's surface, he drilled underground.

He did not have much battle strength, but he had many movement killer moves, his speed underground was unexpectedly not slower than an ordinary Gu Immortal's flight.

He chose the opposite direction as Fang Yuan and left.

Fang Yuan returned to Sha Jing oasis once again.

Lights lit up the oasis, as loud noises resounded everywhere.

Even though Fang Yuan had purposely gone far away, the battle of the Gu Immortals still caused quite the commotion, the mortals were all panic-stricken.

Fang Yuan ignored them, he used luck inspection Gu and found Han Li again.

He was extremely alert, he concealed his traces as he used connect luck Gu secretly. This time, it was smooth sailing and there were no more accidents.

The two had their luck connected, Fang Yuan could see that Han Li's monolith luck was shrinking at an shocking pace.

Soon after, the monolith luck was filled with cracks, it crumbled.

A few breaths later, Han Li's luck fell to an ordinary mortal's smoke trace level.

Next, his faint gray-white smoke turned black.

"Oh no." Fang Yuan saw this and his heart sank.

At the same time, Han Li was eating with his parents who had returned.

He was extremely hungry, he gobbled up the food.

"Eat slowly, son." His mother laughed dotingly, she was very concerned about her son.

"Guh, guh!" Suddenly, Han Li grabbed his throat, his eyes were wide open, he choked!

"Son, quickly spit it out!" His parents were shocked, they moved frantically.

But they did not manage to save Han Li.

He was dead.

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